Chapter 326: White Bone Nether Spirit Altar

Chapter 326: White Bone Nether Spirit Altar

Due to Qin Lie’s inscription, an eight-pointed diagram slowly began to take shape on the stone floor.

The eight-pointed diagram looked as though it had been formed through the interconnection of bones. Every protruding corner was a white skull, and wisps of ghosts and vengeful spirits were drawn within the eight-pointed diagram’s interior.

—This was the diagram that had been destroyed in Herb Mountain.

From the strange eight-pointed diagram within Herb Mountain, the wooden sculpture in Qin Lie’s hands had received a message, and he had even obtained the first volume of the Nine Hell Evil Scripture.

The diagram Qin Lie was currently inscribing did not have even the slightest of uses, merely looking as though it did.

However, the moment his diagram was formed, the Horned Demon elder with six horns, whose eyes had been tightly shut the entire time, finally opened.

The elder looked at the strange diagram that Qin Lie inscribed with a shocked expression and said with a sharp voice, “Who are you? Did you see this diagram somewhere?”

This was also the first time he had spoken up.

“You know this diagram?” Qin Lie did not answer his question and instead asked a question in return.

“White Bone Nether Spirit Altar! This is a tool used by our clan to send messages. The White Bone Nether Spirit Altar you inscribed actually has eight points! A White Bone Nether Spirit Altar of this grade can only be constructed by an eight horned elite from our clan!” This old Horned Demon man with six horns stared straight at Qin Lie with unfathomably deep eyes and roared, “Where did you see this White Bone Nether Spirit Altar? The only way you could have correctly inscribed it is if you had actually seen it!”

Qin Lie was startled.

An eight-pointed White Bone Nether Spirit Altar could only be successfully inscribed by an eight horned elite of the Horned Demon Race?

Eight horned clansmen of the Horned Demon Race were comparable to a peerless human expert of the Imperishable Realm. Even the Xue Li of a thousand years ago was merely in the Nirvana Realm!

An eight horned warrior of the Horned Demon Race whose strength was equal to that of the Imperishable Realm had once visited Herb Mountain, constructed the White Bone Nether Spirit Altar behind it, and sealed the first volume of the Nine Hell Evil Scripture within it. The White Bone Nether Spirit Altar was then activated by Qin Lie’s wooden sculpture. That otherworldly monster had even addressed his grandfather as a Venerable One...

“Uncle, the eight-pointed White Bone Nether Spirit Altar… only two people out of the entire Horned Demon Race are capable of constructing it. Not only is the eight-pointed White Bone Nether Spirit Altar capable of sending messages, it can even store items and seal powers…” a Horned Demon warrior with four horns said in shock.

The elder sharply roared, “Shut your mouth!”

The remaining simple-minded Horned Demon warriors, who were originally flushed red with excitement, also looked as if they wanted to say something.

Under the elder’s sharp roar, everyone’s expression changed. Every single one of them went eerily silent.

“Capable of sending messages, storing items, and even sealing powers…” Qin Lie silently pondered, revealing an expression of astonishment.

“Where exactly did you encounter this eight-pointed White Bone Nether Spirit Altar?” The elder repeated his question in a sharp voice.

“Behind Herb Mountain. Someone wanted to… borrow the power of the eight-pointed White Bone Nether Spirit Altar to send a message to my grandfather.” At this moment, Qin Lie’s thoughts became even clearer. After confirming that this diagram was related to the Horned Demon Race, he was certain of his speculation—his grandfather was closely related to the Horned Demon Race.

Qin Lie also understood that his original understanding was not wrong. The reason why he was able to leave the Nether Realm was not because of his and Song Tingyu’s luck, nor was it because the Horned Demon elites did not notice him.

They had purposely let them go.

Therefore, under the elder’s frightening glare, he retrieved the wooden sculpture from his spatial ring at lightning speed and raised it up, allowing this Horned Demon elder with six horns to see it clearly.

Several moments later, he quickly put the wooden sculpture back into the spatial ring and added, “I am Qin Lie. My grandfather is Qin Shan.”

Those Horned Demon warriors with three to four horns did not have any unique reactions after seeing the sculpture or when Qin Lie said his and his grandfather’s names.

They seemed to be unaware of these secrets within the clan.

The six horned elder, however, promptly trembled.

As if the elder had been struck with an intense blow, his face was filled with shock as he quietly stared at Qin Lie for a long time.

Qin Lie did not speak up either.

He was waiting. He was waiting for this elder to calm down... waiting for this elder to begin asking questions.

After a decent amount of time, the elder finally said, “I never heard that the Venerable One had a grandson. You... just how much do you know about your grandfather? How much do you know about us? Also, how much do you know about the relationship between us and your grandfather?”

“Basically nothing,” Qin Lie said with an overcast voice.

“Basically nothing?” A hideous, cold smile revealed itself on the elder’s scar-filled face. “You were sent by Profound Heaven Alliance to trick us, weren’t you?”

Qin Lie frowned and explained, “Several years ago, my grandfather said that he had to go on a trip. This wooden sculpture is something he left me. I’m not certain about my grandfather’s background because of some of my circumstances. I’m the one who wants to ask... just what kind of relationship does my grandfather have with you people? Just what sort of identity does my grandfather have?”

“You want to know?” The elder smiled coldly.

“Of course I do,” Qin Lie bluntly said.

“Unless you prove that this is not a trap set by the Profound Heaven Alliance and aid me in escaping, I can’t trust you.” The Horned Demon elder with six horns looked at him coldly. “This is the only way that I will be able to trust you and firmly believe that you’re the grandson of the Venerable One!”

“Aid you in escaping? You’re joking, right?” Qin Lie snorted coldly. “I’m only in the Manifestation Realm. From your Horned Demon Race’s perspective, that’s merely the strength of a three horned warrior. With my present realm, I would simply be courting death if I were to aid you in escaping this place!”

“If you cannot do this, then I am unable to trust you,” the six horned elder replied coldly.

Qin Lie was crestfallen.

He had finally found a clue about his grandfather, but just when everything was about to revealed, this old Horned Demon man didn’t actually believe him and even raised such a harsh condition.

This place was the prison of Profound Heaven Alliance. It was covered in heavy layers of restrictions and even had several experts stationed within. Even if Qin Lie forcefully broke through the restrictions with the Terminator Profound Bombs, he still wasn’t sure if he could help the Horned Demon elder escape.

The moment he chose to do this, his relationship with Profound Heaven Alliance would immediately collapse.

Not only would Profound Heaven Alliance kill him without hesitation, it could even threaten the Ling Family and cause the extermination of the Ling clansmen who were hiding in the poisonous bog...

Unless he could remain unnoticed by Profound Heaven Alliance and silently aid the elder in escaping the prison without anyone finding out.

However, this six horned old man’s entire body was nailed down, he was suffering from heavy injuries, and he was unable to borrow the power of nether demonic energy to cultivate. How could it possibly be easy to quietly save such a person?

It was simply unthinkable!

“Why don’t you tell me how I can help you to leave this place?” Qin Lie coldly said, “As long as you have a way, I’m willing to try!”

“You’re truly willing?” the six horned elder exclaimed in surprise.

“You cannot expose my relationship with you, otherwise my loved ones and I will be immediately exterminated by Profound Heaven Alliance.” Qin Lie’s expression sunk. “I have my own worries.”

“I actually do have a way. As long as you’re willing to help, I will be able to escape and leave. Furthermore, as long as you’re careful, you won’t be suspected by Profound Heaven Alliance either. What do you say?” The elder looked at him deeply.

“Tell me about it first.”

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