Chapter 352: Stirring Liu Ting’s Affections

Chapter 352: Stirring Liu Ting’s Affections

“Old Demon, wake up. Talk about interesting things from overseas.”

Once he stepped into the Ling Family procedural hall, Qin Lie immediately flew into the Soul Suppressing Orb in soul form and woke Xue Li up. He needed Xue Li to provide conversation material.

This was the Ling Family’s former meeting hall.

After Liu Ting came, she found a wooden chair to sit down on. Her eyes were bright as she looked at Qin Lie with interest and anticipation.

Deliberately hiding her pride, the Liu Ting that showed her gentle side seemed to be a completely different person.

In fact, Liu Ting was not ugly. She was actually pretty with her long, black hair that was held up in a mischievous ponytail. As it bounced behind her, it caused her to appear young and energetic.

Liu Ting had a mature body with curves in all the right places. The twin peaks on her chest were extremely attractive.

She had a pair of slender, narrow eyes that were bright and glittered when they were open.

When she set aside the cold pride and when she was not harsh with her words, Liu Ting was like the cute, pretty girl next door.

“I have always roamed overseas. I...”

Upon entering the hall, Qin Lie first established a connection to Xue Li. He allowed Xue Li to use his thought processes to narrate the interesting matters of other continents and he would pass them on.

As he spoke, Qin Lie pulled a wooden chair over and moved in front of Liu Ting. He put the chair about two meters in front of Liu Ting.

Sitting down, his masculine body leaned forward slightly, and he made an assertive motion as he boldly looked at Liu Ting. He continued to narrate details about overseas matters with a bright smile.

Under his burning gaze, Liu Ting’s cheeks were red with embarrassment. She seemed to be both happy and annoyed, her head slightly bent. She did not dare to look at him.

—None of the cold pride she had in the past at Nebula Pavilion could be seen.

As Qin Lie spoke, he smirked coldly on the inside. Liu Ting’s past appearance came into his mind.

Five years ago, when Qin Lie first went to Nebula Pavilion, he had just been an ordinary little martial practitioner that assisted Yao Tai.

At the time, Liu Ting had been the only daughter of Pavilion Master Liu Yuntao and had an elevated status in Nebula Pavilion. She always had a group of followers around her.

Qin Lie clearly remembered the first time he saw Liu Ting. Liu Ting had been questioning Yao Tai, swearing as she pointed at Yao Tai’s face with disdain.

At that time, Liu Ting hadn’t even given Qin Lie a proper look and just thought of him as air.

Only after Liu Ting had finished scolding Yao Tai did she finally notice Qin Lie. She then said scornful words about him, a person who came from the Ling Family, a subordinate faction. She said that he did not know his place, and only joined Nebula Pavilion through connections. She also said that, after her father became the pavilion master, he and Gao Yu would be exiled from Nebula Pavilion.

Five years ago, in Liu Ting’s eyes, Qin Lie was just an inconsequential person who was introverted and had a low status. He had only managed to join Nebula Pavilion based on his connections to Tu Ze and Zhuo Qian.

In Liu Ting’s eyes, the past him was not even worth mentioning.

Time passed, and after five years, the present Liu Ting had only reached the early stage of the Natal Opening Realm.

Yet Qin Lie was in the intermediate stage of the Manifestation Realm. In terms of strength, he was more powerful than Liu Yuntao, the pavilion master of Nebula Pavilion.

Today, Qin Lie changed his identity and his face. When he stood in front of Liu Ting, he could make Liu Ting’s heart fall for him, have Liu Ting hide her temper, and make her act gentle and warm in order to win his favor.

While it caused Qin Lie to laugh, he also felt good. He felt as though his desire for vengeance was satisfied.

He had come to Ling Town to make sure that the teleportation formation inside Herb Mountain really existed and to fulfill the promise that his grandfather had made with the Horned Demon Race.

Currently, the Feng Family wanted to take over Ling Town and Herb Mountain with Liu Ting’s help. This clearly affected his plans.

He had to find a way to keep Liu Ting and the Feng Family away from Ling Town.

If he killed all these people, it would definitely attract the attention of Nebula Pavilion and Shattered Ice Manor. It would also attract the attention of Dark Asura Hall, Profound Heaven Alliance, and Eight Extreme Temple. It could expose his identity and the unique features of Herb Mountain.

Qin Lie could only change his identity and use other methods to achieve his goals.

In the process, he also wanted to retaliate against Feng Yi, Wei Li, Liu Ting, and the others. With a spark of inspiration, this plan formed.

“The world outside is much larger than the Scarlet Tide Continent, and much more interesting.” Qin Lie grinned and smiled brightly. He looked deeply at Liu Ting and said, “If Miss Liu is interested... in the future, I can take you beyond the Scarlet Tide Continent to see the outside.”

“I really admire Big Brother Yao.” Liu Ting’s eyes were full of yearning.

Xue Li had lived for many years and had a rich understanding of the features and secrets of each continent. The information he provided clearly stirred Liu Ting’s interest and made her want to travel the world with Qin Lie.

