Chapter 300: Conflict

Chapter 300: Conflict

Armament Sect was established on the twelve spirit pattern pillars. Apart from being the only symbol of the sect, they were also the way Armament Sect picked out disciples with great potential.

In Armament Sect, there was nothing more important than the twelve spirit pattern pillars. When Ying Xingran and the three great reverends found out that Qin Lie dropped into the Nether Realm, they grieved for a period of time. However, what really pained them was knowing that the spirit pattern pillars could no longer be recovered.

From their perspective, Qin Lie wasn’t as important as the spirit pattern pillars.

Even though Ying Xingran felt sorry to witness Qin Lie leaving, he still had to keep up a bold front and ask Qin Lie to leave behind the twelve spirit pattern pillars.

“The spirit pattern pillars are the lifeblood of Armament Sect. The pillars are also related to the many varieties of spirit diagrams in Armament Sect.” Ying Xingran bowed with his hands cupped in a humble manner while keeping an assertive look. “We can’t lose the spirit pattern pillars. Since you insist on leaving, please leave the spirit pattern pillars behind…”

“Qin Lie, think carefully. Do not act rashly in the heat of the moment.” Luo Zhichang continued, “Armament Sect still values you and thinks of you as its future. However, if you have truly decided on leaving the sect, those spirit pattern pillars… you really have to leave them behind.”

Jiang Hao and Fang Qi smiled awkwardly and nodded their heads as well.

The four of them shared the same opinion.

Qin Lie’s expression was exceptionally sullen. He stared deeply at Ying Xingran, observing the reserved look in his eyes, and he suddenly understood.

In the past, Ying Xingran suffered a heavy blow to his mind and soul. Armament Sect tried to cure him in many ways, but in the end, they still couldn’t heal him completely.

Knowing that his own death was inevitable, Ying Xingran lost all hope. This was why he had hastily found his own successor in Liang Shaoyang. He had become Ying Xingran’s hope, and was the person that Ying Xingran was certain would revive the sect.

The three great reverends, Luo Zhichang, Fang Qi, and Jiang Hao, had all become old. They were no longer able to stand up and lead Armament Sect.

Which was why the four of them handed over Ying Xingran’s coveted role of sect master to him so easily.

However, at Qin Lie’s request half a year ago, Xue Li intervened and saved Ying Xingran, entirely curing the injury to his mind and soul. As of now, Ying Xingran had recovered to his previous self.

Thinking that he might die during the prime years of his life, Ying Xingran felt demoralized and depressed. Now, having his strength and vigor back, why would he be willing to let Qin Lie have the position of Armament Sect’s sect master?

When Armament Sect was facing a crisis, it was Qin Lie who stepped forward bravely and helped them tide through it. Within the sect, he had earned a reputation and accumulated a considerable amount of popularity. If he chose to stay in Armament Sect, wouldn’t it threaten Ying Xingran’s position?

It was no wonder that Ying Xingran wanted to reassemble his trusted aides that were scattered throughout the land. It was no wonder that, when he declared to leave Armament Sect, Ying Xingran only tried holding him back with a few ceremonious words before immediately demanding the spirit pattern pillars.

Qie Lie suddenly realized that, deep down, Ying Xingran’s couldn’t wait for him to leave Armament Sect as soon as possible.

Having figured out of all this, Qin Lie couldn’t help but laugh scornfully from the bottom of his heart. He looked at Ying Xingran and the three great reverends and said, “The twelve spirit pattern pillars have been refined to be one with my flesh and blood. Forceful extraction of them would cause severe injury to my body and might even destroy my soul.”

“This…” Ying Xingran was shocked.

The three great reverends looked at each other in dismay. They realized that Qin Lie was not prepared to hand over the spirit pattern pillars.

“Hehe, something as valuable as the spirit pattern pillars... if I were to possess them, I wouldn’t hand them over even if I died either.” Fan Le laughed incessantly at the side.

“Over there! They are all over there!”

“Sect Master and Qin Lie are quarreling!”

“Qin Lie wants to leave Armament Sect!”

“Lets go over quickly and take a look!”

