Chapter 335: Standoff

Chapter 335: Standoff

“What a powerful shockwave!”

Outside the poisonous miasma, Gold Robed Envoy Mo He’s cold eyes gleamed sharply.

He looked deep into the miasma and exclaimed, “There are multiple experts fighting each other, not just one!”

Mo He, as one of the very few gold robed envoys in Eight Extreme Temple, had just stepped into the Fragmentation Realm. He was slightly stronger than Song Siyuan and Xie Zhizhang.

His soul detection ability could accurately ascertain the number of people fighting in the area, as well as their respective Realms.

“They should be the people of Joyful Union Sect,” Song Siyuan said, frowning.

“Something must be happening inside!” Nie Han said.

“Let’s go in.”

Mo He’s expression was cold as he led the way and rushed inside. The poisonous miasma in his way was ground to bits by harsh astral lights, unable to get close to his body at all.

Zhan Tianyi and the eighteen Eight Extreme Temple martial practitioners were right behind Mo He. They ignored the penetration of the poisonous miasma and marched straight ahead.

“Brother Song?” Xie Zhizhang looked at Song Siyuan.

“Let’s go in and have a look.” Song Siyuan nodded slightly.

Profound Heaven Alliance’s martial practitioners also charged into the poisonous miasma after Eight Extreme Temple.

“Lowly bitch! You're going to wish you were dead!”

In the area of the Ling Family clansmen, the lotus tattoo on Revered Thoughtless’ head released a demonically beautiful rainbow light.

“Lotus Body!”

Brilliant lotus flowers suddenly shrunk and condensed into a naked boy.

This boy was completely naked and shared a great resemblance to Revered Thoughtless. His eyes shone with a seductive gleam, and he chuckled, pouncing straight at Ling Yushi with a lustful look.

At the same time, Revered Thoughtless’ slightly plump body abruptly shook as the lotus flower above his head exuded a glassy holy light.

A holy aura capable of purifying hearts and exterminating evil streamed out of his nostrils, his eyes, the corners of his mouth, and his ears.


The rampaging tormented spirits and wraiths in his mind swiftly melted like snowflakes upon being enveloped by the holy light.

“Lotus Boy! I leave this lowly bitch to you!” Revered Thoughtless grinned savagely before turning around and slapping at Qin Lie.

In the air, a giant palm landed on Qin Lie’s head like a thin paper fan.

In that palm, a gigantic lotus flower bloomed yet again as tremendous energy flowed downward from the eye of the flower like a river.

Qin Lie looked to the sky and casually threw out three Terminator Profound Bombs. He shouted, “Explode!”

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The giant palm in the sky and the lotus flower in Revered Thoughtless’ own palm exploded with the Terminator Profound Bombs and shattered into fragmented spirit lights.

Meanwhile, Qin Lie had swiftly retreated.

“Little bastard! I’m going to skin you!”

Revered Thoughtless’ left hand was bleeding profusely, and he chased after Qin Lie while madly swinging his arms and grimacing in pain.

At this moment, since Mang Wang had not yet arrived, Qin Lie did not dare face Revered Thoughtless head on. Seeing that Thoughtless was about to go completely crazy, Qin Lie hurriedly took out the Terminator Profound Bombs from his spatial ring.

“Come and try this, old dog!”

Qin Lie came to a stop and gripped the Terminator Profound Bombs tightly in each of his hands with a calm expression. A bloody gleam shone brightly in his eyes.

Revered Thoughtless, who was about to charge toward Qin Lie, abruptly changed his expression and stopped himself, keeping a distance between him and Qin Lie. Fuming with rage, he clamored, “Little bastard, you want to die with me? You are not worthy!”

Once finished, he turned around to look at Lotus Boy and harshly ordered, “Rape and kill that lowly bitch first!”

Lotus Boy had been created by Revered Thoughtless using Joyful Union Sect’s secret art. It was raised using Thoughtless’ three finer spirits and several baser instincts; the culmination of his inner evil, lust, violence, and obsession. With all of this, it had gradually been refined into existence.

This Lotus Boy represented the evil side of Revered Thoughtless and was the epitome of the darkness within his heart.

It could be considered another version of him.

Lotus Boy’s eyes were seductive, and his being was neither male nor female. He lustfully leaped toward Ling Yushi, giggling and licking his bright red lips.

Since the boy formed from Thoughtless’ darkness was not a real person, he was not affected by the Evil Soul Binding Curse at all. He giggled as he rushed toward Ling Yushi, and after switching skills repeatedly, she realized that none of her mind arts were having an effect on the boy.

“That is an evil thing without a soul. Secret arts like the Evil Soul Binding Curse will not work as intended.”

Just as Ling Yushi was about to be captured and violated by Lotus Boy, a dark voice suddenly rang out from the blue pond not far from where she was.

It was Ku Luo’s voice.

What he spoke was the language of the Nether Realm, a language that Ling Yushi had never heard before. If she hadn’t absorbed the Nine Hell Evil Scripture, there would have been no way for her to understand it.

