Chapter 336: Nowhere Left To Run

Chapter 336: Nowhere Left To Run

“Blood Spear harbored an evil race of the Nether Realm and colluded with them in secret. Their sin deserves a thousand deaths!”

After Revered Thoughtless had died, Joyful Union Sect’s Revered Thoughtful also felt fear in his heart. Since he saw that Mo He and Profound Heaven Alliance’s men had arrived, his courage grew and he could not help but yell.

“Who else is of the evil races?” Mo He had just arrived and did not completely understand the situation before him. He could not help but ask.

“The Ling Family! That girl from earlier…” Armament Sect’s great reverend Luo Zhichang pointed at Ling Yushi from afar and shouted loudly, “That is the girl called Ling Yushi. She has nether demonic energy around her! The surge of nether demonic energy that flew from Armament Sect was attracted by none other than her and was absorbed into her body! She and every other Ling Family clansman are of the Nether Realm’s evil races as well! They must be planning a terrible conspiracy to hide in the Scarlet Tide Continent!”

“Qin Lie is there as well!”

Fang Qi interrupted. He looked coldly in the direction of the Ling Family, looked at Qin Lie in the middle of the Ling Family clansmen, and then yelled, “Qin Lie and the Ling Family are close. That girl called Ling Yushi was engaged him as well! He should be a spy of the evil race!”

Jiang Hao shuddered, as if he had been suddenly enlightened and woken up from a dream, crying out uncontrollably, “Qin Lie must be a spy of the evil race! Our sect’s evil nether passageway was opened by him after he pulled out the spirit pattern pillars! We did not consider this in the past, but now we finally understand. He pulled out the spirit pattern pillars to open the evil nether passageway and allow the evil race to step onto the Scarlet Tide Continent!”

The moment he said this, everyone’s expression changed.

Eight Extreme Temple, Joyful Union Sect, and even Profound Heaven Alliance’s Song Siyuan and Xie Zhizhang all paled when they heard this.

The evil nether passageway was opened by Qin Lie. It was exactly because he removed the spirit pattern pillars that the passage was opened.

Be it Song Siyuan, Xie Zhizhang, or the Eight Extreme Temple experts like Zhan Tianyi, everyone previously assumed that it had just been an accident.

They had all been participants.

They all knew that Qin Lie was pushed to the brink and had no choice but to utilize the power of the spirit pattern pillars to resist them.

That was what they thought in the past.

Yet after hearing what the three great reverends of Armament Sect said, they connected that assumption with the current Qin Lie and his relationship with the Ling Family clansmen. Seeing Ku Luo obviously assisting the Ling Family, they could not help but suspect that what Jiang Hao said was the actual truth.

They all suspected that Qin Lie was a Nether Realm spy!

They all suspected that he infiltrated Armament Sect for the spirit pattern pillars and for the sake of opening the evil nether passageway!

“To this day, he is still unwilling to submit the twelve spirit pattern pillars! He doesn’t want anyone to reseal the evil nether passageway!” Luo Zhichang added fuel to fire.

At this point, Eight Extreme Temple’s Mo He could not help but look at Song Siyuan and the others and say with a taunting tone, “How laughable is it that Profound Heaven Alliance thought of Qin Lie as the key figure in resealing the evil nether passageway and even absorbed him into Profound Heaven Alliance to become a Star rank foreign delegate of the Song Family!”

Song Siyuan, Xie Zhizhang, Song Tingyu, and the others all wore incredibly ugly faces.

“We, the Nie Family, knew that he was a spy long ago!” Nie Han hmphed and looked at Song Siyuan and Xie Zhizhang with cold eyes. “If it weren’t for the protection of the alliance master and the Xie Family’s patriarch, this Qin Lie would have had his memory isolated back at Profound Heaven Great Hall!”

The expressions of Song Siyuan, Xie Zhizhang, and Song Tingyu grew darker and darker.

“The truth is clear now. How do you think we should deal with Blood Spear and the Ling Family, everyone?” Joyful Union Sect’s Revered Thoughtful did not panic because of Revered Thoughtless’s death. On the contrary, he was happy about it on the inside.

Without Revered Thoughtless to hold him back, he could do whatever he wanted on this trip. Once Blood Spear was eliminated, wouldn’t he be able to do whatever he wanted with Armament Sect?

In his eyes, the current situation perfectly suited his goals.

“Death penalty to Blood Spear who sheltered the evil races! As a member of the evil race, the Ling Family deserves to be purged even more! As for Qin Lie, he should also be killed for opening the evil nether passageway for the evil races!” Mo He’s tone was ice cold. “The evil races of the Nether Realm are the public enemies of the Scarlet Tide Continent. Anyone related to them must be completely eliminated!”

The Blood Spear martial practitioners looked completely ashen.

Similarly, the Ling Family clansmen wore faces of despair.

Song Tingyu sighed on the inside. Now that things had come to this, she knew that she and the Song Family could no longer control the situation.

She and her father hadn’t told Song Siyuan and the others that the Ling Family was a part of the evil races, much less the Nie Family and Xie Family.

