Chapter 299: Tranny Fan Le

Chapter 299: Tranny Fan Le

A young man wearing a transparent robe proudly walked out from within Armament Sect’s Procedural Hall while embracing a man and a woman.

This youth’s appearance was rather pretty. His figure was tall and slender, and light flashed every time his eyes opened and closed below his slender, willowy eyebrows. He was surrounded with an extraordinary aura.

Atop his well proportioned body were many colorful tattoos which depicted various types of naked girls in various positions and making various gestures.

The girls tattooed onto his skin were making all sorts of obscene, sultry gestures. Some were wrapped around his waist above his thighs, while others had their tongues out and were sucking on his d*ck. Some even had both hands raised as if they were paying tribute to his crotch...

His transparent robe did absolutely nothing to cover up these tattoos of naked girls, and instead made them all seem vaguely present. At a glance, these naked girls seemed unusually alive, making it appear as if Fan Le had countless beautiful girls wrapped around his body like snakes.

His left and right arms were wrapped around a pretty boy and girl respectively, and his hands were stuck deeply within the clothing around their chest areas, touching them brazenly.

“This is Fan Le?” From the corner, Qin Lie felt his skin become numb as he fixedly observed this transvestite.

Qin Lie had no qualms about Fan Le’s strength, but his special interests… the fact that Fan Le was also interested in men caused Qin Lie to instinctively feel a kind of disgust and fear.

“That is him.” Lian Rou’s face became pale, clearly showing that she also found it difficult to accept this transvestite’s preferences. “Just looking at this kind of androgynous fellow makes me feel sick. Qin Lie, go and face him by yourself. I need to take a walk first.” Lian Rou lowered her head and left.

“This person... I’m afraid that he must have also been an exception amongst the people of Joyful Union Sect.” Song Tingyu’s face also became astonished. A light flashed through her beautiful eyes as she stared at Fan Le for a while before saying in a weird voice, “Joyful Union Sect doesn’t forbid relationships between men and women, but promotes it and its couple cultivation methods instead. Although Joyful Union Sect is open like this, I have never heard of a piece of work like this Fan Le who likes both men and women. To be something that is rarely seen even in Joyful Union Sect, this Fan Le is truly…”

Song Tingyu chuckled and nodded. She also felt that this had enriched her knowledge and further expanded her horizons.

“Just where is Qin Lie?” Ying Xingran loudly shouted again.

“To see the sect master act so fiercely is really rare. No wonder Armament Sect was able to recover in this recent period of time.” Qin Lie no longer remained hidden, striding out from the corner into the view of Ying Xingran and the three great reverends.

“Haha! It’s good that you are fine... it’s good.” Ying Xingran laughed exuberantly as he took great strides over to welcome Qin Lie. “When we heard you fell into the Nether Realm, the entire sect fell into a state of depression for quite some time. After all, you are the sect’s hope for the future. All of us have placed our hopes on you to revitalize the sect and prayed that you didn’t encounter any troubles.”

“With your return, Armament Sect’s strength will grow immensely!” Luo Zhichang expressed joyfully.

Fang Qi and Jiang Hao, their faces expressing shock and joy, also nodded their heads again and again as they smiled sincerely at Qin Lie.

Qin Lie sneered in the depths of his heart as he walked over to stand in front of Ying Xingran while insincerely spouting courteous words. Only upon arriving before Ying Xingran, did he finally glance at Fan Le as he discourteously asked, “Who is this tranny who is neither male or female?”

As the words came out from Qin Lie’s mouth, the smiles on the faces of Ying Xingran and the three great reverends suddenly froze.

The expression of Fan Le, who had slandered Qin Lie before he had even emerged, suddenly became arrogant as he coldly said, “Based on our generational difference, you still need to add a grand junior uncle to my name!”

“You?” Qin Lie smirked as he shook his head. “I would never call you that, even if I had to immediately leave Armament Sect.”

“Junior nephews, what do you all have to say about this?” Irritated, Fan Le’s two hands, which were stuck deeply in the clothes of his male and female lovers, suddenly exerted force. This caused the pretty boy and girl cuddling him to suddenly let out low moans as they expressed their pain—It was clear that Fan Le had hurt them.

“Qin Lie, Fan Le here is the son of Grand Sect Reverend Fan Di. He grew up in Joyful Union Sect. His master… is our Armament Sect’s honored person and benefactor.” Luo Zhichang spoke up to try and smooth things out as he said with a smile, “In terms of seniority, we are technically all the younger generation, so you really still need to call him grand junior uncle. However, since the difference in age between the two of you isn’t that great, there is no reason for you two to speak so formally to each other. Just converse as people of similar positions.”

“Converse as if we were of similar positions?” Fan Le grinned, shaking his head as he spoke with a mocking look on his face, “He’s not worthy.”

“This, this…” Luo Zhichang’s smile became bitter.

Qin Lie’s expression was somber. He silently observed Ying Xingran and the three great reverends, watching for their responses.

“Qin Lie, Fan Le… is indeed your senior. Furthermore, he came from Joyful Union Sect, making this trip specifically to help our Armament Sect recover. See?” Ying Xingran looked at Qin Lie imploringly.

Qin Lie’s heart became ice cold as he threw away all courtesy and shouted, “When Armament Sect was encircled and besieged by the five great forces, why didn’t he come? When the experts of Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple came, how come he still didn’t come? Now that the dust has settled, he has suddenly appeared and called himself the sect’s senior. Although I don’t exactly understand what happened in the past and everything else, if you want me to call someone like this my senior, I give you my apologies, I can’t do it.”

Hearing Qin Lie’s words, Ying Xingran and the three great reverends all became embarrassed as they awkwardly smiled and were unable to think of any persuasive words to say.

