Chapter 290: Ling Yushi’s Change

Chapter 290: Ling Yushi’s Change

“Your main task is to recapture the Ling Family clansmen. Kill anyone unrelated on the spot!”

This was the order the subordinate martial practitioners received after all the valley masters had sat down and discussed the matter in detail.

All of Seven Fiends Valley’s martial practitioners had marched out.

In the forest, headed towards Dark Asura Hall, the Ling Family clansmen were all exhausted and sweating all over.

They had been on the move for an hour straight.

During this hour, everyone ran as fast as their legs could carry them without rest. The young carried the old and children on their backs, unleashing their potential while holding onto the hope that they survive this crisis.

Everyone knew that those from Seven Fiends Valley would definitely not let this matter to rest. They all knew that what would happen the moment Seven Fiends Valley’s martial practitioners caught up to them.

Therefore, they ran with everything they had.

Soon after, the first wave of pursuers closed in on them. It was a group of Earth Fiend Valley martial practitioners. The leader was at the early stage of the Manifestation Realm.

They had recently returned from elsewhere and just happened to pass through that forest. The moment they received the information, they chased down the Ling Family clansmen immediately.

“There are pursuers!” Ling Yushi had already acutely detected the existence of enemies while they were still a ways away. She alerted everyone beforehand.

“We will stay back and fight!” Ling Feng declared solemnly.

“Mn.” Ling Yushi nodded heavily.

The other Ling Family clansmen continued onto Dark Asura Hall. Meanwhile, Ling Yushi, Ling Xuanxuan, and Ling Feng stayed back.

“I may not know why our bodies have undergone such a change, but there is one thing that I can be sure of. This transformation has greatly increased our abilities!” Currently, Ling Yushi was much calmer than she would have been in the past in such a critical situation. “We have to survive if we want to find out what happened to our bodies. We can no longer make amends with Seven Fiends Valley. Do your best to take them out as soon as you see them.”

Once she finished saying this, she realized that both Ling Feng and Ling Xuanxuan were staring at her in surprise.

She subconsciously touched her cheeks and asked doubtfully, “What’s wrong?”

“First Miss, you are… slightly different than before,” Ling Feng said softly.

“How so?” Ling Yushi asked in surprise.

“I can’t quite explain. You seem to have become more confident, stronger, more… decisive, and ruthless…” Ling Feng looked at her deeply, “After your hair and eyes changed, it was obvious your temperament did as well.”

“Sis, you used to be too gentle, used to be not confident enough, used to dislike combat, and expected everything to not work out.” Ling Xuanxuan continued on, “But now, you have gained the quality of a leader. You have become extremely confident in yourself. Anyway, I can also feel that you’re a little different…”

“The situation has forced me to become like this. I must become strong, or the Ling Family will not survive this crisis.” Ling Yushi nodded her head lightly.

While waiting, Ling Yushi continuously explained, one after another, how far their pursuers were from them, where they were approaching from, their numbers, their strength and weaknesses...

They were very away, but she seemed to be able to see who they were and even know what they were thinking.

When those people neared, under her soft exclamation, both Ling Feng and Ling Xuanxuan charged out at the same time.

Fifteen minutes later, the group of seven Earth Fiend Valley martial practitioners, who had exceeded them in numbers and cultivation were all killed by them.

The trio stood amidst a floor of bodies. Staring at the fearsome seven who now laid on the floor, never to get up again, while smelling a scorched smell, they were all shocked by their own abilities.

“I-is this really our doing?” Ling Xuanxuan murmured distractedly while staring at the purple flames seeping out of her fingertips and sensing its fearsome strength.

Meanwhile, Ling Feng gripped his Fire Cloud Hammer tightly and exclaimed, “My Fire Cloud Hammer is most definitely better than Common Grade Two! It seems that it is only now that this Fire Cloud Hammer has begun to truly display its true power! Who exactly is Grandpa Qin Shan? How did my Fire Cloud Hammer, forged by his hands, become so powerful after my hair color changed?”

“Everything will be made clear if we meet Grandpa Qin Shan again one day. But now, we have not escaped danger yet. Go, let’s reconvene with the clansmen and continue our escape!” Ling Yushi said calmly.


On top of the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly.

Qin Lie and Song Tingyu sat side by side. Song Tingyu was playing with a white jade pendant in her hand. While looking at the white clouds beside her, she casually said, “There’s not too much for you to worry about. With your grandfather’s skills, he should be safe.”

The duo flew over the mountains while sitting on the rainbow butterfly. Along the way, Song Tingyu would occasionally ask Qin Lie about his grandfather. Qin Lie only replied randomly with noncommittal responses.

