Chapter 284: A Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed

Chapter 284: A Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed

On a dirt hill, Qin Lie and Yi Yuan stood shoulder to shoulder.

“Come, drink some of this specialty from my Purple Mist Sea—Cold Mist Jade Fluid. This wine is made from taking the cold mist on top of the Cold Winter Sea and mixing it with nineteen different kinds of fruit juice.” Yi Yuan took out a jade wine jar and handed it to Qin Lie with a smile. “This Cold Mist Jade Fluid is definitely multiple times better than the liquor that Ren Nan gave you. Also, I did not poison it so you do not have to worry when drinking it.”

Qin Lie snorted and then took the beautiful wine jar. Without hesitating, he put it to his mouth and gulped.

The Cold Mist Jade Fluid was cool when it entered his mouth and had a strange minty flavor. Upon reaching his stomach, threads of cold spread from his belly and seemed to cool the fire burning inside.

A while later, he could feel a slightly chilled, fruity fragrance coming from his mouth.

That kind of cold even had a wondrous effect of adjusting the mind, relaxing it and eliminating frustration.

Qin Lie carefully savored it and inwardly praised it . Without realizing it, he took a few more sips.

When this Cold Mist Jade Fluid entered his stomach, the cold feeling spread throughout his body and had an indescribable effect on the stability of his wounds. This astounded Qin Lie and made him immediately understand the value of this Cold Mist Jade Fluid.

“This wine is probably very rare in Purple Mist Sea, right?” Qin Lie shook the wine jar. Looking at the blue-green wine inside, he asked casually.

“The Cold Mist Jade Fluid is made for Eight Extreme Temple specifically by Purple Mist Sea and only as tribute for major individuals of Eight Extreme Temple. In our Purple Mist Sea, very few can obtain this kind of beautiful wine, and I am one of them.” Yi Yuan smiled faintly.

“Ren Nan does not have the qualifications?” Qin Lie said in shock.

Yi Yuan smiled and nodded. “He is not qualified.”

Qin Lie became silent for a moment. He took another mouthful of the Cold Mist Jade Fluid and then suddenly said, “Back at Armament City, if you had been willing to tell me the situation and confess that it was a trap for Lang Xie and Feng Rong, I think that I still would have gone.”

“Blood Shadow, Liang Yangzu, Di Shijiu, and Yuan Tianya... their true targets were Lord Lang Xie and Instructor Feng Rong. You... were just extra. If I told you that, you might have gone because you owe Senior Sister Tang and Lian Rou, but Lang Xie and Instructor Feng might not have gone into the danger. Especially, Lord Lang Xie. He is not a rash person.” Yi Yuan’s expression was bitter. He sighed lightly. “No matter. I have already betrayed Armament Sect and returned to Purple Mist Sea.”

“The matter of conning and fooling me will not be dismissed like this!” Qin Lie snorted coldly.

Yi Yuan smiled and said with a nod, “If you want to settle the score, I’m free at any time.”

After he said this, his expression suddenly became serious. He said in a grave voice, “However, I have pulled you over this time because I have an urgent matter to tell you. This matter concerns that woman of yours...”

“Who?” Qin Lie’s brow creased.

“Ling Yushi,” Yi Yuan shouted lightly.

Qin Lie’s expression suddenly changed. “What happened?”

“The matter of you and Miss Song disappearing in the evil nether passageway spread half a year ago. Now, almost everyone knows of this.” Yi Yuan looked deeply at him and explained, “In the minds of many people, you and Miss Song are already buried in the Nether Realm and definitely unable to survive.”

Qin Lie nodded with a dark face.

“Jiu Liuyu and many of the strongest of Seven Fiends Valley died at your hands. You also personally cut off one of Shi Jingyun’s fingers. Because of these matters, after the Ling sisters returned to Seven Fiends Valley, there have been people opposing them. The Ling clansmen that live with the two sisters on the lands of Seven Fiends Valley are also facing bad circumstances...” Yi Yuan slowly explained.

“Originally, because Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple spoke up and resolved the danger to Armament sect, people in Seven Fiends Valley who dislike the Ling sisters did not dare to move. It was also because of your strength. Since you have the Terminator Profound Bombs, lead Armament Sect, command Blood Spear, and have an unspoken agreement with Profound Heaven Alliance, they did not dare to move. They were afraid of making you go crazy and retaliating using the Terminator Profound Bomb.”

“Yet, when you and Miss Song fell into the Nether Realm you were undoubtedly dead in their eyes. They naturally did not have to consider the threat that you posed. This caused the people from Seven Fiends Valley whose friends and relatives died by your hands to finally act against the Ling sisters and the people of the Ling Family, unable to contain the hate in their minds.”

“Seven Fiends Valley!” Qin Lie snorted coldly. “What did they do?”

“Originally, they wanted to kill the clansmen of the Ling Family and the Ling sisters.” Yi Yuan looked at Qin Lie’s icy eyes and said, “But Xie Jingxuan, Tu Shixiong, and others of Dark Asura Hall put pressure on Seven Fiends Valley. Ying Xingran on Armament Sect’s side also pressured them after he woke up, so Seven Fiends Valley did not dare to be so vicious.”

Qin Lie sank into silence with a furrowed brow.

He was surprised that Xie Jingxuan would come out and protect the Ling sisters after finding he was “dead.”

Before the battle between Armament Sect and the five forces started, Xie Jingxuan had met him once with Tu Ze and Zhuo Qian. They wanted to persuade him to leave Armament Sect as soon as possible.

Yet he and Xie Jingxuan had not reached an agreement.

Afterwards, the two left without resolving the differences. Xie Jingxuan also cut ties and said that she would not have mercy when she attacked Armament Sect.

