Chapter 303: The Him Before He Was Ten

Chapter 303: The Him Before He Was Ten…

Countless images of Fan Le rushed toward him from every direction.

Every Fan Le was mixed with an erotic aura born from spirit energy. They even carried tiny soul fluctuations in them.

Meanwhile, Fan Le’s true body had disappeared without a trace. Qin Lie could neither see his figure nor detect him.

Qin Lie suddenly sat down in place.

He closed his eyes, clapped his palms, and a deep blue lightning swiftly formed in his lap like a brilliant firework.

“Thunder Lightning Ball!”

He exclaimed from the bottom of his heart. Qin Lie summoned all of the thunder and lightning energy in his Natal Palaces, bones, innards, and meridians. He collected all of it into the lightning ball at the center of his chest, accompanied by the roar of a deafening rumble.

The Thunder Lightning Ball swiftly expanded like a balloon, quickly covering him completely.

“Prak prak prak!”

Dense, criss-crossing lightning enveloped Qin Lie within the center of the gigantic Thunder Lightning Ball. His hair danced by itself without the sway of the wind, and electric serpents swam erratically through his eyes.

“Pwack! Pwack!”

The countless incarnations of Fan Le rushing toward him were struck by lightning that shot out from the Thunder Lightning Ball. They were blasted into smithereens one by one, before they could even touch Qin Lie.

The Thunder Lightning Ball at its center, the surrounding area lit up with terrific light. In addition, the pure energy turned into scattered wisps of flame after exploding.

Before long, all of the images conjured by Fan Le had been destroyed by the Thunder Lightning Ball.

Fan Le, however, was still nowhere to be seen.

“Shadow Sneak! Qin Lie, your shadow!” Song Tingyu’s exclamation came from an ancient tree with lush tree leaves nearby.

The moment she said this, everyone’s eyes focused onto Qin Lie’s shadow.

Under the harsh sunlight, Fan Le soon appeared from Qin Lie’s long shadow.

The white paper fan in his hands abruptly glowed with endless light. A tremendous energy as turbulent as the sea exploded like a landslide as the tip of the white paper fan suddenly stabbed at Qin Lie’s heart from behind.


The huge Thunder Lightning Ball and criss-crossing eels of electricity inside it fell into disorder, and a huge bang followed after. Out of the blue, the lightning went out of control and shot in every direction.

The lightning ball formed from thunder and lightning instantly disintegrated into numerous lightning bolts that flew away like long serpents.

The white paper fan rammed straight into Qin Lie’s heart as tremendous energy exploded inside his body.

As if he had been fiercely rammed by an ancient beast from behind, Qin Lie’s body was blasted forward.

He was already vomiting blood while he was in midair. The bones in his entire body clearly crunched, as if they were being crushed by a mountain.

“Qin Lie!”

“Qin Lie!”

“Qin Lie!”

Song Tingyu, Ling Yushi, Feng Rong, Kang Zhi, Han Qingrui, and the rest of the martial practitioners acquainted with him couldn’t help but cry out in shock. They all turned pale at the sight.

Lang Xie’s expression darkened.

Meanwhile, Ying Xingran, Luo Zhichang, Jiang Hao, and Fang Qi exchanged glances and suddenly relaxed.

“Fan Le! Take only the spirit pattern pillars! You must not take Qin Lie’s life!” Ying Xingran suppressed the joy in his heart and hurriedly shouted after straightening his expression.

“Hehe, I think you’re too late. That kid… is dead.” Fan Le said with absolute confidence. He glanced at Ying Xingran behind him before saying proudly, “He took a blow from ‘Landslide Explosion.’ Few people at the middle or late stage of the Manifestation Realm would survive this attack, much less someone at the early stage like him!”

The moment he said this, the numerous Armament Sect martial practitioners all glared angrily at him.

The Blood Spear martial practitioners in particular glared at Fan Le with bloody eyes and dark expressions as the blood energy inside their bodies boiled.

Ling Yushi’s eyes were completely tinged red with anger as her purple eyes burned with wisps of eerie purple flame that seemed to be gathering unto itself slowly.

An incredibly dangerous aura emanated from her body. She was like a dormant volcano that was about to come back to life and spew flames that would destroy the world.

Even Lang Xie looked surprised as his eyes skipped right past Qin Lie and fell directly onto her.

“Im-impudence!” Ying Xingran was also overwhelmed with many angry gazes as he forced himself to yell angrily at Fan Le, “Who told you to kill him? I only needed you to take the spirit pattern pillars and be done with it. Why have you acted so heavy-handedly? Why did you have to you take his life?!”

“He’s the one who asked for a death match.” Fan Le opened his arms wide with a look full of innocence, as if he didn’t have a choice.

“Th-this…” Ying Xingran sighed deeply before speaking to Lang Xie with a look of regret, “Look at you. Why did it have to turn out like this? If you were willing to act, would things have fell into such disorder? You were perfectly capable of controlling the situation. Why did you choose to sit back and do nothing? You have caused Qin Lie’s death!”

