Chapter 293: Song Tingyu’s Response

Chapter 293: Song Tingyu’s Response

Those not of my race will not be of the same mind. This was how many people thought about other races.

Even though Xue Li had said that other races were recognized and could live in harmony with humans on the continent that he was from, the martial practitioners of the Scarlet Tide Continent clearly had not reached that level.

Since Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple had been fighting the evil races of the Nether Realm for so many years, the Black Iron and Limestone forces under them also thought of the other races as evil beasts and tried to do all they could to stop them from coming in.

This could be seen from how nervous and anxious Eight Extreme Temple and Profound Heaven Alliance became after the evil nether passageway had been opened.

If the Ling Family was stuck with the title of foreign race, then it would be difficult for even Song Tingyu to defend them. If she forcibly suppressed this matter and allowed Gu Tong, Sheng Meilan, and Jia Songling to spread the news that the Ling Family were from another race…

Then all of Profound Heaven Alliance could not predict what consequences would occur, not just Song Tingyu.

Jia Songlin calmed down because of this and seemed to be certain that the Ling Family was going to die.

“Miss Song, the evil nether passageway has already been opened. We have been facing off against the Nether Realm recently. At this time, any person of another race can be a threat to us. The Ling Family... has purple blood in their bodies. They are definitely not human. I think that your father has more of a right to decide how to take care of them.“ Gu Tong expressed his attitude.

“Please, Miss Song, treat this with care!” Sheng Meilan agreed.

Even Tu Mo and the group from Dark Asura Hall had serious expressions and furrowed brows.

When the subordinates of Tu Shixiong learned that purple blood flowed inside the bodies of the Ling Family clansmen, their intentions of saving the Ling Family started to waver.

Many of them had followed Tu Shixiong to the Nether Battlefield and fought against the evil races of the Nether Realm.

Many of their brothers had died tragically at the hands of Horned Demon warriors. They did not have any good feelings about evil races. This caused them to be biased against the Ling Family.

Song Tingyu looked at the martial practitioners of Seven Fiends Valley and then at the people of Dark Asura Hall before looking at Qin Lie. She saw Qin Lie silently take out a Terminator Profound Bomb.

She knew that Qin Lie had made a decision and sighed inside. Then, she nodded and said, “I will ask my father.”

She silently took out the messaging jade pendant and closed her eyes. A strong mental fluctuation spread from her body...

“Qin Lie.” Ling Yushi reached out and grabbed Qin Lie. Joy added a sparkle to her purple eyes.

Qin Lie gripped her little hand in return. From her soft and shiny skin, he felt a flush of astounding power.

“Purple hair, purple eyes, and purple blood...” Qin Lie looked deeply at her. His thoughts were chaotic and he was also shocked.

He had never expected that such a transformation would happen to the people of the Ling Family in such a desperate situation. Having cultivated the Blood Spirit Art, he could feel an uncommon fluctuation from Ling Yushi, Ling Xuanxuan, and Ling Feng’s purple blood.

Those vibrations were clearly caused by power moving restlessly... this meant that, while the three had not cultivated the Blood Spirit Art, their blood still contained a great and incomprehensible power!

“You might not believe it, but I recently had the feeling that you were still alive...” Ling Yushi’s eyes were extremely soft and she managed to laugh at this time. “My feeling came true. You are really alive, this is very good.”

In the midst of fleeing for her life, her hair and eyes had changed. A certain power that was hiding in her body slowly woke up. In such a hopeless circumstance, a certain power of hers quickly increased!

She seemed to be able to see into the minds of other people and see how they channelled the spirit energy in their bodies. It was as though she now had the ability to read minds and a wondrous perception...

Just as everyone thought Qin Lie had died long ago, she felt that Qin Lie was living well. She had felt that Qin Lie was coming near... as expected, Qin Lie came.

“Qin Lie!”

Ling Feng, who held the Firecloud Hammer, came next to Qin Lie. Looking deeply at him, Ling Feng suddenly shouted.

“Big Brother Ling Feng.” Qin Lie grinned and exchanged a look with the other before nodding deeply.

Nothing needed to be spoken.

“Qin Lie, my sister secretly cried a few times when she heard that you fell into the Nether Realm,” Ling Xuanxuan said.

Qin Lie was speechless and couldn’t help but turn to look at Ling Yushi. Ling Yushi had a light smile and was not as bashful as in the past. She said openly, “At the time, I assumed you were dead.”

“Qin Lie! Aren’t you guys too calm?” Zhuo Qian glared from the other side and called towards Qin Lie. She indicated for him to pay attention to Song Tingyu and be on his guard against the people of Seven Fiends Valley.

Tu Ze’s eyebrows were also motioning for Qin Lie to be more careful at this time.

Other than Ling Yushi, Ling Xuanxuan, and Ling Feng, the hearts of the other members of the Ling Family were up in the air. They all had panicked expressions and were worried that the Ling Family would experience a calamity at any moment.

Looking at Zhuo Qian and Tu Ze, and then at the expressions of the other members of the Ling Family, Qin Lie then reacted and had a strange look in his eyes.

He suddenly realized it. Ling Yushi, Ling Xuanxuan, and Ling Feng had changed.