“I, Yao Tian, have visited all of the major continents and never had any thoughts of settling down. Yet today, the moment I saw Miss Liu...” Light flashed in Qin Lie’s eyes as he stared unwaveringly at Liu Ting. He said in a soft voice, “For some reason, I suddenly want to stop for someone and be by her side.”

“B-Big Brother Yao...” Liu Ting’s eyes glittered like starlight. Her mind seemed slightly intoxicated and her expression was much of the same.

What she did not know was that, in the corner outside the Ling Family procedural hall, Feng Yi and Wei Li were sneakily eavesdropping on their conversation.

Hearing Qin Lie’s bold, direct confession of love and Liu Ting’s slightly intoxicated breathing, Feng Yi and Wei Li felt as though their hearts were bleeding. It was as though someone was taking a blade and stabbing their stomachs repeatedly.

The two exchanged a look and found that their expressions were terrifying and twisted.

They were almost frightened by their respective appearances...

“It’s night. You have had a long journey and are tired. Rest early today, and we can discuss more tomorrow.”

Just as Liu Ting’s heart shook, her mind vacant, Qin Lie suddenly stood up. His burning eyes looked at her deeply and then he walked out of the hall.

Liu Ting suddenly had a strong feeling of loss.

After Qin Lie left, she sat in the hall alone with a lost expression.

“Yao Tian... how can there be a person like you in this world that causes the mind to become chaotic?”

A long time later, Liu Ting murmured to herself. Her eyes were filled with conflict and her mind was confused.

When Qin Lie walked out the door, Wei Li and Feng Yi shrunk back into the shadows of the corner. Like two ghosts that could not bear the light of day, they didn’t dare to move.

When they were sure that Qin Lie would not return, Feng Yi hesitated and then stood up from the shadows. He forced himself to calm down and coughed lightly to attract Liu Ting’s attention. Then he went to the doorway and pretended that he was passing by. He said in surprise, “Hm, that Yao Tian left?”

“Motherf*cker, he really knows to pretend!” Wei Li was still in the corner. He swore as he looked at Feng Yi who was acting and thought, “Your twisted expression just now was even uglier than mine. Now you look human... you are really fake.”

“Feng Yi, what have you come here for?” Qin Lie had stirred Liu Ting’s mind and she was feeling bothered. Seeing Feng Yi come in, she felt that the present Feng Yi was not pleasing to look at for some reason. Consequently, she did not have a good attitude and said coldly, “Have you finished attending to the matters of your Feng Family?”

Liu Ting had reverted to the original Liu Ting. Her expression was proud and her tone gave people the feeling that she was of higher status.

She was a completely different person compared to when she was alone with Qin Lie.

“Taken care of. I came to ask if you are satisfied with living in this residence. Has it been cleaned?” Feng Yi had a concerned expression. His tone was gentle and there was an enchanting smile on his handsome face.

Yet, in the eyes of the present Liu Ting, Feng Yi was just a boy toy. It wasn’t just that his cultivation was low—he did not have the domineering nature and ego that a man should have.

So her brow furrowed and she said with visible impatience, “There are no problems here. Mn, I’m tired today and want to rest early. If there isn’t anything else, do not come and disturb me.”

“Bitch! Bitch! Bitch!”

Feng Yi looked at her and inwardly swore three times, his stomach full of angry fire.

He had listened from the corner for a long time and heard Liu Ting giggling, calling Big Brother Yao and being extremely personable.

He also knew that Liu Ting was confused after Yao Tian had left. She seemed to want Yao Tian to stay and for them to have conversations through the night.

“How come you were so happy when you were speaking to Yao Tian just now? You were even unwilling to see him go, wanting more. I just arrived, and you are tired and need to rest before I even finish speaking. You also don’t want me to disturb you?”

Feng Yi complained on the inside and his expression was frozen. Yet he didn’t dare to actually say that aloud.

“I said, I’m tired and want to rest early!” Liu Ting snorted lightly.

Feng Yi nodded and then smiled slightly at her. When Feng Yi turned around, Wei Li found that his expression was even scarier and more twisted than his previous one.

Wei Li suddenly realized that this Feng Yi was a dark, vicious person, and he had a deep mind.

He suddenly felt fear. He felt as though he had been seeking his own death in opposing Feng Yi at every turn, competing against him for Liu Ting.


As Feng Yi turned around, Liu Ting closed the door from the inside. The ear-piercing sound of the door closing was a heavy blow to Feng Yi.

Almost at the same time.

In another corner of Ling Town, Qin Lie knocked on Liu Yan’s door.

“Brother Yao, what have you come to me for?” Opening the door, Liu Yan looked at Qin Lie in confusion. “Are you at the wrong place?”

“No.” Qin Lie smiled slightly. “I heard Miss Liu say that you have a unique perspective on the harvesting of spirit materials, spirit herbs, and medicines. I have an interest in that area so I have come to seek guidance from Big Brother Liu. I hope that Big Brother Liu will help.”

“Miss thinks too highly of me. In truth, I do not know anything. Brother Yao, please find someone else.” Liu Yan’s brow furrowed and he reached to close the door.

Yet Qin Lie chuckled and forced his way inside just before Liu Yan was going to close the door.


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