Chapter 329: Shocking Change!

Chapter 329: Shocking Change!

The martial practitioners of the Scarlet Tide Continent possessed inherent disgust and fear toward the evil races. This sort of belief could not be changed in a short period of time.

Lang Xie cultivated the traditional Blood Spirit Art, so he possessed extremely acute senses when it came to power residing within fresh blood.

He could sense the aura of nether demonic energy from Ling Yushi’s body and instantly determined that Ling Yushi’s body contained the power of the evil races.

The instant the Blood Spear martial practitioners heard that Ling Yushi’s body actually carried evil energy, their expressions gravely changed one after another. Many of them subconsciously took out their spirit artifacts, seemingly wanting to attack Ling Yushi.

At this moment, upon seeing the abnormalities of the Blood Spear martial practitioners, all of the scattered Ling Family members near Ling Yushi also began to shout in shock.

They also retrieved their spirit artifacts and immediately surrounded Ling Yushi, prepared to deal with the attacks of the Blood Spear martial practitioners whenever necessary.

Qin Lie, who was floating next to Ling Yushi along with the crumbled stones, shifted his body a little. With the intention of not disturbing Ling Yushi, he escaped the strange magnetic field with great difficulty.

“Lang Xie! Control your men!”

The moment he left the chaotic region created by the magnetic field, Qin Lie roared harshly, his tone carrying a little irritation.

Lang Xie frowned slightly.

“All of you, lower your spirit artifacts!” Xue Li scolded. “What’s with all the fuss? You lads who have never seen the world before. The number of strange races living in Spirit Realm is more than you can count. When the day comes where you people step out of the Scarlet Tide Continent and enter a broader world, you will find out that foreign races aren’t rare, nor is there anything to be afraid of.”

Lang Xie was momentarily startled before he roared, “All of you, stay your hands!”

Only then did the Blood Spear martial practitioners withdraw their spirit artifacts one after another.

“Senior? In the outside world, there… are many foreign races?” Feng Rong asked in astonishment.

“I will talk about it with all of you in a moment,” Xue Li replied casually. His bloody eyes, however, were fixated on Ling Yushi.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Soul fluctuations were currently emanating from Ling Yushi’s body. Those fluctuations seemed like they were forming a spiral that could not be seen by the naked eye.

The spiral, which was formed by the will, by mind consciousness, shrouded Ling Yushi’s head and seemed as though it could distort one’s soul. The spirit energy released by one’s mind consciousness and thoughts was affected as well.

Lang Xie, Feng Rong, and the rest of the Blood Spear martial practitioners wanted to try contacting Ling Yushi with their mind consciousnesses. However, after the formation of that strange spiral, they suddenly felt a sense of fear. It was as though their souls were unintentionally being drawn into a black hole, directly drowning into it.

All of the Blood Spear martial practitioners went pale.

At the same time.

Not far from the poisonous bog, on top of the Flame Volcano, three Horned Demon elites who were discussing important matters suddenly stopped their conversation.

All three of these people possessed six horns! They were precisely Ka Meng, Duo Luo, and Ku Luo!

The three great elites of the evil races strangely stopped in the middle of a heated discussion.

Simultaneously, they looked in the direction of the poisonous bog, their expressions filled with shock and disbelief.

“Uncle, this is...?” A long moment later, Duo Luo looked at Ku Luo hesitantly.

This old Horned Demon man, who had guessed the relationship between Qin Lie and Qin Shan at the pool, carried a pair of distant and heavy eyes. They seemed to have countless vengeful spirits and ghosts squirming inside them, looking extremely strange and terrifying.

“This is very similar to the signs of the flaring of the blood of the Evil God, but I can’t be completely sure…” Ku Luo said gravely.

“Some time ago, I had a subordinate report an incident to me. He said that, at the border of our defensive lines, he witnessed nether demonic energy suddenly acting strangely, rushing toward outside uncontrollably…” Ka Meng, general of the Horned Demon Race, recalled this and explained to Duo Luo and Ku Luo, “He said that it looked like the nether demonic energy was attracted by the blood of the Evil God, causing it to surge violently. He even said that the nether demonic energy had rushed toward the outside world several times. There’s a possibility that they were being attracted by people in possession of the Evil God’s blood.”

“That’s definitely not possible!” Duo Luo cut in. “The number of people who possess the Evil God’s blood can be counted on one hand. They would not appear in the Scarlet Tide Continent, and it is even less likely for many of them to appear at the same time!”

“I felt that the report was far-fetched as well, so I did not take this matter seriously. Yet this time…” Ka Meng looked toward the depths of the poisonous bog. “That sort of bizarre fluctuation is clearly the awakening of the Evil God’s blood. Could it be that all three of us have mistakenly sensed it?”

Ku Luo stood up.

He went to the back of Flame Volcano and said, “I’m heading out.”

“Uncle!” Duo Luo and Ka Meng exclaimed at the same time. “Even if it’s uncle, leaving the boundaries covered in nether demonic energy will still quickly wear you out! Uncle, don’t take the risk. We have already lost Uncle Ku Lu, we can’t afford to lose you too!”

