Chapter 289: The Eruption of the Ling Family!

Chapter 289: The Eruption of the Ling Family!

The move had just been too sudden. One second, the martial practitioners of Gold Fiend Valley and Fire Fiend Valley had still been coldly observing. The next, they discovered that Bu Xiang had been engulfed in purple flames.

Well water was thrown over Bu Xiang’s body but shockingly had no effect on the raging flames. Everyone could only watch as Bu Xiang was burned to a black crisp.

As for the purple flames, they continued burning Bu Xiang’s body. It seemed as nothing could extinguish them until the flames themselves ran out of energy.

At this moment, all of the Ling Family members had lost the will to live as the feeling of despair emerged within them.

While Bu Xiang was publicly the apprentice of Fire Fiend Valley’s valley master, Gu Tong, he was actually Gu Tong’s illegitimate child.

This fact was one which many had privately confirmed numerous times.

Because Bu Xiang’s cultivation realm was low and his talent was also very ordinary, he had originally been in a Limestone force under Seven Fiends Valley’s jurisdiction. However, ten years ago, Gu Tong had travelled there and said that he saw talent in Bu Xiang and recruited Bu Xiang as a disciple of Fire Fiend Valley.

Afterwards, Gu Tong spared no expense as he helped Bu Xiang cultivate. Still, Bu Xiang’s advancement was slow that, even today, he was only at the middle stage of the Natal Opening Realm.

This caused many to become speechless.

However, Gu Tong’s love for Bu Xiang only increased. He continued giving large amounts of cultivation materials to Bu Xiang so that Bu Xiang could use them.

Only when rumors about Bu Xiang being Gu Tong’s illegitimate child spread did everyone finally understand why Gu Tong treated Bu Xiang so favorably.

Now that Ling Xuanxuan had turned Bu Xiang to ashes, just how could the Ling Family possibly survive?

“Sis, I-I didn’t mean to do this…” Upon realizing that Bu Xiang had indeed died, Ling Xuanxuan also began to panic as she shrilly cried, “I really didn’t mean to do this, but I wasn’t able to control the fireball. I didn’t think that these flames would suddenly become so fierce.”

Ling Xuanxuan was indeed quite intelligent. Upon seeing Bu Xiang’s burnt corpse, she immediately knew that she had forcefully brought the Ling Family onto a path of no return.

She was very clear on the fact that the Ling Family had been cast into a calamitous situation because of her rash and impulsive move.

“Bu Xiang died, Bu Xiang died!” The expression of a martial practitioner of Fire Fiend Valley greatly changed as he astonishedly shouted, “Dammit! Valley Master’s going to lose his shit!”

“Yushi, this…” At this time, Gold Fiend Valley’s Li Zhongzheng also began to panic as his hands and feet began to tremble and fidget. He thought for a moment, then said, “It’s over for the Ling Family. There is no longer any way to shelter you all any more.”

“Notify the valley master!” the martial practitioners of Fire Fiend Valley clamored.

“Ling Yushi, your younger sister has damned your Ling Family to perdition. I am no longer able to protect even you. However, I shall ask Fire Fiend Valley’s valley master to allow me to care for you for several days before you are executed!” Li Zhongzheng then recomposed himself, calming down as he sucked in a deep breath and said, “I shall give you a few wonderful days to reminisce, hehe!”

Every member of the Ling Family could perceive the lust hidden in Li Zhongzheng’s words. Upon hearing them, they all became enraged.

Li Zhongzheng had coveted Ling Yushi for many years and had wholeheartedly tried his best to get her. Through the usage of various means, he had finally managed to force Ling Yushi to become his concubine.

However, because Ling Xuanxuan had suddenly erupted and killed Bu Xiang, Li Zhongzheng knew that even he no longer had a way to keep Ling Yushi alive.

Thus, he would make another request. He would ask Fire Fiend Valley’s valley master to give Ling Yushi to him for a few days before she was executed.

He would be able to do whatever he wanted.

