Chapter 351: Pressuring At Every Turn

Chapter 351: Pressuring At Every Turn

Under Qin Lie’s burning gaze, Liu Ting was visibly nervous. Her hand reflexively pulled at the corner of her robe, and she did not dare to meet Qin Lie’s gaze. She said a low voice, “My... my name is Liu Ting...”

Feng Yi and Wei Li, the romantic rivals, looked at Liu Ting and gaped in disbelief.

At this moment, Liu Ting did not have her usual pride or spoiled bratty nature and was as bashful as a young girl.

This was clearly not the same Liu Ting they knew.

“I am Yao Tian. I have come from overseas to the Arctic Mountain Range in order to gain experience.” Qin Lie opened his mouth and showed a mouthful of white teeth in a bright smile. He said, “Miss Liu is really beautiful. It really is my great fortune to see such a beauty like you in a poor town like this, haha.”

He actually started to brazenly praise Liu Ting’s beauty.

“Y-you are too kind.” Liu Ting’s expression was bashful. She smiled shyly like a well-mannered lady.

It wasn’t just Feng Yi and Wei Li, even the good-for-nothings of Nebula Pavilion that usually respected Liu Ting as their boss were dumbstruck at this moment.

“Big Sis Ting, what is with you?” a person asked dumbly.

Liu Ting turned around and glared at this person with her back to Qin Lie. She used her harsh gaze to make this person shut his mouth.

Startled, the person quickly stopped talking.

Liu Ting turned back to Qin Lie and had a gracious smile on her pretty face. She said in a warm tone, her eyes filled with surprise, “Big Brother Yao, you really came from overseas?”

“Mn, I’m not from the Scarlet Tide Continent. Since I broke through to the Manifestation Realm, I need to roam and expand my knowledge, so I have wandered my way here,” Qin Lie said with a smile.

“The Manifestation Realm!” Liu Ting’s eyes flashed and she couldn’t help but exclaim.

“It’s actually the Manifestation Realm!”

“No wonder he’s so strong!”

“I was just talking about how the pressure I feel is so strong!”

The members of the Feng Family and the young martial practitioners of Nebula Pavilion in the area all wore expressions of realization.

“For some reason, upon seeing Miss Liu today, it feels like I have known you for many years.” Qin Lie grinned. He did not pay any attention to the death stares of Feng Yi and Wei Li. He boldly started an assault on Liu Ting. “Does Miss Liu have any interest in the matters overseas? Haha, if you are interested, I can speak about them with Miss Liu, how about it?”

“This person is really bold and direct...”

Liu Ting exclaimed on the inside. Her eyes flashed and her expression seemed slightly uncertain.

She had never encountered such a straightforward, bold, dominant young man like Qin Lie.

In the past, those around her were like Wei Li and Feng Yi, whose statuses were lower than hers and would fawn over her.

Among those people, she held power because her father was the pavilion master of Nebula Pavilion. When she interacted with those people, she always had some pride. This made her look down on others.

Even Feng Yi only won some goodwill from her because he was handsome and he could say some emotional things.

But that was all.

Today, this Yao Tian suddenly appeared. He had a bright, handsome appearance, a rebellious, extraordinary presence, a lawless pride, and his cultivation of the Manifestation Realm. All of this caused Liu Ting’s eyes to light up.

She had a feeling that only this kind of man was a true man.

She was like a frog at the bottom of a well that jumped out of it and was seeing a bigger world.

Masculine charisma filled every move of the aura that Qin Lie gave off. Liu Ting was unable to completely control herself.

“Miss Liu, are you interested in overseas matters?” Qin Lie’s burning gaze looked deeply at her. He bowed slightly and asked again.


Liu Ting immediately woke up.

“Th-that... I’ve always been curious about overseas. If Big Brother Yao has the time and is willing to speak to me about it, of course I would be willing.” A hint of joy appeared in Liu Ting’s clear eyes.

Off to the side, Wei Li and Feng Yi were dumbstruck, their faces growing livid.

Qin Lie laughed. “It is my honor to satisfy Miss Liu’s curiosity. I am certainly willing.”

When he said this, Liu Ting was filled with joy. She hurriedly looked at the head of the Feng Family, Feng Bin. “Patriarch Feng, has Ling Chengye’s room been cleaned?”

“It is almost ready.” The short and fat Feng Bin did not have any of Feng Yi’s attractiveness. His small eyes showed a strange light as he raised his hands and answered.

Without sparing him another glance, Liu Ting immediately turned her head and pointed at the Ling Family compound in the distance. She extended an invitation to Qin Lie, “Big Brother Yao, if you do not object, then how about we go there to discuss overseas matters?”

“A place with Miss Liu, no matter how old or rundown, is made from jade.” Qin Lie laughed.

“Big Brother Yao, you really...” Liu Ting glanced at him with mock anger. She appeared angry but it was a flirtatious look.

Wei Li and Feng Yi’s eyes almost popped out.

They had never seen such a flirty Liu Ting before and had never seen Liu Ting act like this in front of anybody. Even in front of Liu Yuntao, Liu Ting had never been like this.


