Chapter 350: What’s Your Name, Beautiful?

Chapter 350: What’s Your Name, Beautiful?

Feng Yi, Liu Ting, and Wei Li, who were indulging themselves in loud bluster, definitely could not have imagined that the main character they spoke of was listening quietly from a small house not far away.

“Feng Yi, have your Feng Family clansmen clean this Ling Town up nicely.” Seeing that the sky was gradually darkening, Liu Ting began to consider accommodations and pointed at a Ling Family house, saying, “Start here.”

As she spoke, nearly a hundred Feng Family clansmen came through the town entrance one after another.

These people were all martial practitioners of low realms. They were late because they had taken a few breaks on the way from Icestone City.

Seeing that the First Miss of Nebula Pavilion herself had given an order, Patriarch Feng Bin immediately began shouting and commanding his clansmen to start cleaning up the Ling Family houses.

“If there isn’t anything else, I’ll be taking my leave,” Liu Yan said to Liu Ting yet again.

“What’s the hurry?” Impatience appeared on Liu Ting’s beautiful face. “You’ll also wait here at the Ling Family houses. First thing tomorrow, you will lead us to Herb Mountain to investigate the circumstances around it before being allowed to return to Nebula Pavilion. I heard that you are pretty experienced in the cultivation and acquisition of spirit herbs. Therefore, you aren’t allowed to leave just yet.”

Liu Yan’s expression was full of bitterness.

“Sister Ting, are we also going to stay here at Ling Town?” Wei Li asked.

“Mn, we will be resting here today,” Liu Ting said.

The group of young Nebula Pavilion martial practitioners all looked up to Liu Ting as their leader and did not dare to disobey her commands. They all obediently chose their own places to rest.

“Tingting, later on you will be staying in the former house of Ling Chengye.” Feng Yi stood beside Liu Ting and wore a comforting smile on his handsome face. “Oh! I forgot to tell you, but there is Fiery Solar Jade, a Profound Grade Three spirit material, not far from Celestial Wolf Mountain. The Silver Winged Demon Wolves of the mountain will have moved to the Arctic Mountain Range this season. We can attempt to mine Fiery Solar Jade from that area. What do you think?”

“Fiery Solar Jade?” Liu Ting’s eyes slowly brightened.

“Fiery Solar Jade…”

On the other side, Liu Yan’s expression grew heavy as he recalled the past.

After a moment of consideration, he looked toward Feng Yi and Liu Ting and frowned, saying, “Celestial Wolf Mountain is the home of the Silver Winged Demon Wolf. Rumor has it that the Silver Winged Demon Wolves are the offspring of the Icestone Snow Wolf King! Years ago, Dark Asura Hall once gave the order that Nebula Pavilion was no longer allowed to mine at Celestial Wolf Mountain. When Pavilion Master Tu was around, he also strictly prohibited the act of mining Celestial Wolf Mountain!”

“That was then. This is now. Big Brother Liu, aren’t you being too uptight?”

Feng Yi might have lost an arm, but his aura was still formidable. After flashing a cool smile, he began to calmly explain under Liu Ting’s watchful eyes.

“Back then the beast king of the Arctic Mountain Range was the Icestone Snow Wolf King. That was why Dark Asura Hall was somewhat wary of the Silver Winged Demon Wolves. But now? The current beast king of the Arctic Mountain Range is the Purple-eyed Flame Lion King!”

Feng Yi let out a cold laugh before shaking his head, saying, “The Silver Winged Demon Wolves are not the offspring of the Purple-eyed Flame Lion King. He couldn’t care less about the trivial matters of Celestial Wolf Mountain. Furthermore, we’re just talking about mining Fiery Solar Jade while the Silver Winged Demon Wolves head to the deeper regions of the Arctic Mountain Range. There’s no way that those wolves would know we did it. What is there to be worried about?”

“Pavilion Master Tu Mo once gave the strict order…” Liu Yan argued.

“Tu Mo?” Feng Yi’s expression grew colder and colder. He humphed and yelled, “The current pavilion master of Nebula Pavilion is surnamed Liu! Not Tu! Do you not understand the circumstances?!”

Seeing Liu Yan bring up Pavilion Master Tu again and again, Liu Ting’s face was also icy cold as she said harshly, “Liu Yan! The Tu Family may currently have some power in Dark Asura Hall, but the current pavilion master of Nebula Pavilion is my father!”

Liu Yan sighed on the inside and no longer tried to persuade them. He knew that any further attempts would be pointless and would only bring trouble upon himself.

Liu Ting herself was secretly interested in the Profound Grade Three spirit material, Fiery Solar Jade. She had originally been a little hesitant because of the Icestone Snow Wolf King.

Now that she had heard Feng Yi give his explanation and had been agitated by Liu Yan constantly bringing up “Pavilion Master Tu,” she suddenly made up her mind and said, “I believe that the mining of Fiery Solar Jades is possible!”

“If we are able to mine the Fiery Solar Jade, Nebula Pavilion can trade them for quite a bit of good stuff from Dark Asura Hall.” Feng Yi smiled. “Tingting, this will also be great news for your father!”

