Chapter 333: Can’t Wait Any Longer!

Chapter 333: Can’t Wait Any Longer!

Deep within the poisonous bog.

Ku Luo, wrapped in dark red miasma, had made his way to this place through layers of thick, poisonous gas.

“It should be in here.”

Surveying the area covered in layers of colorful miasma, Ku Luo used the great range of his soul power to scout and scan the area. He quickly discovered that, deep within the miasma, there were many human martial practitioners gathered.

As the high priest of the Horned Demon Race and a powerful six horned warrior, Ku Luo definitely wouldn’t be at a disadvantage even if he fought Song Yu head on.

On the Scarlet Tide Continent, unless Song Yu worked with several Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners to surround Ku Luo, there shouldn’t be anyone capable of stopping him if he was a little more careful.

It was exactly because of this confidence that he dared to leave the area covered in nether demonic energy and scout deep inside the poisonous bog.

After confirming the direction, Ku Luo avoided the area where the crowd was thick and walked in another direction. Like a ghost, he slowly crept toward Blood Spear and the Ling Family.

With Ku Luo’s realm, the barrier, enchantments, and restrictions that Lang Xie, Feng Rong, and Mo Hai had created were practically child’s play. Without triggering any abnormal changes, he soundlessly slipped toward Blood Spear’s location.

There was a pond beside the Ling Family’s buildings, and the pond’s surface was covered with poisonous mist. Its surface sparkled with a blue color.

A dark red light slowly drifted over from behind the thick layers of poisonous miasma without drawing the attention of any of the Ling Family clansmen, just silently slipping. It silently slipped into the blue pond.

Almost at the same time.

Another group of people had pursued the nether demonic energy, and arriving at where Joyful Union Sect, Luo Zhichang, and the others were standing earlier. They were gathered outside the poisonous miasma.

“Third Uncle, Uncle Xie, Uncle Nie, why have all of you come?”

Song Tingyu flew down from the rainbow butterfly and stood still beside Song Siyuan and Xie Zhizhang. She stared at the dozen Profound Heaven Alliance martial practitioners and greeted them.

Song Siyuan, Xie Zhizhang, and Nie Yun represented the Song Family, Xie Family, and Nie Family respectively, and oversaw matters specific to the Horned Demon Race. They had originally been scattered in the surrounding areas of Armament City at their respective defense lines, carefully watching for Horned Demon elites who seeked to charge through the defense lines formed by the Demon Cleansing Orchids.

Song Siyuan and the others grew anxious when they heard from Song Tingyu that a surge of nether demonic energy had flown out of Armament City and headed into the depths of the poisonous bog.

They were worried that this was some kind of plan for the Horned Demon Race to break through their defense lines.

Therefore, after a simple discussion, all three men had rushed toward this place to get to the bottom of things, looking as if they were about to face a great enemy.

Other than the trio, Eight Extreme Temple’s gold robed envoy, Mo He, and green robed envoy, Zhan Tianyi, had also acted immediately upon hearing about the abnormality. The duo represented Eight Extreme Temple’s forces and were stationed in the surroundings of Armament City as well.

“Miss Song, you truly played a good hand. You even fooled me.”

When Mo He saw Song Tingyu, he couldn’t help but snort coldly before exclaiming, “I had seriously thought that your father made a ruthless decision to use your marriage as a way to win over Armament Sect, having you become engaged with that new sect master, Qin Lie. Hmph, I should have killed that Qin Lie earlier and deprived him of his soul, memories, the forging methods for the Terminator Profound Bombs, and a spatial spirit artifact!”

Mo He had naturally found out by this point that, half a year ago, Qin Lie and Song Tingyu were not engaged to be married at all.

He also knew that he had missed the best opportunity to kill Qin Lie.

At this moment, Qin Lie was officially the Song Family’s Star rank foreign delegate, and Mo He no longer had a reason to harm Qin Lie.

In Mo He’s eyes, this outcome truly benefited Profound Heaven Alliance at literally no cost. They had acquired Qin Lie, and, by extension, acquired the Terminator Profound Bombs and a spatial spirit artifact as well.

