Chapter 307: Change

Chapter 307: Change

Feng Rong’s guess was correct.

The reason that Qin Lie was unwilling to take the position of Armament Sect’s sect master was because he wanted to give it to Tang Siqi. He truly felt that Tang Siqi was more suited to the position.

Qin Lie had killed Ying Xingran and deeply offended the three great reverends. The Armament Sect disciples that came from Armament Pavilions in different areas did not respect him. Even if he forced himself into the position of sect master, there would be trouble in the future.

He had the ability to resolve those troubles, of course. However, it would be too troublesome and he also had his own plans. He did not want Armament Sect to hold him back.

Ying Xingran was dead, and as he was leaving again, Tang Siqi became the best choice for sect master.

The three great reverends did not have any objections about Tang Siqi. Additionally, Tang Siqi was relatively easy to control and they would be very happy to support Tang Siqi in that role.

Lang Xie and Feng Rong also had good feelings about Tang Siqi. With the approval of Blood Spear, Tang Siqi would be able to hold onto the position.

He was on good terms with Tang Siqi. He also knew... that Tang Siqi had positive feelings toward him.

“You seem to have become more complicated.” Feng Rong’s brow furrowed slightly. She thought and then sighed, “Qin Lie, was the past half year in the Nether Realm difficult for you? What happened that caused you... to become like this?”

She thought that Qin Lie’s transformation occurred because he had endured too much hardship and pain in the Nether Realm.

Qin Lie did not explain and asked candidly, “Instructor Feng, what do you think about Senior Sister Tang?”

“Ying Xingran is dead, and you also killed Liang Shaoyang. A'Hai’s heart isn’t with Armament Sect and he will leave sooner or later. The other elders do not have enough talent in forging or the ability to provoke a response from the spirit pattern pillars. As a result, Tang Siqi has become the only choice.” Feng Rong glared at him. “You already planned for it to be this way. What are you asking me for? The three great reverends will definitely invite Tang Siqi back to replace Ying Xingran as sect master after this incident. With my understanding of Lang Xie, I believe he will also support Tang Siqi. This matter is basically set in stone.”

Qin Lie grinned, nodded, and said, “That’s good.”

“It was Lang Xie who had me find you.” Feng Rong’s expression became serious.

“Speak. I am listening.” Qin Lie narrowed his eyes.

“You should know that  Revered Thoughtless of Joyful Union Sect is not dead. What you do not know is that the experts of Joyful Union Sect will be coming to this place soon.” Feng Rong looked at the sect behind her and said worriedly, “Armament Sect, with its many artificers, is very tempting to Joyful Union Sect. I can see that they hope Armament Sect will develop into a faction subordinate to them and that the artificers of Armament Sect will forge all kinds of spirit artifacts for them. They want to nurture Armament Sect to compete with Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple in Scarlet Tide Continent.”

Qin Lie gave a slight smile. “A sect made up of artificers is naturally a tempting piece of meat. All forces want to possess it in order to increase the power of their own sect. Mn, I can understand that.”

The reason why Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple acted against Armament Sect repeatedly was to force Armament Sect to submit to them. They had no choice but to eliminate Armament Sect after Armament Sect constantly refused them.

“Lang Xie has broken into the Fulfillment Realm and Blood Spear has been expanding recently. However, compared to Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple, Blood Spear... is still too weak.” Feng Rong looked at him deeply and suddenly said, “Lang Xie hopes to purchase the Terminator Profound Bombs that you have to increase the offensive power of Blood Spear.”

“Great ambition.” Qin Lie’s eyes were bright as he rubbed his chin. After thinking for a while, he said, “What can Lang Xie give me?”

“Blood Spear has been clearing out the poisonous bog in search of more appropriate grounds for cultivation recently.” Feng Rong laughed lightly. “We were pretty lucky and found a place rich in spirit energy. That place... really isn’t bad. It is also well hidden. Lang Xie said that he is willing to separate a section to use as a rest area for the Ling Family. Also, Blood Spear can guarantee the safety of the Ling Family...”

Qin Lie’s eyes lit up.

The biggest problem he had right now was sheltering the Ling Family. At this moment, he and Armament Sect could be said to have completely broken off their relationship. He naturally could not allow the Ling Family to cultivate at Armament Sect.

Since their identities were those of another race, Qin Lie had to negotiate with Song Yu of Profound Heaven Alliance. He could not determine Song Yu’s attitude about foreign races, so he could not take the Ling Family to Profound Heaven Alliance. Consequently, sheltering the Ling Family became a problem.

Lang Xie must have realized this, so he had arranged for Feng Rong to come. He hoped to avoid Armament Sect’s leadership and use Blood Spear to come to a private agreement with him.

“Is that place really that good?” Qin Lie asked.

Feng Rong nodded. “It is rich in spirit energy and surrounded by poisonous miasma. Normal people will not be able to enter. Also, A'Hai is the only person of inner and outer Armament Sect that knows the location. Ying Xingran, the three great reverends, and the inner and outer sect elders do not know such a place exists.”

