Chapter 291: End of the Line

Chapter 291: End of the Line

“Everyone, let’s rest for a minute.”

Inside the mountain forest, Ling Yushi said so to her clansmen while putting down a young girl she was carrying on her back who was around six to seven. After that, she wiped the sweat seeping out of her forehead.

She knew that this wasn’t the ideal time to stop, but she had to take the physical condition of her clansmen into account, especially considering how tired they were from running for such an extended period of time. If they didn’t stop to rest, then some of her clansmen might even die from sheer exhaustion before the martial practitioners of Seven Fiends Valley reached them.

Not far away, the Ling Family’s clan elders, Ling Bo, Ling Xiang, and Ling Kangan were all deathly pale.

In the end, the trio who were carried by the youths of the clan still found the long trip a little more than they could handle. As of this moment, they were holding themselves up against trees and vomiting. It was so severe that it was as if they would end up expelling their own innards.

The moment they, as a group, came to a stop, many people laid flat on the ground, not wanting to move even a finger.

Others were hurriedly looking for a place to relieve themselves.

“Yushi, Xuanxuan, Little Feng, come over.” Ling Chengzhi waved his hands at the trio.

The trio arrived by Clan Elder Ling Kangan’s side.

Ling Kangan, who had recovered a little and was now wiping the filth from his mouth turned his head and looked at them weakly.

However, his murky eyes were currently shining with an excited light, “The Seven Fiends Valley martial practitioners chasing after us were all killed by you all? Truly?”

Ling Chengzhi was also gripping his fist and looked incredibly excited.

It was as if he had seen something that could renew the Ling Family’s hope.

“You aren’t the only ones who find this hard to believe. Even we are still confused and unsure if we are the ones who did it.” Ling Feng gripped his Fire Cloud Hammer tightly. Ever since he discovered that the Fire Cloud Hammer had become infinitely powerful, he was no longer willing to put it away. Instead, he held it at all times and toyed with the weapon tirelessly. “I believe that Grandpa Qin Shan came to us back then with some purpose in mind. It was not without reason.”

Ling Chengzhi and Ling Kangan both nodded inwardly.

At this point, they all guessed that Qin Shan must be an extraordinary person. Otherwise, there was no way he would know the secrets of Ling Family and be able to predict that some of their hair would one day turn purple.

“Unfortunately, Grandpa Qin Shan isn’t around. Otherwise, all of the mysteries could be solved.” Ling Yushi softly sighed.

“Little Shi, Xuanxuan, Little Feng, you must be strong!” Ling Kangan’s expression was a little more animated. “As long as we survive this crisis and can figure out the secrets of your bodies, the Ling Family… may truly be able to rise to power. One day, the Ling Family may even be able to become a force as powerful as Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple!”

The moment those words came out of his mouth, everyone grew enthusiastic as if they could already see the picture he depicted in their heads.

“Clan elder! Clan elder! Little Yun! Look at Little Yun!” It was at this moment someone cried out from behind the crowd.

Ling Kangan, Ling Chengzhi, Ling Yushi, and the others hurriedly turned their heads and looked at the little girl who was only around eleven to twelve.

She was called Ling Yun. Her talent in cultivation was relatively good, she was known for how lively and bold she was. Reflecting her talent, she had already reached the fourth level of the Refinement Realm.

Currently, Ling Yun already knew what kind of danger the Ling Family would face. She had a frown on her face the entire trip and became even quieter than before.

While they were escaping from the town, she had suddenly fallen sick to a fever and someone else ended up carrying her.

However, her fever had subsided before anyone realized it. She herself had cried out, claiming that she was already fine and no longer needed to be carried.

The person carrying her had thought that she was forcing herself, but it was only when they took a closer look that they realized that her eyes and hair had turned purple similar to Ling Yushi, Ling Xuanxuan, and Ling Feng’s...

This was the fourth person in the Ling Family to experience this change.

Ling Kangan and the others arrived in front Ling Yun with shining eyes and asked, “Little Yun, how do you feel?”

