Chapter 340: Creating a Diagram in Midair!

Chapter 340: Creating a Diagram in Midair!

The three great reverends were destroyed by the thunder. Qin Lie’s gaze then turned to Tan Dongling and the rest of the Armament Sect inner elders.

These people had followed the three great reverends and came here.

When Tan Dongling, Wei Qing, Meng Chen, and the rest of the inner sect elders saw Qin Lie looking at them, their expressions became bitter.

However, Qin Lie merely glanced at them and told them to take care of themselves before withdrawing his gaze.

Although Tan Dongling and the rest were with the three great reverends, they did not say anything to vilify him. When the three great reverends were slandering him, they had kept quiet from beginning to end.

Their silence also saved their lives, preventing them from suffering the same destructive fate as the three great reverends.

“Qin Lie! I have already explained things to my Third Uncle, and Uncle Xie did not seem to want to get into a fight with you as well. Be mindful.”

Song Tingyu’s gentle voice rang beside Qin Lie’s ears again. Her seductive gaze also looked over from afar.

Qin Lie’s was moved as he subconsciously looked at Song Siyuan and Xie Zhizhang.

Xie Zhizhang stood in the middle of the Xie Family clansmen with his head slightly bowed. He seemed be frowning, deep in thought, and apparently did not notice that the three great reverends had been killed.

Meanwhile, Song Siyuan was holding a bow and aiming at Ku Luo from afar. However, he had not shot it for a long time.

After pondering for a second, he nodded almost imperceptibly at Song Tingyu before turning in the direction where the Eight Extreme Temple martial practitioners were gathered.

“Boom boom!”

The ball-shaped lightning that resembled meteors continued to fall from the sky endlessly. They were fierce and wild.

At this moment, the martial practitioners of Profound Heaven Alliance, Eight Extreme Temple, and Joyful Union Sect were all scattered about. The moment they saw lightning crashing toward them, they would do their best to avoid it.

After all, Qin Lie was only at the middle stage of the Manifestation Realm. He was currently unable to directly control the trajectory of the falling thunder with his mind consciousness.

As a result, lightning was chaotically falling at random.

This was why the martial practitioners could still avoid the blasts of thunder as long as they did their best.

“Don’t worry about not killing them right away. With the Thunder Gathering Formation, the longer lightning strikes, the more thunder and lightning will gather here. Before long, it will be enough to form an enclosed array out of thunder and lightning. When the surface of the earth is completely covered in lightning, even Fulfillment Realm experts will find it difficult to deal with.”

Mang Wang’s voice rumbled in Qin Lie’s mind like thunder, explaining the mystery behind the Thunder Gathering Formation to him.

Qin Lie nodded silently.

The reason he stayed back wasn’t to kill as many as he could, but to hold back the experts of Eight Extreme Temple and Joyful Union Sect so that they could not afford to split their men.

He wanted to buy time for Blood Spear and the Ling Family to retreat.

Furthermore, he himself didn’t fear enemy attacks at all since he had the Eye of Frost in hand.

As long as space wasn’t sealed and its energy was normal, he could easily escape with the Eye of Frost.

It was also why he hadn’t used the Terminator Profound Bombs this entire time. He was afraid that the powerful, destructive shockwave of the Terminator Profound Bombs would destroy the structure of space.

He was afraid that he might be put in an awkward situation where he wouldn’t be able to leave using the Eye of Frost.

Stepping on chaotic light while wrapped by the thunder python, Qin Lie avoided where Mo He and Ku Luo’s fight was taking place and arrived where the Eight Extreme Temple martial practitioners were gathered.

“Wild Dance of the Thunder Serpent!”

Bolts of dazzling thunder and lightning shot out of his body like twisting electric serpents.

Every serpent had a wisp of his mind consciousness inside them. They were like spirit threads he could control, twisting and swimming in the air.

The thunder serpents charged right into the center of the Eight Extreme Temple martial practitioners and attacked them with the white bone puppets.

For this trip, Eight Extreme Temple had sent hundreds of Manifestation, Netherpassage, and Fulfillment Realm experts to bolster Profound Heaven Alliance in fighting the evil race elites in the evil nether passageway.

Meanwhile, the Eight Extreme Temple martial practitioners Mo He had brought with him numbered just over fifty, but every one of them had extraordinary realms.

The weakest among them was at the late stage of the Manifestation Realm.

Compared to those forces, Qin Lie’s true realm was only the middle stage of the Manifestation Realm!

Even so, since he could borrow the power of Mang Wang in this conflict, as well as that of the thunder and lightning beneath his feet, his true strength had increased by more than ten times.

The thunder serpents swimming in the air cooperated with the white bone puppets, charging at the Eight Extreme Temple martial practitioners until they were thrown into complete disorder.

“Thunder and lightning are like spirit lines. Every wisp and bolt contains the power of thunder and lightning. I can control the thunder and lightning that is unleashed from my body. It’s as if they really are spirit lines… I wonder if I can create a diagram in the air with them?”