“Sect Master, three reverends, I also want to ask one more thing. When the Ling Family was being relentlessly pressured by Seven Fiends Valley, why didn’t the sect respond in any manner? You all know the relationship between the Ling Family and I very well!” Qin Lie coldly shouted again.

“That... well, since the Ling Family resided in Seven Fiends Valley, it was a private matter of Seven Fiends Valley… It wouldn’t have been good for us to interfere. At the time, Armament Sect was facing its own difficulties so our words didn’t have much weight behind them. Even if we had responded, it most likely wouldn’t have done anything…” Luo Zhichang said as he hollowly chuckled.

“Was it because I had 'died'? You must have thought that it was no longer worth it for Armament Sect to waste energy to help the Ling Family, right?” Qin Lie sneered.

Ying Xingran and the three great reverends all suddenly went silent.

Qin Lie’s words had struck their hearts with pinpoint accuracy and revealed their thoughts at that time. They knew that there was no longer a need to conceal it any longer, and thus had no words left to say.

“Why are you spouting all of this nonsense?” Fan Le’s raised his eyebrows as he arrogantly looked at Qin Lie and bluntly said, “You act as if you aren’t a person of Armament Sect. No wonder the junior nephews didn’t bother helping you with your matters.”

“How have I not acted as someone of Armament Sect?” Qin Lie questioned in response.

“If you are truly a member of Armament Sect, why aren’t you willing to write out the forging methods for the Terminator Profound Bomb and turn it into the sect’s secret?” A strand of light flashed through Fan Le’s eyes. “If Armament Sect could mass produce Terminator Profound Bombs during the war against Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple, would the sect have had to act so passively? If Armament Sect had the Terminator Profound Bomb early on and forged a lot of them beforehand, then the sect’s crisis would have long since been averted. There would have been absolutely no need for you to pull out the spirit pattern pillars which resulted in the opening of the evil nether passageway and the collapse of Flame Volcano!”

Ying Xingran and the three great reverends nodded slightly as if they were inclined to agree with Fan Le’s words.

The four of them had constantly thought about the Terminator Profound Bomb and its forging method, which Qin Lie had never released to them. This had caused them to brood over it for a long time.

Qin Lie suddenly realized and understood their true intentions. To put it bluntly, the four of them were the same as Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple. They drooled over the Terminator Profound Bombs, and hoped to be able to control its production.

Everyone knew about the power of the Terminator Profound Bomb, as well as its value. They knew just how important of a role it could play in large scale wars.

Thus, they all hoped to control it.

“Give it to them?” As Qin Lie looked at Ying Xingran and the other three, he only became even more disappointed. He suddenly rejoiced at the fact that he had listened to Xue Li and not casually given out the refinement method for the Terminator Profound Bomb. “The refinement method of the Terminator Profound Bomb was taught to me by an esteemed elder. It is mine, and has no relation with the sect. Why should I have given it away?”

“Although you are an individual, you are also a disciple of the sect! When the sect encountered trouble, you should have temporarily put aside individual gains and put the sect first!” Fan Le said righteously.

Ying Xingran and the other three once again slightly nodded.

They were clearly in agreement with Fan Le’s words. After all, for the benefit of the sect, the four of them had indeed put down everything and sacrificed everything.

During crucial moments, they hadn’t hesitated to sacrifice anything for Lian Rou, Tang Siqi, Qin Lie, or the other disciples and elders of the sect—as long as they believed it was beneficial for the sect.

Observing the actions and expressions of Ying Xingran, Luo Zhichang, Fang Qi, and Jiang Hao, Qin Lie suddenly felt somewhat powerless. He discovered that he was truly unable to change this ideal which the four of them had always adhered to—every action had to benefit the sect.

He realized that these four didn’t have the slightest bit of humanity. No matter what the situation was like, they would only act after having calculated the pros of cons.

In their eyes, it didn’t matter who was sacrificed. As long as the sect benefited, then it was right.

Qin Lie had ignored the possibility that returning to Armament Sect would be wrong.

Thus, after pondering for a moment, he began to take out the various treasures which belonged to Armament Sect out from within his spatial ring. After making sure they were all out, he threw them onto the stony ground in front of Ying Xingran and the three great reverends.

“Qin Lie, what are you...?” Luo Zhichang exclaimed.

“I am breaking away from Armament Sect.” Qin Lie raised his head then looked at the four of them in displeasure, saying, “I am unable to accept the ways in which you all do things, and can no longer continue working with you all. Thus, I have decided to leave.”

“Qin Lie! If you have any issues, let us calmly talk them over. Don’t be so rash!” Fang Qi shouted.

Jiang Hao also tried to persuade Qin Lie, “We might have not tried enough in the matter with the Ling Family, but we are willing to apologize. Is it worth being so temperamental over such a small matter? QIn Lie, you are the most talented artificer in the history of Armament Sect. We need you—Armament Sect needs you!”

“Qin Lie is going to leave?”

“Qin Lie wants to break away from the sect?”

“Why would he act like this?”

Upon hearing of this decision, many of the nearby disciples and elders gathered around and looked toward them in shock.

Inner sect elders such as Tong Jihua, Tan Dongling, Wei Qing, and Meng Chen also heard the news and quickly flocked over. They were all shocked beyond belief.

Even several martial practitioners of Blood Spear emerged from their various spots. Light flashed through their eyes as they looked over.

“I apologize, but my mind has already been made up. Today, I am formally leaving Armament Sect.” Qin Lie resolutely said.

“Qin Lie, are you definitely leaving no matter what we say?” Ying Xingran asked helplessly with a look of regret and sighed.

“Correct!” Qin Lie sonorously and forcefully replied.

“Then… I request that you leave behind the twelve spirit pattern pillars—the foundation upon which Armament Sect was built on.”

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