“Nothing much. It’s just that my fever is gone and I feel very relaxed. I feel like my head is clearer too.” Ling Yun was a dainty and cute girl with twintails shaped like goat horns on her head. She was currently touching her now purple hair, her eyes forming crescents due to her wide smile. “I like this color.”

“It looks like these changes really aren’t just a special case. Considering the three of you experienced a change and Ling Yun changed as well... the others should also be able to experience the same change . It must simply be based on the individual’s speed of conversion.” Ling Kangan forcefully suppressed the excitement in his heart and solemnly exclaimed, “This time, as long as we survives this crisis, I believe that we will truly be able to rise up and become force that no longer needs to depend on others or eke out a living under someone else’s protection.”

“This is the dream that we as a clan have held for many years!” Ling Chengzhi also exclaimed.

The surrounding Ling Family clansmen had also become excited, the hope growing within them because of Ling Yushi and the other’s changes.

However, the Ling Family’s clansmen excitement was shattered by Ling Yushi’s next words.

Ling Yushi exclaimed while frowning, “Not good! More people from Seven Fiends Valley are coming! This time, this time, heavens, there are Netherpassage martial practitioners!”

Everyone felt a terrifying despair akin to dropping from heaven to hell after hearing “Netherpassage martial practitioners.”

The Netherpassage Realm was a power at the level of experts such as Jiu Liuyu. To the Ling Family, Netherpassage Realm martial practitioners possessed incomparable power that could easily destroy a Limestone force like Nebula Pavilion with a simple flick of the arm.

How would the Ling Family be any different?

“Detestable heavens!” Ling Kangan furiously stared at the heavens and, starting to stagger, yelled, “You obviously want to destroy the Ling Family, yet why did you allow us a sliver of hope before we perish? Are you toying with us?!”

Ling Chengzhi too felt a great sense of defeat.

With how the eyes and hair of some of the Ling Family had changed color, combined with the astonishingly rapid rise in Ling Yushi and the other two’s combat strength which resulted in the martial practitioners of Seven Fiends Valley being slaughtered, Seven Fiends Valley finally realized that the Ling Family wasn’t just a bunch of weaklings. They came to the conclusion that the Ling Family might someday reach greater heights.

But while they were all excited, thinking how their previous sealed fate might change, Seven Fiends Valley had already dispatched martial practitioners in the Netherpassage Realm.

They would destroy the last vestiges of their hope!

The feeling of being dragged down from the sky caused him to feel so depressed that his spirit almost completely broke down.

“It’s not one, but several… several Netherpassage Realm martial practitioners. Ling Yushi’s purple eyes shone with deep despair. She gritted her teeth tightly at the realization that what awaited the Ling Family was the infinite abyss of despair.

No matter how much her, Ling Xuanxuan, and Ling Feng’s power had increased, they were merely Natal Opening Realm martial practitioners.

How could they possibly contest those in the Netherpassage Realm?

“Shen Meilan!” someone exclaimed.

“Jia Songlin!” another Ling Family clansmen cried out.

“Gu Tong!” Ling Kangan was shocked.

The valley master of Dark Fiend Valley, Gold Fiend Valley, and Fire Fiend Valley had led their subordinate experts to surround the Ling Family from three different directions, thus cutting off their escape route completely.

“None of you from Dark Asura Hall are allowed to take a step into this place. Otherwise, don't blame us for disregarding our relationship!” Jia Songlin looked at where the members of Dark Asura Hall were and scoffed with a dark face.

The Ling Family abruptly turned around to look in front of them.

Before long, Tu Ze, Tu Mo, and Zhuo Qian had led Tu Shixiong’s subordinate experts from Dark Asura Hall there and quietly arrived.

The reinforcements from Dark Asura Hall had finally arrived.

However, the moment they saw that the valley masters of Gold Fiend Valley, Dark Fiend Valley, and Fire Fiend Valley had personally led their experts to surround the Ling Family, Tu Ze and Tu Mo were both stunned.

