Chapter 312: You Are Still Too Green!

Chapter 312: You… Are Still Too Green!

Inside the Profound Heaven Great Hall everyone looked at Qin Lie, wanting him to prove himself.

Song Tingyu wanted to defend Qin Lie but was stopped by her father’s gaze. She looked somewhat frustrated.

Under the gazes of the three patriarchs of Profound Heaven Alliance, Qin Lie was still as calm as ever. He grinned and said, “I’ve killed quite a few Horned Demons . Will that prove my innocence?”

“Back in the Nether Realm, you killed plenty of Horned Demons. I can prove this,” Song Tingyu exclaimed.

“The evil race may have purposely sacrificed themselves to allow you to infiltrate Profound Heaven Alliance. Simply killing a few Horned Demons cannot prove anything,” Nie Yuan laughed coldly.

Qin Lie opened his arms, wearing a look of helplessness. “Then what do you say? How can I prove myself?”

“The easiest way is to search through your memories of course. If the three of us act personally… it shouldn’t damage you too badly.” Nie Yun looked maliciously at Qin Lie’s forehead with cold, dark eyes.

“Uncle Nie!” Song Tingyu’s expression changed as she said with unfriendly eyes, “Memory extraction always has side effects. This is definitely not acceptable!”

“Senior Song, what do you say about this matter?!” Qin Lie stared straight at Song Yu without a trace of fear. “If you’re not willing to believe me, then this will be a simple matter. I’ll turn around and leave right away.”

“Leave?” Nie Yuan blocked the entrance and said arrogantly, “Profound Heaven Alliance is not a place where you can come and go as you please!”

“Impudence!” Song Tingyu exploded with fury. “I invited Qin Lie into Profound Heaven City. If you really don’t believe him, then I will send him out!”

“Kid, do you dare to just stand behind a woman?” Nie Yuan did not face Song Tingyu directly and instead stared coldly at Qin Lie.

Qin Lie did not look at him, but at Song Yu. He asked, “Senior Song, is this how your Song Family treats its guests?”

Song Yu frowned slightly.

Qin Lie suddenly let out a long bout of laughter before nodding at Song Yu in disappointment. Then, he turned around and walked toward the hall’s entrance while saying, “Then I’d like to see exactly how your Profound Heaven Alliance is going to trap me. Also, I would personally like to find out if Profound Heaven Alliance… truly is indestructible!”

His spatial ring flashed.

He gripped the Eye of Frost tightly in his left hand. Waves of spatial energy emanated from the translucent ball of ice.

Many Terminator Profound Bombs appeared in his right hand. These round Terminator Profound Bombs appeared to be incredibly magical. They actually piled on top of each other like a pyramid.

With the Eye of Frost in one hand and the Terminator Profound Bombs in the other, Qin Lie carried himself with relaxed footsteps and an expression of leisure, slowly walking toward Nie Yuan.

At first, Song Tingyu wanted to stop him. After seeing him putting on such a forceful front, her beautiful eyes brightened as she pursed her lips, smiled, and just came to a halt.

“Three or four Terminator Profound Bombs are enough to destroy a small Horned Demon town. Six Terminator Profound Bombs exploding simultaneously is capable of eliminating all the elites of the five forces. Seven or eight Terminator Profound Bombs can threaten even a Fulfillment Realm martial practitioner…” Song Tingyu said seriously. With a casual tone, she said quietly, “I remember you having dozens of Terminator Profound Bombs in your spatial ring, right Qin Lie?”

“There are precisely eighteen Terminator Profound Bombs in total. I wasn’t able to meet you at the designated time because I was forging a few more of them.” Qin Lie had fought side by side with Song Tingyu. He was able to immediately understand her meaning as he laughed loudly and replied, “Heh, I’ve never actually tried detonating eighteen Terminator Profound Bombs before. Four Terminator Profound Bombs could destroy a small town. Eighteen of them… if my guess is correct, they could destroy at least one third of Profound Heaven City.”

