Chapter 337: Fighting With One’s Life at Stake!

Chapter 337: Fighting With One’s Life at Stake!

“Give us everything you got?”

Mo He’s expression was scornful. “You Blood Spears alone against Profound Heaven Alliance, Eight Extreme Temple, and Joyful Union Sect? Just how do you plan to do that?”

He pointed a finger at Lang Xie and instructed Zhan Tianyi beside him, “Kill the mastermind first!”

Zhan Tianyi charged.

He held a gigantic shield shining with a golden light while riding his Green Hunting Bat, unleashing a majestic divine aura from his body as if he were borrowing the power of the Holy Spirit God.

“Converge on Qin Lie!”

Lang Xie instructed Feng Rong in a low tone. His own pupils suddenly shone with an impossible glare resembling bloody suns.

He spat out a mouthful of fresh blood as red as blood-colored diamonds. The tremendous power of blood essence inside it was drawn out along with the pungent stench of blood.

“Blood Arts: Soul Shackle!”

A sphere of blood emanating a demonic bloody light pulsed in midair like a heart.

A bizarre, mind-influencing ripple caused the blood of those nearby to coagulate. The blood that came from the sphere of blood stuck to their souls.

The blood in the low rank martial practitioners of Profound Heaven Alliance, Eight Extreme Temple, and Joyful Union Sect all stopped after Lang Xie executed his Soul Shackle Blood Art.

Every one of their souls seemed to have been pasted by sticky blood. A feeling of powerlessness came over them when they attempted to execute their spirit arts.

However, Lang Xie’s Soul Shackle Blood Art was unable to pose a threat to Fulfillment Realm experts such as Song Siyuan, Xie Zhizhang, Zhan Tianyi, and Revered Thoughtful.

This was especially true for Mo He in the Fragmentation Realm.

Mo He was an entire Realm stronger than Lang Xie. He was in the early stage of the Fragmentation Realm and had already broken through the profound barrier of life and death.

“Soul Shackle! Heh, whose soul can you shackle?” Mo He exclaimed coldly.


Mo He pointed a finger at the sphere of blood.

A bolt of golden light shot straight for the sphere of blood.

From the light, one could faintly sense the different auras of the energies inside it. There was the holy light of the sun, the soothing luster of the moon, and the twinkling of cold stars.

It was as if the tremendous holy light could cleanse the world of all evil and bring back a clear sky.

Under the golden light, the filth inside the sphere of blood that Lang Xie had created with his blood essence, and even the pure blood energy, was destroyed all at once.


The sphere of blood exploded like a crushed eyeball.

The Soul Lakes of all who had been affected by the “Soul Shackle Blood Art”—the martial practitioners of Profound Heaven Alliance, Joyful Union Sect, and Eight Extreme Temple—immediately became clear again.

A hint of pallor appeared on Lang Xie’s blood red face, and he suddenly turned around to look at Ku Luo.

Qin Lie and Ling Yushi also looked toward Ku Luo.

The six horned warrior from the Nether Realm, High Priest Ku Luo of the Horned Demon Race, had actually become everyone’s hope at this moment.

“I’ll help you delay them for a little while. Evacuate in the direction of my people.”

Under Qin Lie and Ling Yushi’s gaze, Ku Luo nodded and answered in the language of the Nether Realm.

Once he finished, Ku Luo walked toward Mo He.

“Ling Family clansmen, go immediately!”

“Blood Spear, go as well!”

Ling Yushi and Feng Rong cried out in unison.

“Elder Mo Hai!”

Luo Zhichang frowned deeply and looked coldly at Mo Hai who was retreating with Feng Rong and the Ling Family clansmen. He snorted. “As the most skilled artificer in Armament Sect, you share no ties with Blood Spear. As long as you are willing to return, Armament Sect is willing to set aside your previous transgressions!”

