Chapter 355: Playing Tricks

Chapter 355: Playing Tricks

“Big Brother Yao, have you just returned from your morning cultivation?”

The moment that Qin Lie reached Ling Town, he saw that Liu Ting happened to be standing at the town’s entrance, greeting him happily. “I made breakfast for you. Eat something first!”

Qin Lie grinned brightly.

Recently, Qin Lie had been heading to Herb Mountain at night and excavating the stone cave in secret. During the day, he stayed at Ling Town and enthusiastically pursued Liu Ting.

In a few short days, their relationship had advanced by leaps and bounds. Sometimes, when Qin Lie boldly held her hands, she wouldn’t resist and simply blushed, tacitly accepting it.

Nowadays, if Liu Ting hadn’t seen him for a day, she would seem disappointed and sad. When Qin Lie left every night, Liu Ting would briefly feel lost.

The Feng Family clansmen, Wei Li, and the youths from Nebula Pavilion could all see deep affection for Qin Lie from Liu Ting’s attitude. These people secretly cursed how a woman’s heart changed as fast as the turn of a page.

Recently, whenever Feng Yi and Wei Li tried to find an excuse to get near Liu Ting, she would impatiently reject them.

It was as though she were wasting her time just by looking at them. This made Feng Yi and Wei Li look gloomy for an entire day.

Liu Ting had originally promised Feng Yi that, once matters concerning Herb Mountain were finished, she would accompany the people from the Feng Family to Celestial Wolf Mountain and start mining for Fiery Solar Jade.

However, in the past few days, not only had Liu Ting not visited Herb Mountain even once, it seemed she had also lost interest in Celestial Wolf Mountain and Fiery Solar Jade.

This increasingly irritated and angered Feng Yi.

“Miss, when can we return to Nebula Pavilion?” Liu Yan walked out with a bitter smile, faced Liu Ting, and bowed repeatedly.

The Feng Family was from Shattered Ice Manor after all. Regarding the excavation of Herb Mountain, there always had to be someone from Nebula Pavilion overseeing it. This way, once there were profits, Nebula Pavilion would also get a share.

Since Liu Ting was always keeping Qin Lie company during the day, she didn’t have free time to go to Herb Mountain. Therefore, she asked Liu Yan to replace her and monitor the situation of Herb Mountain.

Liu Yan constantly complained about this assignment and kept arguing about returning to Nebula Pavilion. He was no longer willing to work with Liu Ting and the Feng Family.

He didn’t have a good opinion of either.

“Once it’s been confirmed that no ores exist within Herb Mountain, you will then be allowed to return to Nebula Pavilion,” Liu Ting frowned, shouting at Liu Yan carelessly. She then turned to Qin Lie again with a blossoming smile. “Big Brother Yao, I boiled some porridge. Let’s go before it gets cold…”

Qin Lie smiled casually. He left with Liu Ting under the hateful gazes of Feng Yi, Wei Li, and the others.

Not long afterward, having eaten and drank to their heart’s content, Qin Lie and Liu Ting sat together with their wooden chairs leaning against each other, their shoulders almost touching.

Qin Lie smiled faintly. Suddenly, he grabbed Liu Ting’s lily-white hands, looked at her passionately, and said, “Tingting, don’t you think that this Ling Town is a bit noisy?”

Liu Ting’s elegant face filled with a charming blush. She nodded and bashfully said, “After some time, I plan to invite you to Nebula Pavilion to meet my father… I think that my father will definitely like you.”

Qin Lie smiled.

He was immediately aware that Liu Ting had misunderstood the meaning of his words. Him saying that Ling Town was noisy didn’t mean that he wanted to leave. It meant that he want to chase people away.