Song Yu had only told Nie Yun and Xie Yaoyang that the Horned Demon Race of the Nether Realm might have the Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotus. The patriarchs of the three great families were also incredibly cautious when they went to negotiate with the Nether Realm, telling Song Tingyu to seek Qin Lie out in the middle of the night and stealthily make their way to the prison in the belly of the mountain.

The reason they were this cautious, why they were scared of anyone else knowing, was because Profound Heaven Alliance would become a target if the matter was exposed.

After all, on the Scarlet Tide Continent, the opinions martial practitioners had about the evil races were definitely not something that could be changed in a short time.

If the Song Family came out to act as a mediator and to persuade Eight Extreme Temple and Joyful Union Sect to set aside their bias against the evil races, they would probably be sieged by every Copper force around them!

“You are truly a gold robed envoy of Eight Extreme Temple!” Revered Thoughtful praised before chuckling. “As the representative of Joyful Union Sect, I absolutely support your decision, Brother Mo! Your approach toward Blood Spear, the Ling Family, and Qin Lie is also Joyful Union Sect’s approach!”

“And what is your approach, Profound Heaven Alliance?” Mo He smiled coldly and looked toward Song Siyuan, Xie Zhizhang, and the others. “Qin Lie is one of your Profound Heaven Alliance’s Star rank foreign delegates. You won’t attempt to cover for him, will you?”

“Brother Song, you are in charge of this operation against the Nether Realm’s evil races!” Nie Han snorted.

Song Siyuan looked at Revered Thoughtful before turning toward Mo He and finally at Qin Lie before saying helplessly, “Do whatever you want. Profound Heaven Alliance does not have an opinion in this matter.”

Without a doubt, his words declared the fate of Blood Spear, the Ling Family, and Qin Lie.

Song Tingyu felt powerless. She knew that neither the Song Family nor Profound Heaven Alliance had a choice.

She could only stare at Qin Lie from afar with an apologetic look, not knowing what she could do beside this.

When Mo He and Profound Heaven Alliance’s people showed up and when the three great reverends Luo Zhichang, Fang Qi, and Jiang Hao were screaming, saying that the reason he hid his identity and lurked in Armament Sect was to assist the evil races in opening the evil nether passageway, Qin Lie had kept his silence.

He discovered that he had actually underestimated how shameless and despicable the three great reverends were.

The three great reverends seemed to have forgotten everything he had done for Armament Sect. They seemed to have completely forgotten that Armament Sect would’ve been devoured by Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple if he hadn’t summoned Xue Li, without even a bone being left behind.

They didn’t seem to know what Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple had done to Armament Sect.

At this moment, these people were crying, coming up with all kinds of filth and pouring all of it on him. In order to reclaim the spirit pattern pillars and eliminate the sect’s “traitor,” they actually wanted Eight Extreme Temple and Profound Heaven Alliance—the forces that nearly destroyed Armament Sect back then—to kill him, the man who had once gone against all odds to help Armament Sect survive to this day...

Presently, Ku Luo and Ling Yushi stood together as one, and the Ling Family’s identity as part of the evil race had already been completely exposed.

Qin Lie had become a spy of the evil race who helped them open the evil nether passageway.

He knew that he would not be able to change this reality no matter how much he explained. No matter how much effort he put into it, there was probably no way for him to persuade Eight Extreme Temple, Joyful Union Sect, or Profound Heaven Alliance into not taking action.

Qin Lie, the Ling Family, and Blood Spear had truly been forced into a dead end.

“Right now, there is only one place in the entire Scarlet Tide Continent who would dare to give you shelter.” It was at this moment that Ku Luo, from the Nether Realm, had spoken to him quietly in the language of the Nether Realm.

Qin Lie turned to look at him.

Ku Luo nodded lightly.

Qin Lie then looked at Blood Spear’s Lang Xie.

Lang Xie was still hesitating.

In truth, Lang Xie’s approach toward the evil race was no different from that of Profound Heaven Alliance, Eight Extreme Temple, or Joyful Union Sect’s people—he had always seen the evil races as enemies.

However, he wasn’t stupid. He knew very well that the current situation was one in which Profound Heaven Alliance, Eight Extreme Temple, and Joyful Union Sect wanted to kill him and eliminate Blood Spear.

At that moment, Blood Spear and the Ling Family had become public enemies of the entire world. Although the world was big, other than the original Armament City where the evil races lurked, there no longer was any place that would accept him and Blood Spear.

Still, for a time, he found it difficult to accept the decision to stand with the evil races.

Therefore, Lang Xie was hesitating.

“Kill them!” Mo He did not plan to give the crowd anymore time to think and gave the order to attack without hesitation.

Eight Extreme Temple’s experts attacked immediately.

The few Blood Spear martial practitioners nearby were instantly killed while waiting for Lang Xie’s decision.

“Lang Xie! Either you, I, and Blood Spear will be killed at this very moment, or you will decide a path out for us!” Feng Rong’s eyes were completely bloodshot as she yelled loudly, “Even if that path leads toward death, it is still better than not seeing one at all!”

Lang Xie shook and two streams of blood suddenly flowed out from the corners of his eyes. The current him appeared immeasurably terrifying.

“Charge with Qin Lie!” Lang Xie yelled harshly.

Every Blood Spear martial practitioner roared angrily with red eyes, “Give them everything we got!”

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