Chapter 349: The Love Rival From Back Then

Chapter 349: The Love Rival From Back Then

The people who suddenly appeared at the entrance to Ling Town could be considered acquaintances of Qin Lie—they were Liu Ting and Wei Li’s group from Nebula Pavilion.

In the blink of an eye, it had been three or four years since Qin Lie left Icestone City.

During this time, he had never returned to Icestone City, so naturally, he had not gone to Nebula Pavilion either.

He had become unfamiliar with Nebula Pavilion since long ago.

Today, Nebula Pavilion’s people actually came to Ling Town, which surprised him somewhat.

It had been three or four years and Liu Ting still carried herself as arrogantly as ever. She wore a bright yellow tight suit and her figure was shapely and attractive. As her legs moved, her long ponytail slapped against her curvy bottom over and over.

A water blue ribbon was tied around her thin waist. Having been tightened, the ribbon showed that her snake-like waist was so flexible that it could be boneless.

Her bright eyes held an obvious color of arrogance. In fact, it was even more obvious than it used to be.

It would seem that her pretentious nature had worsened after Liu Yuntao became the Pavilion Master of Nebula Pavilion.

Wei Xing’s son, Wei Li, followed Liu Ting. There were also a bunch of good-for-nothings from Nebula Pavilion that Qin Lie was very familiar with.

“Why have these people come to Ling Town?” Qin Lie was full of suspicion as he continued to stare in the direction of the town’s entrance. He could sense that there were still others who had yet to arrive.

After a while, another group of people gradually showed up as expected.

“Liu Yan!” Qin Lie couldn’t help but softly exclaim in his heart when he saw the first person from the group appear.

During the mining incident back at Celestial Wolf Mountain, Liu Yan had been an overseer from Nebula Pavilion. Both Qin Lie and Liu Yan had been through thick and thin together. After joining Nebula Pavilion, Liu Yan had also kept an eye out for him.

The person who appeared afterward caused Qin Lie to shudder once more and exclaim in a low tone with a cold expression, “Feng Yi!”

With his left arm missing, it was actually Feng Yi—the young master of the Feng Family!

Many memories of the past instantly rushed into Qin Lie’s heart, causing his face to become ice cold.

Several years ago, the Ling Family, Gao Family, and Feng Family received orders from Nebula Pavilion to go to Celestial Wolf Mountain to mine fire crystals. Liu Yan had been an overseer from Nebula Pavilion at the time.

The Ling Family members that participated were Ling Yushi, Ling Feng, Ling Xing, Ling Ying, and Qin Lie, whereas the Gao Family had been led by Gao Yu. Meanwhile, Feng Yi had been the representative of the Feng Family.

At the time, Feng Yi already displayed great admiration for Ling Yushi, but he still had some measure of self-restraint.

That had lasted until the crowd excavated Fiery Solar Jade, the Profound Grade Three spirit material at Celestial Wolf Mountain. Then, everything changed.

Feng Yi had conspired with Shattered Ice Manor’s Yan Dewu and sent word for Shattered Ice Manor to dispatch their elites.

Meanwhile, Feng Yi no longer held back his lust for Ling Yushi and gradually let it out into the open.

The situation at Celestial Wolf Mountain changed greatly in the middle of the night. Qin Lie, the Ling Family, the Gao Family, and Liu Yan escaped from Shattered Ice Manor’s pursuit before finally running into the Silver Winged Demon Wolf on accident and turning the situation around with the wooden sculpture, barely escaping from death. All of this surfaced within Qin Lie’s mind, one memory after another.

Later on, Feng Yi’s left arm was eaten by a Silver Winged Demon Wolf and Yan Dewu was severely injured by the Demon Wolf King. Meanwhile, the Feng Family patriarch, Feng Bin, framed the Ling Family as spies in their midst.

Not much later, Du Haitian brought Ye Yangqiu, the chief of the Discipline Hall, to the Ling Family in order to denounce them for their crimes, nearly pushing the Ling Family past the point of no return.

As a result of this incident, it could only be said that Qin Lie’s memories of Feng Yi and Feng Bin, the Feng Family patriarch, were as profound as one could imagine.

It had been many years since then, and today, the one-armed Feng Yi, his father, Feng Bin, and Liu Yan had actually arrived at Ling Town.

Furthermore, they were accompanied by Liu Ting and Wei Li.

This made Qin Lie very curious about their reason for coming here.

“Feng Yi, Uncle Feng, this place isn’t bad, is it?” Liu Ting stood in the streets of Ling Town, revealing a somewhat pleased look on her beautiful face.

“Although Ling Town has been abandoned for several years, the houses were all built from limestone and are very solid. As long as they are cleaned, they would look no different from before. Furthermore, Herb Mountain is a fitting place to plant spirit herbs. Back then, Nebula Pavilion only decided to protect the Ling Family because they turned in these planted herbs.”

