Chapter 322: Sneaking in the Middle of the Night

Chapter 322: Sneaking in the Middle of the Night

“The blood flowing inside the Ling Family clansmen is the supposed blood of the Evil God!”

Xue Li’s eyes gleamed with bloody light as he stared deeply at Qin Lie, informing him about the news he had inquired about.

Qin Lie shuddered in response and did not say anything for a long time.

It was only after a long period of time that he regained his cool and resumed his questioning once more, “What is so special about the blood of the Evil God?”

“An Evil God’s blood naturally has countless uses, but I am unable to find out anything specific about the issue. After all, this is a secret of the Nether Realm. Many evil race martial practitioners in the Nether Realm may not necessarily know this either.”

Xue Li paused for a moment before carefully enunciating every word, “But I heard that the evil race clansmen who have the blood of the Evil God in them can continuously grow stronger, to the point where they themselves can become an Evil God!”

“Become an Evil God, you say?!” Qin Lie was shocked.

“That’s right!” Xue Li definitely did not look like he was kidding as he spoke with a serious expression, “From the information I’ve gathered, the five great Evil Gods that perished in the Nether Realm became what they were by gradually growing stronger!”

“You are saying that, if the people of the Ling Family can get strong enough, they can become… Evil Gods?” Qin Lie’s expression was shocked.

“That is exactly right!” Xue Li exclaimed.

Qin Lie fell silent once more.

From the message in the wooden sculpture, the first volume of the Nine Hell Evil Scripture inside it was probably something that his grandfather had asked the person who sent the message to look for.

That person also said that only those with the blood of the Evil God could merge the first volume of the Nine Hell Evil Scripture into their own blood. When he compared this with Ling Feng’s explanation, he suddenly understood who Qin Shan meant to prepare the scripture inside the wooden sculpture for—the Ling Family!

His grandfather was helping the Ling Family seek out the Nine Hell Evil Scripture!

The Nine Hell Evil Scripture was the origin of all the spirit arts and secret techniques of the evil races. Upon recalling Gao Yu’s Nine Hell Wandering Soul Record, Qin Lie was sure that the information Xue Li obtained was true.

Why did his grandfather know that the Ling Family clansmen had the blood of the Evil God flowing inside them, why did he help them find the Nine Hell Evil Scripture, and how did he command the evil races to do his bidding?

According to Xue Li, the title of “Venerable One” was the way that a clan of the evil races addressed someone who was their benefactor. If that were the case, did his grandfather have his own evil race clan?

These suspicions were like layers of thick fog that kept him from the truth. He also was not able to sort out his thoughts.

“One thing that is certain—the Ling Family is not from just any evil race of the Nether Realm. Furthermore, they must be from… a high rank evil race. If my assumptions are correct, then the Ling Family definitely surpasses the Horned Demon Race in strength and is also a lot more mysterious.”

Seeing that Qin Lie had not spoken up for a long time, Xue Li began freely expressing his opinion . “The Ling Family has lived on the Scarlet Tide Continent for many years. Not only could they adapt to sunlight and get used to a life with day and night, they can even use the world’s spirit energy to cultivate. Even with my superficial understanding of the evil races of the Nether Realm, it already sounds a little preposterous to me. Most evil races in the Nether Realm have to wrap themselves in thick nether demonic energy before being able to enter Spirit Realm, whereas the Ling Family has already lived on this land for god knows how many years. This point alone explains just how special they are.”

Qin Lie nodded on the inside and, after pondering for a moment, said, “Go back in the Soul Suppressing Orb and rest for the moment.”

“You’re hiding something from me,” Xue Li said.

“I will naturally tell you what I want you to know. As for what I am not willing to tell you about, it is best if you don’t ask unnecessary questions about them.” Qin Lie frowned.

Xue Li snorted and obviously looked dissatisfied. However, he did not argue with Qin Lie and turned into a wisp of bloody light before slipping back into the Soul Suppressing Orb.

Three days later, Xu Liang, Feng Nan, Wan Jia, and Tuo Shan arrived at his doorstep once more.

This time, Feng Nan took out ten Froststar Stones and fifteen Phantasm Stones and placed them, piece by piece, onto the stone floor in front of Qin Lie.

The Phantasm Stones contained wisps of rainbow light within them. It was translucent and incredibly beautiful. The Froststar Stones looked like ice with specks inside of them that resembled stars. The moment spirit energy seeped through, the light of these stars would grow brighter and brighter.

Twenty five rare stones were placed in front of Qin Lie. They shone with a faint glow and caused the entire cultivation room to become dazzlingly bright.

“Check them.” Feng Nan smiled.

Qin Lie extended a finger. A bolt of lightning suddenly shot from his finger and entered the first stone.

The Froststar Stone brightened and starlight shone from within. It only lasted an instant as lightning flew back out of the stone and entered the second. Next, it entered the third, then the fourth...

Once the lightning had jumped through every jade, it returned to Qin Lie’s finger like a tiny serpent.