When the two of them mentioned Ku Lu, Ku Luo’s face twitched for a moment, his feet stopping at the same time.

A few seconds later, Ku Luo began to walk out once more. “It’s fine. That poisonous bog is very close to this place, so I can return quickly.”

Therefore, ignoring Ka Meng and Duo Luo’s attempts to persuade him, he left by himself and sped toward the poisonous bog.

Presently, in the poisonous bog.

Including Lang Xie and Feng Rong, all of the Blood Spear martial practitioners had already retracted their mind consciousnesses, not daring to look at Ling Yushi again.

The strange spiral that formed above Ling Yushi’s head was incredibly destructive against their mind consciousnesses. They could no longer sense the status of Ling Yushi’s body.

At this moment, Qin Lie walked over from the Ling Family’s side and headed toward the Blood Spear martial practitioners. In front of Lang Xie and Feng Rong, he said, “The people of the Ling Family are originally from the Nether Realm.”

Everyone present trembled.

“Qin Lie, you... why do you dare to speak such truths?” Feng Rong said in astonishment.

Lang Xie’s expression became complicated. With furrowed brows, it seemed like he was digesting this dire news.


Suddenly, all of the rainbow light shot out from the wooden sculpture like long dragons coiling back, and instantly disappeared into Ling Yushi’s body.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Lacking the force that suspended them in midair, the stones, tables, and stools instantly slammed to the ground.

Even the soul distorting spiral disappeared without a trace, as though it had also been withdrawn by Ling Yushi.

In this pile of ruin, Ling Yushi’s graceful little face was filled with peace and serenity. She calmly sat in a meditative posture with her eyes closed, and with the wooden sculpture in hand, she slowly examined her growth…

“Take care of her,” Qin Lie said softly.

Ling Feng, Ling Xuanxuan, and the rest nodded deeply as they guarded her closely, waiting for her to wake up on her own.

“Qin Lie, it seems like we need to have a good talk,” Lang Xie said with a sunken voice.

“Let’s head over to your Blood Spear’s area.” Qin Lie nodded.

A while later, Lang Xie, Feng Rong, Mo Hai, and Qin Lie sat in Blood Spear’s hall.

“The Ling Family is of the evil races. I didn’t know this before, and I only figured it out recently…” Under Lang Xie’s, Feng Rong’s, and Mo Hai’s surprised gazes, Qin Lie sat down and explained the identity and origin of the Ling Family, as well as the changes that happened to the Ling Family due to the opening of the evil nether passageway.

“Who else knows about this?” Feng Rong’s face was filled anxiety as she spoke. “Qin Lie, you sure are reckless! Do you know what the evil races mean to the martial practitioners of the Scarlet Tide Continent? Do you know what the Song Family, you, and Blood Spear will face if Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple find out that the Ling Family is of the evil races?”

“The Alliance Chief of Profound Heaven Alliance already knows that the Ling Family is of the evil races.” Qin Lie’s expression was calm, as he said in a calm manner, “Song Yu will not lay his hands on the Ling Family. Furthermore, Profound Heaven Alliance has recently been bitterly seeking cooperation with the evil races. I’m here now because I shoulder the mission of negotiating with the evil races. As one of Profound Heaven Alliance’s Star rank foreign delegates, I will be representing the Profound Heaven Alliance in speaking with the evil races.”

When these words rang out, everyone present was extremely surprised, and even Xue Li was stunned.

Profound Heaven Alliance was aware that the Ling Family was of the evil races, but still wanted to cooperate with the evil races and even had a request for them?

Just what had transpired? Why would Profound Heaven Alliance, which had fought with the evil races for so many years, treat them this way?

Lang Xie, Feng Rong, and Mo Hai were thoroughly confused.

At the edge of Flame Volcano.

Like a long, pitch-black river, nether demonic energy poured out from this portion of land which was shrouded in it, heading in the direction of the poisonous bog.

This place used to be the rear of Flame Volcano, Blood Spear’s former training grounds. Since this portion of land was desolate, dense with poisonous miasma and also had a large amount of poisonous insects and plants, Profound Heaven Alliance did not construct a defensive line here.

They did not think that the evil races would spread toward the poisonous bog.

Therefore, the nether demonic energy would not be purified by the Demon Cleansing Orchid.

The long river of dense nether demonic energy surged through the air, slowly flying into the depths of the poisonous bog.

The moment that Ku Luo, who had come to this place on his own, raised his head to look at the sky, he was thrown into shock as well.

He came to a sudden understanding.

“It really may have been the flaring of the Evil God’s blood. As long as I follow the nether demonic energy that is being attracted, I will be able to find the instigator. I will be able to find out who actually possesses the blood of the Evil God!” Ku Luo found his target.

Like a ghost, he swam next to the nether demonic energy that resembled a river. Within the clouds in the poisonous bog, he retracted his aura. It was as though he had turned invisible.

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