Chapter 305: Wild Arrogance!

Chapter 305: Wild Arrogance!

“Qin Lie! You!”

When Feng Rong rushed to Qin Lie’s side, Ying Xingran’s head had already exploded. The faces of the three great reverends were splashed with the fresh blood. They stood where they were, transfixed with fear and afraid to move even a muscle.

Lang Xie’s expression was immeasurably heavy as he arrived after Feng Rong, but he discovered that he was still too late.

Ying Xingran had been brutally murdered by Qin Lie before everyone’s eyes. Such violent action had shocked all of Armament Sect.

Even the Blood Spear martial practitioners who licked blood off their blades for a living had their eyes completely wide open, finding it a difficult to accept the reality before them.

“Lang Xie! Feng Rong! What are you still standing there for?!”

Luo Zhichang suddenly screeched in madness. Pointing a finger at Qin Lie and backing off in panic, he yelled angrily while appearing fierce but was actually faint of heart, “Kill this inhuman brute already!”

Jiang Hao and Fang Qi also came around and backed off continuously, not bothering to wipe the blood on their faces. They just wanted to get as far from Qin Lie as possible. They never wanted to see this madman again.

They suddenly felt chilly all over, as if any place with Qin Lie in it was filled with murderous intent and the taste of blood.


Lang Xie suddenly turned around as the bloody light in his eyes brightened tremendously.

Qin Lie also felt something and abruptly turned around to look at the place where Fan Le was entangled.

While the debris was settling, the life-like boa was still wrapped around Fan Le, constricting little by little...

The cracking noise from earlier wasn’t the boa was consuming Fan Le, but from the boa gradually breaking every bone in his body. Qin Lie wanted to keep Fan Le alive so he could slowly enjoy the unforgettable pain.

However, it was at this moment that a short, modest old man appeared beside Fan Le.

This old man was white-skinned, bare-chested, slightly plump, and completely bald. There was a bright lotus in full bloom atop his bald head.

The enchantingly beautiful lotus in full bloom gave the short and plump old man a demonic quality.

Fan Le was already on his last breath. When he saw the old man, his eyes glowed as he let out an unconscious groan, seemingly begging for help.

The old man snorted before making a grabbing motion in the air to catch Fan Le. Five rays of demonic light instantly fell onto the boa wrapped around Fan Le’s body like sharp blades.

The boa, which Qin Lie had created with four spirit arts and was based on the form of the giant thunder python, shattered into pieces under the disintegration powers of the five demonic rays of light.

“Boom boom boom! Pop pop pop!”

The boa slowly faded, vanishing completely under the onslaught of rays of spirit light.

Every bone in Fan Le’s body was completely broken by the boa. He bled from all of his orifices and he was like a pool of rotten meat at the old man’s feet.

Even if he still lived, he was almost certainly crippled.

The old man frowned at Fan Le with a trace of obvious disappointment in his eyes. After a pause, he lifted his head to look at Qin Lie and Lang Xie before saying calmly, “Fan Le and Qin Lie fought a fair match. Even if Fan Le has been reduced to such a state, Joyful Union Sect accepts this result without debate.”

Lang Xie nodded slightly.

Lang Xie had always known that this old man was in Armament Sect. Before the sect had come out to witness the battle, he had stayed behind for a bit to see if this old man would come out as well.

He did not.

When Qin Lie and Fan Le were fighting each other, since Fan Le always had the upper hand and the old man was very confident in Fan Le’s abilities, the old man had stayed behind in Armament Sect’s Procedural Hall.

It wasn’t until Fan Le had suddenly lost horribly that he became alert and finally appeared.

“I will not pursue the matter of Fan Le’s injuries. They are his own consequences to bear.” The old man looked at Lang Xie. “However, Qin Lie has seized his authority by killing Armament Sect’s sect master, Ying Xingran. I have been instructed by my senior to preserve Armament Sect’s peace for the time being. Therefore, I cannot turn a blind eye to this matter!”

His peaceful gaze suddenly turned into sharp blades that abruptly landed on Qin Lie’s body. The forceful aura in his eyes was completely exposed.

“Who is that?”

“Who’s that person?”

“Since when was there such a guy in Armament Sect?”

The crowd suddenly whispered amongst each other.

It was obvious that very few people knew of this person in Armament Sect.

“Revered Thoughtless! Please take action and kill this traitorous Qin Lie!” Luo Zhichang suddenly yelled.

Jiang Hao and Fang Qi also screeched for Joyful Union Sect’s revered one named “Thoughtless” to kill Qin Lie and take revenge for Ying Xingran.

Hearing this, Qin Lie grinned, revealing a set of white teeth, beside Ying Xingran’s corpse and turned to look at the three great reverends.

The three of them felt their hearts leap to their throats when Qin Lie stared at them, and they screamed as they hid in the center of the inner sect disciples.

“Sect Master Ying lived to this day thanks to Qin Lie saving his life multiple times. His life was granted by Qin Lie in the first place.” Lang Xie stared at Qin Lie and said in a cold and forceful tone, “We will assume that his life has been returned to Qin Lie.”

“Qin Lie! What are you waiting for? Leave!” Feng Rong exclaimed softly.

“Go!” Lang Xie also exclaimed in a deep tone.

“He cannot leave.” Thoughtless did not look at Fan Le who had turned into a rotten pool of meat on the floor. Waving his wide sleeves, Thoughtless strode toward Qin Lie but directed his words toward Lang Xie, “Unless you are willing to fight me to the death for him, I will kill this kid today.”

