Chapter 331: Came Knocking on the Door!

Chapter 331: Came Knocking on the Door!

All the way from Armament City, nether demonic energy flowed through the poisonous bog’s thick miasma like a pitch black river descending from the sky.

It descended upon Ling Yushi’s head!

The dark, eerie, and icy aura which mingled with an evil energy that seeped into people’s hearts emanated from the nether demonic energy that looked like a pitch black waterfall!

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

A strange sound that resembled a gigantic whale sucking in water rang out from within Ling Yushi’s body, causing anyone who heard it to be incredibly surprised.

Her eyes were closed and her body was still. Her neck, face, hands, and skin were covered in miniature runes that pulsated vigorously on her flesh and in her blood.

“This is…”

Mo Hai’s expression was full of shock as he subconsciously murmured, “This is a wisp of nether demonic energy that was attracted from Armament City by her blood. This girl… is from an evil race of the Nether Realm.”

“She attracted the nether demonic energy with her blood alone. She is probably from one of the strongest evil races within the Nether Realm!” Lang Xie exclaimed.

“Oh Qin Lie... this time, you’ve brought Blood Spear an enormous problem. Now that many of Joyful Union Sect’s experts have gathered within Armament Sect, they must have sensed the huge commotion caused by the nether demonic energy.” Feng Rong smiled bitterly. “If there are no surprises, then Joyful Union Sect’s experts and the three great reverends should be outside right now.”

The moment she said this, Blood Spear’s many martial practitioners also became cautious and looked at the thick miasma outside.

“This is bad.” Mo Hai sighed. “If they catch our tail, they’ll never let go. The evil races of the Nether Realm are no small matter…. Once the Ling Family’s identity is exposed, they will no longer be able to stay on the Scarlet Tide Continent.”

Lang Xie wore a gloomy face and appeared to be having a headache over the matter as well.

While they were speaking, the river of pure nether demonic energy disappeared into Ling Yushi’s body.

Ling Yushi was like a bottomless pit that completely absorbed the entire pitch black river!

Very soon, the crowd could no longer sense any trace of nether demonic energy above them.

They focused their senses but could no longer detect nether demonic energy anywhere. It was as if the nether demonic energy that had appeared suddenly did not exist.

“Just deny it firmly,” Qin Lie said calmly. “You just need to say that you have not seen any nether demonic energy. They have no way of finding it either, so there won’t be any trouble at all.”

“I guess that’s the only way.” Feng Rong nodded.

Qin Lie no longer spoke with the Blood Spear about anything and headed straight for the Ling Family. Seeing the Ling Family clansmen surrounding Ling Yushi in massive defensive circles, as if they were facing a terrible enemy, he couldn’t help but reassure them. “Don’t worry, the nether demonic energy that entered her body… is beneficial to her. It will only increase her strength.”

The Ling Family clansmen relaxed slightly.

Ten meters away from Ling Yushi, Qin Lie focused on her and realized that her expression was tranquil. The corner of her lips even formed a comfortable, thin smile.

Qin Lie was momentarily surprised.

A while later, he came to a realization and nodded on the inside—the cultivation of the Nine Hell Evil Scripture required nether demonic energy!

The Nine Hell Evil Scripture was an unrivaled treasure of the Nether Realm’s evil races. Since Ling Yushi cultivated the Nine Hell Evil Scripture, she needed to rely on nether demonic energy to increase her strength. Her blood… was also the blood of the Evil God. It made sense that it could attract nether demonic energy that was nearby.

“Did you guys feel anything special before the nether demonic energy disappeared?” Qin Lie looked at Ling Xuanxuan and Ling Feng.

“The nether demonic energy was very comfortable, and we really wanted to get closer to it. Even the blood in our bodies seemed a little restless.” Ling Xuanxuan thought before her eyes brightened. “It’s as if... as if we can utilize nether demonic energy to cultivate. My senses are even more acute toward the nether demonic energy than toward the world’s spirit energy. It even felt more comfortable…”

Ling Feng’s answer was clearer. “It’s as if we were born to use nether demonic energy to cultivate…not spirit energy!”

“Yeah, yeah! When that black smoke arrived, I felt very comfortable!” A little girl with the same purple hair also expressed her feelings in excitement.

Qin Lie completely understood now.

As members of the evil race and people with the blood of the Evil God flowing inside them, the reason the Ling Family had never given birth to a top class expert after living in Ling Town for so many years wasn’t because their talent was poor.

—It was because their path of cultivation wasn’t correct in the first place!

If they had been in the Nether Realm and had cultivated using nether demonic energy, Qin Lie believed that,even without the Nine Hell Evil Scripture, the Ling Family clansmen would not be as they were today.

They definitely would not have failed to deal with a small fry like Du Haitian!

“Qin Lie, we…” Ling Chengzhi looked like he wanted to say something.

“Where should we go?” Ling Feng said what he wanted to say.

“We will talk about it after Yushi wakes up,” Qin Lie said.

“But Blood Spear is inside?”

It was at this moment that Luo Zhichang’s voice came from outside.

“They did come!”

Lang Xie and Feng Rong looked each other in the eye before frowning at the same time. Their assumptions were correct alright.

“What do you think, senior?” Lang Xie looked at Xue Li.

Xue Li grinned and let out a chuckle before turning into a wisp of bloody light and entering Qin Lie’s forehead over by the Ling Family.

“Reverend. We, Blood Spear, are cultivating in this place.” Seeing that they could not conceal that fact, Feng Rong began speaking through the thick miasma with Luo Zhichang on the outside, “What business might you have with us, Reverend?”

