Chapter 310: Entering Profound Heaven City

Chapter 310: Entering Profound Heaven City

The most prosperous city on the Scarlet Tide Continent was Profound Heaven City. At this moment, inside the Profound Heaven Great Hall of Profound Heaven City, three formidable men were seated in three respective corners seemingly waiting for something.

They were the Song Family’s patriarch, Song Yu, Xie Family’s patriarch, Xie Yaoyang, and Nie Family’s patriarch, Nie Yun.

Also standing inside the great hall was Xie Jingxuan, dressed in white clothes, and Nie Yun’s son, Nie Yuan.

“Jingxuan, you’ve come into contact with that Qin Lie before. What do you think of this person?” Song Yu asked her while seated in the master’s seat with a gentle look.

Standing behind Xie Yaoyang, Xie Jingxuan thought for a short while before answering calmly, “Most of the time, Qin Lie’s personality is gentle, loyal, courageous, and daring. However, during critical moments he would appear a little… crazy. He would often throw away rationality and do foolish things. When I knew him, he was still a Refinement Realm apprentice at Li’s Shop. The Qin Lie from that time was a little cowardly and self-deprecating. He valued money rather greatly…”

“Uncle Song, have you called my father and Uncle Xie over to see this Qin Lie?” Nie Yun’s son, Nie Yuan was, obviously a little surprised, “What virtues or abilities does he have? Is it worth it to have the patriarchs from all three of Profound Heaven Alliance’s families just to see him?”

“Brother Song, I also believe that this Qin Lie is not worth our attention.” Nie Yun wore a look of outright arrogance, yet his tone was neither hasty nor impatient. “He is just a somewhat luckier brat.”

“The reason I called the two of you over was naturally not just for Qin Lie.” Song Yu smiled calmly and said, “Aren’t you curious about the fact that Tingyu had returned from Nether Realm alive? Aren’t you curious about how she escaped from the Nether Realm?”

Nie Yun and Xie Yaoyang nodded immediately upon hearing his words. It was obvious that they valued this matter more.

“Seven Fiends Valley… wishes for us to punish Qin Lie severely.” Xie Jingxuan had already returned to Profound Heaven Alliance from Dark Asura Hall. She had recently been managing the intelligence side of Profound Heaven Alliance. “Dark Fiend Valley’s Shen Meilan, Fire Fiend Valley’s Gu Tong, Gold Fiend Valley’s Jia Songlin and many of their subordinate experts were destroyed by Terminator Profound Bombs. Furthermore, the Ling Family clansmen have been taken away by Qin Lie. Seven Fiends Valley wishes for Profound Heaven Alliance to intervene.”

“What? That fellow has killed another three valley masters from Seven Fiends Valley?” Nie Yuan’s body was tall and his appearance was handsome. Just like his father, he held an ingrained arrogance as he scoffed and said, “This guy is far too impudent!”

“Its his fault that our plan with Eight Extreme Temple against Armament Sect failed. Not only we did not take down Armament Sect, we even suffered grievous losses.” Nie Yun interrupted, “The evil nether passageway was also opened because of him. This boy is practically a plague. Brother Song, if you really value the Terminator Profound Bombs, we can capture him immediately after he arrives and forcefully seize his memories with the Memory Fragment Crystal. We can seek out and obtain everything in his mind.”

“He can suppress the evil nether passageway once more. Only he can move the twelve spirit pattern pillars.” Xie Jingxuan interrupted.

“He still has some use.” Xie Yaoyang also said.

“Brother Nie, this Qin Lie… is a member of Profound Heaven Alliance now.” Song Yu smiled and looked at Nie Yun. Then he looked at Xie Yaoyang. “He has recently killed Ying Xingran with his own hands and officially separated from Armament Sect. Now he has been persuaded by Tingyu and will become the Song Family’s foreign delegate.”

The moment he said this, Nie Yun, Nie Yuan, Xie Yaoyang, and Xie Jingxuan all wore odd expressions.

“He killed Ying Xingran? Personally?” After a while, Nie Yun could not help but ask.

Song Yu smiled and nodded, “He even killed Fan Le from Joyful Union Sect and hurt Revered Thoughtless before leaving.”

“Revered Thoughtless! Thoughtless of the middle stage of the Fulfillment Realm!” Xie Jingxuan’s beautiful face was also filled with surprise. “With Thoughtless’ realm and cultivation, how would he be hurt by Qin Lie? Didn’t that senior, Xue Li, already leave?”

“According to Tingyu’s news, a soul of an ancient beast is hidden inside Qin Lie’s body. He summoned the soul and hurt Thoughtless.” Song Yu said leisurely.

