Chapter 334: Evil Soul Binding Curse

Chapter 334: Evil Soul Binding Curse

Under Revered Thoughtful’s pressure, Lang Xie was in danger. He could not help Qin Lie at all.

Seeing Revered Thoughtless rushing toward them, the Ling Family clansmen began to panic. Revered Thoughtless, at the middle stage of the Fulfillment Realm, was practically a gigantic, unshakeable mountain.

Resisting was no different from mayflies trying to move a big tree. It was no different from asking them to die fighting against Revered Thoughtless.

“Who dares to try and stop me?” Revered Thoughtless softly exclaimed as snow white lotuses swirled and flew out from his chest.

The lotuses immediately released a sweet smell. A single whiff of it seemed to be capable of disorienting a person’s mind, putting them in a trance, and even corroding their will.

“Out of the way!”

Qin Lie’s eyes were blood red. He roared at the Ling Family’s clansmen, and during that explosive roar, he utilized the Blood Spirit Art and ignited all the strength of the blood in his body.

“Thump thump! Thump thump!”

A powerful heartbeat thumped loudly from his chest. His face wore a slightly demonic smile.

“Blood Arts: Explode!” Qin Lie yelled harshly.


Three Joyful Union Sect martial practitioners who were about to start slaughtering Blood Spear martial practitioners suddenly exploded and died. Blood sprayed from their bodies as if they were fountains.

Hundreds of meters away, Qin Lie extended his hand and made a grasping motion in the air. His five fingertips were glowing with a bloody light.

“Zing zing zing!”

Streams of scarlet blood flew over from afar as swiftly as sanguine lightning.

In the skyline covered with thick poisonous miasma, surges of bloody light squirmed strangely before condensing to form a bloody ghost claw.

“Blood Weeping Ghost Claw!”

Made from fresh blood,the giant claw emanated a bizarre aura capable of attracting a person’s blood and sucking blood essence from their bodies. It suddenly rushed toward one of the snow white lotuses.

Two different kinds of energies collided. A white, semi-circular halo swiftly spread out like a glass shield, expanding abruptly before exploding with a loud bang.

White and blood colored beams of energy shot in every direction like sharp blades.

The Ling Family clansmen quickly retreated.

“The Blood Weeping Ghost Claw is one of Blood Fiend Sect’s methods of attack. The mystery behind this skill is that it is capable of extracting blood from a low rank martial practitioner’s body and forming a ghost claw for immediate use before the spirit energy in the blood can dissipate.” Yet again, Xue Li’s blood colored shadow was reflected in Qin Lie’s Soul Lake. He had assisted Qin Lie in unleashing the Blood Fiend Sect’s mysterious spirit skill.

The difference was that Qin Lie was not a bystander, but a true participant in the battle.

This time, after Xue Li’s soul was reflected in his Soul Lake, Xue Li was not the master of his body.

The outer layer of Xue Li’s blood colored soul was still wrapped with bolts of thunder and lightning. The thunder and lightning barrier restraining Xue Li’s soul hadn’t actually been removed!

This way, although Xue Li had appeared in Qin Lie’s Soul Lake, he was unable to control his body.

On the contrary, it was he who was controlling Xue Li’s soul!

For Qin Lie, this was an incredibly novel sensation. He had never experienced this before.

Xue Li had willingly opened up and given all his wondrous knowledge of Blood Spirit Arts and mysterious spirit skills to Qin Lie.

Qin Lie could find any Blood Fiend Sect spirit skills he wanted from Xue Li’s soul and activate it with Blood Spirit Arts!

At this moment, it was as if Xue Li had become a sharp blade or a spirit artifact in his hands!

“At the middle stage of the Manifestation Realm, you actually blocked my Lotus Seal. You can be proud of this achievement.” Revered Thoughtless stared at Qin Lie, snorted behind the lotus, and said, “What power did you borrow this time?”

He knew that there was no way Qin Lie could block his attack with just his cultivation at the middle stage of the Manifestation Realm.

He knew that this kid must have relied on something!

Formed from pure white energy, multiple snow white lotuses emanating a refreshing scent, one that reached the depths of one’s heart, spun toward Qin Lie like giants disks.

The thick poisonous miasma covering the sky actually dissipated, as if it were being purified by the flying snow lotuses.

A tremendous energy surged in from every direction, completely locking down the entire area around Qin Lie.

Qin Lie was already surrounded by the lotuses.

“Kid, you definitely aren’t his match! Open your heart to me and let me control your body. Only then might we still have a fighting chance!” Xue Li quickly said from within his Soul Lake.