Colorful lotus flowers appeared on his bare chest. Every one of these lotuses gave off a sweet scent and tremendous energy waves.

“Go, Qin Lie.” Lang Xie frowned as the sanguine light in his eyes grew so thick that it seemed like they were about to drip blood.

Feng Rong also blocked the way to Qin Lie with an anxious look as she urged repeatedly, “Why are you still standing there? He is a revered one of Joyful Union Sect! He is at the middle stage of the Fulfillment Realm! If it wasn’t for him hiding in the sect this entire time, do you really think Fan Le would have dared to act so brazenly? Leave already!”

The distant Ling Yushi and even farther Song Tingyu furrowed their brows deeply. They were both quietly moving toward Qin Lie’s position.

“You want to kill me today?” Surprisingly, Qin Lie stayed motionless, as if rooted to the spot on which he stood. He even stared at this Revered Thoughtless from Joyful Union Sect scornfully before laughing aloud, “You are not yet qualified!”

In the next moment, the python tattoo at Qin Lie’s neck began to surface little by little.

He lifted his head and looked to the sky covered in poisonous miasma. He said, “It’s too quiet.”

“Boom boom boom!”

When he finished speaking, deafening thunder resounded from within his body, influencing heaven itself and drawing forth a direct response from the heavenly thunder above.

As the thunder rumbled, the python grew larger and suddenly squirmed out of Qin Lie’s neck.

“Prak prak prak!”

Thick bolts of long lightning appeared in the sky like dazzling chains, the arms of a thunder god, or wildly dancing heavenly serpents.

The giant python soared to the sky and circled around the area amidst the bolts of lightning. It grew several dozen times in size and became around fifty to sixty meters long.

The miasma that covered this poisonous bog was completely purified as the giant thunder python twisted and turned in the air. The dazzling giant python let out an intense howl beneath the dark gray sky as it suddenly rushed toward Joyful Union Sect’s Revered Thoughtless.

At this moment, every Armament Sect artificer and Blood Spear martial practitioner was shocked to the core.

At this moment, the heavens and earth had changed color.


The giant thunder python descended from the sky, and while twisting through a sky of thunder and lightning, it swept over Thoughtless, who was in the middle stage Fulfillment Realm.

Lang Xie and Feng Rong were so shocked that they could faint.

Qin Lie walked out from behind Feng Rong, and under countless feverish gazes, stepped into the area filled with lightning. He entered the lightning world ruled by the thunder python.

Inside this world of thunder and lightning, Joyful Union Sect’s Thoughtless was struck by hundreds of thousands of lightning strikes and blasted by endless explosive thunderbolts. His clean white skin had already turned as black as ash, and the colorful lotus atop of his head seemed to be wilting.

“You think you can kill me?” A few meters away, Qin Lie let out an odd grin while standing amidst lightning.

A huge, colorful, blossoming lotus formed from pure energy covered the plump body of Thoughtless.

The colorful lotus could not completely protect him against the thunder and lightning, and although Thoughtless’ body shook continuously under this attack, his consciousness had not yet faded from his eyes.

“What kind of a person are you?” Thoughtless endured the great pain as he gritted his teeth and exclaimed, “Your spirit art fusion technique... your ability to refine the souls of ancient beasts... your talent to move the twelve spirit pattern pillars... There is no way that a normal person would be capable of such things! Just… who are you?”

“Who are you, kid?”

“Who exactly are you?”

At the same time, two other voices resounded inside his head.

One voice obviously came from Xue Li, and the other voice could only be heard through one’s soul. It came… from the giant thunder python.

It wasn’t just Revered Thoughtless of Joyful Union Sect. Even Xue Li and the giant thunder python had sensed Qin Lie’s strangeness and voiced their confusion.

The python in the lightning filled sky gradually shrank.

It suddenly appeared before Qin Lie, its serpentine eyes staring directly into Qin Lie’s. “I have answered your summons today because you have truly earned the right to speak with me. Today… is the first time I have sensed your extraordinary abilities. I, representing my race, wish to discuss something with you seriously.”

“Kill him first. Talk later.” Qin Lie looked at Thoughtless who was being bombarded by thunder and lightning.

“I exhausted too much energy back in the Nether Realm. I have only recovered slightly and do not have the strength needed to eliminate this person completely.” The python replied through his soul, “If you can unlock the seals on my main body, then I can help you attain your wish. Unfortunately, the current you… does not yet have that ability.”

“Then we will talk later.”

Qin Lie unilaterally cut off his conversation with the python. He smiled, baring teeth at Thoughtless, and said, “You are not yet qualified to know who I am.”

Once finished, he suddenly walked out of the thunder and lightning under everyone’s shocked stares, arriving like a ghost beside Fan Le and stomped at his chest.

—It was just like the time that Fan Le had destroyed his frost concept field in two stomps.


Fan Le’s chest exploded and his innards ruptured all at once. The final trace of light in his eyes was entirely extinguished.

He then looked at Luo Zhichang, Fang Qi, and Jiang Hao.

The three great reverends cried out in fear.

Lang Xie frowned and said solemnly, “I beg you. Let this be the end of things for today.”

“I will give you this face.” Qin Lie nodded and no longer looked at Revered Thoughtless who was trapped within thunder and lightning. Instead, he turned toward the outside and walked with his back to the crowd, waving his hands while saying, “I’m leaving. Who gives a shit about the stupid sect master position of Armament Sect, anyway? I’ve lost interest.”

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