Chapter 306: Boldness

Chapter 306: Boldness

Qin Lie proudly walked toward the outside.

No one dared to stop him.

The Ling Family clansmen followed behind him with bright eyes and respectful expressions.

Song Tingyu, who was also behind him, looked at him in shock. Her expression was slightly strange.

The procession gradually moved away.

Lang Xie silently sighed in relief. Looking at the area covered in thunder and lightning, he thought and then said a few words to Feng Rong beside him in a low voice.

Feng Rong went still and then nodded almost imperceptibly. She slowly retreated, waiting until she was sure no one was watching her before she left at a quick pace.

“Lang Xie! You... why did you not kill him? He betrayed and killed Ying Xingran! As the leader of Blood Spear, you did not take action and you even tried to stop Revered Thoughtless. Whose side are you really on?” After Qin Lie’s figure disappeared, Luo Zhichang’s screams started up again.

Fang Qi and Jiang Hao instantly agreed. They stood with Luo Zhichang and also started to criticize Lang Xie.

Lang Xie was indifferent and unaffected. He said, “If I really did not interfere, you three would not have lived past today.”

When these words were spoken, Luo Zhichang, Jiang Hao, and Fang Qi’s criticism instantly stopped.

They knew that Lang Xie was right.

Qin Lie first stomped Fan Le to death and was preparing to kill the three of them. If Lang Xie had not stood up in time and asked him to have mercy… they could not bear thinking about that outcome.

Thinking about how Qin Lie had looked at them, the three shook despite the lack of cold. They felt terror as though they were being eyed by a poisonous snake.

All the people from Armament Sect who had come out and watched this battle were silent.

The eyes of many people flashed as they were still looking in the direction that Qin Lie had departed. They seemed to be worried that Qin Lie would turn around and return.

“F*cking hell, I really was tired of living. I actually dared to stop the ill omen… at the doorway.” The outer sect disciple Liu Xiang who had previously barred Qin Lie from entering wore a face of anguish as he grimaced with lingering dismay.

Now he knew to be afraid. Only now did he learn just how crazy and reckless Qin Lie was if he went mad.

“Lang Xie, reverends, what do you think we should do now?” Inner sect elder Tan Dongling sighed. He looked at Ying Xingran’s headless body and then looked at Fan Le’s body where his chest had been crushed. Then he looked at the area covered in lightning. He felt that Armament Sect had cut off their nose to spite their face.

The three reverends had ashen complexions and did not have any plans at this time.

Lang Xie’s expression was dark as he looked at the area of thunder and lightning. He knew that Revered Thoughtless of Joyful Union Sect was not dead.

For this reason, he did not abandon this place to chase after and talk to Qin Lie, instead arranging for Feng Rong to go.

“Prak prak prak!”

Bolts of lightning condensed and then formed a lightning python once more. However, this python was clearly smaller at just thirty meters long.

The giant thunder python twisted its head and snapped its tail. It turned into an arc of lightning that tore through the sky, shooting in Qin Lie’s direction.

After the lightning dissipated, the body of the Revered Thoughtless appeared once again. He was covered by an enormous lotus made from pure energy. His white skin was burnt black, his eyes were devoid of strength, and his expression was slightly withered.

“Revered Thoughtless!”

“Revered one!”

“Are you alright?”

The expressions of Luo Zhichang and the others brightened upon seeing that Thoughtless had not died.

In their eyes, Fan Le was just a minor character, a candidate that Joyful Union Sect used to establish a relationship with them. It was fine if he was dead—it wasn’t anything major.

Thoughtless was different. As a revered one of Joyful Union Sect with a cultivation at the middle stage of the Fulfillment Realm, in terms of identity and status, he was a step above Fang Le and was truly someone that could make plans and decide on behalf of Joyful Union Sect.

The Scarlet Tide Continent’s current situation was strange. Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple were like two huge mountains atop their heads. In addition to that, the evil nether passageway was open, and the evil races were slowly invading. This caused Armament Sect to become even more anxious.

So they had to rely on Joyful Union Sect. They needed the help of Joyful Union Sect so that they could continue to exist.

Revered Thoughtless was their current supporter, the safeguard for Armament Sect.

“I won’t die.” Thoughtless’ eyes were strange. He channelled his spirit art and slowly drew the lotus covering his body back inside.

As the enormous lotus flower was put away inside his body, his expression seemed to greatly recover.

“What is the background of this Qin Lie?” Thoughtless suddenly looked at Lang Xie.

Lang Xie shook his head and said in a cold tone, “I also do not know.”

“Regardless of his identity, this isn’t over!” Thoughtless said gravely.

Lang Xie was silent.

Thoughtless looked deeply at Lang Xie and then stood with some difficulty. He walked toward Armament Sect with a heavy face and said along the way, “Not long from now, more martial practitioners from my Joyful Union Sect will come here and help Armament Sect fight the evil races, squeeze into the ranks of copper rank powers, and form a triumvirate with Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple.

Lang Xie’s brow furrowed slightly. He still maintained his silence, but there was a thread of worry in his eyes.


“Qin Lie, you are so bold!”

“Big Brother Qin, when did you become so strong?”

“So powerful!”

Walking out of Armament Sect’s base, the Ling Family started to cheer.

Ling Feng, Ling Xuanxuan, and many young men and women shouted with flushed faces.

Qin Lie’s display today had completely won them over and caused these Ling Family members to revere him from the bottom of their hearts.

Ling Kangan and Ling Chengzhi also had strange looks in their eyes. They glanced over and saw the shock in each other’s expressions.