Qin Lie did not answer. Instead, he took out six Terminator Profound Bombs, prepared to ignite them on the spot to destroy every lotus that was flying in his direction.

“The Terminator Profound Bomb, eh?” The moment Revered Thoughtless saw the metallic balls in Qin Lie’s hand, his expression changed as he hurried to manipulate his lotuses with wary eyes.

The snow lotuses that threatened to completely drown Qin Lie abruptly spread out and scattered. There was distance between every lotus.

“Qin Lie!” Revered Thoughtless yelled harshly.

Two tiny white dots in his pupils shot straight into Qin Lie’s mind, as if transcending space itself.

The two lotuses were formed from Revered Thoughtless’ soul consciousness!

Qin Lie’s mind suddenly shook.

In his mind, the two lotuses that had evolved from tiny motes of light grew as tall as towering mountains. They were filled with a holy light that seemed to suppress every bit of his soul consciousness.

The lotuses suddenly began to spin. As if their petals had turned into sharp blades, they threatened to grind Qin Lie’s mind into a bloody mess.

Revered Thoughtless was planning to exterminate Qin Lie’s soul first!

Once Qin Lie’s soul perished, he would be unable to detonate the Terminator Profound Bombs.

“All of you, fall back!”

At this moment Ling Yushi had finally awakened completely, and after yelling out an order at her clansmen, she looked toward Qin Lie.

She immediately noticed Qin Lie’s crisis!

Bizarre, tiny broken characters in her eyes twinkled like stars as she attempted to use nether demonic energy for the very first time.

Her long purple hair danced demonically as she stared at Revered Thoughtless and unleashed a secret art from the Nine Hell Evil Scripture—the Evil Soul Binding Curse!

Invisible symbols were released into the open as she muttered lines of obscure, evil curses. These symbols were condensed by her mind consciousness and formed from nether demonic energy. The symbols did not actually appear, but instead fell like snowflakes inside Revered Thoughtless’ mind.

While Revered Thoughtless was attempting to destroy Qin Lie’s soul, she too was attacking Revered Thoughtless’ own soul!

The bizarre symbols continuously and swiftly evolved and transformed as they fell within Revered Thoughtless’ mind.

Soon enough, these symbols all transformed into ghosts and wraiths that screeched, howled, and hissed inside Revered Thoughtless’ mind, baring fangs, brandishing claws, and causing trouble everywhere.

It was as if Revered Thoughtless had been invaded by countless evil spirits!

His soul was lost. He had no choice but to gather all of his strength to suppress the ghosts and wraiths in his mind.

The two white lotuses he sent into Qin Lie’s mind exploded because his soul was confused, and they did not have any follow-up spirit energy to support them.

“You lowly bitch! You do cultivate an evil art!” Revered Thoughtless turned around, glared at Ling Yushi, and swore. He said menacingly, “When I kill Qin Lie, I will have you wishing that you were dead! I will let you know the horrible consequences of a woman offending a Revered One of Joyful Union Sect!”

Roaring angrily, Revered Thoughtless had no choice but to stop what he was doing and use every bit of his power to fight against the vengeful spirits and wraiths inside his mind.

He, at the middle stage of the Fulfillment Realm, was actually worried and embarrassed that Ling Yushi’s Evil Soul Binding Curse had invaded his mind.

That was the reason why he had become angry from shame.

Ling Yushi was not moved by his threats and continued to stare at him closely. She continued to use her mind consciousness to gather evil curses and constantly attack his soul and mind.

Yet both she and Revered Thoughtless did not notice that, inside a blue pond not far from their position, there was an eerie, dark red figure quietly watching their fight.

Ku Luo had been here for a long time...

With his cultivation realm comparable to the Fragmentation Realm, he had hidden inside the poisonous pond and observed everything in secret. He was looking for the person who had attracted the nether demonic energy.

After observing for a while, he found nothing amiss from start to finish and actually thought that his senses were mistaken.

It wasn’t until Ling Yushi opened her eyes, accidentally releasing a trace of nether demonic energy while she was unsteady, that he realized he hadn’t found the wrong target.

Ling Yushi was the person who had summoned the nether demonic energy to this place and absorbed it!

Although he was surprised, Ku Luo did not act recklessly and continued to hide himself, observing Ling Yushi in secret.

He wanted to get a better idea and know exactly what Ling Yushi was relying on to attract the nether demonic energy.

He wanted to figure out the cause.

It was only when Ling Yushi had awakened completely and began executing the Evil Soul Binding Curse against Revered Thoughtless that he finally confirmed the anomaly in Ling Yushi’s body—it was precisely the blood of the Evil God!

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