“Having occupied Ling Town, these people from the Feng Family have been making a racket every single day. It irritates me.” Qin Lie frowned. “All this time, having hunted spirit beasts in the Arctic Mountain Range, I considered Ling Town to be a temporary rest stop. I chose it for its peaceful atmosphere. After the Feng Family came, they disrupted the peace and quiet and it has affected my cultivation somewhat. Furthermore, I feel that the scenery here isn’t too bad, and it’s quiet as well. If it’s just the two of us cultivating here alone, I think it would be more comfortable. What do you think, Tingting?”

“Big Brother Yao, you... want to be alone with me in Ling Town?” Liu Ting cried, as quiet as a fly.

She raised her head slightly and glanced at Qin Lie, her eyes full of happiness, and smiled faintly.

Qin Lie nodded, smiling. “That right. I want to be alone with you at Ling Town without the disturbance of others. Furthermore, that Wei Li, and Feng Yi... the way they look at me is always full of hostility. This makes me very uncomfortable.”

“I understand.” Liu Ting smiled tenderly. Afterward, she got up gracefully and said, “I’ll be out for a while.”

Under Qin Lie’s gaze of encouragement, Liu Ting walked out arrogantly. At this moment, the Feng Family clansmen had not yet left for Herb Mountain. Wei Li and the youths from Nebula Pavilion were all waiting impatiently as well.

“Feng Yi, Uncle Feng too…” Liu Ting looked at the people from the Feng Family and waved, signalling them to come over.

Feng Bin and Feng Yi, who was forcing a smile, arrived beside Liu Ting. Feng Yi asked, “Tingting, what’s the matter?”


Liu Ting groaned softly in her heart. She didn’t know why, but after Qin Lie started calling her Tingting, hearing Feng Yi call her in the same way made her feel kind of uncomfortable.

“Our relationship isn’t that intimate, Feng Yi. In the future, it would be better for you to call me Miss Liu,” Liu Ting said coldly.

Since it was already forcing a smile, Feng Yi’s face immediately froze. A ray of extreme anger flashed through his eyes.

Qin Lie leaned against a window, half of his face visible, and witnessed this scene in a casual manner.

Upon hearing those words from Liu Ting, he was also somewhat stunned. He couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh in spite of himself.

The straightforward arrogance of Liu Ting never ceased to amaze him. He realized that Liu Ting didn’t spare a thought for the feelings of others. She had unexpectedly swept away the honor of Feng Yi in front of so many Feng Family clansmen.

“Interesting. Heh, this is so interesting.” Seeing Feng Yi’s nearly deformed face, Qin Lie felt delighted on the inside. This felt much better than killing Feng Yi directly.

“Actually, Feng Town has already been destroyed, it shouldn’t take you too long to rebuild it. I think that, regarding the Feng Family, Feng Town is much more suitable making you feel at home. Additionally, it would make you people feel happier and more comfortable.” It was as though Liu Ting hadn’t noticed Feng Yi’s change in expression. She lifted her head arrogantly and selfishly said, “After mining Herb Mountain for such a long time and not finding anything, I believe the rumors were false. There aren’t any ores or other materials in Herb Mountain at all.”

The faces of Feng Bin, Feng Yi, and the Feng Family clansmen became ashen. They quietly listened to what Liu Ting said, wanting to know her true motives.

“I’ll go back and talk to my father. It would be better if the Feng Family returned to Feng Town and lived there. How does that sound? This Ling Town... mn, it can continue to be left empty for now.” Liu Ting finally said her motives.

At that moment, Feng Yi could no longer maintain his false smile.

With a gloomy expression, he said in an ice cold voice, “Miss Liu, it was you who came to Ling Town and let us occupy it. We arrived here after a long, difficult journey, dragging our families here precisely because we wanted to live here immediately. We didn’t bring any tools or materials to rebuild Feng Town! What you are saying now, wanting to chase us out of Ling Town and back to Feng Town to rebuild, isn’t this a little inappropriate?

“Mining Herb Mountain was also your suggestion. After seeing that we are about to enter the belly of the mountain, you want us to stop with just a word. What you do mean by that?” Feng Bin had always been good at enduring, but he could no longer control his anger. “Miss Liu. Allowing so many people of the Feng Family to come here… could it be that you are just playing us?”

