Chapter 315: Star Rank Foreign Delegate

Chapter 315: Star Rank Foreign Delegate

The members of Profound Heaven Alliance’s three great families could be differentiated into three kinds of people: clansmen, clan servants, and foreign delegates.

Clansmen were the family members of the three great families. For example, everyone with the surname Song in the Song Family were Song Family clansmen.

The Song Family had been grown, generation after generation. Their family branches were plentiful, and the clansmen of these branches and sub-branches were all Song family members. These people formed the core of the Song Family’s strength.

After that were the clan servants.

Clan servants were the servants and subordinates of the Song family members. They were a group of people who served the Song family members, treating them as masters.

Lastly, there were the foreign delegates.

Among the three, the Song Family clansmen could enter the Song Family’s scripture towers and all kinds of cultivation rooms at will. There were experts there specifically for teaching and clarifying doubts on cultivation and spirit herbs. Spirit pills and spirit stones would be specially supplied as well.

When a person attempted to break through to their next realm, there would even be experts to protect them, special zones for meditation, and people who would aid them in sorting out the aftereffects of fiendish rebound. The person would be protected in every way so they would be able to break through successfully.

All of this was entirely free.

In the Song Family, those with the surname Song were, without a doubt, the most distinguished. They would be able to cultivate using the Song Family’s resources free of charge. They were obviously one step above everyone else.

The clan servants were dependent on some of the experts in the Song Family. They were their subordinates.

The spirit herbs, spirit pills, and spirit stones a servant needed for cultivation were all supplied and handled by their master.

If Tu Shixiong entered Profound Heaven Alliance in the future, he would be a dependent of Song Siyuan and would serve under him as a subordinate.

A servant was required to follow to their master’s instructions completely and treat their master’s orders as their top priority.

These kinds of people were the majority in the Song Family. Every powerful Song expert had many servants and followers beneath them.

After that were the foreign delegates.

The relationship between foreign delegates and the Song Family was somewhat lax. They were more like cooperative relationships.

Foreign delegates could not use the Song Family’s massive amounts of resources, and they could not freely enter the scripture towers, cultivation rooms, or spirit herb stores. They would need contribution points to use them.

In this, they were similar to Nebula Pavilion.

Only by accomplishing the missions for the Song Family would foreign delegates be able to acquire contribution points and use their resources.

For them, everything in the Song Family had a price.

They could not be like a real Song Family clansman who could enter the scripture tower countless times and borrow cultivation rooms anytime they wanted.

They were also different from the servants in that all of their cultivation materials were provided by their masters and that their cultivation troubles were also sorted out by the people their masters assigned them.

In the Song Family, foreign delegates needed to rely on themselves to take missions, earning contribution points to be able to borrow the Song Family’s resources to cultivate and live onward.

Compared to the real clansmen and the clan servants, foreign delegates were self-reliant and had to continuously work hard to be able to hold their ground within the Song Family.

Yet foreign delegates had their own advantages as well. In comparison, foreign delegates were free. They could choose their own missions and turn down any of the Song Family’s unreasonable demands!

Everything the foreign delegates owned did not need to be relinquished to the Song Family. They did not need to submit anything.

Take the Terminator Profound Bombs for example. If Qin Lie was truly a Song Family clansman, then he would be required to submit its forging methods, for nothing in return, so that it could be converted into the Song Family’s treasure.

If he was a servant, he would also have to submit the forging methods for the Terminator Profound Bombs if his master requested it as well.

Since he was a foreign delegate, he did not need to submit what was rightfully his. He could keep everything.

In the Song Family, foreign delegates could enjoy a certain degree of freedom and did not need to listen to their orders.

“Qin Lie, I have a very beautiful cousin whose talents are pretty good as well. Are you interested?” While heading to the Song Family’s residence in Profound Heaven City, Song Tingyu pursed her lips and smiled with a mischievous gleam in her eyes. “My cousin… would be more than a good fit for you. If you agree, then I can ask my father to have her marry you. In that case, you would become my brother-in-law, and we would truly be family from that point onward. What do you think?”

“Unless you’re the one who marries me, I am not interested.” Qin Lie’s eyes suddenly changed as he looked at her with an impudent grin, sweeping his gaze back and forth over her perfect figure.

After exiting the Profound Heaven Great Hall, the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly seemed to have disappeared. Qin Lie had not seen it.

The two of them strode out onto the wide street, one behind the other. Song Tingyu was in front, dressed in a brightly colored, somewhat tight red skirt.