“Siqi! What are you doing?!” Seeing that Tang Siqi was also moving with Mo Hai toward where the Ling Family clansmen was, Fang Qi yelled harshly and said, “Have you lost your mind? Do you plan to be buried along with Blood Spear as well? Come back quickly, be our sect master, and obediently marry Zhao Xuan. Stop fooling around already!”

Mo Hai and Tang Siqi were both incredibly important to Armament Sect. The three great reverends did not wish for any harm to befall the two and thus did their best to get them to stay.

However, both Mo Hai and Tang Siqi still chose to remain with Blood Spear even though they knew that standing with them would most likely result in only more death.

They no longer had the slightest bit of desire to stay with the current Armament Sect.

Even in the face of death, they were unwilling to go back to Armament Sect and be manipulated by the three great reverends any longer.

“Foolish! How utterly foolish! If you insist to die with that traitor, Qin Lie, then do whatever you want!” shrieked Luo Zhichang as he became angry from the humiliation.

“Kid, what are you waiting for? Let me out already!” It was also at this moment that Xue Li shouted from within Qin Lie’s Soul Lake.

This time, Qin Lie no longer dragged things out and almost immediately unlocked the shackles on Xue Li, allowing him to turn into a flash of bloody light that vanished before his eyes.

“Blood Spear martial practitioners and Ling Family clansmen, retreat in the direction of the former Armament Sect immediately!” Qin Lie turned around to look at Ling Chengzhi.

Ling Chengzhi had already instructed the young and strong clansmen to bring the children with them and retreat.

As for the Ling Family elders, such as Ling Kangan, Ling Bo, and Ling Xiang, they were too old and had suffered grievous injuries in the past. Therefore, they were not taken along.

Although Ling Bo and Ling Xiang had once walked with Du Jiaolan for their grandchildren... on this day, at this very moment, the two of them still shone as the light within the darkness.

It was they who had willingly rejected the offers Ling Feng and the others to carry them.

“Just take the kids with you. We are old. Even if we live, we won’t be able to contribute to the family any longer. You do not need to worry about us,” Ling Bo and Ling Xiang expressed their thoughts.

“Be well, elders!”

Ling Feng did not waste any time either. He looked deeply at the two before carrying a young girl and leaving.

The Blood Spear martial practitioners had also taken up some Ling Family children under Feng Rong’s leadership. They broke through the poisonous miasma behind them and ran in the direction of the evil race.

“Qin Lie!”

A Blood Spear martial practitioner carried Tang Siqi by the waist. When they passed by Qin Lie, she cried out.

Her bright eyes shone with an extraordinary light. She seemed to have a lot of things to say.

“We’ll talk later!” Qin Lie exclaimed softly.

Tang Siqi let out a bright, beautiful smile before disappearing from Qin Lie’s eyes with the Blood Spear martial practitioners.

Surprisingly, neither Profound Heaven Alliance nor Eight Extreme Temple had sent a real expert to pursue the Blood Spear and Ling Family fugitives.

That was because Lang Xie, Qin Lie, and Ling Yushi had not left.

It was also because Ku Luo had already rushed forth to face Mo He.

“Qin Lie, I know that you have a spatial spirit artifact. Take Ling Yushi with you and escape while they have yet to lock down the surrounding space. Run as far as you can!” Song Tingyu stood among the Profound Heaven Alliance martial practitioners, but her voice suddenly slipped into Qin Lie’s ears, “Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple possess flying spirit beasts. Even if Blood Spear and the Ling Family clansmen are two hours ahead of us, they will be hardpressed to escape our pursuit. Escape while this six horned warrior is attracting all the attention, and never show up in the Scarlet Tide Continent again.”

Song Tingyu’s red lips moved. She and Qin Lie were several hundred meters apart, but her voice resonated gently in his ears.

Qin Lie’s gaze weaved through the thick crowd and found her. He looked at her deeply.

“Get moving! Why are you standing there absentmindedly?” Song Tingyu appeared a little anxious. She glared at Qin Lie harshly from behind a Profound Heaven Alliance martial practitioner.