In the past, Ling Yushi, Ling Xuanxuan, and Ling Feng would be careful in their actions because the Ling Family was small and weak. Whenever they encountered a great danger, they would be anxious and nervous,not knowing what to do.

Yet, right now, they were facing the threat of Seven Fiends Valley and possibly an attack from Profound Heaven Alliance and the trio who had purple blood were calm and composed. They did not show any terror and uncertainty at the thought of being killed.

This amazed Qin Lie.

“Did the change in hair, eyes, and blood also cause their personalities to change?” he unconsciously thought.

What he did not expect was that he was also similarly composed. It seemed that, in his subconscious, he did not think highly of the Alliance Chief of Profound Heaven Alliance, Song Yu.

Song Tingyu suddenly put away the messaging jade pendant.

Everyone’s attention gathered on her. They wanted to know what attitude that Alliance Chief Song Yu held towards this matter.

A strange expression appeared on Song Tingyu’s alluring face. She looked at the Ling Family members and her brow furrowed slightly.

The Ling Family members felt their hearts skip a beat and their expressions all changed.

“Three valley masters, please come over. I wish to chat with you alone.” Song Tingyu abruptly walked towards the woods off to the side.

When Gu Tong, Jia Songlin, and Shen Meilan heard her say this, their expressions became joyous. They had already guessed the result and understood that Song Yu had given a clear answer, so he had Song Tingyu talk with them alone to decide what to do with the Ling Family.

They also noticed that Song Tingyu’s brow had furrowed slightly when she looked at the Ling Family...

“I just knew that the Alliance Chief would also have the same enmity towards foreign races!” When Gu Tong walked beside Song Tingyu, he looked at the people from the Ling Family with a dark expression. Inwardly, he had already decided on the death of the Ling Family.

Jia Songlin and Shen Meilan also had cold smiles. They praised the wisdom of Song Yu as they went into the woods after Song Tingyu.

“Qin Lie...” Ling Yushi called lightly.

Qin Lie did not make a sound. His eyes only looked at Song Tingyu. He saw that, before Song Tingyu entered the woods with her back to him, she had made a strange cutting movement with her hands at her waist.

The two had worked together in the Nether Realm for more than half a year and had a deep understanding of each other’s little movements and their meanings.

From Song Tingyu’s cutting movement, he understood her intentions. His eyes narrowed slightly as he gripped the Terminator Profound Bombs and silently added a thread of lightning and thunder power.

“No matter what they decide, I will take you away from Seven Fiends Valley’s territory. As long as Song Tingyu does not interfere... these valley masters cannot withstand the explosive power of my Terminator Profound Bombs,” said Qin Lie to Ling Yushi after he turned around.

Ling Yushi nodded slightly. “I know...”

“Qin Lie!” At the front, Tu Ze pointed in a direction and changed expressions indicating for him to hurry and escape with the Ling Family.

—In the gap of time that Song Tingyu had called the three valley masters away.

Yet Qin Lie smiled at him and shook his head. He did not do so.

“Qin Lie!” Ling Chengzhi said urgently.

“Mi-Miss Song! What are you doing?!”

“What are you doing?!”

“You dare disobey your father?”

At this moment, Gu Tong, Jia Songlin, and Shen Meilan started screaming in unison.

At the same time, Qin Lie suddenly threw out four Terminator Profound Bombs.

He threw them in the direction of those three.

After the four Terminator Profound Bombs flew out, Qin Lie’s left hand flicked and three also Terminator Profound Bombs landed in the area that the Seven Fiends Valley martial practitioners were gathered at.

“Boom boom boom boom! Boom boom boom!”

An earthshaking explosion first came from where Gu Tong and the others were, then another came from where the martial practitioners of Seven Fiends Valley were.

In the uproar, Qin Lie covered himself in lightning, bellowing as rock and sand flew.

The spirit pattern pillars floated above his head with a magnificence of the legendary Sky Lifting Pillars as the Terminator Profound Bomb’s explosive wave spread out. It was extremely spectacular as the pillars released divine light.

“Do not let anyone from Seven Fiends Valley escape!” Song Tingyu shouted from within the woods. “Do not let them spread news of this. If the people of Eight Extreme Temple learn of this, it will be very troublesome. Tu Mo, have your people kill the martial practitioners of Seven Fiends Valley. This is an order from my father!”

The martial practitioners of Dark Asura Hall were dumbstruck by this abrupt change. When Song Tingyu had taken Gu Tong and the others into the woods, they thought the group was discussing what to do with the Ling Family. They had not expected that it was for Song Tingyu to temporarily trap the three valley masters in the woods so Qin Lie could kill them with the Terminator Profound Bombs—this was completely beyond their expectations.

Now Song Tingyu was shouting for them to cooperate and kill the people of Seven Fiends Valley. She also said this was an order from Song Yu...

They felt that this was not quite right, that something was fishy. They were hesitating and did not know whether to trust Song Tingyu or not.

“Kill!” Tu Mo was silent for a few seconds and responded shortly after. “Miss Song represents Profound Heaven Alliance. Her orders definitely are correct! Even if they are wrong, she will take the blame. We are only following orders. This has nothing to do with us!”

When these words came out, the martial practitioners of Dark Asura Hall were reassured and charged at the martial practitioners of Seven Fiends Valley.


alyschu: Sky Lifting Pillars are divine pillars from Chinese lore.

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