Chapter 294: Going in for the Kill!

Chapter 294: Going in for the Kill!

In the woods, Gu Tong, Shen Meilan, and Jia Songlin’s bodies were heavily injured by the explosions of the Terminator Profound Bombs.

Gu Tong and Jia Songlin were at the point where their breathing was shallow. Only Shen Meilan had reacted in time and put out a defense-type spirit artifact. Even though the light shield created by the spirit artifact instantly shattered and she was still heavily injured, compared to Gu Tong and Jia Songlin, her injuries were not fatal.

Song Tingyu had lured the three into the woods. Once they arrived next to Song Tingyu, they felt layers of restrictive power over their bodies.

When they realized what was happening and shouted in shock, Song Tingyu had decisively left.

The four Terminator Profound Bombs did not betray Song Tingyu’s expectations and accurately fell from the sky to explode between the trio.

“Miss Song, you... you dare to protect another race! Even if it is Profound Heaven Alliance, your Song Family does not have complete control!” Half of Shen Meilan’s body flowed with blood as she channelled her spirit art. A warm, icy blue light slowly healed her wounds. Within the deep pit formed by the Terminator Profound Bombs, she pointed at Song Tingyu and shouted angrily.

Gu Tong and Jia Songlin’s bodies had been  split open and their bodies were completely black. As though they had been constantly struck by lightning, their bodies continuously squirmed and blood spilled out of their mouths.

The two did not even have the energy to speak.

Song Tingyu had retreated early and now stood elegantly in her bright dress at the edge of the pit where Shen Meilan was.

A natural smile was on her alluring face. She looked down at Shen Meilan who had a harsh expression on her face and said in a soft voice, “Valley Master Shen, of course my Song Family cannot control Profound Heaven Alliance. Even my father would not be able to make the decision by himself on a matter concerning a foreign race. Just as you have said, he would have to ask the opinion of the Xie and Nie Family. So I didn’t even speak of this matter to my father. Attacking you is just my personal decision.”

“Y-you dare... you dare to do this?!” Shen Meilan seemed to shout with all her strength.

“Why do I not dare?” The smile on Song Tingyu’s face did not fade as she said idly, “You are not as important as you think. Seven Fiends Valley is just a Black Iron force under the command of Profound Heaven Alliance. We have a dozen or more subordinate forces like you. You three are just valley masters of Seven Fiends Valley. Do you really think you are someone important?”

Gu Tong and Jia Songlin who were convulsing heard Song Tingyu’s words and trembled even more violently.

It was as though they had received great stimulation.

Song Tingyu had a small smile as she walked next to Shen Meilan. She moved in front of Shen Meilan and said in a light voice, “In my eyes, the value of you three added together is not as high as Qin Lie’s. As for the foreign races... I have a different philosophy than my father. I will slowly change their thinking about foreign races. I will have Profound Heaven Alliance slowly grow stronger through the foreign races. You... because you hate the Ling Family so much, you will disturb my plans. You might tell Eight Extreme Temple about the state of the Ling Family, so I have to eliminate you.”

Shen Meilan’s expression shook.

At this time, Song Tingyu’s long hand pressed against her face.

In Shen Meilan’s eyes, that exquisitely proportioned little hand slowly grew larger and covered her vision.


A ball of bright rainbow light exploded like fireworks and flashed in Shen Meilan’s eyes.

Shen Meilan’s face was struck by the fireworks. Her face bloomed into a bloody flower.

As the blood flower blossomed, Shen Meilan’s life slowly ebbed away.

Song Tingyu laughed lightly. Turning, she walked towards Gu Tong and Jia Songlin.

After being seriously injured, Gu Tong and Jia Songlin saw Song Tingyu easily kill Shen Meilan despite the fact that they could hardly move. They were filled with terror. They realized that the only daughter of Profound Heaven Alliance’s leader was not just the most beautiful woman of the Scarlet Tide Continent, she also had the heart of a snake.

“Mi-Miss Song...” Gu Tong’s voice was hoarse and weak. “I can sw-swear to forget everything that happened today, to forget the purple blood flowing in the Ling Family, and I swear, I swear my allegiance to the Song Family and will never leak what happened today. Please... please, Miss Song, have mercy and let me live.”

“Miss Song, please have mercy!” Jia Songlin also begged.

After Shen Meilan was killed, the two finally understood. While they were the seven masterminds of Seven Fiends Valley, they were worth nothing in the eyes of Profound Heaven Alliance.

They also realized that if Song Yu ever found out that Song Tingyu had killed the three of them behind his back, he would only lecture her with a few words and say that she was fooling around.

So they woke up. They understood no negotiation was possible between them and Song Tingyu and how had no qualifications to threaten Song Tingyu.

They felt deep regret.

Yet Song Tingyu’s education from childhood meant that if she decided to do something, she would be crisp and clean. She would not accept any restraints or obstacles.

Even if she were to do something wrong, she still had to do it cleanly and not leave any flaws.

In her eyes, it would be a flaw to leave Gu Tong and Jia Songlin alive.

So she did not hesitate to go in for the kill.


On the other side.