“There is no way that Blood Spear and the Ling Family clansmen will enter the evil race’s territory alive! If you are smart, then don’t join them and just escape by immediately using the spatial spirit artifact!”

“Qin Lie,Profound Heaven Alliance and I truly are out of ideas this time. The Ling Family’s identity has been exposed and it was coincidentally discovered by Eight Extreme Temple and Joyful Union Sect. Unless Profound Heaven Alliance immediately becomes hostile to all the forces around them, this is the only path we can take. I’m sorry. I can’t help you because… I truly do not have the power to change this.”

“Six horned warrior!”

Seeing Ku Luo walking toward them, Mo He couldn’t help but laugh coldly for a long time. He suddenly looked toward Song Siyuan and Revered Thoughtful, asking, “What do you say, everyone?

“We will join forces and eliminate this elite of the Horned Demon Race!” Thoughtful said.

Song Siyuan, Xie Zhizhang, Nie Han, and the others also nodded quietly.

Therefore, with Mo He in the lead, the few Fulfillment Realm experts stealthily spread out.

They wanted to kill Ku Luo first!

“You leave as well,” Ku Luo turned and said to Ling Yushi and Qin Lie.

Ling Yushi glanced at Qin Lie.

Qin Lie said, “You go first!”

“We will go together,” Ling Yushi responded softly.

“Zing zing zing!”

Harsh golden light surrounded Mo He’s body as numerous giant golden blades shot out.

In an instant, several hundred golden lights that resembled huge swords in width and thickness shot toward Ku Luo like a violent storm, carrying a fearsome aura capable of exterminating all life.

Song Siyuan and Xie Zhizhang glanced at each other and attacked in unison.

A dragon-shaped longspear flew out of Xie Zhizhang’s ring. The long spear shook and instantly turned into a long dragon twisting its head and tail, howling and coiling toward Ku Luo.

Song Siyuan took out a giant bow, nocked a long silver arrow, and aimed at Ku Luo from afar.

Nie Han howled like a wild beast, the bones in his entire body stretching and growing before he pounced madly at Ku Luo.

Revered Thoughtful chuckled while narrowing his eyes, a long sword with countless spiders laying dormant inside it appearing in his hand. He also attacked Ku Luo.

The surrounding experts surrounded and attacked Ku Luo.

His eyes burning with ghostfire, Ku Luo stood in the middle of the group and suddenly swung the white bone staff he wielded in his hands.

Suddenly, there were countless eerie white bones floating in the sky. It resembled the sea of corpses in the Nine Hells.

At first glance, the eerie white bones seemed to be an illusion, but when one of Mo He’s golden greatswords stabbed at an eerie white skeleton, there was the crisp sound of a metallic impact.


“It’s not an illusion! It’s real!”

“They are white bone puppets!”

Mo He and Nie Han yelled loudly.

“Krak! Krak!”

The skeletons that were snow white began to move nimbly as a translucent and jade-like luster permeated their entire bodies. Their bony joints reverberated with a strange clanking sound.

The ghostfire in Ku Luo’s pupils grew even brighter as he stood amid the white bones. He continued to swing the white bone staff in his hand as more and more bones appeared.

Even Qin Lie and Lang Xie could not figure out where these white bones were coming from.

“I am outside. I have brought the Thunderblitz Trees. There are experts engaging each other inside. How should I help you?” Mang Wang’s voice suddenly appeared in Qin Lie’s mind as a bolt of formless lightning.

“Stay outside the poisonous bog and lay down your so-called formation. I will try to conjure thunder and lightning from the Ninth Heaven and have it strike down!” Qin Lie’s expression shook.

“Alright!” Mang Wang answered.

Outside the poisonous bog, amid the thick poisonous miasma, a gigantic python formed from lightning continuously twisted its body. It used the Thunderblitz Trees to build a formation that would attract heavenly thunder and lightning and get it to fall throughout the sky.

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