“Everything is fine.” It was only then that Qin Lie nodded and took out three Terminator Profound Bombs, passing them to Feng Nan. Then he explained how to activate the power of thunder and lightning.

Feng Nan and the rest of the group looked at the Terminator Profound Bombs with bright eyes, and after receiving the goods, they began playing around with it in their hands in curiosity.

“Thank you, Brother Qin. With these three Terminator Profound Bombs, we will have true confidence in completing our mission!” Xu Liang thanked him.

Feng Nan, Tuo Shan, and Wan Jia also clasped their hands and expressed their thanks.

Qin Lie’s expression remained calm.

The four of them continued to chat for a little while, and seeing that Qin Lie had no intention to continue the conversation, they tactfully left the residence.

The day gradually became dark.

Qin Lie put the Froststar Stones and Phantasm Stones away safely and quietly sat alone inside the cultivation room. He was thinking about the Nine Hell Evil Scripture and the blood of the Evil God.

The first volume of the Nine Hell Evil Scripture was currently inside the wooden sculpture. If he gave them to the Ling Family, would Ling Yushi, Ling Feng, Ling Xuanxuan, and the others... turn into the Nether Realm’s Evil Gods if they cultivated it?

He had already explored a Horned Demon Clan’s Demon God Mountain Range . Those five Evil Gods were just one of the many avatars the Evil Gods possessed.

Even then, the terror of two awakening Evil Gods was clear in his mind, as if it had happened yesterday.

If there came a day when Ling Yushi, Ling Feng, Ling Xuanxuan, and the other Ling Family clansmen, with the blood of the Evil God flowing inside them, truly became Evil Gods... If they were even more terrifying than an avatar of an Evil God after cultivating the Nine Hell Evil Scripture... what would happen then?

Would the Ling Family be able to accept it? Would they be able to accept their transformation?

Should he feign ignorance and allow the Ling Family clansmen to safely cultivate under the protection of Blood Spear using the world’s spirit energy and therefore prevent them from ever transforming into Evil Gods? Would that be the better outcome?

Qin Lie frowned, feeling some uncertainty within his heart. He was hesitating about whether or not he should inform the Ling Family of the truth, unsure of whether or not he should give them the scripture.

“Since grandfather requested this Nine Hell Evil Scripture for the Ling Family, he was obviously going to let them cultivate it! This must have been grandfather’s intention!” A long time later, Qin Lie made up his mind to inform the Ling Family clansmen of these events and give Ling Yushi the Nine Hell Evil Scripture.

After making up his mind, he suddenly relaxed as if he had put down a great burden.

“Are you inside, Qin Lie?” Song Tingyu’s soft whisper suddenly resounded in his ears.

“Where are you?” Qin Lie asked instead of answering.

“Look outside the window,” Song Tingyu said.

Qin Lie crept close to the window and looked at the figure below his tower. Song Tingyu stood there like a ghost.

“It’s midnight. Why have you sought me out at such a time?” Qin Lie was surprised.

“Come with me to a certain place, we have something that requires your assistance. My father, Uncle Xie, Uncle Nie, and a few important figures of Profound Heaven Alliance are all waiting for you…” Song Tingyu lowered her voice and said.

“What’s going on?” Qin Lie grew more and more shocked.

“You’ll know once you’re there.” Song Tingyu glanced at her surroundings with a somewhat cautious look before speaking softly, “Come with me right now.”

Qin Lie stood motionlessly and asked solemnly, “Is there danger?”

“I swear on my life that we are definitely not out to hurt you!” Song Tingyu raised her hand and swore.

“Alright, I trust you.” It was only then Qin Lie came down from the tower.

Their conversation did not even alert Yao Tai who was closest to them. Qin Lie could not help but be cautious due to Song Tingyu’s gestures. He avoided the positions of Xu Liang, Tuo Shan, Feng Nan, and the others at the edges of the foreign delegate division and left with Song Tingyu.

“Up here!” The moment they exited the foreign delegate division, Song Tingyu immediately dragged him onto the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly.

Under the moonlight, the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly actually flew straight out of Profound Heaven City.

Mountains lined Profound Heaven City’s surroundings. This gigantic city was right in the middle of the mountains. At this moment, under Song Tingyu’s guidance, the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly was like a beautiful bolt of lightning under the night sky, flying straight toward a particularly tall mountain that reached into the clouds.

Before long, the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly arrived halfway up the mountain and landed on a protruding stone platform.

“We are going inside the mountain.” Song Tingyu walked alone toward a smooth stone wall as a bolt of rainbow light shot out of the tips of her fingers and splashed against it. She cried out, “It’s me. I have brought Qin Lie with me. Open up!”

The stone wall suddenly cracked, opening into a wide stone passage. Dazzling gems filled the inside of the mountain, lighting up the interior until it was as bright as day.

Qin Lie’s expression shifted.

After the wall parted, faint screams rang out from deep within the passage. They were mournful beyond compare.

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