Chapter 319: Wicked Reputation

Chapter 319: Wicked Reputation

Yao Tai had been anxious as he followed Qin Lie all the way outside. When he discovered that Tuo Shan, Feng Nan, and Wan Jia had also come along with Xu Liang, he immediately panicked.

Bringing this many people, just what did he plan to do with Qin Lie?

Yao Tai’s mind was unspeakably anxious.

“You are Qin Lie? Armament Sect’s Qin Lie?” Xu Liang was dressed in green. His face was ashen, and his head was a kind of bald. He looked a little old. Only his eyes appeared bright with strength.

Qin Lie’s expression was arrogant as he said indifferently, “That’s me.”

Xu Liang suddenly clasped his hands together and smiled broadly, saying, “It is my pleasure.”

Under Yao Tai’s dumbfounded gaze, Xu Liang waved his hands and suddenly scolded with a cold expression, “Vile spawn! What are you waiting for? Apologise to your Uncle Yao already!”

Then Xu Mu, Xu Liang’s son, walked out from behind him with a bowed head and dejected look, arriving in front of Yao Tai. Then his knees buckled as he knelt directly before Yao Tai, saying helplessly with a bowed head, “I was wrong, Uncle Yao. Please forgive me for my youthful ignorance.”

Yao Tai wore a stupid look on his face.

Since Xu Liang, Tuo Shan, Feng Nan, and Wan Jia were standing in a line, all tall and with an extraordinary air around them, they had absorbed Yao Tai’s attention so completely that he did not even notice that Xu Mu and a few others were behind them.

When Xu Mu walked out and knelt before of him in an admission of fault after Xu Liang’s scolding, rumbles resounded continuously inside Yao Tai’s head like a shocking thunderclap.

He looked at Xu Liang blankly before directing an odd look to Xu Mu on the ground, as if everything happening before him wasn’t real.

Yao Tai had followed Xu Liang for more than a year, and he knew very well exactly how narrow-minded he was. He was the kind of person who would take revenge over the smallest things, and as his son, Xu Mu’s personality was exactly the same. His father loved him dearly.

During this period of time, Xu Liang had not shown Yao Tai the slightest bit of respect. He had treated him as someone that could be discarded at any moment.

It was also because of Xu Liang’s constant derision that his son Xu Mu also did not think highly of Yao Tai. He would often call Yao Tai over to do menial chores.

It would already be a blessing if Xu Mu did not look for him to cause trouble. Since when had he ever called him “Uncle Yao?”

“Brother Yao, we… were at fault a few days ago. I hope that you won’t mind it for long.” The middle-aged man who had been complaining about getting even with Qin Lie once Xu Liang returned also walked out from behind Xu Liang with his head bowed and his fists clasped. His expression was humble.

Yao Tai grew more and more shocked.

Xu Liang said, “Old Yao, this son of mine has certainly caused you plenty of trouble while I was gone. Give him a few kicks if you need to clear the resentment in your heart! I will not complain about it!”

Old Yao?

Yao Tai shuddered before saying hurriedly, “My lord, you...?”

“Alright, alright.” Qin Lie already figured out what this was all about and waved his hand impatiently. “What’s the point of this farce?”

Xu Liang and his friends grew embarrassed.

“If you have something, then say it. If you have nothing to say, then get out already. I’m busy.” Qin Lie frowned.

“Uncle Yao…” Xu Mu was still bowing his head with a tearful expression. “Please forgive me, Uncle Yao.”

“I do not dare to claim the right,” Yao Tai hurriedly said.

Xu Liang glared at Xu Mu.

Xu Mu’s expression changed, and he gritted his teeth after some thought and slapped himself a few times. He slapped his face until it was red before he lifting his head to look at Yao Tai, crying and begging, “Uncle Yao, please forgive me!”

“My lord, what’s done is done. It’s okay, I will not mind it.” Yao Tai wasn’t stupid. At this point, he also understood what was going on.

