Chapter 338: Thunder of the Ninth Heaven

Chapter 338: Thunder of the Ninth Heaven

“Crack! Crack!”

Skeletons as snow white as jade appeared out of nowhere, with every swing of the white bone staff in Ku Luo’s hands.

These white skeletons actually numbered in the hundreds as they agilely charged at the martial practitioners of Joyful Union Sect, Eight Extreme Temple, and Profound Heaven Alliance.

“Bang bang bang!”

A fearsome energy from Mo He, Xie Zhizhang, Song Siyuan, Revered Thoughtful, and Nie Han blasted into the pack of skeletons. Some of the white skeletons were immediately reduced to bone dust after being blasted by the dazzling beam.

However, a portion of the skeletons glowed with a translucent light. They were incredibly tough and could not be destroyed in a single hit even with Mo He’s golden greatsword.

“Holy Light!”

Mo He yelled loudly and raised both his arms as brilliant holy light shone from within his palms.

The gigantic figure of the Holy Spirit God formed from holy light gradually appeared above Mo He’s head.

The Holy Spirit God was filled with a towering, dignified aura. It gave off a terrifying feeling of intimidation that made it seem as if it were looking down on all living things with disdain and was capable of extinguishing them all with utmost ease.

The Holy Spirit God’s eyes suddenly unleashed a glaring light. The temperature of the light burned like the sun.

“Clap clap clap!”

The powerful light shone upon the white skeletons, and as if they had met their nemesis, they instantly crumbled to pieces.

Even the tough skeletons that glowed like translucent crystals could not resist the powerful light and became immobile the second it shined upon them. After enduring it for a moment, they too exploded into jadestone fragments and fell to the ground.

Mo He’s body was covered in many layers of holy light which combined to forma set of golden armor.

Clad in golden armor beneath the Holy Spirit God, Mo He charged into the pack of skeletons with cold eyes.


Golden sword beams shot out of Mo He’s golden armor like fragments of exploding stars.

The golden sword beams were incredibly sharp and forceful. Stones and hills exploded, and the stone towers built by Blood Spear shattered. Wherever the swords beams went, the translucent skeletons couldn’t endure for even a moment. They immediately shattered as soon as they were struck.

Mo He charged right into the fray.

“Fragmentation Realm!”

Ku Luo was somewhat shocked. He did not expect to run into a Fragmentation Realm expert deep within the poisonous bog.

Seeing that Mo He had singlehandedly destroyed almost all of the white skeletons he had spent a great deal of effort to create, Ku Luo’s temper worsened as well.

“So what if you’re in the Fragmentation Realm?”

Ku Luo gripped the white bone staff tightly and began chanting an ancient, obscure, and complex language. Wisps of gray soul shadows began flying out of the handle of the staff one by one.

Vile souls formed from the soul fragments of Soul Devouring Beasts came out and roared like giant ghouls, pouncing straight toward Song Siyuan, Xie Zhizhang, Nie Han, and the others.

The last vile soul was as large as a mountain. This was the main soul of the Soul Devouring Beast. At Ku Luo’s mental command, it looked at Mo He.

It opened its mouth and inhaled!

A terrifying attraction force that could swallow a soul flooded over every living being’s soul and spirit, immediately enveloping Mo He.

The skin on Mo He’s face began to tremble strangely. His eyes bugged out as if his very soul were about to be pulled from his body.

The vile soul of this Soul Devouring Beast was truly frightening. Even Mo He, who was in the Fragmentation Realm, found it incredibly difficult to resist it.


Suddenly, a silver arrow shot over from Song Siyuan’s direction.

It flawlessly struck the main soul of the Soul Devouring Beast.

The silver arrow exploded and clumps of orange red flames immediately spread, heading toward the main soul of the Soul Devouring Beast.

The main soul of the Soul Devouring Beast cried out.

Its attraction force on Mo He’s soul was gone in an instant. At the same time, the soul fragments that had split up felt the cry of their main soul and began converging on it.

Ku Luo’s eyes shone with a harsh light as he stared coldly at Song Siyuan before suddenly turning around to speak to Qin Lie and Ling Yushi, “I am unable to fight for long in this place due to the lack of nether demonic energy. You better leave as soon as possible. I can only hold on for a while on your behalf, but I am unable to defeat everyone here.”

While speaking, as if fearing the bow and arrow in Song Siyuan’s hands, Ku Luo drew the Soul Devouring Beast’s soul back into the white bone staff.

“Qin Lie! Go quickly! The experts of Eight Extreme Temple, and even my father, have also been notified. They are swiftly rushing here!” Song Tingyu’s urgent voice rang beside Qin Lie’s ears once more, “Go help Blood Spear and the Ling Family. Some of the martial practitioners of Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple already went after them!”

Qin Lie’s expression changed. He turned around and spoke to Lang Xie and Ling Yushi quietly.

With a dark expression, Lang Xie looked at Revered Thoughtful from afar, then at Luo Zhichang, Fang Qi, Jiang Hao, and the others before turning around and leaving.

“Take care of yourself.” Ling Yushi did not insist on accompanying Qin Lie this time. She softly nagged him before leaving with Lang Xie as well.

