Chapter 318: Qin Lie’s Gift!

Chapter 318: Qin Lie’s Gift!

Yao Tai followed Qin Lie all the way to his cultivation room. He immediately saw an extremely high quality furnace and spirit materials that were piled up like hills.

When Qin Lie left, he had just been forging the Terminator Profound Bombs. Therefore, he had not yet cleaned up these materials.

“This furnace is exquisite. It’s obvious that it’s high quality at first glance.” After Yao Tai came in, his eyes lit up as he could not help but praise, “Furnaces also have their own grades, just like spirit materials and artificers. There are Common, Profound, Earth, Heaven, and Divine Grade furnaces. Every furnace is different. A high grade furnace can forge spirit artifacts at half the cost and with twice the efficiency. Only a high grade furnace can forge a high grade spirit artifact, while it is nigh impossible to forge a high grade spirit artifact with a low grade furnace…”

Yao Tai had been engrossed with artifact forging for many years. The moment he came in, he began expressing his understanding of artifact forging once more.

After speaking for a moment, he then noticed that Qin Lie was simply smiling at him without saying anything. He blushed and said with some embarrassment, “For you to have such a high grade furnace... you must have found a great teacher. Your master must have already told you what I just said. Hehe, please excuse my ramblings.”

After pausing for a moment, Yao Tai’s expression shook as he smiled, “Back at Nebula Pavilion, I already knew that you had talent for artifact forging. I knew that you would definitely find a good teacher one day!”

He assumed that Qin Lie had been picked up by a high grade artificer as a direct disciple, which was why his status had taken such a massive leap to the top.

This caught Qin Lie off guard. He pondered for a moment before asking, “Great Master Yao, if you are so engrossed with artifact forging, why didn’t you come and look for me back in Armament Sect?”

“Look for you?” Yao Tai rubbed his head looking a little confused. “For what, exactly?”

Qin Lie was shocked. He could not help but laugh. “You don’t know?”

“Ah? Were... were you kind of famous at Armament Sect or something?” Yao Tai looked a little embarrassed. “I... seldom pay attention to the outside world. Ever since I followed Xu Liang and arrived here, I paid even less attention to the outside world than before. That’s why I’m not sure what happened out there…”

Qin Lie understood after listening to his explanation. He smiled and did not elaborate upon his identity.

It was true that, even back at Nebula Pavilion, Yao Tai was a little behind on anything that wasn’t artifact forging.

Qin Lie did not expect that he would be the same after arriving at Profound Heaven Alliance and following some “Xu Liang” person.

“Qin Lie, how did you become a Star rank foreign delegate of the Song Family? Is it because that you know how to forge artifacts?” Yao Tai frowned and asked somewhat worriedly, “Xu Liang is a middle stage Netherpassage Realm expert. He is a veteran among many other Song Family Star rank foreign delegates. I know him. He’s narrow-minded and I’m worried that he…”

“Great Master Yao, I have just become a Star rank foreign delegate of the Song Family, and I do not have anyone by my side. I see that your life isn’t too great with Xu Liang. Are you interested in temporarily staying at my place?” Qin Lie pondered for a moment before saying seriously, “I can give you what Xu Liang cannot.”

Yao Tai’s eyes abruptly lit up. His expression was impossibly excited as he asked shakily, “Qin Lie, you... you mean...?”

“I can give you high grade spirit diagrams.” Qin Lie smiled and nodded.

“You... you have one? You truly do?” Yao Tai was so happy that he could tread on air.

Qin Lie grinned and summoned his thoughts to take out an oily yellow scripture from the spatial ring. He casually tossed it to Yao Tai and said, “Great Master Yao, please have a look at this book first.”

“Complete Exposition of Middle Grade Spirit Diagrams!” Yao Tai only needed to glance at the title before he shuddered and exclaimed, “I’ve... I’ve heard about this 《Complete Exposition of Middle Grade Spirit Diagrams》 from someone before. It is one of the books that Armament Sect’s inner sect disciples must read! There are six middle grade spirit diagrams recorded in this book, and they are all extremely precious! No one but inner sect disciple and elders are allowed to touch it, much less bring it out of Armament Sect! Qin Lie, you... where did you get this book?”

Holding this thin scripture with shaking hands, Yao Tai’s eyes shone with a brilliance that caused even Qin Lie to be surprised.

Qin Lie felt a wave of emotions rushing over him.

This 《Complete Exposition of Middle Grade Spirit Diagrams》 was something Tang Siqi had given to him for comprehensive study after he had become an inner sect disciple.

This wasn’t one of the secret scriptures that the three great reverends and great elders had given him or even one of the twelve rare spirit diagrams he had learned from the spirit pattern pillars. This was one of the common scriptures that were open to all Armament Sect inner disciples to read.

Yet, in Yao Tai’s eyes, this scripture was a peerless treasure that he could only dream of taking a peek at.

“Qin Lie, can... can I have a look at this?” Yao Tai looked at him anxiously.

“This book is my gift to you.” Qin Lie nodded.

Yao Tai dropped back in his seat, holding the scripture in both hands with a limp expression. “A gift... a gift to me, a gift…”

Yao Tai had forged artifacts for decades and the basic spirit diagrams were the only diagrams he used to forge artifacts. For many years, he had begged countless people and tried all sorts of methods to acquire a higher grade spirit diagram so that he might increase his skill in artifact forging.

Yet he had never succeeded.

He had never found a higher rank spirit diagram, so his skill in artifact forging had stayed stagnant for a long time, unable to break through to a higher realm.

It was also why he was not given attention or value after being swept out of Nebula Pavilion by Liu Ting, resulting in him joining Xu Liang. He could only grit his teeth and endure even though he was slapped in the face by a short sword.

