Chapter 341: Break Out!

Chapter 341: Break Out!

With thunder and lightning as its body and Mang Wang’s consciousness as its soul, the dragon and serpent synchronized with Qin Lie’s mind and rampaged amid the Eight Extreme Temple martial practitioners.

The Manifestation and Netherpassage Realm martial practitioners could not withstand the attacks of the dragon and the serpent. It only took a moment before a dozen of them were killed.


Nearby, Joyful Union Sect’s Revered Thoughtful yelled grimly at Xue Li.

A turbulent gray cyclone flew out from Revered Thoughtful’s sleeves. The cyclone was mixed with black sand and was filled with a strange energy capable of destroying soul intent.

When Tika’s body, possessed by Xue Li, and the blood demons condensed from fresh blood were enveloped by the cyclone, the blood demons immediately collapsed!

“Soul Dissolving Sand!”

Xue Li cried out in a strange tone before moving Tika’s body to swiftly extract himself from the cyclone.

“Thats right, this is the sand that dissolves souls! It is specifically made for soul jumpers like you!” Revered Thoughtful laughed grimly.

The gray cyclone mixed with pitch black sand twisted in Xue Li’s direction. At the same time, the sand inside of the cyclone resembled black stars and made a shrill whistling noise while moving.

A wisp of bloody, scarlet light abruptly escaped from Tika’s body. The bloody light that was touched by the Soul Dissolving Sand immediately melted.


Xue Li flew out of the gray cyclone and arrived next to Qin Lie in an instant. Before Qin Lie could react, Xue Li slipped inside Qin Lie’s forehead.

“Soul Dissolving Sand is forged from the phosphorus fire of a rotten corpse. Unless it is an imperishable soul of the Imperishable Realm, any soul will be corroded by it.” Xue Li slipped back into the Soul Suppressing Orb and further commented with lingering fear, “I can’t deal with this fellow. My original realm is the Nirvana Realm, and my soul isn’t imperishable. I cannot overlook the Soul Dissolving Sand’s corrosion. If I fight this guy with half my soul, I could perish at any moment.”

“Go! I have exhausted too much strength and cannot replenish myself on this land! I cannot stall much longer!” Almost at the same time, Ku Luo, who was fighting against Mo He, Nie Han, and Zhan Tianyi, waved his white bone staff. He created a terrifying scene, a sea of corpses and bones in mid-air, as he yelled at Qin Lie in the language of the Nether Realm.

As a six horned elite, Ku Luo had forcefully clashed against Mo He, Nie Han, and Zhan Tianyi without falling into a disadvantageous state. Song Siyuan and Xie Zhizhang had also joined the battle in the beginning, but they were also unable to trap him.

One could clearly see this man’s ferocity.

However, this place wasn’t covered in nether demonic energy. While fighting against Mo He and the others, every time Ku Luo used his strength, he would lose it permanently. There was no way for him to replenish it or recover.

Furthermore, as long as he remained here, he would have to split his focus and completely cover himself with refined nether demonic energy.

This was done to prevent the world’s spirit energy from seeping into his body.

In this situation, where neither time, terrain, nor manpower were on his side, it was incredibly irrational to fight the enemy to the death.

Ling Yushi and Lang Xie had left earlier, and Xue Li’s Nirvana Realm soul was unable to continue fighting after the Soul Dissolving Sand appeared.

Ku Luo was swiftly being exhausted which led to the situation suddenly heading toward a critical juncture.

“Are the thunder and lightning underground powerful enough to trap these people here?” Qin Lie frowned and communicated with Mang Wang.

“Other than that Fragmentation Realm expert, it can trap all other martial practitioners for at least an hour!” Mang Wang answered.

“Alright!” Qin Lie glanced at Ku Luo from afar before saying suddenly, “Retreat!”

His figure moving like a bolt of lightning, Qin Lie led the way and flew outside first. When Ku Luo saw him leaving, the nether demonic energy around him promptly gushed outward wildly and flooded the surroundings in an instant with the pitch black nether demonic energy resembling thick black clouds.

The gazes of Mo He, Nie Han, Zhan Tianyi, and the others were affected by the nether demonic energy, and they actually couldn’t see where Ku Luo was for a period of time.

Meanwhile, the white bone puppets clashing against the martial practitioners of Eight Extreme Temple, Joyful Union Sect, and Profound Heaven Alliance all jumped, entering the center of the thick nether demonic energy as if they had received a signal from Ku Luo.

The thick, pitch black nether demonic energy resembled a gigantic whirlpool that swallowed the white bone puppets and swiftly swept outside at the same time.

“Give chase!” Mo He yelled.

Zhan Tianyi, Nie Han, and Revered Thoughtful laughed coldly, about to pursue the pitch black whirlpool.

“Prak prak prak prak!”

“Boom boom boom!”

Suddenly, the thunder and lightning in the sky turned violent.