The people inside the hall suddenly changed color. Nie Yun’s icy cold gaze instantly fell to Qin Lie’s hands.

Xie Yaoyang and Xie Jingxuan frowned deeply as they watched Nie Yuan and Qin Lie very closely.

Surprisingly, Profound Heaven Alliance’s alliance master, Song Yu, suddenly narrowed his eyes. His expression was calm and natural, as if he weren’t worried by the situation at all.

He had even exchanged glances with Song Tingyu in secret...

“Nie Yuan, is it?” Qin Lie grinned with a bright smile and closed in on him step by step. “You can try to stop me. However, I must make it clear beforehand that I am… sort of a cowardly person. The moment I realize that something is amiss, I will activate the Terminator Profound Bombs.”

Nie Yuan’s face was green.

“Of course, before the Terminator Profound Bombs actually explode... I will use my spatial spirit artifact to instantly escape from Profound Heaven City,” Qin Lie smiled and added.

Behind Qin Lie, Nie Yun laughed coldly, “I will make sure to kill you when you activate the Terminator Profound Bombs. You will not have the chance to use the spatial spirit artifact to escape.”

“I can at least ignite all eighteen Terminator Profound Bombs. As for whether or not I can escape… Heh, we’ll see about that, won’t we? You guys can try if you want.” Qin Lie’s tone was calm, but his eyes gleamed with bloodlust. “Naturally, there is no way you three seniors with your Fragmentation Realms will have any accidents, but the rest of the people… may not necessarily be safe.”

He smiled and looked at Nie Yuan.

The arrogance on Nie Yuan’s face did not change.

Meanwhile, Nie Yun frowned slightly.

“I will walk out of the hall entrance right now. The moment I discover anyone doing anything improper, then… we shall test the might of eighteen Terminator Profound Bombs exploding at once.”

He walked step by step toward Nie Yuan’s position.

The Profound Heaven Great Hall went dead silent.

Nie Yun’s expression was as cold as ice. His gaze fell onto Qin Lie and Nie Yuan’s figures and he did not say a word.

He wanted to see who was more bold and ruthless between Nie Yuan and Qin Lie.

If eighteen Terminator Profound Bombs exploded at once, Nie Yuan would most likely not survive. On the other hand, Qin Lie would not have the chance to activate his spatial spirit artifact and escape with him around, so he would not survive either!

If Nie Yuan dared to obstruct him, would Qin Lie really sacrifice everything and activate the Terminator Profound Bombs?

The second he did that, he would become the sworn enemy of Profound Heaven Alliance. Be it Song Yu or Xie Yaoyang, they would attack and kill him at a moment’s notice.

Nie Yun was a hundred percent confident that Qin Lie would be instantly killed under the attacks of Song Yu, Xie Yaoyang, and himself. Qin Lie would not have the chance to activate the spatial spirit artifact.

The Terminator Profound Bombs could be activated with a bolt of lightning, but it wasn’t that simple when using a spatial spirit artifact to escape.

He neither thought that Qin Lie would dare to sacrifice everything, nor did he believe that Qin Lie would dare to be this crazy. He believed that Qin Lie would back down at a critical moment.

Of course, if Qin Lie was more ruthless than Nie Yuan, he would definitely die with him.

He did not say anything to stop this. He wanted to see if his son would obtain the final victory in this terrifying conflict.

“Xuan’er, get behind me,” Xie Yaoyang suddenly exclaimed in a low tone.

Xie Jingxuan’s cool eyes shone with an odd gleam. She stared closely at Qin Lie, but her figure quietly withdrew behind Xie Yaoyang’s back. Furthermore, she summoned her spirit art, causing hazy green light to appear around her body.

“Two madmen!”

On the other side, Song Tingyu swore softly before hastily hiding behind Song Yu’s back without waiting for him to call for her. She reminded him in a soft voice, “Father, Qin Lie really will…”

Song Yu’s expression remained gentle. He did not speak and simply narrowed his eyes, watching the two calmly.