Liu Ting also wore a happy expression.

As a result of Yuan Tianya’s death, the circumstances of Nebula Pavilion and Shattered Ice Manor were pretty bad. Liu Yuntao and Yan Wenya were rumored to have found a new umbrella to hide under in Dark Asura Hall. They desperately needed to give spirit materials to their new protector or prove their worth.

If they could mine a large amount of Fiery Solar Jade and send it to Dark Asura Hall as tribute, they would win their protector’s good favor and establish a good foundation for themselves when they entered Dark Asura Hall in the future.

Therefore, Feng Yi’s suggestion was right up Liu Ting’s alley. This caused Liu Ting to find Feng Yi increasingly easy on the eyes. She could almost forget that he only had one arm.

“Everybody shall pick their own house and clean it themselves before going to rest. We shall head to Herb Mountain tomorrow and check it out before preparing to head to Celestial Wolf Mountain to mine Fiery Solar Jade!” Feng Yi yelled.

The Feng Family clansmen acknowledged his order and began busying themselves.

Wei Li and the young martial practitioners of Nebula Pavilion all spread out and began searching Ling Town for a satisfactory rest area for themselves.

Three of the martial practitioners among them, who were at the eighth or ninth level of the Refinement Realm, were heading toward Qin Lie’s small house.

“Taking over Ling Town, seizing Herb Mountain, attempting to mine Herb Mountain’s ore and even the Fiery Solar Jade at Celestial Wolf Mountain…” Inside the house, Qin Lie’s eyes were dark and grim.

Seeing that someone was walking in his direction, Qin Lie let out a cold grin before taking out a copper mirror and carefully adjusting the fox skin mask that Song Tingyu had loaned him.

As an artificer who was well-versed in spirit diagrams, adjusting the lines of the fox skin mask was no problem at all.

Soon enough, he had adjusted the facial lines of the fox skin mask and wore it on his face once more.

He had made a healthy, handsome male face. When it was matched with his stalwart figure and pair of rebellious, arrogant, serious eyes, the combination gave him an incredibly masculine appearance.

Just when the young martial practitioners of Nebula Pavilion were about to come over, he opened the door and brazenly walked out, yelling loudly, “Who’s making a bunch of noise? God dammit, don’t you know that you’re intruding upon my cultivation?”

He then charged directly in between the three Nebula Pavilion martial practitioners and indiscriminately tossed them into the sky like they were chickens.

“Bang bang bang!”

After three dull impacts, the gaze of everyone in Ling Town was pulled toward him.

Liu Ting, who was about to rest within a house, was also disturbed and she hurriedly rushed back.

“What an arrogant, extraordinary man…”

When Liu Ting came back and concentrated, her eyes brightened.

Qin Lie looked handsome with his fox skin mask on. He wore a black tight suit that was tailored to his figure, accentuating it so he looked incredibly stalwart. A careless stance in the midst of Wei Li and the Feng Family clansmen made him look as if he was taller than everyone around him. His eyes were not only bright and spirited, but also filled with a kind of lawless arrogance that greatly fascinated girls.

“Eh? There’s actually a beauty in this group? Hey there, beautiful!”

The moment he saw Liu Ting, Qin Lie’s eyes lit up. He opened his mouth and laughed as he moved toward Liu Ting with wide strides.

Feng Yi and Wei Li had recently been fighting over Liu Ting out of jealousy, and they had also fought quite a bit in secret. Neither one found the other party easy on the eyes.

At this moment, not only had Qin Lie appeared out of nowhere, but the second he appeared, he immediately displayed great interest in Liu Ting and was willing to make a move on her directly. This made both Feng Yi and Wei Li feel an immediate sense of crisis.

“Who are you, punk? Why are you at Ling Town?” Wei Li hurriedly went over to block his way.

“Careful, Tingting!” Feng Yi was even more sinister than Wei Lie in that he immediately ordered the Feng Family clansmen to come over, as if Qin Lie was a scoundrel who planned to harm Liu Ting, making it seem as though he would immediately capture and slaughter Qin Lie.

Feng Yi crying out “Careful!” caused the bright-eyed, blushing Liu Ting, who was kind of nervous because Qin Lie was striding toward her with wide steps, to become anxious and worried. She subconsciously thought that Qin Lie was a killer as well.


Qin Lie raised his head and laughed at Wei Li, Feng Yi, the Feng Family clansmen, and their attempt to stop him. Then he suddenly stomped at the ground.

A powerful gravitational force appeared from underground, causing the gravity of the surrounding area to increase by a dozen times.

Wei Li, Feng Yi, and the Feng Family clansmen all found it difficult to move, as if they had a mountain on their backs and nails in their feet.

Amid the furious gazes of the crowd, Qin Lie walked in front of Liu Ting with firm strides and an air of masculinity before opening his mouth and smiling brilliantly, his eyes watching Liu Ting intently, “What’s your name, beautiful?”

“Liu... Liu Ting. My name is Liu Ting.” Liu Ting stuttered nervously, a blush in her cheeks.

At this moment, her usual unruly, mean, arrogant nature had disappeared in its entirety.


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