Lightning as massive as gigantic dragons began blasting downward in a frenzy.

At the same time, the lightning covering the surface of the ground also became wild and violent in an instant.

Lightning began entangling every martial practitioner like dazzling chains as thick as arms that had grown minds of their own.

The tip of the Thunderblitz Trees erected by Mang Wang in the outer layer of the combat zone simultaneously spewed an equally dazzling lightning.

Bolts of lightning crisscrossed above the heads of the crowd, forming a web of thunder in the sky that was dozens of acres wide. It covered the sky above the crowd.

The moment the thunder and lightning in the sky crashed into the gigantic web of thunder, they caused the huge web to charge with thunder and blaze with lightning. It was as if they injected the web with energy.

The giant net of lightning loomed over them in the sky while the chain-lightning entangled everybody from below.

For a moment, every martial practitioner in this region started to panic somewhat.

“Leave first. Leave the rest to me. I’ll do my best to delay them.”

The moment Qin Lie stepped out of the zone covered in thunder and lightning, Mang Wang immediately twisted out from his body. In an instant, Mang Wang transformed into the giant thunder python. It was dozens of meters long, hanging high up above the thunder web while receiving a baptism of lightning striking down from the sky.

Mang Wang was borrowing the thunder of the Ninth Heaven to swiftly replenish his strength while manipulating the huge thunder lightning formation he had arranged with his gargantuan soul consciousness.

Lifting his head, Qin Lie looked at the giant thunder python and pondered for a moment. Then he said, “I will keep the matter of freeing your people in mind.”

Once he said that, he ran after Ku Luo in the direction that Blood Spear and the Ling Family clansmen were retreating.

In the very moment he left, Mang Wang let out a mad howl as if the howl were capable of summoning even more thunder and lightning from the sky.

The giant web covering the Profound Heaven Alliance, Eight Extreme Temple, and Joyful Union Sect martial practitioners soon increased in density, and the violent electrical flow intensified.

Nie Han, Zhan Tianyi, and Revered Thoughtful covered their entire bodies in spirit energy, but while they attempted to charge out of the huge web, the brilliant shields of light covering their bodies swiftly disintegrated under the violent blasts of electricity.

Nie Han, Zhan Tianyi, and Revered Thoughtful plummeted from the air, wearing ugly expressions on their faces.

“Just what rank is this thunder python? It’s obviously just a soul, but why can it manipulate the lightning of the sky into continuously striking toward the ground?” Xie Zhizhang questioned with a heavy expression while defending against the writhing lightning at his feet.

“It’s as if this unusual beast was born with lightning inside it. It’s as if its bones were imprinted with the power of thunder and lightning.” Song Tingyu’s eyes were bright. “It once fought an Evil God with the head of a human and the body of a serpent at the Nether Realm’s Demon God Mountain Range. That Evil God was also well-versed in the power of thunder and lightning. When they fought, it was even scarier than it is now…”

“Where did it come from?” Song Siyuan lowered his bow and arrow, asking in shock.

“It came from within Qin Lie’s body.” Song Tingyu thought for a moment before adding, “Qin Lie… holds a great number of secrets. He is not simple and definitely is not someone from the Scarlet Tide Continent.”

Song Siyuan and Xie Zhizhang both wore strange expressions as they looked at her with considerable surprise.

“Sigh. Even if I told you, you wouldn’t believe me,” Song Tingyu complained with a frustrated look on her face.

“My lord, what should we do?” Zhan Tianyi asked Mo He amid the thunder and lightning.

Mo He stood amid the thunder and lightning and snorted coldly. “What do you think we should do?”

Zhan Tianyi didn’t know.

“I can charge out of this huge thunder lightning formation, but I alone cannot win against the Horned Demon warrior with six horns.” Mo He was very calm.

He had confirmed Ku Luo’s strength and knew that, if it weren’t for the assistance of Zhan Tianyi, Nie Han, and Revered Thoughtful—if it weren’t for Song Siyuan and Xie Zhizhang ravenously watching from afar—he definitely wouldn’t be a match for Ku Luo.

This was also a fight in the poisonous bog.

If they had fought on the Nether Battlefield where both nether demonic energy and the world’s spirit energy existed at the same time, he probably would not be able to hang on for long before being defeated by Ku Luo.

He had personally witnessed terrifying Ku Luo was.

Therefore, he did not wish to face Ku Luo alone. When he discovered that Zhan Tianyi, Nie Han, and Revered Thoughtful were unable to charge out of the lightning, he decisively gave up on any thoughts of pursuit.

“The Holy Master messaged me and said that he would personally lead the experts of the temple and come for us. When Profound Heaven Alliance’s three patriarchs have gathered here, even if we fought in a zone covered in nether demonic energy, we will be able to eliminate all the scum of the evil races!” Mo He said coldly.

“The Holy Master is coming personally?” Zhan Tianyi was shocked.

Mo He nodded in confirmation.


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