“Big Sis! Since our Ling Family cannot escape from this unharmed, let’s... let’s fight them!” Perceiving the evil thoughts encompassed within Li Zhongzheng’s words, a crazed glow emerged within Ling Xuanxuan’s now purple pupils.

The glow caused even Li Zhongzheng to feel frightened as he subconsciously put some more distance between him and Ling Xuanxuan.

Ling Yushi had remained silent all this time.

Surprisingly, following the sudden change in events and Li Zhongzheng’s expression of his dark thoughts, all she had done was deeply stare at Li Zhongzheng and the martial practitioners of Fire and Gold Fiend Valley in complete silence.

Her pupils had also gradually turned a deep purple while her beautiful long hair had begun to wildly flutter behind like turbulent waves even though there was no wind.

No one knew, but the moment Ling Xuanxuan had suddenly erupted and killed Bu Xiang, the blood within Ling Yushi’s body had also begun boiling.

She was even more enraged than Ling Xuanxuan had been. The flame within her heart was like a seed which had taken root in her blood and rapidly grown...

Raging flames burned in her blood and mind. As if they had burned away some sort of restraining seal, her mind now experienced a great shock.

Afterwards, her pupils had also turned purple, and she discovered that everything she saw in the world around her had become abnormal.

She had suddenly become able to see the flow of spirit energy within the muscles and veins of each of the martial practitioners from Gold and Fire Fiend Valley. In her eyes, strand after strand of dazzling lines now protruded out from each martial practitioner’s bodies. These lines originated from bright spots within their muscles and veins and were the spirit energy coursing through each martial practitioner.

When she looked at Li Zhongzheng and his two lust filled eyes, she knew exactly what he was thinking.

Not only could she see how her opponent circulated their spirit energy, she could also see through their thoughts. She now could clearly see into the minds of others.

The moment the anger of the Ling Family members had erupted, she had looked at Li Zhongzheng. The anger suppressed in her heart had suddenly, through some inexplicable way that even she couldn’t comprehend, directly pierced into Li Zhongzheng’s mind.

Like a flash flood, anger and hatred crashed into Li Zhongzheng’s heart and mind.

It was some kind of secret mind technique!

Li Zhongzheng’s entire body began to violently tremble. A look of profound shock emerged within his eyes as he looked at Ling Yushi. Out of nowhere, he felt as if the girl which he had thought to be gentle and elegant had unexpectedly turned into a primeval beast.

In an instant, the purple flames which had previously turned Bu Xiang to ashes seemingly appeared in his mind. Although they scattered at first, they became increasingly tempestuous.

A terrifying image of him being drowned in a sea of these purple flames emerged within his mind as he clutched his head and began to scream. He looked at Ling Yushi, his face full of fear as he began to back away from her.

At this moment, Ling Yushi had turned into a ferocious ghoul in Li Zhongzheng’s eyes. She had become an evil god who dictated whether he lived or died.

Under everyone’s astonished gazes, Li Zhongzheng continued to back away, his body trembled intensely for some inexplicable manner.

As he backed away, everyone became aware that Li Zhongzheng’s spirit, body, and mind were all rapidly being exhausted, as if some unseen creature of evil were gradually devouring his soul and willpower.

“Wh-what in the world is happening?” Ling Chengzhi dazedly said. He looked at Ling Xuanxuan for a while, and then, when he turned to look at Ling Yushi, his gaze become bewildered.

“Perhaps... perhaps it is because of their changes?” family elder Ling Kangan pondered as he gradually comprehended what was happening.

“Ling Feng! Ling Feng, you…” shouted someone else in shock.

Ling Feng, who was originally seen as an inconspicuous figure within the Ling Family, had, out of the blue,y begun to gasp for air, inhaling mouthful after mouthful. As if he suddenly turned into an enraged, ferocious beast, a frightening look of madness took shape on his face.

When Bu Xiang and Li Zhongzheng had been threatening the Ling Family, Ling Feng had silently glared at the two.

He stared for quite a while. As if he had fallen into a pit of hatred, the only things he could see were scenes of him killing the people of Gold and Fire Fiend Valley.