“I have never seen someone like this!”

“F*ck! She’s practically turning against us!

Many of the Feng Family clansmen were also cursing under their breaths. They glared at Liu Ting, their eyes full of righteous indignation.

Many bad tempered martial practitioners even started to gather around Liu Ting, suddenly encircling her with hostile expressions.

After all, these people belonged to Shattered Ice Manor. Even though Liu Ting was the daughter of Liu Yuntao, her authority still wasn’t enough for her to do whatever she wanted in front of them.

“What do you people want?” Watching the Feng Family clansmen surround her and Feng Bing and Feng Yi surprisingly not lending a hand to prevent them from doing so, Liu Ting started to panic slightly.

Feng Bin and Feng Yi were always extremely humble and flattering. As a result, from the bottom of her heart, the people of the Feng Family were beneath her notice.

She hadn’t expected that the Feng Family would disregard her orders and treat her like this.

“Feng Yi! Calm down!” Wei Li stood up with a crowd of martial practitioners from Nebula Pavilion. Their formed a circle with Liu Ting in the middle and confronted the Feng Family clansmen.

“Wei Li, don’t you see that the mind of your Miss Liu has already been possessed by a demon?” Feng Yi sneered with confidence that came out of nowhere, his face trembling.

“Ling Town and Herb Mountain belong to Nebula Pavilion. Even if Sister Ting goes back on her word, your Feng Family must not act recklessly!” Wei Li said coldly. “All these years, Shattered Ice Manor and Nebula Pavilion have always had a peaceful relationship. I hope that you do not act impulsively. If Sister Ting is hurt, even the disciplinary master of Shattered Ice Manor might not be able to save the Feng Family!”

“Miss Liu is the one that has oppressed us,” Feng Bin snorted coldly.

“Feng Yi! Feng Bing! How dare you allow the people of your Feng Family surround me. You guys simply have no idea of death!” After seeing Wei Li and the others come to protect her, she became bolder. She pointed at the father and son duo and the Feng Family, shouting harshly, “I am not prepared to let this matter go! Let me tell you people, don’t even think about taking back the Feng Town you were originally from, not to mention Ling Town and Herb Mountain. Ungrateful wretches. The Feng Family used to be a traitor to Nebula Pavilion. Feng Town is also a part of Nebula Pavilion’s territory! If I refuse to allow it and you still have the audacity to rebuild, Nebula Pavilion will once again destroy your foundations!”

After being humiliated and angered, Liu Ting reopened a scar of the Feng Family, bringing up the matter of them betraying Nebula Pavilion.

“Lowly bitch!” Feng Yi started shouting as well, using his remaining fingers to point at Liu Ting. The anger which Feng Yi had been suppressing finally erupted. “You bitch! Just because some guy of unknown origin appeared, not only have you unilaterally broken the agreement with us, the Feng Family, you have even brazenly associated with him everyday. Does someone like you, Nebula Pavilion’s Miss, have no shame?”

“Feng Yi! You worthless invalid missing an arm! I’ll kill you!” Liu Ting screamed.

“Worthless invalid? You called my son a worthless invalid? Little bitch, you really think that, just because you are the daughter of Liu Yuntao, I don’t dare to touch you?” Feng Bin became furious.

Each side stared in mutual hostility. It seemed as if a frantic fight would break out at any moment.

Qin Lie saw that, with just his words, the situation had developed to a frightening degree. He laughed in his heart and was prepared to come out and support Liu Ting’s side to bloodily suppress the troublesome Feng Family.

At that moment, he felt two powerhouses enter Ling Town from the outside.

Looking from the window, he faced the town’s entrance. Qin Lie began to sneer involuntarily, “It turns out that they were collaborating with Dark Asura Hall. No wonder this Feng Family father-son duo suddenly had confidence.”

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