“I was wondering why I did not see Elder Mo Hai this time.” Qin Lie realized.

Mo Hai wasn’t just the most skilled artificer in the current Armament Sect. He also had great skill in poisons and poisonous objects. Using their personal ties, Feng Rong had definitely asked Mo Haito help out Blood Spear and clean out the area.

“I want to see it for myself,” Qin Lie expressed.

“No problem. But you... must leave Song Tingyu of Profound Heaven Alliance behind,” Feng Rong said.


“Boy, I need to talk to you.”

“I need you to take me back to the world of frost.”

Xue Li and the thunder python both sent thoughts to him at this moment. Both seemed very urgent.

“I have something to do. You can continue to wait until I have taken care of this.” Qin Lie snorted coldly inside and impatiently told them to settle down.

Then he moved next to Ling Yushi, Ling Xuanxuan, Ling Feng, and the others. He said, “You should follow her. I will follow later.” He pointed at Feng Rong who was leading the way.


Ling Yushi did not say even a word of doubt. After an order to her clansmen, she had the Ling Family follow Feng Rong to advance into the poisonous bog.

“You are being sneaky. What were you discussing with that woman?” Song Tingyu walked out from behind a large tree and shot a look at him. She said, “I was almost frightened to death by you just now...”

“Heheh,” Qin Lie grinned and chuckled. Then he ordered, “You go to the place where we were intimate first. I will find you in a few days.”

“Intimate...” A shocked expression appeared on Song Tingyu’s beautiful face. Her eyes were slightly puzzled. “When was I ever intimate with you?”

“Such a ruthless woman!” Qin Lie shouted and then looked at her with deep emotion. He said, “When Mo He was hiding in the shadows, in the area surrounded by Thunderblitz Trees, you and I were together and full of love... Yu’er, did you forget all this?”

“Yu-Yu’er...” Song Tingyu’s body froze and she suddenly understood.

When Mo He had been ordered to kill Qin Lie, Song Tingyu found Qin Lie to put on an act after she lied about Qin Lie being her fiancé. The two had been together and were “lovey-dovey” for a while, but both she and Qin Lie understood that it was an act to fool Mo He...

Now Qin Lie was bringing the matter up again. After a moment of stillness, Song Tingyu started to giggle. She glared at Qin Lie and shouted, “You rascal! You finally grew up? You dare to proposition me?”

In the past, when she and Qin Lie were together, it had always been her teasing Qin Lie. She had tormented him in all kinds of ways and always held the initiative.

Qin Lie had always been forced to endure it. He would rarely retaliate and never teased her back.

At this moment, when she realized that Qin Lie was teasing her, she wasn’t angry and instead felt a sense of novelty. She thought that this feeling… was very interesting.

“I need to go somewhere with Feng Rong. Feng Rong does not want you to know where, so you need to excuse yourself.” His smile fading, Qin Lie stated the reason. He did not wait for Song Tingyu to express her feelings and said, “Three days. You need to wait for me there for three days. Three days later, I will come find you.”

When he finished, Qin Lie walked in the direction Feng Rong and the Ling Family had gone without waiting for Song Tingyu to reply.

He seemed confident that Song Tingyu would do as he said.

Song Tingyu looked at his back with a shocked expression. Extreme confusion could be seen in her eyes. She unconsciously shook her head and murmured, “Strange... this person has changed so much. He isn’t just more assertive. His eyes are intense and they carry a thread of heat…”

She could clearly feel that Qin Lie was different than he used to be.

In the Nether Realm, she had been the one to organize many matters. Qin Lie rarely expressed an opinion and would just follow her. He did not like to be in control of the situation.

Yet the feeling that Qin Lie gave her now was that he wanted to be in control at the time. He had a harshness to him, as if he wanted to be the master of everything.

She had only felt such a domineering and self-centered demeanor from a few people: her father, the head of the Xie Family, Xie Yaoyang, and the holy master of Eight Extreme Temple...

This was the greatest difference between the past Qin Lie and the present Qin Lie.

There was also one more thing. In the past, Qin Lie had looked at her with a natural and peaceful gaze.

Now, Qin Lie’s gaze hid a thread of burning light—that light was the possessiveness of a male.

Song Tingyu suddenly felt slightly panicked.

In her opinion, Qin Lie had been an innocent boy in the past. He had a one-track mind and only held Ling Yushi in his heart. Facing Song Tingyu’s occasional flirting, he would strictly control himself and rarely go overboard.

Yet Qin Lie’s present gaze made her feel that Qin Lie had changed from an innocent young man into a true man—a man that had an instinctive lust for beauty.

In conclusion, the past Qin Lie made her feel safe, but the present Qin Lie felt slightly dangerous to her.

“What happened to this person? There wasn’t even a process, he just changed out of nowhere. This is too sudden...” Song Tingyu gazed in the direction that Qin Lie had departed with a thoughtful expression in her eyes. A long while later, she said in a low tone, “The present Qin Lie is not very easy to control. I mustn’t... lose control.”

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