Feng Yi cursed inwardly. His expression was as ugly as it could be.

Wei Li’s expression was also angry.

“Please, Miss Liu, lead the way.” Qin Lie looked at her with a fiery gaze.

Liu Ting did not dare to meet his gaze. With a slightly lowered head, she led Qin Lie away.

“Cough cough, I’m also very curious about overseas matters,” Feng Yi injected at this inappropriate time. He said with a humble attitude, “Brother Yao, if you do not object, could you take me along? I also want to listen.”

“Me too, me too, I also want to listen.” Wei Li was not as clever as Feng Yi. Seeing Feng Yi’s good idea, he hurriedly agreed.

For the first time, he felt that Feng Yi wasn’t bad, and his mind really moved quickly.

The words of Feng Yi and Wei Li caused Liu Ting’s brow to furrow. She turned around and her mature chest bounced slightly.

She looked at Feng Yi and Wei Li. For the first time, she felt that their faces were slightly unpleasant.

“These two are really obnoxious. How come I did not realize this before?”

Liu Ting snorted on the inside. In the deepest part of her mind, she had moved Feng Yi and Wei Li to the ranks of people she hated.

“My apologies, I have a habit. I’m not suited to interacting with males for long periods of time.” Just as Liu Ting was thinking about how to refuse Feng Yi and Wei Li, Qin Lie smiled and said rudely, “I’m really sorry. Please, both of you, do not disturb the private conversation between me and Miss Liu. I also do not have a good temper, and sometimes I cannot control it. I could wound people and even kill them.”

These were shameless threats.

Feng Yi and Wei Li were shocked and angry after hearing him say this. Inside, they cursed eighteen generations of this person’s ancestors.

Liu Ting’s eyes were bright. She felt that his words were domineering and filled with the charisma of a man.

“Sister Liu, this person is of unknown origin. He might have ill intentions toward you. I am worried about you...“ Wei Li said with a sad face.

“Tingting, interacting with a male by yourself will affect your reputation. Why don’t you reconsider?” Feng Yi urged.

“Hahaha!” Qin Lie laughed again. He looked at the two scornfully and said, “All of you are in the Natal Opening Realm. If I had ill intentions toward Miss Liu, who here would be able to stop me?”

Changing his tone, Qin Lie looked at Feng Yi, shook his head, and smiled, saying, “We are not common people. We are martial practitioners that pursue the truth of the martial way and strengthen ourselves through hardship. If you are always worried about the words and opinions of others, then you will probably be unable to enter the Manifestation Realm in this lifetime.”

Wei Li and Feng Yi opened their mouths to speak but found they were unable to retort. They suddenly realized that they did not have any confidence in front of this Yao Tian.

“Big Brother Yao is right. If he really had nefarious intentions, you would not be able to do anything. Also, we are martial practitioners and do not have to follow rules like ordinary folk.” Liu Ting’s face was frozen in a hard expression as she lectured Wei Li and Feng Yi. She said, “Mn, just like this. You can attend to your own matters while I talk with Big Brother Yao.”

After she spoke, she did not pay any attention to Feng Yi and Wei Li. Her legs swinging, her long ponytail bouncing off of her behind, she walked directly toward the Ling Family compound.

Behind her, Qin Lie smiled openly and then raised his middle finger at Feng Yi and Wei Li in front of the Feng Family clansmen and the young martial practitioners of Nebula Pavilion. In a low voice, he said scornfully, “You two. You should end your thoughts about a woman that I, Yao Tian, am pursuing. Just the two of you... you really do not know your own weight trying to take a woman from me. When I, Yao Tian, started playing with women, you were probably playing in a sandbox.”

Disregarding Feng Yi and Wei Li’s mad gazes, Qin Lie roared with laughter as he followed Liu Ting to the Ling Family compound.

At this moment, the youth of the Feng Family and Nebula Pavilion looked at Wei Li and Feng Yi with sympathy.

“Motherf*cker, I’ve never seen such an egotistical person!” Wei Li cursed.

Feng Yi did not speak. His face was livid and his eyes flashed with malice.

Many people in the Feng Family understood Feng Yi. When they saw him like this, they knew that Feng Yi would not rest.

Feng Bin, the patriarch of the Feng Family, furrowed his brow. He moved next to Feng Yi and said in a low voice, “Yi’er, this person is a martial practitioner in the Manifestation Realm. Our Feng Family, and even Nebula Pavilion... cannot afford to offend him.”

“I know, Father. I will not act rashly, do not worry,” Feng Yi said with a dark expression.

Feng Bin nodded lightly and sighed. He said, “I’ve already lost one son. I do not want to lose another.”

“I remember that big brother was killed by Qin Lie in the stone forest. I will definitely take revenge for big brother in the future, do not worry,” Feng Yi ground out.

“Mn. Remember, do not be rash. This Yao Tian seems to be purposefully provoking you and Wei Li. Do not fall for his trap. Do not have a direct conflict with him. You are in the early stages of the Natal Opening Realm and are not a match for him,” Feng Bin worriedly warned.

“I know.” Feng Yi nodded with a cold face.


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