Chapter 308: Xue Li’s Request

Chapter 308: Xue Li’s Request

In the depths of the poisonous bog, at the center of the poisonous, multicolored miasma, there were little, multicolored ponds with water of varying colors.

Thick poisonous miasma of all sorts of colors flowed like layers of silk that covered the sky.

Outside, more poisonous miasma formed a natural barrier that prevented those without the required knowledge from entering.

Inside, amongst the little ponds, on the damp ground, there were a few dozen limestone towers surrounded in abundant spirit energy.

In front of those little towers, little pools had been dug. Bloodwater bubbled from them and many Blood Spear martial practitioners were cultivating within.

Great Elder Mo Hai was making some medicinal fluid at the top of a stone tower. When he saw Feng Rong arrive with Qin Lie, his expression was that of astonishment. He said, “Qin Lie, you are still alive?”

“I’m living quite well.” Qin Lie raised his head to look at Mo Hai who was on top of the tower and grinned, “But just now, I killed Ying Xingran.”

Mo Hai was shocked. “Sect-Sect Master Ying...” He couldn’t help but look at Feng Rong.

Feng Rong grimaced and nodded. “Qin Lie killed him.”

Mo Hai’s expression changed and he shouted, “What happened?”

“I will explain later.” Feng Rong did not mind his shock and took Qin Lie around. Then she said, “This is at the deepest part of the poisonous bog. The surroundings are shrouded in poisonous miasma. Not only that, but the poisonous miasma contains powerful poisons. Even those in the Fulfillment Realm... are not completely immune. With the poisonous miasma present, even if Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple want to exterminate Blood Spear, it would not be so simple. Also, A'Hai has been recently trying to increase the strength of the poisonous miasma...”

Qin Lie was shocked on the inside.

“To enter and leave this area, one needs to have medicine that can repel the poisonous miasma. The little ponds here are all extremely poisonous. We have recently been thinking to connect the water in the ponds and form a new line of defense.” Feng Rong laughed slightly and then said, “Isn’t it wondrous? The nature spirit energy here is so thick that it is almost unbelievable. It is even more concentrated than Flame Volcano.”

“As expected, it is a very good place,” Qin Lie praised. “What? Do you not plan on telling the three reverends of Armament Sect about this place?”

“What do you think?” Feng Rong said with a sly smile.

Qin Lie nodded and, after a moment of thought, said, “Alright, I will have the Ling Family move here. After a period of time, I will help Blood Spear forge a batch of Terminator Profound Bombs.”

“Mn. In the eyes of Lang Xie and I, you are half a member of Blood Spear because... you are also cultivating the Blood Spirit Art, right?” Feng Rong looked at him with bright eyes.

Qin Lie grinned and did not disagree. “You should come with me to get the Ling Family.”

Two hours later.

Under the leadership of Qin Lie and Feng Rong, Ling Yushi, Ling Xuanxuan, Ling Feng, and the rest of the Ling Family successfully entered this area using the poisonous miasma repelling medicine that Mo Hai made.

After Qin Lie explained the situation, the members of the Ling Family were happy with this hidden cultivation land that was filled with spirit energy.

At this time, they already knew that their identities were special. They also knew that they could possibly be an evil race in the eyes of other people. Therefore, they had to hide, gain an understanding of themselves, and consider their future.

This place was definitely a very good place for them to hide in.

After a period of discussion with the Ling Family to ease their worries, Qin Lie left.

Walking out, he was not in a hurry to meet up with Song Tingyu. He found a hiding spot and then sat down.

“Come one by one...”

He concentrated and actively connected to Xue Li. He told Xue Li he had free time now.

Like a bloody shadow, Xue Li slowly flew out between his brows and took form in front of his eyes.

With an indistinct form, Xue Li floated in the air like a bloody ghost. He looked deeply at Qin Lie and asked, “Boy, who are you?”

“I don’t know.” Qin Lie grinned with a relaxed expression. “I also want to know who I am, and I believe there will be a day where I will be able to find out!”

“In the past, there were strange fluctuations coming from the orb. That was your other soul! I could clearly feel an aura that belonged to you!” Xue Li seemed extremely shocked. “That soul was very unique. The memories that belonged to that soul had been extracted. Even I... cannot do something like that!”

“A soul that had its memories extracted?” Qin Lie shook and then said gravely, “What else do you see?”

“Let me use an example. If you think of the soul... as a body, the emotions and desires of the soul can be thought of as the muscles, veins, blood, and flesh of the body. Mind power can be thought of as spirit energy, and memories are the bones—the skeleton of the soul!” Xue Li’s expression was stern as he shouted, “Extracting the memories from a soul is akin to taking the bones out of a body. Only someone who possesses great power can do something like this. Even I... cannot do this.”