Xie Jinxuan recalled the short time she had spent with Qin Lie in the past. She recalled the day that he killed Du Haitian on the streets, when he stabbed Liang Shaoyang to death in front of Armament Sect’s entrance despite everyone’s attempts to stop him, and the destruction of the men of the five forces with the Terminator Profound Bombs...

The more she thought, the more anxious she became. She hurriedly reminded her father, “Father, Qin Lie... Qin Lie is someone who is capable of anything…”

Xie Yaoyang’s expression shook slightly as he nodded and quietly raised his guard.

Song Tingyu and Xie Jingxuan’s voices were very soft. However, in this Profound Heaven Great Hall, which had become so silent that even the sound of a pin dropping could be heard, the exclamations of the women were incredibly clear.

Therefore, both father and son, Nie Yun and Nie Yuan, heard them clearly.

Nie Yun’s expression changed slightly, but he still didn’t say a thing.

Nie Yuan’s eyes were fierce and his face was green. Like a starving wolf, he stared emotionlessly at Qin Lie and the Terminator Profound Bombs in his hands!

At this moment, Qin Lie was only five steps away from him.

Qin Lie grinned under his absolutely frightening gaze. Out of nowhere, a tiny spark of lightning appeared from a fingertip that tightly gripped the Terminator Profound bombs.

Nie Yuan’s pupils shrunk as he felt a sudden pressure capable of suffocating him. His breathing became incredibly heavy, and every breath felt as if he were exhausting every bit of energy in his body.

Nie Yuan’s expression was absolutely savage. It was incredibly frightening, like the expression of a beast facing extinction.

On the other hand, Qin Lie was as easygoing and relaxed as ever. It was as if he didn’t realize that one wrong move on his part would push past the point of no return.


Another step taken, another spark of lightning shone from the tip of his fingers. The electricity brushed across the surface of a Terminator Profound Bomb.

That tiny spark of electricity appeared incredibly terrifying!

Nie Yuan’s eyes were completely red, as if he had cultivated the Blood Spirit Art. He stared emotionlessly at the two sparks of electricity!

His body began to shiver slightly!


Qin Lie’s took yet another step, and electricity appeared on yet another one of his fingertips.

Nie Yuan's calves suddenly bent in an exaggerated manner!


He promptly fell on his rear, sweating like there had been a downpour of rain. All of the energy in his body felt like it had been sucked away in its entirety.

Qin Lie eventually arrived in front of Nie Yuan, standing upright while Nie Yuan sat on the floor, so he was looking down on Nie Yuan from above. He said cruelly, “You want to compete over who is less afraid of death? You… are still too green!”

Nie Yuan was panting heavily while glaring at him unwaveringly. He did not dare to move recklessly even after listening to his taunting!

“If I cannot stay in this place, then I will naturally go somewhere else. I guess it is time for me to take a trip to Eight Extreme Temple. I believe that the Temple Masters of Eight Extreme Temple may be friendlier to speak with.” Qin Lie turned around and smiled calmly at the three patriarchs before heading outside. He said, “Today, the Terminator Profound Bombs were not able to detonate in Profound Heaven City. In the future, the people of Eight Extreme Temple… may be able to assist me in achieving that.”

“I have never seen such an arrogant junior!” Nie Yun yelled furiously.

“This kid is quite a character…” The stalwart Xie Yaoyang looked deeply at Qin Lie and nodded.

“Qin Lie!” Song Yu, who had been calmly watching the scene unfold, finally opened his mouth.

This time, a smile appeared on Song Yu’s face as he said loudly, “We were just testing you, trying to get a glimpse of the man who foiled Profound Heaven Alliance’s great plans time and time again. From now on, you are the Song Family’s foreign delegate! You are a part of Profound Heaven Alliance! Since we are now family, you shouldn’t use the Terminator Profound Bombs recklessly.”

“Oh, is that so?” Qin Lie stopped outside the hall, glanced once at Nie Yuan, and chuckled. “I was just joking with you, Big Brother Nie. I hope you won’t mind.”

Nie Yuan’s expression was as ugly as one could imagine.

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