Chapter 330: Surging Nether Demonic Energy!

Chapter 330: Surging Nether Demonic Energy!

Within the newly built Armament Sect.

The three great reverends, Luo Zhichang, Jiang Hao, and Fang Qi, were presently in the great hall discussing matters with Revered Thoughtless of Joyful Union Sect and several other men and women who were scantily clad.

Tang Siqi was present in the hall as well.

After Ying Xingran’s death, she was chosen as the new sect master of Armament Sect, taking charge of sect affairs.

The immoral gazes of several male martial practitioners from the Joyful Union Sect would occasionally gather on Tang Siqi’s body, eyes ablaze.

“Three great reverends, what do you think of my proposal?” Similar to Revered Thoughtless, the newly arrived Revered Thoughtful was one of the five great Revered Ones of Joyful Union Sect. With a cultivation level at the late stage of the Fulfillment Realm, Thoughtful was dressed in a long, bright red gown, his chest was similarly exposed, and his face was filled with warmth and smiles.

Luo Zhichang and the other two looked somewhat humiliated.

“I don’t agree!” Tang Siqi shouted.

“Sect Master Tang, this is also a good matter for your Armament Sect.” Revered Thoughtful frowned slightly. “With Armament Sect’s strength, it seems impossible to maintain a foothold on the Scarlet Tide Continent. Only by receiving the aid of Joyful Union Sect, being close with our sect, will your Armament Sect be safe and secure in the Scarlet Tide Continent.”

“It’s fine to have a close relationship, but there’s no need for Sect Master Tang to be engaged with Zhao Xuan, right?” Luo Zhichang said with a smile.

“Zhao Xuan is the son of our Joyful Union Sect’s Vice Sect Master Zhao Changsheng. His status… is already worthy of Sect Master Tang. Zhao Xuan is presently in the early stage of the Netherpassage Realm, his cultivation talent stands above his peers, and his future will definitely be immeasurable,” Thoughtful said persuasively. “If Sect Master Tang bonds with Zhao Xuan, I can guarantee that Joyful Union Sect and Armament Sect will truly become a family in the future. Your Armament Sect will definitely become the third Copper rank power in the Scarlet Tide Continent and will truly be able to resist Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple!”

When Luo Zhichang, Jiang Hao, and Fang Qi heard his words, their eyes shined slightly, and all three of them subconsciously looked toward Tang Siqi.

“I am the sect master of Armament Sect. If I’m unwilling, which one of you is capable of forcing me?” Tang Siqi snorted, her expression cold.

“Three great reverends, please persuade her. For the future of your Armament Sect, join our Joyful Union Sect through marriage. It definitely isn’t a bad thing.” Revered Thoughtful looked deeply at the three great reverends before heading out with Revered Thoughtless and the rest of the Joyful Union Sect martial practitioners.

“Siqi, what that Thoughtful said does make sense,” Luo Zhichang said.

“Recently, the people from Blood Spear… have been making strange movements. I think that they may intend to leave Armament Sect.” Jiang Hao sighed. “Back then, Lang Xie and Feng Rong only aided Qin Lie and did not even care about Xingran’s order. I’m afraid that they already harbored thoughts of betrayal even then. Blood Spear has always been our Armament Sect’s sturdy barrier. Without Blood Spear, our Armament Sect will simply be a tiger without fangs, something that could be bullied by anyone.”

“That’s right. Recently, the members of Blood Spear have been constantly leaving this place. I think that Lang Xie and Feng Rong do not hold us three great reverends in their eyes, just like their teacher You Hongzhi. As expected, these people who practice evil arts are unreliable!” Fang Qi hatefully said as well. “Armament Sect expended a large amount of wealth for Blood Spear in the past. We never expected that we would raise such ingrates!”

“If Blood Spear leaves, forget about confronting Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple—we won’t even be able to beat Dark Asura Hall and Seven Fiends Valley.” Luo Zhichang’s face was filled with a bitter smile as he pleaded with Tang Siqi, “You’re the current leader of a sect. Making a little sacrifice for the sect’s future… is also one of your duties. In the past, when Xingran sat in your position, he always made sacrifices for the benefit of the sect. We hope that you can shoulder the burden of revitalizing the sect!”

Looking at the elderly faces of the three great reverends and listening to their pleas, Tang Siqi felt a little disheartened.

She had been invited to come back by Lian Rou.

Lian Rou told her that, since Fan Le was killed by Qin Lie and Sect Master Xingran had also passed away, the three great reverends wanted her to return, begging her to take charge of affairs in Armament Sect.

Only then was she willing to return.

However, only now did she realize that, after Xingran’s death, not a single thing had changed in Armament Sect.

“I shouldn’t have returned.” Yang Siqi shook her head powerlessly and said, “If you people wish to force me to marry that Zhao Xuan or whatever his name is at any cost, then I might as well abandon the position of sect master.”