Qin Lie’s eyes glittered like stars. “Continue!”

“Someone took away your memories so that you will not remember the past, but allowed your soul to keep your point of view. Preferences and habits were completely preserved... for your personality.” Xue Li looked at him deeply and said, “This is astounding. When your soul, which lost its memories, passed through the Soul Suppressing Orb, I could feel... that this you and the you that I know were completely different!”

Qin Lie was silent.

“It seems that I was not wrong.” Xue Li’s tone was grave. “Kid, there is a space inside this orb that has been opened. Inside... there are a few spirit diagrams. Have you inscribed them and studied them?”

“Yes!” Qin Lie said gravely.

Xue Li’s ghost-like head nodded lightly. He said, “Those spirit diagrams were probably used to cleanse your soul. They prevent you from going crazy, allowing you to calm your mind and adjust your self. Someone... hoped that, through the spirit diagrams, you would be able to quell your malevolence, brutality, and madness—that you would be able to walk the true path...”

“Continue!” Qin Lie snorted. “Tell me everything you can see. I need an observer to show me that which I cannot see!”

“Someone did not want you to remember anything from before you were ten. They did not want the you before you were ten to exist in this world.” Xue Li looked at him and said, “I think that they did this for your own good...”

Qin Lie furrowed his brow in thought.

“Yet, the you from before you were ten is still you. They also hoped that your soul would remain complete, so they kept the soul intact after extracting the memories. They also had this portion of your soul slowly merge into your body and interact with your presently gentle personality to cause change in your originally mad personality, so you would be able to become strong but not irrational and walk onto a path of no return.”

Xue Li sighed. “That person really put a great deal of thought into this. I think that, other than your parents, no one would treat you so.”

Switching topics, Xue Li said, “A person that is skilled in the mysteries of the soul, knows so much about personalities, memories, and minds, and is capable of accomplishing such a goal... it would be someone extraordinarily strong!”


Qin Lie’s mood was slightly low. His head was bent and he soundlessly sighed.

After a very long time, Qin Lie’s mind was a mess. He raised his head to look at Xue Li and said, “What were you in such a hurry to talk to me about?”

“Kid, your background and identity are probably not simple. I feel...that you might truly be able to help me in the future.” Xue Li seemed to have thought this through beforehand and said straightforwardly, “My actual body will do something major soon. I have a bad feeling. I feel that my true body might be killed but… there are some things I just have to do!”

Qin Lie’s brow furrowed as he smiled coldly. “What can I do to help you? Give you this body?”

“Of course not.” Xue Li shook his head helplessly. “That thunder python is in your body—it is almost impossible for my soul to possess you. Also, your main cultivation is the power of thunder and lightning. Even if the python were not present, it would become increasingly difficult for me to possess you. I can also see... that your soul exists to dominate all other souls. I have long since given up on possessing you...”

“Then what do you want from me?” Qin Lie asked.

“I need the power of Blood Spear! This Blood Spear... is the only existing branch of my Blood Fiend Sect. I need your help to develop Blood Spear because I will require their help!” Xue Li’s eyes glittered with a bloody light.

“Lang Xie is occupied with developing Blood Spear. What can I help you with?” Qin Lie asked.

“First, I need you to help me set up a teleportation formation in that place—a teleportation formation that connects to the ultimate blood ground!” Xue Li said.

“I don’t know how,” Qin Lie said crisply.

“I will teach you!” Xue Li shouted.

“What can you give me?” Qin Lie narrowed his eyes with a cold smile.

“As long as you are willing to help me, I am willing to treat you as a master until the day you are stronger than me. When you do not need me, the agreement will automatically end. Of course, if you die prematurely, then the agreement will also end.” Xue Li’s expression was stern.

“Oh? Treat me as a master?” Qin Lie laughed cheerfully. “How come you only thought of this now? Why didn’t you decide on that in the past?”

“The previous you was not worth it!” Xue Li snorted coldly. “You had no ambition and a weak personality. You were someone that was pushed around by other people, just a pawn of fate. You would not have been able to survive in the river of the future.”

“I will think about it, then answer you.” Qin Lie chuckled and pointed between his brows, signaling Xue Li to go back inside.

Xue Li could do nothing except fly back into the Soul Suppressing Orb, waiting in the place that Qin Lie had pointed to.

With the lightning as the cage, Qin Lie sealed Xue Li into the Soul Suppressing Orb once more, then took out the Eye of Frost. He activated it and directly entered the land under the Arctic Mountain Range.

He sat down at the peak of a glacier.

Sealed within the glacier underneath him was the enormous body of the thunder python.

“Come out,” Qin Lie grunted.

That python slowly appeared from his neck and shot out in a flash of electricity.

The miniature python formed in front of his eyes and stared at him.

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