Xu Liang, Tuo Shan, Feng Nan, and Wan Jia weren’t here to denounce them. They were here… to beg for Qin Lie’s forgiveness.

They were obviously frightened of Qin Lie.

It had only been a little over two years. Just what on Spirit Realm happened to Qin Lie, his former assistant at Nebula Pavilion? How did he make Xu Liang, Tuo Shan, Feng Nan, and Wan Jia so afraid of him?

Yao Tai was incredibly shocked.

“What are you waiting for? Thank your Uncle Yao already!” Xu Liang scolded.

Xu Mu thanked him repeatedly while glancing sideways at Qin Lie from time to time. His gaze was filled with terror.

This was the guy who had used the Terminator Profound Bombs to slaughter the experts of the five forces at Armament Sect, causing the horrendous deaths of countless Netherpassage and Manifestation Realm experts? This was the mad demon Qin Lie who had trapped Lord Xie Zhizhang and Lord Song Siyuan with his schemes, forcing Profound Heaven Alliance to change their plans for Armament Sect?

He was the fiend who had opened the evil nether passageway and roamed the Nether Realm for half a year?

His terror grew every time he glanced at Qin Lie. When he thought of the things Qin Lie had done, he felt anxious on the inside.

“Get lost already!” Xu Liang scolded loudly.

As if he had been granted amnesty, Xu Mu shook as he backed off, slipping away with the middle-aged man in an instant.

“Sect Master Qin, I… I did not realize that you were friends with Yao Tai.” Xu Liang clasped his hands and said apologetically.

“Sect Master Qin?” Yao Tai was dumbfounded once more. He thought on the inside, “When did Qin Lie become whatever sect’s sect master?”

“I am no longer Armament Sect’s sect master.” Qin Lie grinned, his smile a little cold and threatening. “Especially since I killed Ying Xingran. Armament Sect’s three great reverends probably hate my guts now. Heh… they will regret choosing me as Armament Sect’s sect master for the rest of their lives.”

Yao Tai shook and looked to Qin Lie beside him once more. Suddenly, he felt that Qin Lie was no longer that familiar person he knew two years ago.

Armament Sect! A Black Iron force formed by artificers. Qin Lie had actually been Armament Sect’s previous sect master!

Yao Tai’s face had disbelief etched all over it.

“Uh, I’ll call you Brother Qin then…” Xu Liang went blank for a moment before smiling suddenly. “Brother Qin, since Old Yao shares a relationship with you, I will not force him to stay with me. You may keep Old Yao by your side from now on.”

A true smile appeared on Qin Lie’s cool face for the first time. He nodded and said, “If you don’t mind, why don’t you all come in. Inside, we can discuss whatever needs to be discussed in detail.”

The reason why Xu Liang and his three friends had stood there this long was for these exact words. They all smiled when they heard his invitation.

Before long, Qin Lie, Yao Tai, and the four all arrived in the small living room.

After they were seated, Qin Lie pondered for a moment before saying, “Great Master Yao is my enlightened mentor in artifact forging. I have always been grateful to Great Master Yao. Therefore, whether or not you had planned to retain Great Master Yao at your side, I was going to bring him with me no matter what. Heh, since senior let go of him willingly, then that is naturally for the best. I will remember this favor…”

“Old Yao is actually Brother Qin’s enlightened mentor?” Xu Liang was shocked. “Old Yao, why didn’t you say so earlier?”

Tuo Shan, Feng Nan, and Wan Jia all looked at Yao Tai with a hint of surprise in their eyes.

Yao Tai looked incredibly embarrassed as he laughed dryly. He wasn’t sure what to say in this situation.

“Alright, let’s talk about business.” Qin Lie waved his hands and motioned for the four of them to stop the idle chit chat. “Naturally, the four of you have come for something other than just Great Master Yao. Now talk. What is your business with me?”