They went to help Blood Spear and the Ling Family defend against the other attackers sent by Eight Extreme Temple and Profound Heaven Alliance. They went to ensure the safety of Blood Spear and the Ling Family clansmen.

“Why aren’t you leaving?” Ku Luo turned around, looking at Qin Lie with some surprise before asking in the language of the Nether Realm.

“I can help you stop them,” Qin Lie said.

“You can’t help me.” Ku Luo frowned.

“Really?” Qin Lie grinned and chuckled oddly.

“Tika! Tika, what are you doing?!” It was at this moment that a Netherpassage Realm martial practitioner from Joyful Union Sect suddenly cried out in anger.

Another martial practitioner from Joyful Union Sect suddenly went crazy and instantly killed a person beside them. He then turned around to kill the one who had screamed.

That screamer had barely called out Tika’s name before Tika plunged one hand into his heart.


Blood sprayed wildly as a demonic, bloody light shone in Tika’s eyes. Tika grinned and chuckled oddly while covered in blood.

The blood of the people who died miserable deaths around him flowed eerily as it swiftly entered Tika’s body like bloody serpents.

Tika’s body absorbed the blood with “glug glug” sounds. The bloody light emanating from his body grew more and more shocking.

“You’re not Tika! Who are you?” Revered Thoughtful sharply shouted.

“Se-Senior Xue Li. Are you Senior Xue Li?” Xie Zhizhang suddenly came to a realization.

“Hehe!” While possessing Tika’s body to kill Joyful Union Sect martial practitioners non-stop and chuckling strangely, Xue Li suddenly zipped toward Revered Thoughtful and said, “Leave this person to me.”

A bolt of bloody scarlet light passed through the center of Eight Extreme Temple’s low ranking martial practitioners. Wherever the bloody light went, the blood of low ranking martial practitioners sprayed out of their bodies uncontrollably and converged to form a river of blood.

The people who lost their blood also lost their lives the moment their blood flew away, all of them drawing their final breath.

Ku Luo looked at the bloody light, then back at Qin Lie with a strange gleam in his eyes.

It was also at this moment that Qin Lie suddenly sat down where he had been standing while deep blue lightning covered his entire body.

At first glance, it was as if there were hundreds of blue spirit serpents entangled all over his body. It looked incredibly terrifying.

Qin Lie furiously channeled Heavenly Thunder Eradication!

“Boom boom boom!”

Faint rumbles of thunder resounded from deep within the clouds in the sky covered with thick poisonous miasma.

The thunderous rumbling was very weak at first, but it gradually grew louder. Before anyone realized it, the dark clouds began to mingle with the poisonous miasma, pressing down from above onto the crowd with dark apprehension.

“Clap clap clap!”

Thunderblitz Trees were placed outside the combat zone, and each tree was crawling with lightning.

As the thunder rumbled in the sky, the center of the Thunderblitz Trees gradually began to form a magnetic field—one that could cause thunder and lightning to fall!

Qin Lie sat in place, closed his eyes, and channeled Heavenly Thunder Eradication throughout his body with everything he had.

Inside his body, the tremendous thunder and lightning energy within his three thunder and lightning Natal Palaces turned into bolts of lightning that wildly shot from the meridians in his body.

The power of thunder and lightning hidden within his bones, muscles, veins, and internal organs simultaneously exploded at this moment.

His body, tempered into a Heavenly Thunder Sacred Body, suddenly formed an attractive force—a strange energy that attracted the thunder of Ninth Heaven!

“The second stage of the Heavenly Thunder Sacred Body, Thunder of the Ninth Heaven!” Qin Lie’s body suddenly lit up.

It was his grandfather who had taught him Heavenly Thunder Eradication. This spirit art revolved around the cultivation of a Heavenly Thunder Sacred Body and was split into five stages.

The first stage was Thunder Lightning Body Refinement. By tempering one’s body with thunder and lightning bit by bit, it could fill one’s muscles, veins, blood, bones, marrow, and internal organs with the power of thunder and lightning.

The second stage was Thunder of the Ninth Heaven. The second Qin Lie willed it, his body would be filled with raging thunder. He could directly cause thunder and lightning to fall without being dependent on the weather.

The third stage was Thunder Lightning Soul Refinement. This process involved tempering one’s soul with the power of thunder and lightning bit by bit, so the soul could endure the power of thunder and lightning and not be affected by the thunder’s devastation.

The four stage was Thunder Conception. By letting out a wisp of mind consciousness, one could inject their thoughts into the enemy’s soul and mind directly, transforming it into thunder that could blast their soul and spirit into nothingness.

The fifth stage was Lightning Pool Refinement. It involved going deep into the clouds of the highest heavens and seeking out the source of thunder and lightning. Then, one would refine the liquid of the lightning pool into their own body and become a lightning pool themselves.

At this moment, Qin Lie could will his entire body to rumble with thunder and attract the thunder deep within the Ninth Heaven to come forth as well. This was obviously the second stage of the Heavenly Thunder Sacred Body, Thunder of the Ninth Heaven.

Before he knew it, Qin Lie had already stepped into a new level of Heavenly Thunder Sacred Body cultivation.


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