Chapter 354: Spatial Teleportation Formation!

Chapter 354: Spatial Teleportation Formation!

“A spatial teleportation formation! This is a spatial teleportation formation!”

Xue Li, after having been summoned by Qin Lie and had congealed into a scarlet shadow, shouted excitedly in the cave glistening with radiance.

Although he already knew that this was spatial teleportation formation, Qin Lie was still secretly excited after hearing Xue Li’s confirmation.

“Constructing a spatial teleportation formation is extremely difficult. Anyone capable of understanding the mysteries of space and setting up a teleportation formation must be an extremely rare and powerful figure.”

Xue Li could hardly conceal his admiration of the mysterious ring-shaped formation as he flew around it. He was deeply shocked, his scarlet pupils brimming with excitement and fascination.

“This is a one-way spatial teleportation formation. This teleportation formation can only be used to travel to a fixed location. What a pity.” After a round of excitement, Xue Li said with a deep regret, “If this were a large-scale teleportation formation that was structurally complete, I would have been able to use it to reach the continent where I used to cultivate, immediately arriving at the Blood Fiend Sect of the past. Ah, what a pity…”

Xue Li wore an expression of regret.

“One-way? What does that mean?” Qin Lie stood there, amazed.

Xue Li rolled his eyes at Qin Lie, looked down at his ignorance, and groaned. “The usage of a teleportation formation can be categorized into one-way and two-way. It can also be categorized as fixed and adjustable. A fully operational, large-scale teleportation formation would be two-way and adjustable, capable of not only teleporting back and forth, but also to different locations...

“One-way means that someone can use it to teleport to other teleportation formations, but someone can not teleport to this location from other formations.

“Two-way means that people can teleport back and forth. Such a formation is capable of teleporting people or objects to other locations, and other locations can also teleport people or things in return.

“Fixed means that it can only teleport someone to a specific location. Adjustable means that it can teleport them to multiple formations.”

With it explained by Xue Li, Qin Lie promptly understood. He looked at the spatial teleportation formation in front of him and asked, “Is this teleportation formation one-way and fixed?”

“Yes.” Xue Li nodded his head and said, “This teleportation formation can only teleport someone to a fixed location. Furthermore, it can only teleport and not receive.”

“How can you tell?” Qin Lie looked carefully.


Xue Li’s scarlet soul landed on a square piece of shiny bluestone. He pointed at an arrowhead that sparkled inside the stone and explained, “This arrow means that it’s one-way. If this had arrowheads on both sides, that would make this a two-way teleportation formation that could teleport both ways. If there are multiple arrows like this arranged side by side, that would make it an adjustable teleportation formation.

Qin Lie immediately understood.

“Are teleportation formations identical in appearance?” Qin Lie asked once more.

“They are not.” Xue Li shook his head. “The appearance of every teleportation formation looks different according to the maker’s realm and their level of understanding to space. Some teleportation formations are round, some are square, and some are rectangular. When different artificers forge the same spirit artifacts, the final product might not be the same. The same logic applies here.”

“Take a look at this teleportation formation. Does it still work?” Qin Lie asked with a dignified expression as he stood beside the green limestone.

This place was the belly of Herb Mountain. This was where he used to cultivate in the past.

However, this was not the formation from back then.

Qin Lie had followed the orders of his grandfather. After activating the switch, every tunnel inside Herb Mountain had been blocked. Similarly, all the caves within had collapsed. He thought that he had erased every trace of his cultivation.

After so many years, it was surprising that, upon entering Herb Mountain through a newly dug tunnel, he would actually discover that he didn’t know what kind of magical method his grandfather used to create this teleportation formation when Herb Mountain had collapsed.

When the old formation disappeared, a new formation actually appeared through supernatural means.

Something like this could only be admired in astonishment.

Qin Lie was sure that his grandfather had not returned. This meant that, when he activated the switch years ago in an attempt to erase all traces within, this new teleportation formation had been formed as well.

From the eighteen pieces of stone and those interwoven rays of light, Qin Lie could faintly see some familiar traces.

A thought suddenly appeared in his mind, causing a shocked expression to appear on his face—the new teleportation formation had directly evolved from the old formation.

This was the magical evolution of the formation!

“Kid, what is this place? How did you find this teleportation formation?” Xue Li suddenly asked in a curious manner.

“In the past, I had always been cultivating here,” Qin Lie said after being silent for a moment. He took a deep breath and explained slowly, “It was in this cave that I spent seven whole years. Seven years ago, this cave wasn’t like this and this wasn’t the formation that was here either. There was another formation that had been constructed which helped me attract thunder and lightning and lessened the intensity of their power while I cultivated.”

Xue Li opened his eyes and listened attentively. When Qin Lie mentioned that the current teleportation formation had evolved directly from the old one through the activation of a switch, Xue Li was so shocked that his soul constantly trembled.

“What? Using a formation to form another? Using a switch to destroy an old formation and create a brand new one? Heavens, is there really such a mysterious method to changing formations in this world?” Even Xue Li was shocked by this. He looked at Qin Lie as though he were looking at a monster, and said, “I’ve only heard that such a magical method existed in this world, but I’ve never seen someone successfully achieve it. If what you say is true, and your grandfather constructed everything inside here, then your grandfather must be the greatest formation master in this world!”