This was all because he was just a lowly artificer… just because his status wasn’t high enough.

However, if he could study and master this 《Complete Exposition of Middle Grade Spirit Diagrams》, then he would be able to rise to a whole new level from his current foundation!

How could he not be wild with joy?

“Qin Lie, I... I’d like to take a look at this book first. Can we… talk about other stuff in the future?” Yao Tai gripped the book tightly, his eyes ablaze. He seemed like he did not want to look away from the book for even a second.

“Sure.” Qin Lie smiled and said, “Read it in the living room downstairs.”

Yao Tai immediately stood up and went downstairs, book in hand. He did not want to waste even a moment.

Qin Lie could not help but shake his head and smile. After Yao Tai left, he continued his unfinished work of forging the Terminator Profound Bombs.

Six days passed by in the blink of an eye.

During these six days, Qin Lie had turned all of the spirit materials Song Tingyu had given him into Terminator Profound Bombs and successfully inscribed all the spirit diagrams.

At this moment, there were thirty six new Terminator Profound Bombs on the stone floor of the cultivation room. Every single one of these metallic balls were intertwined with sparks of lightning.

Any work could be done quicker once a person got used to it. Artifact forging was no different.

In the past, he needed more than half a day or even longer to forge a single Terminator Profound Bomb.

His current efficiency had increased by dozens of times.

He wasn’t sure why, but when he was forging artifacts, it was very easy for him to calm down—especially when he was focused on inscribing spirit diagrams. His mind was peaceful, and he vaguely felt that his mind was being refined and becoming sublime.

This feeling was incredibly wonderful.

Because of that, he realized that when forging artifacts and inscribing spirit diagrams, his mind was cleansed and his soul was cleared up. It was as if the frustration, gloom, irritation, and other negative feelings were all gradually purified.

He suddenly remembered Xue Li’s words. “The person who sealed you cared for you very much. The four spirit diagrams floating inside the Soul Suppressing Orb were to help you cleanse your mind and filter out the chaos in your heart, keeping it clean and pure…”

Previously, he thought that Xue Li’s explanation was a little too incredible and he couldn’t really believe it.

But now, he did.

Inscribing spirit diagrams was incredibly useful in the purification of his mind. He had learned this with his own body.

“I am Xu Liang. May I ask if Qin Lie is around?” Suddenly, a somewhat dark voice came from outside.

Qin Lie’s expression was calm as he carelessly withdrew the Terminator Profound Bombs into his spatial ring and went downstairs. He said in an indifferent tone, “I am here.”

“Qin Lie, it’s Xu Liang. Xu Liang is here! We’re in trouble!” Downstairs, Yao Tai’s eyes were bloodshot and his face was haggard. God knows how many days he hadn’t slept. He looked like his entire spirit he been sucked out of his body.

He was completely drowning in the 《Complete Exposition of Middle Grade Spirit Diagrams》 to the point that he almost forgot that he was in trouble. It was only when he heard Xu Liang’s voice that he reacted and immediately panicked.

“It’s fine. I’ll meet him.” Qin Lie smiled and continued downstairs.

Yao Tai hurried followed him and explained in a small voice, “Qin Lie, Xu Liang is rather famous among the Star rank foreign delegates. His realm is… also pretty high. Do... do you want to inform the Song family clansmen to keep him from acting out of line?”

“No need.” Qin Lie shook his head.

“I’m scared something bad will happen to you!” Yao Tai became anxious.

“I have not suffered a loss since I left Nebula Pavilion.” Qin Lie grinned savagely. “Forget a mere Star rank foreign delegate. Heh, even if they were a Moon or Sun rank foreign delegate, I still wouldn’t lose!”

“You... you!” Yao Tai did not understand where Qin Lie’s confidence came from.

His martial realm might not have been high, but his eyes were still sharp. He could see that Qin Lie was in the Manifestation Realm.

Meanwhile, Xu Liang was at the middle stage of the Netherpassage Realm. How could Qin Lie possibly contest Xu Liang?

Feeling uneasy and wearing a tearful expression, Yao Tai thought rapidly about how to explain things to Xu Liang so that he would let him go and not cause trouble.

So, Yao Tai sighed all the way outside while following Qin Lie.

The moment he went out the door, Yao Tai’s expression changed again. He took a look at the area in front of the door and couldn’t help but cry out, “Lord Tuo Shan! Lord Feng Nan! Lord Wan Jia!”

There were three other martial practitioners wearing Star rank foreign delegate identity cards around their waists, standing in a line with Xu Liang while blocking the entrance.

“We are completely dead.” Yao Tai was frightened.

This time, Xu Liang himself had arrived, and he even dragged his buddies along with him. From the looks of it, he was obviously looking to show Qin Lie who was boss!

After following Xu Liang for such a long time, he knew very well how powerful Xu Liang’s three friends were. Tuo Shan was at the early stage of the Netherpassage Realm, Feng Nan was at the middle stage of the Netherpassage Realm, and Wan Jia was at the late stage of the Netherpassage Realm!

Xu Liang, Tuo Shan, Feng Nan, and Wan Jia often received missions from the Song Family together. They had fought and gone through life and death situations together. It could be said that they were friends for life.

Now that Xu Liang had called all three of his friends over, it was obvious that they were not preparing to resolve this matter amicably. This made Yao Tai shocked and doubtful. His shock was due to the number of people Xu Liang had involved in this matter, and his doubt was because it all started with him leaving with Qin Lie. Otherwise, why would Xu Liang need to mobilize so many people?

Since when did Xu Liang think so highly of him?

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