Suddenly, inspiration struck. He suddenly recalled his grandfather’s words.

“Everything in this world is a diagram! The stars in the vast galaxies are a diagram, the network of the earth is a diagram, the muscles and veins in the human body are a diagram, and the circulatory path of a martial practitioner’s spirit energy is also a diagram!”

Qin Lie shook in response to this revelation.

As if he had penetrated layers of thick fog to see glean the truth behind spirit diagrams, he finally understood what his grandfather had meant.

The bolts of lightning never had a pattern in the first place, so they shot at the Eight Extreme Temple martial practitioners crisply and directly without any special variations.

However, as Qin Lie’s mind transformed and as a new understanding dawned upon him, he suddenly had an idea—use thunder and lightning as spirit lines to create a diagram in midair!

The moment this idea appeared in his mind, Qin Lie implemented it immediately. All the spirit diagrams he mastered flashed through his mind.

“The Dragon Snake Coiling Sky Diagram!”

A diagram originating from the spirit pattern diagram suddenly settled in his mind. He immediately had a new objective.

Thunder and lightning began to warp through the air in specific directions, gradually gathering and pressing in on one another. It was as if they were being painted with a brush to form an amazing diagram in the air—the diagram of a dragon and a serpent coiling in the sky!

As the lightning twisted and turned, a lifelike “Dragon Snake Coiling Sky Diagram” actually formed in midair.

A dragon and a serpent. They were formed from the concentration of lightning. The two entangled with each other as if locked in combat or intercourse and coiled non-stop while emanating a dazzling electric light.

An extremely profound concept was formed in the Dragon Snake Coiling Sky Diagram in the sky...

Suddenly, under Qin Lie’s gaze, the dragon and the serpent seemed to possess consciousness and sentience. They gave off a bizarre feeling full of life and tremendous might.


Qin Lie could not help but exclaim in a soft voice.

Looking at the Dragon Snake Coiling Sky Diagram, he vaguely felt as if this diagram of this dragon and serpent, formed from the thunder and lightning energy inside his body, were heeding his call.

It was as if they could hear his heart’s desire!


Qin Lie tried sending an order.

The coiling dragon and serpent immediately shot toward the Eight Extreme Temple martial practitioners amid the dazzling electricity.

All of the Eight Extreme Temple martial practitioners that the dragon and serpent were targeting had nowhere to run. They were instantly caught and flooded by the dazzling light of electricity.

“Could this possibly be spirit energy animation…?”

With the release of spirit light, the Dragon Snake Coiling Sky Diagram connected with heaven and earth and was granted life and consciousness. For a short time, it would transform into a new species and become animated by spirit energy.

This was the legendary skill of a god.

Being such a godlike skill, it was said that no one on the Scarlet Tide Continent had ever achieved this divine state.

Yet, the thunder and lightning inside Qin Lie’s body, the dragon and serpent inscribed from the Dragon Snake Coiling Sky Diagram, seemed to have minds of their own and understand his inner thoughts. What was going on?

“It’s me. I’ve injected a wisp of my mind consciousness into them. It is not real animation…”

Mang Wang’s poured a bucket of cold water on Qin Lie’s head at this suitable time. “You’re thinking too much. With your realm and spirit energy, it would take god knows how long to achieve the level of spirit energy animation. Only existences at the level of the Ice Emperor, whose blend of spirit energy had reached the most exquisite realm, could realize spirit energy animation.”

“It was you.” Qin Lie realized.

“However, the diagram you created in midair with thunder and lightning, the dragon and serpent you formed... they are still extremely impressive. The lightning bodies of the dragon and the serpent were formed from extremely well-refined thunder. This is why I could attach a wisp of soul consciousness inside them and make it seem like they’ve gained sentience.”

“Spirit diagrams are actually a type of offensive art. It is different, but still equal to the spirit arts you have mastered.”

“Every spirit diagram can be used as a spirit skill. Becoming familiar with them would greatly improve your prowess. You have proven that you have extraordinary talent by understanding this and by being able to use it. It appears that my choice to rely on you understanding the frost concept and assisting my race in escaping is correct.”

Mang Wang’s tone was somewhat excited.

Some members of the Giant Spirit Race had been frozen by the Ice Emperor in the Land of Frost along with his true body. To break the seal, it needed to either be forcefully removed at the hands of an expert at the same level as the Ice Emperor or gradually cracked by a martial practitioner who had also mastered the mysteries of the frost concept.

Previously, Mang Wang had been less than confident about the possibility of Qin Lie understanding the frost concept.

He assumed that Qin Lie would take hundreds of years to understand the frost concept left behind by the Ice Emperor, if not longer.

This made him feel dejected and helpless.

Yet today, after seeing Qin Lie inscribe the “Dragon Snake Coiling Sky Diagram” in midair by using thunder and lightning as spirit threads after a flash of inspiration, Mang Wang really did experience immense joy.

He believed that if Qin Lie really was willing to extend a helping hand, the Giant Spirit Race did not need to wait over a hundred years to be free.

He could now see a sliver of hope.


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