“More than half a year ago, he defended Armament Sect with his life and forced us to the end of our wits. Now, after he returned from the Nether Realm, he actually killed Ying Xingran personally. This kid… is mysterious. He’s actually a little mysterious now.” Nie Yun’s expression was odd. He praised Qin Lie and said, “Still, Tingyu is as impressive as ever. She actually managed to bring such a person into the Song Family. It seems like Brother Song will obtain yet another great general.”

Song Yu chuckled once with a look of delight. He also seemed to be rather proud of Song Tingyu’s capabilities.

“Even I am interested to see this person now.” Surprise also appeared in Xie Yaoyang’s eyes.

After saying this, he turned back to look in Xie Jingxuan’s eyes with a trace of displeasure. He seemed to be blaming her for not having the foresight to draw Qin Lie into the Xie Family when she was at the Nebula Pavilion, causing such a person to be taken by the Song Family just like that.

A trace of helplessness appeared in Xie Jingxuan’s clear eyes, but she did not try to defend herself.


“What a huge city!”

Qin Lie was laying down atop the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly and looking at the tall stone towers, endless rows of buildings, and impressive atmosphere of the city. He couldn’t help but admire it.

“In the future, you will be a part of this city.” Song Tingyu smiled beautifully as her eyes brimmed with joy. “Oh, right, why have you suddenly agreed to become the Song Family’s foreign delegate?”

“I had to find a force to rely on after completely offending Joyful Union Sect. Furthermore, I’ve cut ties with Armament Sect and no longer have a home to go back to. I can only rely on Tingyu to help me.” Qin Lie’s expression was natural, but his eyes were shining with the light of ambition.

Song Tingyu’s beautiful eyes gazed deeply at him before suddenly breaking out in bitter laughter. “When you were at Ling Town, it wasn’t long before it fell into chaos. Later on, you arrived at Nebula Pavilion, and then a huge change occurred there and you turned the whole place upside down. To this day, they are still recovering from the damages. After you concealed your identity, you went to Armament Sect. Shortly after that, Armament Sect met with the threat of destruction and you opened the evil nether passageway. Armament Sect was also forced to migrate into the poisonous bog. Today I bring you into Profound Heaven City, and I wonder why I keep getting a bad feeling.”

“What are you trying to say?” Qin Lie grew embarrassed.

“You’re a complete jinx!” Song Tingyu said through her nose.

Qin Lie rubbed his nose, let out a couple of dry laughs before grinning, and said, “Thank you for your blessing. I will make sure to work hard and turn your Profound Heaven City upside down as well!”

“Miss Song has returned!”

“Eh?! It really is Miss Song!”

“So Miss Song was still alive!”


Inside Profound Heaven City, many Profound Heaven Alliance martial practitioners looked into the sky and saw the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly. They all cheered because of this.

They looked incredibly excited and happy. They seemed to adore Song Tingyu from the bottom of their hearts.

“Your reputation seems to be pretty good, huh?” Qin Lie said in surprise.

“Of course!” Song Tingyu smiled proudly and said, “Compared to Nie Yuan and Xie Jingxuan, my reputation is definitely a level above theirs. I am the true hope for the future in the eyes of Profound Heaven Alliance’s martial practitioners.”

“Tingyu, what are you playing around for?!” Song Yu’s voice came from the Profound Heaven Great Hall below, “Your Uncle Xie and Uncle Nie have been waiting for some time now.”


The Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly landed in the plaza in front of the Profound Heaven Great Hall. Under the surprised gazes of many Profound Heaven Alliance guards, Song Tingyu and Qin Lie disembarked and walked to the great hall together, shoulder to shoulder.

“Who is this kid? Did he actually return on Miss’ Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly? I don’t seem to recall the Miss bringing anyone back home on her Rainbow Butterfly before. How about you guys?”

“No, the martial practitioners that have come to Profound Heaven Alliance in the past all came by themselves. The times that the Miss accompanied one or two people, they also weren’t able to sit atop the Rainbow Butterfly. This fellow… seems to be quite familiar with the Miss, doesn’t he?”

“He is called Qin Lie, Armament Sect’s new sect master. He was the one who stopped our plans and saved Armament Sect from the abyss of death.”

“Qin Lie!”

“So it was him. The guy who opened the evil nether passageway dares to come to Profound Heaven Alliance!”

“It’s him! He forced us to fight against the evil races on the Scarlet Tide Continent. That despicable bastard!”

“It’s him!”

The eyes of many of these people suddenly burned with violent anger. Their gazes gathered on Qin Lie with ill intentions.

“You seem to be quite the hate magnet, huh?” Song Tingyu chuckled and spoke softly, “Oh Qin Lie, you better be careful in Profound Heaven Alliance in the future. Look, don’t they all seem like they want to eat you alive?”

“I don’t see anything.” Qin Lie grinned and chuckled strangely before striding into Profound Heaven Great Hall looking completely at ease.

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