Chapter 321: Nine Hell Evil Scripture and the Blood of the Evil God

Chapter 321: Nine Hell Evil Scripture and the Blood of the Evil God

“Venerable One, I have sent the first volume of the Nine Hell Evil Scripture that you requested. However, this Nine Hell Evil Scripture can only be merged with clansmen who have the blood of the Evil God flowing within them. Your human race and other races can not cultivate this Nine Hell Evil Scripture. Please make note of this, Venerable One…”

This was the message that Qin Lie had acquired from the ball of light after breaking the tormented soul barrier.

“Venerable One? Nine Hell Evil Scripture? Blood of the Evil God?”

Qin Lie was confused. He had no idea what the message meant, nor did he know anything about the origins of the Nine Hell Evil Scripture.

Frowning, Qin Lie calmed himself and began to think carefully.

The person who sent this message obviously wanted his grandfather to know about it. Therefore, the “Venerable One” they spoke of should be his grandfather.

According to their explanation, Qin Lie’s grandfather had asked for this Nine Hell Evil Scripture, which was why they sent it over to him.

Thinking up to this point, Qin Lie focused his attention onto the ball of light once again. It was only then that he realized there was a resplendent crystalline object inside the ball of light.

The crystalline object was like a diamond. There were many runes floating inside the crystal. These runes moved back and forth randomly,r flying inside the crystal like colorful butterflies that were ten times smaller than normal.

These were the ancient characters used by the evil races of the Nether Realm!

Qin Lie only needed a glance to identify them. It was as if he had actually learned these ancient Nether Realm characters and was able to distinguish them instantly.

“The text of the Nether Realm! The Nine Hell Evil Scripture!” Qin Lie’s expression changed greatly.

His mind consciousness immediately withdrew from the wooden sculpture. After a moment of thought, he put the wooden sculpture back into his spatial ring and sat in the same spot as his expression continuously contorted.

Judging from the message inside the wooden sculpture, whoever sent this message may very well have been an evil race elite of the Nether Realm. The Nine Hell Evil Scripture… was also very likely to be a cultivation art of the evil races.

Why did Grandfather need a cultivation art of the evil races? And how did he know the evil races and become affiliated with the Nether Realm’s evil races?

These doubts clung to Qin Lie’s heart like a mess of threads that could not be untangled.

After thinking for a very long time, he actively summoned Xue Li and asked, “What kind of people would the evil races of the Nether Realm normally address as ‘Venerable One?’ Have you ever heard of the Nine Hell Evil Scripture or the Blood of the Evil God?”

“The Nether Realm?” Xue Li didn’t seem to be familiar with it. He gave it a thought before shaking his head. “The Nether Realm is just a sub world at the edge of Spirit Realm. Furthermore, it did not make much contact with my previous continent. Therefore, my knowledge of the Nether Realm does not run deep, and I only know some common knowledge. I will have to pay close attention to truly understand and learn anything more.”

“You don’t have a way then?” Qin Lie frowned.

“Like I said, I need to put some extra effort into understanding the Nether Realm before I can sort things out.” Xue Li snorted. “I may not be knowledgeable about the situation of the Nether Realm, but there are many people who are more familiar with this. Give me two days. In two days, I will be able to answer every question that you have.”

“You will?” Qin Lie was stunned for a moment before he came to his senses.

Xue Li was currently split in half, and although half of his soul was with him, his true body and the other half of his soul was currently in another world.

Both halves were parts of Xue Li’s soul, which was why they were connected to each other. Naturally, anything his true body learned about the Nether Realm would be known to the part of his soul inside the Soul Suppressing Orb.

“I almost forgot that your true body is out there.” Qin Lie nodded and said, “Keep an ear out for me. I need to clarify some things.”

“Mn. Wait for my news.”

On the same evening.

Just when Qin Lie was thinking of looking for Song Tingyu, she actually arrived at his own doorstep. The colorful, richly dressed Song Tingyu was sexy, and every move she made or smile she had was filled with attractive charm. “I heard that you forged some Terminator Profound Bombs?”

“You are pretty well-informed.” Qin Lie did not intentionally hide himself either. He took the Terminator Profound Bombs out right in front of her and placed them on the stone table before them.

All twenty Terminator Profound Bombs were the size of a human fist. Dense lightning patterns outlined the surface of the Terminator Profound Bombs, appearing incredibly exquisite.

“As long as you use my method to activate the power of thunder and lightning inside, these twenty Terminator Profound Bombs can be ignited instantly.” Qin Lie chuckled. “As for their might… you already know it very well.”

“How many contribution points do you want?” Song Tingyu’s beautiful eyes sparkled.