Qin Lie involuntarily felt a surge of emotion.

He clenched his fist and felt his blood pumping. Although he always knew that his grandfather was out of the ordinary, he still felt extremely excited after Xue Li said it with such confidence.

“However, your grandfather didn’t tell you about the secret within and still created the facade of destroying the cave. I don’t think he wanted you to know about the existence of this teleportation formation or be a part of the things related to it.” Xue Li changed the subject and captured the crucial details with one sentence.

Qin Lie nodded slightly.

He also regained his senses. His grandfather didn’t tell him about this secret, and deliberately created the facade of destroying the mountain. It should be as Xue Li said. Qin Lie’s grandfather didn’t want him revisiting Herb Mountain.

In reality, Qin Lie was afraid that if he had not mistakenly entered the Nether Realm and slowly and painstakingly investigated the truth, hearing it from Ku Luo’s mouth and learning that the teleportation formation might have existed inside Herb Mountain, he might not have dug a new tunnel and entered the belly of the mountain ever again.

He would never have known of the teleportation formation’s existence within the mountain for the rest of his life.

It was clear his grandfather didn’t want him to know things about the Nether Realm and didn’t want him to be a part of it.

“This teleportation formation is very stable, but it still needs something else in order to teleport,” Xue Li said sagely. “It still lacks a Spatial Spirit Stone. A Spatial Spirit Stone acts as the catalyst for the teleportation formation. Only by triggering the spatial energy inside a Spatial Spirit Stone, can one really activate a teleportation formation. Every genuine teleportation formation requires a Spatial Spirit Stone. This teleportation formation currently does not lack anything apart from a Spatial Spirit Stone.”

“Spatial Spirit Stone?” Qin Lie frowned. He looked at Xue Li suspiciously and said, “You previously told me that, in order to construct a teleportation formation that directly linked to the ultimate blood ground to the poisonous bog, you wanted me to find a Phantasm Stone, a Froststar Stone, a Fate Crystal, an Ethereal Jade and the fresh blood of a Scarlet Spirit Turtle. Yet you never mentioned the Spatial Spirit Stone.

Suddenly, Xue Li laughed bitterly. “I’m not your grandfather and I don’t know how to construct a genuine teleportation formation. When I told you to find a Phantasm Stone, a Froststar Stone, a Fate Crystal, an Ethereal Jade, and the fresh blood of a Scarlet Spirit Turtle to construct a teleportation formation, strictly speaking, it wouldn’t genuinely be considered a teleportation formation.”

“What do you mean? I thought you said that those materials could be used to construct a teleportation formation that linked directly to the ultimate blood ground.” Qin Lie wore a gloomy expression.

“The ultimate blood ground is located between the Scarlet Tide Continent and the Nether Realm. The place called the Nether Battlefield, exists in the layer between two realms. The layer in between two realms has a chaotic atmosphere. It shakes constantly and is part of a special territory. The teleportation formation I wanted to construct with a Phantasm Stone, a Froststar Stone, a Fate Crystal, an Ethereal Jade, and the fresh blood of a Scarlet Spirit Turtle doesn’t require the help of a Spatial Spirit Stone. By relying on the power of the blood essence alone, it would allow someone cultivating Blood Spirit Arts to enter the ultimate blood ground.

“But that teleportation formation cannot be considered a genuine spatial teleportation formation. Through a bit of trickery, I would use a special method to trigger the blood essence. Additionally, since the ultimate blood ground exists between two realms, the teleportation would be possible.

“If that place weren’t in between realms, and if that place wasn’t an ultimate blood ground dense with blood spirit energy, the teleportation formation that I wanted to create would’ve been useless.”

Xue Li felt that his explanation to Qin Lie was detailed and careful. However, Qin Lie did not fully understand what he heard.

“That means that your teleportation destination is special somehow?” Qin Lie grew impatient.

“Mn. Which is why the Spatial Spirit Stone wasn’t needed,” Xue Li said, nodding. “But because the teleportation formation that your grandfather constructed is a genuine teleportation formation, it requires a Spatial Spirit Stone.”

“Is a Spatial Spirit Stone valuable?” Qin Lie frowned.

“Where I’m from, it’s not considered very valuable. Here in the Scarlet Tide Continent, I’m not too sure,” Xue Li answered.

Qin Lie’s expression became heavy.

After staying in the cave for so long, he felt that the sky would brighten soon. He hastily exited the cave and blocked the entrance with a giant boulder once again.

“The annoying Feng Family needs to be kicked out of Ling Town as soon as possible!” Once outside and looking at the marble white color of the dawn sky, Qin Lie became determined.

If the teleportation formation did not exist inside of Herb Mountain, he might not have been bothered by the issue of the Feng Family occupying Ling Town. He also would not have toyed with Liu Ting’s feelings and he wouldn’t have been wasting his time here.

But now, after confirming that the spatial teleportation formation existed inside of Herb Mountain, if the people from the Feng Family continued their digging, the secret would inevitably be exposed.

Qin Lie needed to resolve the potential threat of the Feng Family soon.

“Feng Yi, Feng Bin, if you insist on staying in Ling Town, then you deserve your misfortune.” Humming in his heart, Qin Lie secretly returned to Ling Town with a vicious shine in his eyes.

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