Chapter 339: Killing the Three Great Reverends!

Chapter 339: Killing the Three Great Reverends!

“Boom boom boom! Clap clap clap!”

Ball-shaped thunder fell from the clouds of the Ninth Heaven accompanied by dull thunderous rumbling.

Like many giant shiny meteors!

Wisps of thick poisonous miasma were forcefully dispersed amid the thunderous rumblings, and they completely disappeared when they were blown by powerful gusts of wind.

All of the miasma, gray clouds, and smoke disappeared as if they had never been there.

The Thunderblitz Trees, with natural thunder patterns on their surfaces that crawled with threads of electricity, were spread around the perimeter of the combat zone.

Every time lightning struck, the Thunderblitz Trees would shake as if resonating with it. The electrical light on them would also grow stronger.

“Qin Lie!”

Xie Zhizhang of Profound Heaven Alliance was originally planning to join forces with Song Siyuan to attack Ku Luo.

He currently saw the miasma and the clouds dispersing, as well as thunder crisscrossing in the the sky. An odd gleam appeared in his eyes.

He looked to Qin Lie.

Song Tingyu’s beautiful eyes had been focused on Qin Lie the entire time, never moving from him for even an instant.

She had also noticed the cause of the miraculous phenomenon. The extraordinary change happening within the clouds, the thunder—they were caused by Qin Lie!


A shiny, crystalline, ball-shaped lightning led the way downward and struck an Eight Extreme Temple Netherpassage expert.

That Netherpassage expert immediately screamed in terrible pain. His entire body was smoldering with black, sticky smoke as if he had been burned alive by lightning.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

More lightning began falling from the sky like boulders, lightning rivers, long spears, and sharp blades.

With Qin Lie at the center, every region and every life in the area fell within the range of the thunder and lightning strikes!

Even Ku Luo and Xue Li fell within the range of indiscriminate attack. They were wildly blasted by thunder and lightning!

“Zzzt zzzt zzzt! Zzzt zzzt zzzt!”

In the area surrounded by Thunderblitz Trees, the thunder and lightning that zapped through the sky didn’t actually dissipate immediately after hitting the ground.

It was as if the thunder and lightning energy were attracted by the earth as bolts of lightning swam through the ground beneath their feet like serpents.

At first glance, it was as though a carpet of lightning had covered the bluestone plaza built by Blood Spear.


Mang Wang, the self-proclaimed member of the Giant Spirit Race, flew over in his thunder python body, drawing a beautiful arc in the air. It instantly arrived above Qin Lie’s head.

“With the Thunderblitz Trees as the core, this ‘Thunder Gathering Formation’ can absorb thunder and lightning, allowing them to maintain their forms after striking.” Mang Wang’s voice rang in Qin Lie’s head, “The power of the thunder and lightning that fell from the sky will then be sealed by the ‘Thunder Gathering Formation’ and limited to roaming in the area surrounded by the Thunderblitz Trees. Unless the energy of thunder and lightning exceeds the limit of the Thunderblitz Trees, all of the thunder and lightning will condense on the surface of the ground. This is an inexhaustible source of power for any users of thunder and lightning!”

“Awesome! What an awesome Thunder Gathering Formation!”

Qin Lie opened his eyes and laughed madly. He stood up in an instant.

Mang Wang’s giant thunder-clad body suddenly shrunk. It became a smaller thunder python.

This dazzling thunder python wrapped around Qin Lie’s body at his command.

Its thick, long body began at the neck before wrapping all the way down to the waist and stomach!

A tremendous, seemingly inexhaustible energy of thunder and lightning was within Qin Lie’s grasp the instant that the python wrapped around him!

“Allow me to borrow your strength!”

Wrapped by the python, Qin Lie strode toward the zone that was rife with intense combat.

His gaze went over Mo He, Ku Luo, Xue Li, and Revered Thoughtful to stare directly at the three great reverends, Luo Zhichang, Fang Qi and Jiang Hao.

The three great reverends lost composure and screamed.

“Kill Qin Lie! Kill that traitor, Qin Lie, first! He has the spirit pattern pillars with him. If he doesn’t die, the evil nether passageway cannot be blocked!”

“Qin Lie is conspiring with the evil race, and he opened the evil nether passageway! His sin deserves a thousand deaths! Kill Qin Lie first!”

“Kill him!”

The three great reverends shouted loudly at the Joyful Union Sect martial practitioners while simultaneously retreating.

They were moving in the direction of Profound Heaven Alliance’s martial practitioners.

“Mi-Miss Song, Lord Xie, kill Qin Lie, quickly!” Luo Zhizhang yelled at Song Tingyu and Xie Zhizhang.

Other than Nie Han’s subordinates who were more proactive in attacking Ku Luo and Xue Li, the remaining dozens of Profound Heaven Alliance’s martial practitioners were rather tame.