Thus, this is what he had done.

Ling Feng, who cultivated a fire aspect spirit art,, grasped his Firecloud Hammer and, all of a sudden, charged at a Gold Fiend Valley martial practitioner.

The Firecloud Hammer was only a Common Grade Two spirit artifact, and thus it was a spirit artifact that wasn’t even worth mentioning in the eyes of the martial practitioners of Seven Fiends Valley.

After arriving in Seven Fiends Valley, Ling Feng had suddenly broken into the early stage of the Natal Opening Realm. He originally had the opportunity to receive a higher grade spirit artifact, but he had become too used to the Firecloud Hammer and thus was too reluctant to throw it away.

Today, after taking out his Firecloud Hammer once again, he immediately felt a wondrous connection between his blood and veins.

Over the last few years, he had been mocked countless times because of his beloved Firecloud Hammer. Even though he had fought, using it many times, he had never felt such a wonderous feeling before.

When he rushed towards the Gold Fiend Valley martial practitioner, he felt as if the Firecloud Hammer in his hand had become a part of his body, as if it had become an extension of his arm. It was like one of his own limbs...

After infusing his energy into the Firecloud Hammer, flames began to pour out like a surging river. However, the flames were also a deep purple!

A river of dark purple flames followed Ling Feng’s every move, stormed towards the martial practitioners of Gold and Fire Fiend Valley.

During this moment, tragic cries continuously arose as the river of purple swept past the martial practitioners, setting a great number of these Natal Opening Realm practitioners ablaze.

Their fates were to be the same as Bu Xiang’s. They were unable to extinguish the flames on their bodies. No matter what they attempted, the end result was the same, and all they could do was scream and shout in terror.

Meanwhile, Li Zhongzheng, who had been clutching his head and retreating as if he had seen a ghost, had already withdrawn out of the residence.

He was the only one who hadn’t been enveloped within the river of purple; he was the only one whose body wasn’t on fire.

Following Ling Xuanxuan and Ling Yushi, Ling Feng had also erupted and begun displaying great power.

Within this part of the residence, only the burning bodies of the martial practitioners of Gold and Fire Fiend Valley who were bitterly and tragically screaming amidst the sea of flames remained.

Upon seeing how everything had completely turned around so abruptly, the members of the Ling Family couldn’t help but look at Ling Yushi, Ling Xuanxuan, and Ling Feng with expressions of profound astonishment.

They had no clue as to what had just transpired and had no clue what they should do next.

It was like this until Ling Yushi finally calmed down and commanded, “All members of the Ling Family immediately leave this town and the territory of Seven Fiends Valley as quickly as possible!”

“Move! Now!” Ling Kangan also recovered. “Leave everything behind, all that matters is that we survive. However far we manage to escape, so be it. Each survivor is important!”

Under the constant shouting of Ling Kangan and Ling Chengzhi, all of the members of the Ling Family began to realize that awaited them at this place was death.

Without any preparations whatsoever, they all ran out of the residence while the martial practitioners of Gold and Fire Fiend Valley were still screaming in agony. Under the shocked gazes of the town residents, they all began to move towards the edges of Seven Fiend Valley’s territory.

As for Li Zhongzheng, who had fallen into despair and backed out of the residence, he gradually awoke from his nightmare and quickly ran back to Gold Fiend Valley to request an audience with Gold Fiend Valley’s Valley Master Jia Songlin.

At the same time, the news-bearing Fire Fiend Valley martial practitioners who had left first were also passing the information to Gu Tong.

“I’ll slaughter every last member of the Ling Family!” Before long, Gu Tong’s crazed, angry voice resounded within Fire Fiend Valley.

Not long after, Gold Fiend Valley’s Valley Master Jia Songlin, also learned of what had taken place at the Ling Family residence through Li Zhongzheng.

Thus, the entire upper echelon of Seven Fiends Valley promptly learned of the Ling Family’s revolt and escape.

Under various orders, all of the powerful practitioners of Seven Fiends Valley were dispatched to chase after the fleeing Ling Family.

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