His responses had not increased Song Tingyu’s understanding of his grandfather by much—if even Qin Lie did not understand himself and his grandfather, then how could she possibly hope to come to an understanding?

“If the people from Seven Fiends Valley dare act recklessly, don’t blame me for using Terminator Profound Bombs and wiping Seven Fiends Valley off the face of Spirit Realm!” Qin Lie suddenly spouted such a line without warning.

Song Tingyu’s expression changed slightly and immediately understood that, currently, Qin Lie’s grandfather was the last thing on his mind.

What was on his mind was Seven Fiends Valley and Ling Yushi’s safety...

“Don’t act recklessly!” Song Tingyu exclaimed hurriedly.

She was very familiar with the terror that was Terminator Profound Bomb after fighting with Qin Lie all the way from Nether Realm to Nether Battlefield. She even knew that using multiple Terminator Profound Bombs simultaneously would result in a synergistic effect and would cause their explosive power to become even more terrifying.

It was extremely clear to her that if Qin Lie truly lost control and ignited all of the Terminator Profound Bombs in his possession… Seven Fiends Valley might really be wiped out in its entirety.

“If she is fine, then Seven Fiends Valley is fine. If she is in trouble, then Seven Fiends Valley will have to suffer my wrath!” Qin Lie snorted coldly.

“Don’t be impulsive. I can handle this. Can you let me handle this?” Song Tingyu took the matter to her own hands willingly. “I can guarantee the Ling Family’s safety!”

“That will be the best,” Qin Lie said with a dark face.

“I will contact Profound Heaven Alliance and find out what the current situation with Seven Fiends Valley is. I’ll do my best to take control of the situation as soon as possible.” From Qin Lie’s dark expression, Song Tingyu could see trouble looming on the horizon. Suddenly, she turned quiet and, with the white jade pendant in her hands, contacted Profound Heaven Alliance.

An obvious wave of mind energy emanated from her body. Like an invisible wind, it flew into the distance and vanished.

After a while, Song Tingyu’s body shook as she opened her eyes with a hint of shock in her eyes.

“How is it?” Qin Lie asked urgently.

“You won’t believe me if I told you.” Song Tingyu’s eyes were odd as she sucked in a deep breath and said, “That Bu Xiang who was to marry Ling Xuanxuan was burned to death on the spot. That Li Zhongzheng who was to marry Ling Yushi went insane and delirious as a result. The fifteen Gold Fiend Valley and Fire Fiend Valley martial practitioners inside the Ling Family’s house were all burned or killed. Every single one of the three waves of martial practitioners that Seven Fiends Valley had sent out after the Ling Family were all eliminated, and the strongest martial practitioners among them were in the middle stage of the Manifestation Realm!”

“How is this possible?” Qin Lie cried out in shock, “Could it be that Tu Ze and Zhuo Qian caught up and helped the Ling Family? There’s not a single person in the Ling Family who has reached the Manifestation Realm. How can they possibly do all of this?”

“Dark Asura Hall’s people have not met up with them yet. It was all done by the Ling Family.” Song Tingyu was also moved on the inside. “Even I don’t believe it. Not even those valley masters of Seven Fiends Valley believe all of that.”

A strange light flashed inside Qin Lie’s eyes.

After a while, he exclaimed in a low tone, “Do you think you still can stop Seven Fiends Valley’s pursuit of the Ling Family?”

Song Tingyu smiled bitterly. “I’ll do my best to mend things.”

If the Ling Family hadn’t suddenly broken out, if Bu Xiang hadn’t died, if Li Zhongzheng hadn’t gone insane, if so many Dark Fiend Valley martial practitioners hadn’t died, then with her influence alone, she was confident that she could clean up this matter easily.

But now, even she felt that this matter was a little tricky.

“How long before we catch up to the Ling Family?” Qin Lie asked again.

“Two hours.” Song Tingyu thought for a while before changing her words, “No, just over an hour will suffice!”

She suddenly slapped the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly below her and exclaimed, “Don’t you be lazy!”

Rays of rainbow light was slapped directly into the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly’s body from her hand.

The Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly’s speed grew faster as if it had been injected with drugs.

Like a rainbow in the sky, it carried both Qin Lie and Song Tingyu at top speed to where the Ling Family was.

Qin Lie, out of nowhere, hmphed coldly.

“What are you hmphing about? It’s not that I’m not doing my best, but it strains my Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly greatly to fly at top speed.” Song Tingyu curled her lips and, in a whining manner, said, “I’m heading to save your little lover and not my man, you know? Seriously, you make it look like I owe you or something.”

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