“Brother Qin, we have recently accepted a mission, and that mission… is a little dangerous. We’re not completely confident about it.” Xu Liang was still the one who spoke up first. “I heard that Brother Qin’s Terminator Profound Bombs are incredibly powerful, and that their destructive power is considerable. We… would like to purchase a few from you. We are willing to exchange materials or buy them with spirit stones. We are even willing to transfer contribution points to you. What do you think?”

“Please part with a few Terminator Profound Bombs for us, Brother Qin.” The remaining trio also clasped their hands and begged in unison.

Qin Lie smiled.

So they had come for the Terminator Profound Bombs. No wonder Xu Liang’s attitude was so humble. No wonder he made Xu Mu beg for Yao Tai’s forgiveness.

Xu Liang did need something from him.

Qin Lie’s mind spun as he rubbed his chin and chuckled. “You came at a good time. I have just forged a batch of Terminator Profound Bombs in these past few days, and these Terminator Profound Bombs have all been modified so that you can use them easily, even without cultivating the power of thunder and lightning.”

Xu Liang and the others glowed.

“I do not lack spirit stones. You may transfer contribution points, but it would be best… if you could exchange special materials!” Qin Lie became serious. While talking with Xu Liang and the others, he contacted Xue Li to ask about the rare materials needed to build the teleportation formation.

“What kind of special materials do you need, Brother Qin?” Xu Liang asked hurriedly.

Qin Lie communicated with Xue Li first and did not answer immediately. After a while, he answered, “A Phantasm Stone, a Froststar Stone, a Fate Crystal, an Ethereal Jade, and the fresh blood of a Scarlet Spirit Turtle—who has these five spirit materials?”

“Profound Grade Six Phantasm Stone, Earth Grade One Froststar Stone, Earth Grade Three Fate Crystal, Earth Grade Three Ethereal Jade, and Earth Grade Five fresh blood of a Scarlet Spirit Turtle!” Feng Nan, the only woman in the group, accurately recited the grade of every spirit material after a moment of shock. After some thought, she said to Qin Lie, “We can obtain around twenty Phantasm Stones and Froststar Stones combined, but Fate Crystals, Ethereal Jades, and the fresh blood of Scarlet Spirit Turtles are too precious and rare. I am afraid we cannot obtain them.”

Feng Nan’s insight in terms of spirit materials was obviously better than the others. Therefore, the remaining three had kept quiet the moment she spoke up.

Feng Nan was about thirty four to thirty five years old with a plump figure. She had a little charm for a woman at her age. Frowning, she looked at Qin Lie and asked, “How many Terminator Profound Bombs… can we get with twenty Phantasm Stones and Froststar Stones?”

Qin Lie smiled and said proudly, “Phantasm Stones aren’t very rare. If you have plenty of Phantasm Stones but too few Froststar Stones... heh, then you can only have one Terminator Profound Bomb. But, if you can get at least six Froststar Stones, then I can trade you two Terminator Profound Bombs.”

Xu Liang, Tuo Shan, and Wan Jia immediately looked to Feng Nan. Their eyes were a little hot.

“What if we get you ten Froststar Stones?” Feng Nan exclaimed softly.

“Add a few more Phantasm Stones into the mix and I can give you three Terminator Profound Bombs.” Qin Lie nodded.

“Alright!” Feng Nan pursed her lips and smiled. She nodded slightly at Xu Liang and the others before saying, “Give us a few days. We’ll come look for you once we’ve gathered the spirit materials.”

“Mn.” Qin Lie agreed.

Xu Liang, Tuo Shan, and Wan Jia, appeared to be rather satisfied with this result. They all stood up and said their goodbyes, seemingly in a hurry to search for the spirit materials.

Meanwhile, Qin Lie simply sat there leisurely, wearing an arrogant expression. He did not even stand up and see his guests off.

Yet the four of them weren’t angry with him. In fact, they thanked him repeatedly before walking away in satisfaction under Yao Tai’s surprised gaze.

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