“I do not need contribution points at the moment! What I need are rare spirit materials!” Qin Lie exclaimed without thinking, “Phantasm Stones, Froststar Stones, Fate Crystals, Ethereal Jades, and the fresh blood of a Scarlet Spirit Turtle. I need these five spirit materials, especially Fate Crystals, Ethereal Jades, and fresh Scarlet Spirit Turtle blood. I need nine Fate Crystals, twelve Ethereal Jades, and a quarter kilogram of fresh Scarlet Spirit Turtle blood…”

“We have some Fate Crystals and Ethereal Jades in Profound Heaven Alliance’s warehouse, but the number may not fit your requirements. However, I believe that we can find a solution to that. It should not be too much of a problem.” Song Tingyu actually knew the spirit materials Profound Heaven Alliance possessed by heart as she let the information slip from her mouth.

After a pause, she frowned slightly. “As for the Scarlet Spirit Turtle… it’s a rank six spirit beast equivalent to a Fragmentation Realm expert. Its blood is valued at Earth Grade Five and you want no less than a quarter of a kilogram… this will be a little hard to get.”

“Mn, I’m also aware that the blood of a Scarlet Spirit Turtle is a little rare, but isn’t this Profound Heaven Alliance? If even Profound Heaven Alliance cannot get me this material, then who in the entire Scarlet Tide Continent can?” Qin Lie smiled.

“How about this: I will trade you nine Fate Crystals and twelve Ethereal Jades for ten Terminator Profound Bombs. As for the Scarlet Spirit Turtle’s blood… I will ask my men to search for it overseas as best they can. If there is any news, then I will inform you immediately. What do you think?” Song Tingyu’s eyes glittered with a rainbow gleam. She stared straight at the Terminator Profound Bombs as if she couldn’t wait to get her hands on one and research them at her leisure.

“No problem.” Qin Lie accepted her conditions after a moment of thought.

“Sigh... we tried to communicate with those Horned Demon Race fellows, but the people we sent over were all killed. We’ve also lost contact with the last two people who entered the former Armament City.” Song Tingyu sighed and said quietly, “Those fellows don’t seem to want to communicate with us. It may be that we have accumulated too much of a grudge in recent years that is rather hard to resolve all at once…”

Qin Lie’s expression was neutral and he did not interrupt her.

He did not think that this matter had much to do with him. How Profound Heaven Alliance planned to reconcile with the evil races was none of his business.

“It could also be that the people from the Horned Demon Race had no idea about our intentions, and the people we sent over… also did not know how to speak the Nether Realm language. That might be why they were eliminated before we managed to clear things up.” Song Tingyu looked pitifully at him.

“Why are you looking at me?” Qin Lie snorted.

“You can understand the words of the evil races, so you must also know how to speak their language. Why don’t you and I... go take a spin around the defensive perimeter, and if we see someone from the Horned Demon Race, you could talk to them for a bit?” Song Tingyu proposed.

“I refuse!” Qin Lie immediately rejected her with a resolute expression. “The last time I went with you, I was sucked into the Nether Realm and nearly lost my life there. I won’t go there again no matter what!”

“We’re not going inside the Nether Realm, we’re just going to go around the points of contact a little. You won’t need to fight.” Song Tingyu tried hard to persuade him.

“I refuse.” Qin Lie rejected her resolutely.

Seeing that her attempts to persuade him were fruitless, Song Tingyu helplessly left in frustration.

The next night.

Xue Li contacted Qin Lie from inside the Soul Suppressing Orb, “I have learned about what you wanted me to find out.”

Qin Lie immediately released Xue Li from the Soul Suppressing Orb with his mind so he could explain properly.

“Venerable One is a title of respect given by some clans of the Nether Realm evil races to a benefactor. More accurately speaking, it is a title of respect given to a… human benefactor.” Xue Li paused for a moment before continuing, “It is said that a few clans of the Nether Realm’s evil races had close and humble relationships with powerful forces of the human race.”

Qin Lie’s expression changed slightly before asking again, “What about the Nine Hell Evil Scripture and the blood of the Evil God?”

“The Nine Hell Evil Scripture is beyond our imagination. It is said that this evil race scripture is split into three volumes. The entire Nine Hell Evil Scripture is known as the source of all of the Nether Realm’s scriptures and secret arts,” Xue Li exclaimed. “It seems that the numerous cultivation arts used by many of the major races of the Nether Realm and the secret arts of many elites were all derived from this Nine Hell Evil Scripture!”

Qin Lie’s expression was filled with great shock, and after he sucked in a deep breath and forced himself to calm down, he asked again, “Then what about the blood of the Evil God?”

Xue Li suddenly looked at him strangely before responding with a question, “You once said that the blood of the Ling Family clansmen was purple, didn’t you?”

Qin Lie nodded.

“That... is the blood of the Evil God!” Xue Li said.

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