Lang Xie went blank for a moment before withdrawing his gaze on Ling Yushi and glancing at Ying Xingran from afar. He said, “You say that I’m the one who killed Qin Lie?”

“I... I didn’t mean that. What I meant is, if you were willing to act, Qin Lie would definitely be safe and sound…” Ying Xingran immediately deflated after being glanced at by Lang Xie as he mumbled.

“Who said that Qin Lie is dead?” Lang Xie’s expression was odd as he scoffed before exclaiming, “He is someone who could soak in a blood pool meant for someone in the late stage of the Manifestation Realm while he was still in the Natal Opening Realm. If he couldn’t take a single hit from Joyful Union Sect’s ‘Landslide Explosion,’ then how could he possibly come back alive from the Nether Realm?”

Feng Rong went blank as she suddenly recovered and swore, “Qin Lie! What the hell are you doing?!”

It was only then that she remembered that, more than half a year ago, she was the one who had brought Qin Lie to Blood Spear’s cultivation area and personally supervised his blood pool soaking. She knew better than anyone exactly how unbelievably monstrous Qin Lie’s physical body was.

How could someone with an inhumanly tough body be this pathetic? How could he possibly be taken down in one hit?

If the person with his back to the sky and his head buried in the ground was truly Qin Lie, then how could he possibly be killed this easily?

If he was fine, then exactly was Qin Lie doing?

“Qin Lie!” Lang Xie exclaimed coldly.

Ying Xingran’s group and Fan Le also looked to Qin Lie in shock.

Everyone’s gazes inadvertently fell on Qin Lie at Lang Xie’s exclamation.

Was he dead or not?

While everyone was in doubt, Qin Lie suddenly flipped over. There were obvious traces of blood at the corner of his mouth, but he just casually sat down on the spot.

There was also a trace of confusion in his eyes. He seemed to be assembling his memories and recalling something...

His appearance was like that of a man who had been asleep for the longest time and had suddenly awakened from his deep slumber, so he was somewhat confused for a while.

No one knew that a seal inside the Soul Suppressing Orb had been torn slightly following the heavy strike from Fan Le’s “Landslide Explosion.” The personality of another Qin Lie, from before he was ten years old, was like a stream of consciousness that was mixed into the current him.

Before he was ten years old, he was him. After he was ten years old, he was also him.

However, since his memories from ten years ago were sealed by the Soul Suppressing Orb, it was as if the other “him” was shackled. It was unable to awaken after all this time and thus could not influence the current him.

However, the current “him” that had suddenly flown out as one of the Soul Suppressing Orb’s seals cracked and merged with the current “him.”

The two personalities were slowly merging into one...

Qin Lie still could not remember what happened before he was ten years old, but he gradually understood exactly what kind of a person he was at that time. Or maybe he wasn’t something that could be called a “person” at that time...

That him was an extremely insidious, crazy, twisted, and violent “person” who had almost lost all of his humanity!

The him before he was ten was but a child. How could a child… possibly have such a crazy and twisted personality?

On the ground, Qin lie frowned deeply as his expression changed continuously.

He did not find the memories he sought from the cracked seal of the Soul Suppressing Orb. Instead, he had discovered the “him” before he was ten...

“Qin Lie, are... are you alright?” Ling Yushi exclaimed softly and asked with a look of worry.

Qin Lie turned his head and looked at her almost as if she were a stranger.

“What’s wrong?” Ling Yushi shivered.

“Pretentious!” Fan Le grinned coldly and walked towards Qin Lie again while flapping his white paper fan, saying impatiently, “Surrender the twelve spirit pattern pillars like a good boy and I’ll let you die a bit more comfortably!”

In but a moment, Qin Lie stood up and glanced at Fan Le before saying, “I never let anyone die too comfortably.”


A violent, crazy aura abruptly exploded from Qin Lie’s body. The thick, pungent stench of blood instantly covered the entire battlefield.

“Blood Spirit Art!” Many Blood Spear martial practitioners cried out in unison.


Qin Lie pressed his hand into the mud before him, powerfully lifting his palm upwards. A gigantic boa of mud appeared, as if it had been dragged out forcibly from the wetland.

This was the power of the earth.

“Ice bone!” Qin Lie exclaimed in a low tone.

Translucent bones formed from the power of frost began to fill the insides of the boa.

“Blood energy!” Qin Lie exclaimed softly.

Bright red bloody mist discharged from his body and slipped into the boa, transforming into the boa’s blood and nerves.

“Thunder and lightning!” Qin Lie exclaimed yet again.

Chains of lightning surrounded the boa’s body like electric eels.

The boa had gained a body, blood and nerves, bones, and the power of thunder and lightning.

As if it had been granted life, truly becoming alive, the boa leaped directly toward Fan Le.

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