“Engaged with Qin Lie?” Nie Han was Nie Yun’s elder cousin. When he heard this, he could not help but laugh uncontrollably. “Brother Mo, did you seriously believe such nonsense? What is Qin Lie? As someone who betrayed and left Armament Sect, he is nothing more than an insignificant figure who could not make it to the stage! How can an insignificant Manifestation Realm martial practitioner like him possibly qualify to be engaged with our niece, Tingyu? Oh Mo He, for a gold robed envoy from Eight Extreme Temple, you are unexpectedly easy to fool, aren’t you? Hahaha!”

Ridiculed by Nie Han, Mo He’s expression was dark and his eyes were cold.

“Although Qin Lie is somewhat capable, his status and Tingyu’s are truly too far apart.” Song Siyuan said genially, “Forget my elder brother, even I would not agree to such a mismatched engagement. In the Song Family, Tingyu is the brightest pearl of them all. Heh... Qin Lie has a long way to go if he plans to marry Tingyu.”

Xie Zhizhang also nodded on the inside.

In the eyes of the core members of Profound Heaven Alliance’s three great families, Qin Lie might have caught on to a downwind at the moment, but he had neither assets nor a powerful background. How could he possibly join hands Song Tingyu, heaven’s beloved child?

In their eyes, Qin Lie with his lowly status was utterly unworthy of Song Tingyu.

This was also why Nie Han, Song Siyuan, and Xie Zhizhang had worn odd expressions and ridiculed Mo He after hearing that he had been fooled.

Ridiculed by these three men from Profound Heaven Alliance, Mo He’s expression was incredibly wretched. He wore a cold face and said nothing.

“The miasma in this land is incredibly thick. Why did it attract a surge of nether demonic energy from afar?” As one of the people in question, Song Tingyu did not offer any opinions about the “engagement” between herself and Qin Lie, instead calmly pulling the party’s focus to their current objective. “Seniors, how do you think we should treat this?”

“Simple. We’ll know once we walk inside and have a look.” Nie Han grinned and chuckled strangely. “To us, this miasma is no threat at all! Only low rank martial practitioners would possibly suffer from this.”

“Uncle Nie, do not underestimate this poisonous bog. According to my knowledge, a Fulfillment Realm expert has been poisoned to death by the miasma,” Song Tingyu cautioned.

“Really?” Nie Han was shocked.

“Really!” Song Tingyu confirmed.

“Then... then let us be more careful.” Nie Han’s expression changed.


“Siqi! Think about this properly. If you are unwilling to accept the position of sect master of Armament Sect, then the sect shall treat you as a traitor!” In Blood Spear’s grounds, Luo Zhichang glared at Tang Siqi and threatened her.

“Lang Xie! If Tang Siqi becomes a traitor, are you still going to defend her as well?” Fang Qi yelled.

Feng Rong and Lang Xie glanced at each other before frowning. This matter gave them a throbbing headache.

“Siqi has studied artifact forging under me for many years. If you all continue to act menacing like this, then I will protect her no matter the cost!” Surprisingly, Mo Hai, who normally held himself aloof from the world, actually stood up at this critical moment and clearly voiced his intention to defend Tang Siqi.

“Thank you, great elder,” Tang Siqi said respectfully.

“She is not a traitor to the sect. She hasn’t done anything detrimental to it. If you guys insist on harming her, then Blood Spear shall not stand by and watch!” Seeing Mo Hai’s declaration, Feng Rong immediately took matters into her own hands without thinking.

The Blood Spear martial practitioners shook in response.

At the same time.

Over on the Ling Family’s side, Ling Yushi, whose eyes had been closed tight all this time, suddenly awoke.

Two rays of dazzling purple light were unleashed from her purple pupils, as brilliant as bright beacons.

The light attracted the crowd’s attention as the people of Blood Spear, Joyful Union Sect, and Armament Sect could not help but look in her direction.