The sight of the skirt wrapping around her ample bottom was incredibly seductive. As her long, beautiful legs moved, her beautiful bottom also swayed slightly to form a curve that made Qin Lie’s blood boil and brought burning lust to his eyes.

“Marry you?” Song Tingyu turned around and immediately saw his lustful gaze. She could not help but yell, “Bastard! What are you looking at!”

Under Qin Lie’s impudent gaze, even she felt that her butt was getting a little hot. She hastily turned around to glare at Qin Lie and exclaimed, “You have been getting more and more impudent recently!”

Suddenly, she came to a stop and folded her arms across her chest. Instead, the curves of her bountiful breasts caused massive ripples in Qin Lie’s heart. “You go to the front!” Song Tingyu hmphed.

Qin Lie couldn’t help but laugh as he shook his head and said with a casual expression, “It’s not like you’ll lose anything if I take a look at you, right? A woman will doll herself up for those who appreciate her. What I’m doing now is called appreciating you. Compared to the shifty gazes of other men, my openness is what you call perfect sincerity. What do you think?”

“Sophistry!” Song Tingyu rolled her eyes and suddenly felt that, not only did the current Qin Lie have a sharp tongue, his face was also thicker by several layers. “I don’t care what you say. Just get to the front already. Like I would care about your distorted logic!”

Seeing her firm expression, Qin Lie had no choice but to walk in front of her.

It was only then that Song Tingyu was satisfied. After letting out a giggle, she continued to sway her legs beautifully and followed behind him. “You want me to marry you? Heh, then what about Ling Yushi? Oh, Qin Lie, you men are truly of bad character. Even as you tighten the noose around the one in your home, you do not forget to seek another outside. Aren’t you tired of this?”

“Hehe.” Qin Lie did not answer after laughing twice dryly.

“Qin Lie, the change in you is monumental. Just… what happened to you?” Song Tingyu suddenly asked quietly.

Qin Lie promptly went silent.

“I can feel it very clearly!” Song Tingyu said seriously, “I am absolutely sure that something must have happened to you! But I was by your side from beginning to end. We entered the Nether Realm together, went through many things in the Nether Realm together, and came back together. I was there, watching you from start to finish… but I just can’t think of anything that could have agitated you so much that you underwent such a change. Qin Lie, can you tell me? Can you tell me why?”

Qin Lie expressionlessly turned around and asked, “Do you think the current me is better, or worse?”

“It’s difficult to say…” Song Tingyu pondered for a moment before saying with slight confusion, “You have become both familiar and distant. The current you is more forceful, more confident, and more powerful than you used to be! However, you have also become more complicated... no, you have become way more complicated than you used to be! In comparison, the old you was a little naive, but kind. You would not tease a woman, much less act as… shameless as you are now. I may have been able to somewhat understand the old you, but I find that I understand the current you less and less.”

“If you could see through everything in my heart, then wouldn’t I always be on the defensive when facing you?” Qin Lie calmed down and said, “The true experts of the Song Family have a lot of subordinates and clan servants. You are the Miss of the Song Family. How many clan servants do you have?”

“There are a dozen or so people who are dependent on me. Most of them are in the Manifestation Realm, just like you are. There are seven who have reached the Netherpassage Realm and one who has reached the Fulfillment Realm.” Song Tingyu’s beautiful face let out an attractive smile as she taunted, “Oh, Qin Lie... without relying on the Terminator Profound Bombs, the thunder python, or Senior Xue Li, if I pick any one of my subordinates, do you think that they would be able to kill you?”

Qin Lie’s expression changed. “You have this many experts beneath you?! Could it be that the people who are equal to you in strength have this many experts beneath them as well?”

A Fulfillment Realm martial practitioner, seven Netherpassage Realm martial practitioners, and dozens of Manifestation Realm martial practitioners. This power was already enough to destroy Armament Sect.

“Of course, not all of them are like me.” Song Tingyu explained carelessly, “It’s because I’m the Miss of the Song Family that there are so many experts who are willing to be dependent on me. After all, if there are no accidents… then I will be the new head of the Song Family in the future.”

“I see.” Qin Lie nodded.

“Come, let’s get going already. I will bring you to the foreign delegate division. Our foreign delegates are divided into three ranks: Sun, Moon, and Star. A new recruit like you can only be considered a Star rank foreign delegate. I will lead you through the formalities, help you get your identity card, and arrange your accommodations.”


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