“We saw nether demonic energy flowing from Armament City until it disappeared within your territory.” Outside of the miasma, Luo Zhichang spoke with a dark expression, “What I want to know is, what exactly are you, Blood Spear, doing? How did you attract the nether demonic energy? Why have you moved from your original spot, and why have you hid yourself here to cultivate?”

“This place is more suitable for Blood Spear to cultivate. As for the nether demonic energy you’re speaking of… we did not see anything. There is no trace of nether demonic energy here at all. We are all cultivating, so, if there’s nothing else, please leave,” Feng Rong said without a hint of respect.

Luo Zhichang’s face was red with fury.

Beside him, Revered Thoughtful encouraged Luo Zhichang with his gaze.

Luo Zhichang’s courage grew as he exclaimed coldly, “Impudence! Do you still hold Armament Sect and the sect master in your eyes, Blood Spear?”

“Sect Master Tang is here?” Feng Rong frowned slightly.

“Sect Master!” Luo Zhichang, Fang Qi, and Jiang Hao looked toward Tang Siqi simultaneously.

With a helpless look, Tang Siqi reluctantly said, “I am here.”

She couldn’t help but cry because of her current luck. She had initially come purely out of curiosity. She was curious to know exactly where this nether demonic energy from Armament City would come to rest.

Yet she would never have thought that the nether demonic energy would descend upon Blood Spear’s new cultivation ground, and since she came after the nether demonic energy, she became Luo Zhichang, Fang Qi, and Jiang Hao’s excuse to enter.

Although her realm was ordinary, her status as sect master was still there. Unless Blood Spear truly broke away from Armament Sect, Feng Rong, Lang Xie, and the other Blood Spear martial practitioners still had to listen to her commands on the surface.

“The sect master is here and we wish to come in. Is there a problem?” Luo Zhichang exclaimed.

Feng Rong turned her head to look at Lang Xie.

Lang Xie didn’t look very good.

The Blood Spear martial practitioners weren’t the only people there. The Ling Family clansmen also were there along with… Qin Lie.

Qin Lie was a traitor to Armament Sect. In the eyes of Luo Zhichang, Fang Qi, and Jiang Hao, he was also the sect’s number one enemy.

Things would not be too serious if they saw the Ling Family clansmen inside, but if they saw Qin Lie, how were they going to explain it?

“Let me hide inside.” Qin Lie stood in the middle of the Ling Family clansmen. When he saw Feng Rong and Lang Xie’s predicament, Qin Lie willingly hid in a secret room beneath a stone tower that the Ling Family was staying in.

When Lang Xie released his mind consciousness and could not sense any hint of nether demonic energy, he nodded tow Feng Rong and said, “Let them in.”

So Feng Rong opened the path.

She triggered some kind of unknown mechanism, and the thick, poisonous miasma before them actually split in two, magically opening a path that could fit three people standing side by side.

“Send in the sect master and the three great reverends. The people of Joyful Union Sect are not allowed inside!” Lang Xie said again.

Feng Rong nodded and stood at the entrance. She said, “Sect Master Tang, great reverends, and all inner sect elders, please come in so we can catch up. However, those who do not belong to Armament Sect are not allowed to enter Blood Spear’s important grounds. Otherwise, do not blame us if the poisonous miasma harms you.”

Luo Zhichang and the other three could not help but look too Revered Thoughtful and Revered Thoughtless.

Revered Thoughtful laughed aloud. “It’s okay. I personally want to see if this miasma can actually hurt us.”

Ignoring Feng Rong’s threat, Revered Thoughtful and Revered Thoughtless led Joyful Union Sect’s martial practitioners straight toward Feng Rong even before Luo Zhichang and his men.

“This is the perfect time to discuss Zhao Xuan and Sect Master Tang’s engagement with Blood Spear as well. Once this matter is settled, then Armament Sect and Joyful Union Sect will truly become family.” Revered Thoughtful walked while smiling. “It is a good thing that we are becoming closer to each other. I believe that, with Joyful Union Sect’s assistance, Armament Sect will definitely stand proud as a Copper force along with Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple!”

Feng Rong’s expression changed abruptly.

Lang Xie, Mo Hai, and the others inside the grounds all had angry looks in their eyes. Their expressions became dark.

Joyful Union Sect actually wanted to marry Tang Siqi to Zhao Xuan. They made it obvious that they planned to swallow Armament Sect and turn them into Joyful Union Sect’s vassal force!

Could the three great reverends truly not see through their wolfish ambition?

Even now, they still walked with Revered Thoughtless and Revered Thoughtful. Just what were they hoping for?

“Blood Spear has recently continued to alienate Armament Sect. Luo Zhichang and the others were probably scared.” Mo Hai deduced the thoughts of the three great reverends. “Without Blood Spear, Armament Sect is just a bunch of artificers. Will they not be pushed around by anyone like meat on a plate? They are afraid of losing your protection and therefore sought new support. Joyful Union Sect is that new support. Sigh... the only thing pitiful about this is Siqi. She would be sacrificed by them in vain.”

“I was wrong.”

Lang Xie grew quiet for a moment before letting out a sigh. Then he snorted and said, “I should not have stopped Qin Lie last time. I should have allowed him to kill the three great reverends altogether. If they were killed along with Ying Xingran, then Armament Sect would have been better off. How unfortunate…”

“Lang Xie?” Eyeing Revered Thoughtful and Revered Thoughtless leading Joyful Union Sect’s men toward them, Feng Rong couldn’t help but yell hurriedly.

“Let them in!” Lang Xie eyes gleamed bloodily as he exclaimed coldly.

“Alright!” Feng Rong was also furious. She no longer sealed the grounds behind heavy layers of restrictions and opened all of them instead.

It was then that the people of Joyful Union Sect, the three great reverends, and other people of Armament Sect stepped inside the grounds with ease.

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