The previously scattered disciples and elders of the sect started to gather, causing the area to become crowded.

Tong Jihua, Tan Dongling, Wei Qing, Han Qingrui, Kang Zhi, Lian Rou, and everyone else who knew Qie Lie were in the crowd. They looked at Qin Lie from a distance, each with a different expression.

Song Tingyu hid behind a wall, unwilling to show herself. Her beautiful, charming face wore a sarcastic expression, as if she were witnessing a joke.

“Qin Lie, you have mastered the arts of the twelve different spirit diagrams through the spirit pattern pillars. In addition, the classified information and confidential laws of Armament Sect have been revealed to you…” With his brows knitted, Ying Xingran said sincerely, “In respect for all you have done for Armament Sect, we don’t plan to take any of this back. But the twelve spirit pattern pillars really are the lifeblood of Armament Sect. Please leave them behind. Don’t make this difficult for us.”

“That’s right, Qin Lie. We aren’t going to say anything about everything else that you’ve already taken. If you really plan on leaving the sect, you must leave something as significant as the spirit pattern pillars behind.” Luo Zhichang expressed himself.

Fang Qi and Jiang Hao also tried to persuade him diplomatically, saying he would be free to go once he left the spirit pattern pillars behind.

It was as though everyone had completely forgotten about the many times where Qin Lie saved Armament Sect from one dreadful crisis after another.

Qin Lie suddenly remembered what Song Tingyu had said, “I especially hate the hypocritical faces of those artificers!”

At that moment, looking at Ying Xingran and the three great reverends, Qin Lie finally understood why Song Tingyu, Tu Shixiong, and everyone else disliked artificers. He also understood how Yi Yuan, Pang Feng, and everyone else felt when they left.

“The spirit pattern pillars concern my life. If they're extracted from me, my little life will be gone.” Qin Lie said with a solemn face, “Unless you are all thinking of taking my life?”

“Qin Lie, you see, why do you still not understand?” Ying Xingran’s expression became increasingly gloomy, “Do you really want to leave with the sect’s precious treasure?”

“Heh, it seems that we have to use force.” Fan Le drew back the corners of his mouth. Motivated to see chaos ensue, he argued, “It’s pointless to talk anymore, I’m afraid this has to be settled by fighting.”

“Tong Jihua! Let Lang Xie settle this issue!” Ying Xingran brows remain knitted. He looked for Tong Jihua in the crowd and signalled his intentions with his glance.

Qin Lie also looked toward Tong Jihua.

Tong Jihua smiled bitterly, shook his head, sighed softly, and was prepared to turn around and leave.

At this moment, a path was suddenly created among the crowd.

“Lord Lang Xie!”

“Lord Lang Xie!”

Both sides of the crowd bowed voluntarily and emitted soft cries of surprise.

Emerging from the crowd, Lang Xie and Feng Rong brought a group of Blood Spear martial practitioners with them.

They stopped in between Ying Xingran, Qin Lie, and the others.

The pungent stench of blood oozed from Lang Xie, Feng Rong, and the group of martial practitioners. The stench caused many artificers to withdraw from the scene one after another.

“Lang Xie, make Qin Lie extract the spirit pattern pillars from his body and leave them behind. Bear in mind not to hurt him in the process.” Ying Xingran said hypocritically.

“Yes, Qin Lie has acted in the interest of Armament Sect and helped us avoid many crises. You must be careful, Lang Xie.” Luo Zhichang urged on similarly.

Qin Lie took a glance at Lang Xie. He only took one glance before his expression changed drastically as he shouted, “Congratulations, Lord Lang Xie!”

Since he also cultivated the Blood Spirit Arts, Qin Lie was able to sense the density of the blood in Lang Xie’s body in one glance and figure out that Lang Xie had made another breakthrough.

Lang Xie had entered the Fulfillment Realm!

Lang Xie, who had received the complete Blood Spirit Arts from Xue Li, had finally broken through the bottleneck and entered a brand new realm.

When he was only at the peak of the Netherpassage Realm, Lang Xie was able to kill Tu Xi, a Fulfillment Realm practitioner from Eight Extreme Temple, so just how strong was he right now?