At this point, Liu Ting wore an arrogant look on her face, as if the Ling Family was still a family subordinate to her that needed to listen to every command.

“Tingting, thank you for the reward. This Feng Yi shall etch this inside his heart.” Feng Yi may have lost an arm, but he still had his handsome face. When put together with his gentlemanly temperament, he still appeared to be incredibly outstanding.

Based on his looks alone, Feng Yi was much more outstanding than Wei Li who had a crush on Liu Ting.

“Years ago, Tu Mo sent his men to destroy your Feng Family and leave nothing behind. The Feng Family was forced to move to the domain of Shattered Ice Manor, which was truly an unfortunate event.” Liu Ting sighed softly and said, “Shattered Ice Manor and Nebula Pavilion are now one. My father and I will support the Feng Family if you wish to find a new place outside Icestone City and rebuild your Feng Town. In any case, Ling Town has been abandoned for many years. All the great forces will definitely slaughter those Ling Family evil race scum to the last man, and there is no way for them to return to Ling Town ever again, so you might as well stay here.”

She pointed at the stone buildings and said, “Look, everything here is already prepared. Once they’ve been cleaned up, your Feng Family clansmen can move right in. Furthermore, there is also Herb Mountain on which you can cultivate spirit plants in the future. I have also heard that there was some ore within Herb Mountain that you can attempt to mine. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find something.”

“Yes, it’s thanks to you speaking to your father on our behalf. Otherwise, we never would have been able to take Ling Town.” Feng Yi smiled coolly and thanked her in earnest.

His gaze on Liu Ting was filled with love, and a warm smile filled his handsome face. It was a combination that could easily move a maiden’s heart.

Liu Ting obviously harbored goodwill toward Feng Yi as well; otherwise, she would not have helped the Feng Family obtain Ling Town from her father.

—Ling Town was within the domain of Nebula Pavilion. After the Ling Family clansmen left, Ling Town had naturally been claimed by Nebula Pavilion.

“First Miss, I have guided all of you to this place. If there is nothing else, may I leave now?”

Liu Yan, who had acted as a guide, hated Feng Yi and the Feng Family from the bottom of his heart. Back then, Feng Yi conspired with Shattered Ice Manor’s Yan Dewu and nearly pushed him over the edge.

Even now, Liu Yan still wore the wounds from that battle on his body. If he wasn’t still working at Nebula Pavilion and if Liu Yuntao wasn’t Nebula Pavilion’s pavilion master, he would have rather been beaten to death than guide the Feng Family clansmen to Ling Town.

Every time he stood beside Feng Yi, Liu Yan felt uncomfortable down to the very bone. Along the way, Feng Yi would taunt him from time to time, and he nearly went insane because of it.

Liu Yan was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to control himself, would fight Feng Yi, and would end up in a dangerous situation.

“Big Brother Liu, what’s the hurry?” Feng Yi smiled indifferently. “Did you recall something upon seeing things of the past? Weren’t you very close to the Ling Family and Qin Lie? Heh, look at those you used to think highly of. Where are they now? One is the remains of an evil race, and one is a spy for the evil races! So this is Big Brother Liu’s judgement, hehe.”

Liu Yan’s face was green.

Profound Heaven Alliance, Eight Extreme Temple, and Joyful Union Sect had spread news of the Ling Family and Qin Lie throughout the entire Scarlet Tide Continent.

The current Qin Lie and Ling Family had become the public enemies of every martial practitioner on the continent. They were doomed to die.

Everyone who had connections with the Ling Family and Qin Lie would be scorned and looked down upon. They would even be cast aside and taunted.

Naturally, Liu Yan was not an exception.

“A ruffian like Qin Lie should be beheaded in public!” The moment Qin Lie, their common enemy was brought up, Liu Ting immediately stood by Feng Yi’s side. With a curl on her lips and a frigid face, she exclaimed, “I knew that fellow was a rotten thing way back at Icestone City. Later on, I heard that he went to Armament Sect and actually lived quite well. At the time, I had been thinking that the heavens were blind. How could such a man possibly live so well? Yet, the next time I heard news of him, I didn’t expect that he had already become a spy of the evil races and was attacked by everyone. I knew it would become like this. A person like him is destined to walk into a dead end!”

“Yeah. This madman who openly slaughtered people at our Icestone City deserves retribution!” Wei Li immediately joined in.

Feng Yi of the Feng Family, Liu Ting, and Wei Li all previously suffered at Qin Lie’s hand.

Therefore, their opinion on this matter was shockingly identical—they all couldn’t wait for Qin Lie to die.

Liu Yan was the only one who held goodwill toward Qin Lie. Unfortunately, he could not even oppose them.

Even Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple had issued a statement and labeled Qin Lie as an evil race spy. Furthermore, the man himself had gone to the domain of the evil races. Just how was he going to refute this?

Inside the small house, by the window, Qin Lie watched these people coldly with his aura withdrawn. Listening to their conversation, his expression slowly grew darker.

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