“If you don’t take this position, who will? Mo Hai is determined to leave, and you are the only one who has caused a reaction in the spirit pattern pillars. If you don’t take this position, who is capable of carrying this responsibility?” Luo Zhichang roared.

“The sky! Hurry and look at the sky!”

At this moment, a scream rang from outside.

“What is it?”

“That’s... that’s nether demonic energy! It’s nether demonic energy!”

Outside the hall, a crowd of Armament Sect martial practitioners were shouting loudly, their expressions dyed with shock.

Tang Siqi and the three great reverends temporarily stopped their discussion and rushed out—

—only to see a long, pitch-black river in the sky above the their heads, flooding toward the depths of the poisonous bog.

The crowd of people suddenly felt an oppressive force acting on their souls. They sensed something sinister in their surroundings, a feeling similar to the opening of the evil nether passageway.

“Nether demonic energy! Nether demonic energy is coming from Armament City!” Tong Jihua exclaimed.

Thoughtful, Thoughtless, and the other martial practitioners from Joyful Union Sect were also looking into the sky with grave expressions as they watched the pitch-black river stream past their heads.

“Let’s go! Follow it and assess at the situation!” Thoughtful roared.

These martial practitioners who had come from Joyful Union Sect began to move one after another. They followed the long, pitch-black river from below, moving toward the depths of the poisonous bog.

“We should go take a look as well!” the three great reverends exclaimed.

Tang Siqi, Tong Jihua, Lian Rou, and the people of Armament Sect were also curious as they also followed the thick nether demonic energy.

In the region surrounding the Thunderblitz Trees.

Song Tingyu was waiting for Qin Lie’s arrival so they could step into the vicinity of Armament City and negotiate with the people of the Horned Demon Race.

At this moment, she had also seen the thick nether demonic energy from afar that was pouring toward the skies of the poisonous bog like a long, black dragon.

Song Tinyu’s expression changed slightly. She summoned the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly over, then immediately sent a message to Song Siyuan and Xie Zhichang, informing them of the situation of the inner area in the poisonous bog.

After the message was sent, she leapt onto the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly and headed in the direction that the nether demonic energy was flowing with a worried heart.

Within the depths of the poisonous bog.

“That pretty much sums up the situation,” Qin Lie explained why Song Yu, Xie Yaoyang, and Nie Yun wanted to request a trade with the Horned Demon Race.

“The Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotus that is capable of weakening Nirvana Fire... such a wondrous item actually exists in the land of the evil races.” Feng Rong regained her senses and laughed bitterly. “Song Yu and the others are in the Fragmentation Realm. To safely step into the Nirvana Realm... no wonder they would pay any cost for the Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotus without hesitation.”

“I have heard of the Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotus and Nether Hell Demonic Fruit as well. I never knew that the Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotus could weaken Nirvana Fire, but I have heard that the Nether Hell Demonic Fruit has mystical healing properties for martial practitioners who have suffered heavy injury to their souls,” Mo Hai interrupted. “According to the rumors, even if the soul has been split apart, it can still be reunited with the aid of the Nether Hell Demonic Fruit. Senior Xue Li, this Nether Hell Demonic Fruit should be very beneficial for you, right?”

Xue Li’s eyes sparkled for a moment and he chuckled strangely. “That’s right. If the Horned Demon Race has the Nether Hell Demonic Fruit and I’m able to obtain one and swallow it, then it will indeed be an immense help to my recovery.”

Qin Lie could not help but glance at Xue Li and snorted. “It seems you are hiding quite a few things from me.”

Xue Li once said that his main body and the other half of his soul were in a dangerous position.

However, with just half of his soul, he would require a very long time if he wanted to recover his former level of strength.

Especially when he was lacking half his soul...

Xue Li was very attentive when it came to matters concerning the negotiations between Profound Heaven Alliance and the evil races. It seemed that, other than hoping to lead Blood Spear to the ultimate blood ground for training, he was also coveting the Nether Hell Demonic Fruit.

“That goes the same for you.” Xue Li laughed strangely. “You hid quite a few things from me as well. Regarding the Nine Hell Evil Scripture… did you not also keep it from me?”

Saying that, he once again looked in the direction of the Ling Family. He had apparently guessed a few of the mysteries already.

“Qin Lie! Qin Lie, come quick!” Ling Xuanxuan’s anxious cry suddenly sounded.

Upon hearing this, Qin Lie, who was still speaking with Lang Xie and Feng Rong, immediately went outside without even questioning her.

“The sky! Look at the sky!” Ling Xuanxuan screamed out from the Ling Family’s side.

Xue Li, Lang Xie, Feng Rong, and Mo Hai also walked out one after another.

They all looked up to the sky.

Pouring all the way from Flame Volcano, the long, pitch-black river formed by nether demonic energy had finally arrived at its destination.

It stopped above Ling Yushi’s head.

The nether demonic energy roiled about, constantly refining itself. Like pitch-black smoke, it directly entered the top of her head.

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