Qin Lie, who possessed the Terminator Profound Bombs in his spatial ring had felt calm a moment ago. He assumed that, as long as he held onto the Terminator Profound Bombs, the situation would be within his control and no one in Armament Sect could stop him from leaving.

Yet, seeing the arrival of Lang Xie who had entered the Fulfillment Realm, Qin Lie began to feel anxious knowing that the situation was no longer under his control.

The arrival of Lang Xie lifted the spirits of Ying Xingran and the three great reverends. Fan Le, who was acting haughtily moments ago, also started to visibly restrain himself. It seemed that he was fearful of Lang Xie as well. The rest of Armament Sect’s martial practitioners silently looked at Lang Xie with respectful eyes.

Lang Xie looked at Ying Xingran, then Qin Lie, and said, “One is the old sect master, the other is the new sect master, who should I listen to?”

Once those words left his mouth, a commotion stirred in the crowd.

For the better part of half a year, everyone regarded Ying Xingran as Armament Sect’s sect master and the true policymaker of the sect.

As for Qin Lie, he was just a temporary replacement for Ying Xingran. This was a reality that everyone was well aware of, so why would Lang Xie ask such a question?

“Lang Xie! What do you mean by this?” Ying Xingran’s expression turned sour. “I have always been Armament Sect’s sect master. Qin Lie was only a temporary replacement for me when I was frozen. Now that I’m awake, I am naturally still the sect master. Why should there be any question about that?”

“When we allowed Qin Lie to take command of Armament Sect, it was also mentioned that he was only replacing Ying Xingran temporarily. Qin Lie would only become the sect master if something really bad happened to Ying Xingran. Now that Ying Xingran is awake, he would naturally still be the sect master. Qin Lie only has the rank of a disciple, and now that he wants to leave Armament Sect, he shouldn’t even be considered a disciple at all. You obviously have to listen to Xingran.” Luo Zhichang hurriedly explained the situation while ignoring Qin Lie’s feelings.

“Old sect master, new sect master, this is a dispute of leadership within the sect. Forgive me for not getting involved. We of Blood Spear are only responsible for protecting the sect from external dangers, not internal conflicts.” Lang Xie said indifferently.

“All martial practitioners of Blood Spear, listen up! None of you are allowed to raise a hand against Qin Lie!” Feng Rong exclaimed.

The Blood Spear martial practitioners who were scattered around all showed visible delight upon hearing what was said and responded loudly, one after another.

Having experienced that episode of change within the sect, the Blood Spear martial practitioners had all acknowledged Qin Lie. In their hearts, Qin Lie was the leader who was truly influential to the sect. These bloodthirsty warriors all remembered Qin Lie’s contributions. They respected him and were unwilling to raise a hand against him deep down.

Now that their two commanders, Lang Xie and Feng Rong, had declared their positions, the Blood Spear martial practitioners were all deeply moved.

“You... you!” Ying Xingran clenched his teeth, pointing at both Lang Xie and Feng Rong as his face trembled incessantly.

Lang Xie and Feng Rong ignored him.

“Tong Jihua! Tell the outer sect martial practitioners to take action!” Ying Xingran ordered again.

“Sect Master, I... I am not feeling too well. I’m afraid that I can’t fight.” Tong Jihua started to scowl miserably. Nobody knew how he did it, but his face became deathly white all of a sudden and his forehead dripped with cold sweat.

—He made himself looked as though he was really sick.

“My stomach is hurting, let me use the toilet first!”

“I’ve got a headache, let me rest for a while.”

“I practiced too much recently and received a fiendish backlash. I can’t fight for a while.”

Every outer sect elder and disciple that experienced that hard fought battle knew just how much Qin Lie had done for Armament Sect. One by one, they moaned and groaned about something being wrong with their bodies.

The complexions of Ying Xingran and the three great reverends became ashen.

It was only now that they realized the full extent of Qin Lie’s reputation and popularity within the sect.

“Although some people may have forgotten what you did before, even more did not.” Feng Rong looked at Qin Lie and smiled. “Actually, everyone remembers it in their hearts.”

Qin Lie felt warm inside.

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