Exactly how did the Ling Family, a group that could not even be considered a Limestone force, cause all three valley masters to come from Seven Fiends Valley? Shouldn’t they be able to completely take out the Ling Family by just sending any one of their subordinate experts?

Just what had happened here?

“The Ling Family killed my disciple, Bu Xiang, and sixteen Fire Fiend Valley martial practitioners. One of them was even in the Manifestation Realm!” Fire Fiend Valley’s Gu Tong had eyes that burned like fiery flames. “The Ling Family must be exterminated completely. I will fight anyone who dares to stop us to the death!”

“The Ling Family has caused Li Zhongzheng to go insane and killed twelve men from Gold Fiend Valley. They must be exterminated!” Jia Songlin exclaimed.

“This is Dark Fiend Valley’s personal matter, it’s us dealing with our own traitors. If Dark Asura Hall dares interfere with this, do not blame us for being heartless!” Shen Meilan also exclaimed severely.

All three valley masters from the three great valleys had proclaimed their stance in unison. This caused all the Dark Asura Hall newcomers to be intimidated.

“Young sirs, I think we shouldn’t act carelessly in regards to this matter...” Tu Shixiong’s subordinate commander softly advised.

“Little brother, the three valley masters on the other side are as powerful as our father. If we forcefully interfere with this matter, not only do we not have the power to intervene and achieve our objective, we may even cause a huge load of trouble in the future. What do you think?” Tu Mo looked at Tu Ze.

Tu Ze and Zhuo Qian looked at each other and smiled bitterly.

They could never have imagined that the Ling Family had caused so much trouble and killed so many people.

Originally, the Ling Family had always been bullied and wasn’t really given much importance by Seven Fiends Valley. They believed that they could mediate this matter and quietly slip the Ling Family away from Seven Fiends Valley. This way, they shouldn’t anger Seven Fiends Valley too much.

But now, Tu Mo and that commander aside, even Tu Ze and Zhuo Qian had grown hesitant.

The situation had completely spiralled out of their control. With the force they currently had, they could only watch from the sidelines.

Therefore, they did not come to the Ling Family’s side. Instead, all they did was stand in place, not moving at all.

This also crushed the Ling Family’s last hope.

“Brother Jia, what do you think? Should we just kill all of them?” Gu Tong turned around to look at Jia Songlin.”

Jia Songlin nodded.

“About that, didn’t Profound Heaven Alliance send us a message and ask us to be patient?” Shen Meilan mentioned a little anxiously.

Before they came over, Profound Heaven Alliance had suddenly ordered them to capture the Ling Family clansmen alive and decide their fate after Profound Heaven Alliance’s men had arrived.

Shen Meilan did not know where the order came from, but she rather respected and feared Profound Heaven Alliance and thus believed that they should listen to Profound Heaven Alliance’s orders.

“Sister Shen, if Profound Heaven Alliance are to cast down blame, Brother Gu and I will take responsibility.” Jia Songlin looked at Shen Meilan and said with a low tone and dark face, “Gold Fiend Valley and Fire Fiend Valley have suffered terrible losses. We showed no mercy, yet the Ling Family suddenly underwent a change and unleashed their hidden fangs. This Ling Family may not be as simple as they seem. To be safe and ensure that the Ling Family doesn’t take revenge on Gold Fiend Valley and Fire Fiend Valley, we must kill them now even if we go against Profound Heaven Alliance’s orders!”

Shen Meilan now understood what he meant.

So it was the Ling Family’s sudden show of strength that had caused Jia Songlin and Gu Tong to grow cautious. They were afraid that the Ling Family would become strong and take bloody revenge against them if they escaped this time.

Therefore, they planned to eliminate them while they were still weak.

Shen Meilan thought carefully and discovered that she had also been cast in an unfavorable light in the matter of forcing Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan to marry Bu Xiang and Li Zhongzheng. The Ling Family must hate her as well.

Because of this, she quickly came to a realization and also said, “Big Brother Jia and Big Brother Gu are more insightful than I. I was naive. In that case, let us ignore Profound Heaven Alliance’s orders and destroy the Ling Family first!”

The three had come to the same conclusion.

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