Qin Lie had also thought that, after that event, Xie Jingxuan probably hated him and would not give him any face.

He had not expected that after his “death,” when Seven Fiends Valley was going to kill the Ling sisters, Xie Jingxuan would come out and put pressure on Seven Fiends Valley so they did not dare to be so outrageous.

“I did not expect this woman to be reliable at such a crucial time...” Qin Lie’s mood was slightly complex.

As to Tu Shixiong of Dark Asura Hall, Qin Lie knew that he would only have come out because Tu Ze and Zhuo Qian begged him in private.

“Ying Xingran who woke up...” Qin Lie went quiet.

After a moment, he continued to ask, “And then?”

“After being pressured from so many sides, Seven Fiends Valley did not dare to kill the Ling sisters. However, they are now forcing Ling Yushi to marry Li Zhongzheng and Ling Xuanxuan to marry Bu Xiang of Fire Fiend Valley.” Yi Yuan saw Qin Lie’s expression darken and his heart jumped. He still added, “With the status of concubine...”

The thick aroma of blood suddenly spread from Qin Lie’s body. Yi Yuan focused and found that Qin Lie’s eyes flickered with a bloody light, like a vicious beast that was going to charge and swallow someone whole.

“You don’t have to be too agitated. This is just Seven Fiends Valley. The Ling sisters are still unharmed at this time.” Yu Yuan hurriedly urged, “Seven Fiends Valley is pressuring the Ling sisters, but they have not caved. The Ling Family is still in a standoff against them. I heard that Tu Ze and Zhuo Qian are already hurrying towards Seven Fiends Valley. Supposedly, they are going to take the Ling sisters and their family away from Seven Fiends Valley to go cultivate at Dark Asura hall. If this is accomplished, then nothing will happen to the Ling sisters.”

“No one from Armament Sect has gone to receive them?” Qin Lie asked in a deep voice.

“Ying Xingran is naturally the sect master of Armament Sect after he was saved by Profound Heaven Alliance while you, in their view, have already died in the Nether Realm.” Yi Yuan twisted his mouth and said with a cold smile, “You are still not clear on what kind of person Ying Xingran is?”

Qin Lie’s brow furrowed.

“He is a qualified sect master. Everything he does is for the prosperity of Armament Sect! Yet he is too calculating, too pragmatic. This means that he does not have any kindness!” Yi Yuan said without any courtesy. “In the past, he saw the potential of Liang Shaoyang and did nothing even though he knew that Liang Shaoyang tried to kill you twice. He instantly changed his attitude when you killed Liang Shaoyang and displayed your peerless potential. He does not favor Senior Sister Tang anymore. When he knew that Blood Shadow had imprisoned Senior Sister Tang and Lian Rou, he still stopped me from telling you. He was afraid you would have an accident so he abandoned Senior Sister Tang and Lian Rou!

“Right now, you are dead in their minds! All of your potential, the great value you have for Armament Sect, all of that is gone with your death!” Yi Yuan scornfully said in a cold voice, “You think that he will be like Tu Ze and Zhuo Qian and do so much for a ‘dead’ person? I have heard that he only pressured Seven Fiends Valley because Elder Mo Hai and Instructor Feng Rong asked him to.”

“What about the three reverends?” Qin Lie inhaled deeply.

“Them?” Yi Yuan shook his head and laughed. “In your eyes, are they any different from Ying Xingran? If you were unable to move the twelve spirit pattern pillars, you would be worthless in their eyes! When Liang Shaoyang used the Eclipse Insects to harm you in the past, do you think that the three reverends did not know?”

Qin Lie was silent.

“The reason that I left Armament Sect with no regard for my honor is because Ying Xingran and the three reverends are not worth my blood and sweat. Frankly said, they only have the strength of Armament Sect on their minds. For the prosperity of the sect, they will sacrifice anyone. If you do not have value, they will also sacrifice you.” Yi Yuan bowed his head and grimaced.

“Do you have any more Cold Mist Jade Fluid?” Qin Lie reached out towards Yi Yuan.

Unconsciously, he had drank a whole jar. The worries on his mind increased as Yi Yuan spoke.

“This is the last jar.” Yi Yuan handed him another jar with a pained expression. Then he said, “In Armament sect, the ones worth interacting with are Elder Mo Hai, Instructor Feng Rong, Senior Sister Tang, and Lian Rou. Elder Tong might barely qualify. As for the others... they should be just like that as well. In the eyes of the sect master and the three reverends, there are no people. There is only the sect. If you think about it, you will know what kind of people they really are.”

“Gulp gulp!”

Qin Lie did not utter a word and only drank deeply. He drank half of the jar in one go and then suddenly stood up. “Take me to the passage entrance. I need to return to the surface as soon as possible. I need to go to Seven Fiends Valley.”

“No problem.” Yi Yuan smiled faintly.

“Song Tingyu and I have special identities and you are a member of Purple Mist Sea. I killed Yu Dai and cut off Su Ziying’s finger. Aren’t you afraid that something will happen... since you have done this?” Qin Lie looked at him deeply.

“No one knows who you are.” Yi Yuan turned and looked behind him. “There was only that woman from the Blue Feather Association who was a part of Ren Nan’s group. She might have been able to guess some things, but they are already dead. The people with me will not ask any questions, they trust me. Even if I betray Purple Mist Sea right now, they would still follow me...”

“You can arrange for us to leave without a trace?” Qin Lie asked to make sure.

“As long as you do not shout that you are Qin Lie of Armament Sect and Song Tingyu of Profound Heaven Alliance, there will not be a problem,” Yi Yuan said confidently.

Qin Lie nodded. After a moment, he said, “If we leave successfully, we clear the debts between us!”

“Deal!” Yi Yuan grinned brightly.


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