Was this still the Qin Lie who had been “dumb” back in Ling Town?

The two looked closely and found that the present Qin Lie had changed enormously in terms of presence and personality compared to the Qin Lie back in Ling Town.

Qin Lie was walking at the front and did not speak. His eyes were flashing as though he was considering something.

“Qin Lie!”

Suddenly, Feng Rong’s voice came from behind them. She hurried over and shouted, “Wait a moment!”

At this time, that thunder python shot through the air and appeared above everyone’s heads once more.

As everyone showed shocked expressions, the python slowly shrank. It eventually became small enough to appear as a streak of blinding white light that entered Qin Lie’s neck.

All of the Ling Family clansmen felt admiration and sighed inwardly.

Feng Rong, who had rushed over, stopped when she saw the python fly by. She only approached after the python entered Qin Lie’s neck, saying, “I have some things to tell you.”

Qin Lie’s slightly absent eyes slowly calmed down. He nodded and motioned for Feng Rong to move alongside him. Then he grinned. “Instructor Feng, what have you come to me for?”

The people of the Ling Family perceptively moved away so he and Feng Rong could speak in private.

“What happened to you? The present you is completely different than before...” Feng Rong looked at him. She suddenly forgot her original intentions and asked about what was puzzling her.

“How am I different?” Qin Lie said with a snicker.

“In the past, when you were pressured... you would be vicious, but most of the time, you would passively accept everything. You were very composed and calm and never would cause trouble of your own accord. You would go with the flow of everything and were relatively peaceful. You never had any thoughts about the position of sect master of Armament Sect and refused it multiple times. You did not seem to have any desire for power...”

Feng Rong gathered her words and stated her own feelings. “But now, you are extremely proactive. You have become... filled with confidence and... your eyes now show ambition. You have become arrogant. I can see that you do not want the position of Armament Sect’s sect master at this time, not because you do not have the desire, but you feel that... Armament Sect is too small and cannot hold you. You don’t find Armament Sect acceptable, so you have let it go. Is that correct?”

“Women have detail-oriented minds.” Qin Lie raised his head and coincidentally saw Song Tingyu appear, standing next to a tree as she eavesdropped.

“However...” He purposefully changed his voice, making it low. When both Feng Rong and Song Tingyu had focused expressions, attentively listening, he suddenly shouted, “Song Tingyu!”

The roar caused Feng Rong’s expression to change, and made Song Tingyu, who was further away, cover her ears and scream.

“Qin Lie! You dumbass!” Song Tingyu’s ears were ringing. She was experiencing bout of temporary deafness and could not hear a thing.

Feng Rong finally realized that the Miss of Profound Heaven Alliance was eavesdropping from the side. Looking at Song Tingyu’s beautiful face, which was a mixture of furious colors because of Qin Lie’s prank, she couldn’t help but snort in laughter. She also glared at Qin Lie in amusement and scolded, “You really are a brat!”

“Miss Song, do not eavesdrop. Go find something else to do.” Qin Lie roared with laugher.

“Qin Lie! I won’t forget this!” Song Tingyu stomped her foot and said before she left the area angrily.

Once she left, the smile on Qin Lie’s face slowly disappeared. He said calmly, “When the Ling Family was pressured twice in Seven Fiends Valley, what was Blood Spear doing? Don’t tell me that Blood Spear did not know of this matter.”

Feng Rong went still and then said with a bitter smile, “Of course Blood Spear knew. The first time, it was Blood Spear that forced Sect Master Ying to state Armament Sect’s position. Do you think that Ying Xingran would have pressured Seven Fiends Valley the first time without our request?”

“The second time, when Seven Fiends Valley was forcing Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan to marry two pieces of scum as concubines, what was Blood Spear doing?” Qin Lie asked again.

He knew that the people of Blood Spear were the eyes of Armament Sect. Blood Spear would immediately learn of many things that happened in the outside world and then report to the inner sect elders and the reverends.

He could understand Ying Xingran and the three reverends not helping the Ling Family because they were those kinds of people.

Yet, if Blood Spear was also unaffected and disregarded the things that he had done for Armament Sect, ignoring the matter of the Ling Family, Qin Lie could not accept that.

“The second time, our Blood Spear also wanted Sect Master Ying to respond. That time did not go as we wished.” Feng Rong grimaced. “Revered Thoughtless and Fan Le of Joyful Union Sect came. Sect Master Ying and the three great reverends were confident and did not care much about the request of Blood Spear. Blood Spear, in order to prevent changes occurring in the sect after Thoughtless and Fan Le came, had to be on guard at all times. There wasn’t any manpower to spare for us to be like Dark Asura Hall. We could not go to Seven Fiends Valley and help the Ling family leave. Also, Ying Xingran is the sect master. Blood Spear does not have the power or a way to replace him and allow the Ling Family to come to Armament Sect.

Qin Lie’s expression improved slightly.

Feng Rong then said, “In that period of time, Fan Le had the run of the place and even Tang Siqi was forced to leave. If the Ling sisters came, it might not have been a good thing.”

Qin Lie stretched his slightly tense neck and his expression relaxed. His tone became casual again. “Since Ying Xingran is dead, Armament Sect will need to choose a new sect master. I think that Tang Siqi is very suitable for the position.”

Feng Rong went still and then looked deeply at Qin Lie. She said, “You killed Ying Xingran, yet you are not willing to take command of Armament Sect. You opened up the position again... so you could pave the way for her.”

Qin Lie grinned. “Instructor Feng is really intelligent.”

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