Qin Lie used his mind to manipulate the six spirit pattern pillars to cast the “Universal Celestial Sealing Formation.” He activated the spirit diagrams on the surfaces of the spirit pattern pillars and released their power.

Under the clear sky and burning sun, the six pillars floated into the sky like six mountain peaks. Curtains of light came from above the pillars and formed strong barriers that landed like enormous, closed doors, sealing them from every direction.

Starlight shone, fierce beasts howled, long rivers flowed through, and heaven and earth became locked.


Qin Lie pointed at the sky above the Seven Fiends Valley martial practitioners.

The pillars turned into six streaks of light that suddenly split up and landed at six points to seal that area.


Qiu Xudong, who had been attempting to escape, hit the light curtain head on. Sparks of light flew, and a burst of power flooded, pushing him back.

He was unable to break through the barrier.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Even more Seven Fiends Valley martial practitioners charged at the surroundings from within the giant pits. They were all dizzy, stopped by the barrier.

More than half of the martial practitioners that came from Gold, Fire, and Dark Fiend Valley had been killed by the Terminator Profound Bomb. The remainder, after hearing the shocked screams of Shen Meilan and the others, knew that the situation was bad, so they wanted to escape.

Yet, in the area of the “Universal Celestial Sealing Formation,” their attempts were futile.

“Charge in and kill!” Tu Mo ordered.

The martial practitioners of Dark Asura Hall charged inside the Universal Celestial Sealing Formation with Qin Lie’s guidance. With Ling Yushi, Ling Xuanxuan, and Ling Feng, they charged at the remainder of the Seven Fiends Valley martial practitioners.

Qin Lie stood to the side. Light flashed through his eyes as he responded to the spirit pattern pillars mentally.

This was the first time he had truly used the spirit pattern pillars to face an enemy.

At this moment, his mental thoughts were wrapped around the spirit pattern pillars like chains. Using the method that Xue Li had taught him, he manipulated them and activated the spirit diagrams inside each pillar.

Then, the pillars released a vast and powerful energy fluctuation one after the other. As the curtain of starlight landed, as the energy rivers criss-crossed to seal the sky, as the fierce beasts flapped their wings and howled... he found that each spirit pattern pillar seemed to have merged with his body.

The spirit pattern pillars became spirit artifacts that seemed to be connected to his life. They were able to listen to his mind, understand his thoughts, and change according to his wishes perfectly.

There had never been an artifact that gave him such a wondrous feeling, nor had there ever been an artifact that could cooperate with his actions like this.

“Spirit artifacts that can merge with the owner are the best spirit artifacts. Only then can they truly release all of their power.” Qin Lie understood. His understanding of forging increased.

“Miss Song!”

“Miss Song!”

“Miss Song!”

Tu Mo, Tu Ze, and Zhuo Qian, as well as the other martial practitioners of Dark Asura Hall, saw Song Tingyu come out of the woods. Looking at her beautiful composure as she squeezed into the formation, they called out.

“I have come to lend a helping hand.” There was a reassuring smile at the corner of Song Tingyu’s mouth. With a raise of her hand, rainbow ribbons flew out of her sleeve.

The rainbow ribbons were like serpents and dragons that slithered through the air. They gave off astounding energy fluctuations as they chased after the martial practitioners of Seven Fiends Valley.

Any Seven Fiends Valley martial practitioner that was targeted by a rainbow ribbon would be tightly tied up by the ribbon shortly after. Their waists would be restrained until they broke and they died from suffocation.

Even Qiu Xudong, who had reached the late stages of the Manifestation Realm, was not an exception. He died from being wrapped up by a ribbon.

This shocking change of events quickly calmed down. All of the people from Seven Fiends Valley, including the three valley masters, were unable to escape.

“You are Tu Mo? Come over.” As Qin Lie closed his eyes and sat down to put away the six spirit pattern pillars, Song Tingyu beckoned him.

Tu Mo came over cautiously. When he arrived in front of Song Tingyu, he respectfully bowed. “Is there anything else that Miss Song needs?”

“I do not want you to leak today’s events. The strangeness of the Ling Family... I would not like it if other people knew.” She looked in the direction Dark Asura Hall and said, “These people... if any of them do not have a trustworthy mouth, I hope you can take care of them beforehand.”

Tu Mo’s heart went cold and he hurriedly patted his chest as he promised, “Miss Song, do not worry, the subordinates of my father are definitely reliable! Those with loose mouths would not have been able to come with me to Seven Fiends Valley to help the Ling Family. These people are definitely reliable and would not dare to speak nonsense!”

“Are you sure?” Song Tingyu asked seriously.

“I am certain,” Tu Mo seriously responded.

“Oh.” Song Tingyu nodded lightly. “You should know who worked from behind the scenes so that your father could become the hall master of Dark Asura Hall.”

“It is Lord Song Siyuan!” Tu Mo said respectfully. He paused and then continued, “The Tu Family only exists today because of the Song Family’s support. Both me and my father know this well!”

“Haha, since you understand, then I will truly do away with my worries.” Song Tingyu nodded in satisfaction.

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