They did not attack Ku Luo and Xue Li with everything they had.

While Qin Lie was channeling Heavenly Thunder Eradication, the people of the Song and Xie Families also did not attack him.

“If you believe that Qin Lie is a traitor to Armament Sect, then kill him yourself. I’ll watch.” Song Tingyu smiled lightly.

Meanwhile, Xie Zhizhang wore a cold expression and was somewhat disgusted by the behavior of the three great reverends. When the three of them came forward, he deliberately avoided them as if standing with such people would bring shame upon his own status.

In fact, he saw through the behavior of the three great reverends much earlier than Qin Lie, Lang Xie, and Feng Rong.

It wasn’t the first or second day that Profound Heaven Alliance and Armament Sect had dealt with each other. They knew exactly how selfish these so-called artificers were.

“Qin Lie hailed from your Armament Sect. It’s Armament Sect’s problem to deal with him.” Xie Zhizhang disassociated himself from them.

When the three great reverends saw Song Tingyu and Xie Zhizhang’s behavior, their expressions changed greatly as they hastily looked at Song Siyuan.

However, Song Siyuan was entirely concentrated in holding his bow and arrow, aiming at Ku Luo as if he couldn’t see them at all.

At that moment, Ku Luo was swinging his white bone staff and unleashing the Nether Realm’s secret arts to fight against Mo He and Nie Han alone.

Meanwhile, the bone puppets he created were fighting against the members of Eight Extreme Temple, the Nie Family, the Song Family, and the Xie Family, barely maintaining the current balance of power.

While possessing Tika’s body with his soul, Xue Li stealthily killed the martial practitioners of Joyful Union Sect while continuously refining fresh blood and making blood demons to tie down Revered Thoughtful.

This way, whether it was Eight Extreme Temple or Joyful Union Sect, none could help the three great reverends.

The only ones they could look to were the Song Family, the Xie Family, and a portion of people who were also watching from the sidelines, using the excuse of protecting Song Tingyu to avoid participating in this battle.

These were the people who the three great reverends were hoping could take action and kill Qin Lie for them.

Unfortunately, be it Xie Zhizhang or Song Tingyu, they all seemed to be too lazy to bother with them.

“Third Uncle, my father knew that the Ling Family was of the evil race. My father feigned ignorance, which means that he planned to leave them alone. Also, the reason Qin Lie and I came this time was to negotiate a trade with the evil race. The Horned Demon Race really does have the Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotus. However, I didn’t think that the Ling Family’s identity would be exposed and discovered by Mo He and the people of Joyful Union Sect. I didn’t think that the situation would go so out of control…”

Song Tingyu used a covert voice transmission method to explain things to Song Siyuan while he still hadn’t fired another arrow.

Song Siyuan’s eyes gleamed.

He no longer continued to adjust the arrow he was aiming at Ku Luo, instead seemingly hesitating about whether or not he should fire it.

“Boom boom boom!”

Ball-shaped lightning continued to blast downward, and the lightning beneath the people’s feet grew denser and denser.

For Xie Zhizhang, Song Siyuan, and other martial practitioners with higher realms, this level of lightning wasn’t enough to make them panic.

However, when Manifestation and Netherpassage Realm martial practitioners saw that the lightning beneath their feet was not only growing thicker by the moment, but was also moving about randomly, they gradually fell into a panic.

This was especially the case for the three great reverends of Armament Sect!

As if the lightning on the bluestone floor had become sentient, they gradually gathered toward the location of the trio. More lightning began herding them from beneath their feet, swimming like earthworms or intelligent serpents..

Qin Lie, wrapped in the thunder python, walked toward them with a shocking aura while stepping on bolts of lightning.

“Traitor! What do you think you’re doing?” Luo Zhichang yelled with a fierce face but shaking insides.

“I am helping Armament Sect eliminate its cancer!” Qin Lie did not even look at the battle between Ku Luo, Mo He, and the others as he strode toward the three great reverends and suddenly exploded.

The dense lightning beneath the three great reverends wrapped around them like tree branches, ribbons, or vines.

At first glance, it was as though a creature made of lightning had emerged from the ground and instantly pounced toward the three great reverends.

Simultaneously, three disc-sized Thunder Lightning Balls flew out from Qin Lie’s chest.

They shot straight at the three great reverends.

Xie Zhizhang, Song Tingyu, and the others were not far away from the three great reverends in the first place. The moment they saw that the three great reverends had become wrapped in lightning, they subtly moved out of the way.

As for Qin Lie, he gave them enough time to move away. When they had put a great amount of distance between themselves and the three great reverends, Qin Lie threw the three Thunder Lightning Balls at the three great reverends.

The three Thunder Lightning Balls struck Luo Zhichang, Fang Qi, and Jiang Hao with perfect accuracy.

After three explosive noises, the three great reverends perished. Even the tiniest strands of their souls were extinguished by the thunder and lightning.

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