Many tiny characters could be seen deep within her pupils. As if imprinted in her heart, soul, flesh, and blood, those words swirled within her eyes and glittered like dazzling, broken stars.

The moment she opened her eyes, an extremely weak trace of nether demonic energy emanated from her body.

She had just merged the Nine Hell Evil Scripture into her blood and absorbed the surge of pure nether demonic energy, so it was still difficult for her to control it.

Therefore, she inadvertently revealed a trace of it.

This single trace, however, was enough to cause Joyful Union Sect’s Thoughtful and Thoughtless to become visibly agitated.

“Nether demonic energy! There’s nether demonic energy in this girl’s body!” both of them cried out simultaneously.

Every Joyful Union Sect martial practitioner immediately stared at Ling Yushi with murderous eyes.

“It’s her! She’s the one who was cultivating the evil art of the Nether Realm and attracted a surge of nether demonic energy that flew from Armament Sect!” Revered Thoughtless immediately came to a conclusion.

His fat body suddenly flew toward Ling Yushi, swift yet unstable like a fat butterfly.

In response to this, the Ling Family clansmen became agitated.

At the same time, Qin Lie swore inwardly from the Ling Family’s secret room.

He had secretly released Mang Wang, the self-proclaimed member of the Giant Spirit Race, and was currently moving the Thunderblitz Trees over to their side. He originally needed time to make the arrangements.

However, Ling Yushi had finished merging the Nine Hell Evil Scripture and the surge of nether demonic energy ahead of time which accidentally exposed her identity the moment she opened her eyes.

Revered Thoughtless had attacked first!

“If you act now, you will be the one to suffer!” Xue Li turned into a bloody shadow that hovered beside Qin Lie. He said, “You should keep waiting.”

“I can’t wait!”

Qin Lie’s eyes were completely bloodshot as he immediately channeled all of the thunder and lightning in his body, covering himself with bolts of electricity before abruptly flying out of the secret room.

A thick and long bolt of lightning flashed behind Ling Yushi, accompanied by a figure.

“Revered Thoughtless! You aren’t dead yet!” Qin Lie’s savage laughter was extremely shrill, like the cries of a night owl.

“Qin Lie!”

“Qin Lie!”

“Blood Spear has the nerve to accept a traitor to the sect!” The three great reverends were so angry that their entire bodies were shaking.

“Brat! Do you really think you can beat me by relying on external forces?” Revered Thoughtless also cried out.

After Qin Lie had appeared, he ignored Ling Yushi almost immediately went straight for Qin Lie.

He hated Qin Lie down to his very bones!

Since Ying Xingran, the man who was friendly to Joyful Union Sect, had been killed and Fan Le was dead, Joyful Union Sect’s higher ups called him incompetent and blamed him for failing to control Armament Sect.

The reason Revered Thoughtful came along on this trip was also due to the dissatisfaction of the higher ups. They would have Thoughtful take his position as leader.

Thoughtless blamed all of his failures on Qin Lie. He had already been thinking of going to Profound Heaven Alliance and denouncing Qin Lie after Armament Sect was brought under control.

Yet he did not expect Qin Lie to appear suddenly, so he had even set Ling Yushi aside—he would kill Qin Lie first to cleanse his shame!

“Lang Xie!” Feng Rong cried out.


Dense, blue raindrops poured down on Lang Xie like a waterfall.

These blue raindrops covered both heaven and earth. They were all formed entirely from pure spirit energy. Every drop was translucent, and they reflected Lang Xie’s figure like a mirror.

Joyful Union Sect’s Revered Thoughtful leisurely walked toward Lang Xie amid the pouring blue rain with a mocking smile.

“Every one of you Blood Spear people deserve to be executed for sheltering evildoers who cultivate the evil arts of the Nether Realm. Hehe, I’ve finally found a legitimate excuse to exterminate all of the so-called Blood Spear.” Revered Thoughtful laughed loudly and walked over through the rain.

“Zzzt zzt!”

A drop of eerie blue rain landed on Lang Xie’s body, and thin blue smoke rose from Lang Xie’s skin.

Lang Xie himself was in danger.

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