Yet, at this moment, she could.

“Pure strength is effective against an evil thing that has form but lacks a soul!”

Covered in dark red poisonous miasma, Ku Luo suddenly floated out of the pond. Like a demon emerging from hell, six curved horns behind his neck and a long tail behind him, he extended a wilted claw and grabbed at Lotus Boy.

“Nine Hell Nether God Claw!” Ling Yushi cried out.

She immediately recognized Ku Luo’s skill to be the “Nine Hell Nether God Claw,” a ferocious killing skill that came from none other than the Nine Hell Evil Scripture’s first volume.

Ku Luo’s wilted claw was shaped like the claw of a Bloodthirsty Blade Demon from the Nether Realm. The claw was sharp and hook-like, and five Evil God shadows could vaguely be seen around it.

The five Evil God shadows howled and roared from his claw, unleashing an earthshaking aura of violence.

An extremely evil energy shot out from the wilted claw, immediately surrounding the entirety of Lotus Boy’s body!

Ku Luo’s wilted claw suddenly tightened!

Lotus Boy’s body and tender flesh instantly exploded into bits of flesh and bone.

This dark side of Revered Thoughtless, the forbidden evil bred with his own flesh and blood, was immediately blown to bits after it was caught by Ku Luo’s Nine Hell Nether God Claw.

Almost at the same time, Revered Thoughtless, who had regathered his soul consciousness and wanted to eliminate Qin Lie’s soul first, suddenly shook as if he had been struck by someone.

He spat out a mouthful of blood, and his entire mind and spirit greatly faded in an instant.

His face was deathly pale and his eyes shone with mad rage and violence. He turned around to look at Ling Yushi and was about to open his mouth to swear the most heinous of swears.

Yet he did not see Ling Yushi.

Instead, he saw Ku Luo who resembled an evil demon from hell.

In Thoughtless’ eyes, Ku Luo suddenly increased in size and actually arrived in front of him in but an instant.

“Evil Soul Binding Curse!” Ling Yushi cried out yet again.

As if to inform her of her background and loyalty, Ku Luo unleashed the Evil Soul Binding Curse she had used earlier. Following Ku Luo’s mumbling, countless ghosts and malicious spirits suddenly flooded over Revered Thoughtless.

The instant that Ku Luo’s Evil Soul Binding Curse formed, it evolved into numerous vile souls and wraiths. They even had physical forms.

These vile souls and wraiths were like locusts who furiously ate at Revered Thoughtless’s body and mind. Revered Thoughtless let out terrible, blood-curdling screams.

These terrible screams caused everyone to involuntarily look to this area. They looked at Revered Thoughtless, whose figure was buried beneath the vile souls and wraiths, and his voice was the only thing that could be heard.

“Thoughtless!” Revered Thoughtful’s expression changed greatly as he stared at Ku Luo and suddenly yelled, “An evil race of the Nether Realm!”

At this moment, the Blood Spear martial practitioners and the people of Joyful Union Sect who had been fighting each other all stopped at once.

Nether Realm! Evil Race!

Everyone turned their attention to Ku Luo.

At this moment, Revered Thoughtless’ cries gradually came to a stop.

The vile souls and wraiths that filled the sky abruptly rushed back into Ku Luo’s sleeves, disappearing like birds returning to their nests.

Meanwhile, Revered Thoughtless had become a white skeleton, its big empty eyes staring blankly at nothing from where it stood.

Blood Spear and the people of Joyful Union Sect all looked at the white skeleton and felt a terrible fear from the bottom of their hearts.

“Evil race! An evil race of the Nether Realm!” Mo He’s icy cold voice suddenly rang out.

Blood Spear and Joyful Union Sect’s martial practitioners turned their heads and immediately saw Eight Extreme Temple’s Mo He, Profound Heaven Alliance’s Song Siyuan, Nie Han, and Xie Zhizhang leading their subordinates.

Their gazes were focused on Ku Luo, looking at the back of Ku Luo’s neck.

Six horns! A six horned elite!

The moment that Song Tingyu walked in and saw Blood Spear’s Lang Xie, the Ling Family clansmen, and Qin Lie standing a little distance away, she froze.

“Darn it…” Song Tingyu swore to herself as she came to a sudden realization.

It was obviously the Ling Family clansmen who had attracted the nether demonic energy from Armament Sect. Since they were deep within the poisonous bog and the Ling Family were the only ones who were of the evil race, who else could it be?

When she messaged Song Siyuan, not only did she not expect Xie Zhizhang and Nie Han to come over but even Eight Exteme Temple’s Mo He had been alerted as well.

Right now, the evil race elite of the Nether Realm obviously stood with the Ling Family clansmen. Didn’t that immediately expose the fact that the Ling Family was of the evil race?

How in the world was Qin Lie going to stay out of this mess?

The resulting headache caused Song Tingyu to start crying on the inside.

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