Chapter 283: Meeting Yi Yuan Again

Chapter 283: Meeting Yi Yuan Again

Watching Song Tingyu and seeing that not even her long skirt had wrinkles on it, Qin Lie knew then that Ren Nan probably didn’t even get a chance to touch her body.

He didn’t know why, but after realizing that Ren Nan had not touched her, Qin Lie suddenly felt relaxed and calmed down for no reason.

“Big Brother Ren!” Dan Yue and the others cried out.

At this moment, they finally understood that this man and woman, Zhang Jiao and Song Yu, were definitely not some small fries that they could toy around with however they liked.

Song Tingyu smiled sweetly as attractive rainbow light circled inside her eyes. She swayed her way to the group and carelessly tossed Ren Nan, who had drawn his last breath, forward.

She had dumped him right beside Gu Wanli’s body.

“What are you so hasty for?” She glared at Qin Lie coyly. “The poison on Gu Wanli’s body was going to trigger in a moment. If you had just a bit more patience and waited just a little longer, wouldn’t you have been able to save some energy?”

Qin Lie smiled lamely and did not explain.

“What? Did you feel uncomfortable hearing me get attacked by that guy inside the tent? Do you feel very angry?” Song Tingyu came forward with shining eyes as she teased him in high spirits, “Could it be that you’ve really fallen for…”

“No!” Qin Lie cut her off.

“Hehe.” Song Tingyu giggled prettily. While twisting her thin waist, she casually arrived beside Dan Yue and extended a hand. “Return my ring, will you?”

The ring that was first passed to Gu Wanli for inspection, then to Ren Nan for another round of inspection, had finally been passed to Dan Yue.

She was incredibly disappointed after inspecting it herself and realizing that this ring was not a spatial ring. However, this ring looked so green that it appeared to be covered in dew, and it was a beautiful, high grade jade carving in its own right. There were even faint flowery patterns inside the jade that looked incredibly beautiful. This ring was incredibly attractive when judging it as an ornament alone.

Therefore, after realizing that the ring wasn’t a spatial ring, Dan Yue had not tossed it away irresponsibly. Instead, she had worn it openly on her finger.

She found herself rather fond of this ring and kept it for herself.

Now, seeing that Song Tingyu had extended a hand to ask it back from her, Dan Yue’s expression became incredibly ugly. Looking at Song Tingyu somewhat fearfully, she stiffly took off her ring and returned it to Song Tingyu’s hand.

The ring that looked so green it appeared to be covered in dew seemed to fit Song Tingyu’s finger incredibly well. It even let out a sudden, faint green halo as a very strange wave of energy rippled outwards...

“S-spatial ring! It is a spatial ring!” someone cried out.

Dan Yue’s eyes lit up. She looked upset, seemingly blaming herself for not recognizing a treasure.

She didn’t realize that, at this moment, every bit of her skin glowed with a green color that grew deeper and deeper...

Song Tingyu shook a finger in front of Dan Yue and said with a smile, “Not just anyone can touch my ring, much less wear it thoughtlessly.”

She had just finished saying this when the girl from Blue Feather Association beside Dan Yue couldn’t restrain herself and cried out, “Sister Dan Yue, your... your skin has turned green. You—you look terrible!”

Dan Yue paled in fear and immediately realized that something was wrong. She abruptly looked towards the dead Gu Wanli and Ren Nan and realized in great shock that their bodies were all glowing with a green light and had turned deep green in color.

They were obviously poisoned!

Out of the six, she, Ren Nan, and Gu Wanli were the only ones who had inspected this ring. It was at this moment she finally understood the meaning behind Song Tingyu’s words.

The reason Song Tingyu wanted Qin Lie to wait a bit longer was because Ren Nan and Gu Wanli were eventually going to be killed by the poison. There was no need at all for Qin Lie to act unnecessarily.

“Junior Sister Song, we were possessed by greed. Please spare our lives!” Dan Yue cried out in fear.

“This was all because Ren Nan thought to rob you. It has nothing to do with us!” The remaining two Purple Mist Sea martial practitioners also cried out.

Everyone realized that something was wrong by now.

Qin Lie did not say a word and watched how Song Tingyu would handle this matter from the sidelines. He felt no mercy towards these people at all nor would he form an opinion no matter how Song Tingyu decided to deal with them.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Song Tingyu’s Realm was impressive and could listen in on their conversation, Qin Lie might have fallen for the trap. He could have been robbed and murdered by this group.

When Song Tingyu had toyed with them, saying that the ring was just a normal token of love, Ren Nan and Gu Wanli still had lustful thoughts and attempted to kill them.

When Ren Nan had dragged Song Tingyu into the tent, the two women from Blue Feather Association had chosen to keep quiet...

In his heart, Qin Lie had already sentenced them to death!

“Hehe, someone like you wants to wear my ring?” Song Tingyu smiled at Dan Yue and shook her head lightly. Then she said, “How could you wear my token of love? If you wore it, then you have no choice but to die…” She glanced at Qin Lie.

Qin Lie let out a dry laugh.

“Mmph…” Dan Yue spasmed all over. Her originally white skin had become a dark green, and a frightening and hideous expression took form on her face.

Song Tingyu leisurely walked away from her, returned to Qin Lie’s side, and said with a smile, “There are three more who were not poisoned. I cannot act, so I’ll let you handle them.”

Qin Lie nodded lightly.

Earlier, Qin Lie realized that, even if his dantian’s spirit sea was in turmoil, he could still borrow the power within his blood to fight. The blood fiend energy formed inside his body by the Blood Spirit Art was enough for him to deal with the current situation.

Additionally, if he really couldn’t handle them, he still had the Terminator Profound Bombs.

“Eh?” Song Tingyu suddenly exclaimed softly and looked into the distance, saying, “Someone else is coming.”

Qin Lie frowned slightly and immediately took out a Terminator Profound Bomb, ready to deal with the new situation at any moment.

He knew the martial practitioners who currently operated in the area were either from Eight Extreme Temple or their subordinate forces. The other party would definitely side with Ren Nan and Dan Yue, not with him and Song Tingyu.

Therefore, he had to be prepared to face the most unfavorable of situations. When the situation looked bad, he would blast his way out with a Terminator Profound Bomb.

“Where’s Ren Nan? First Aunt wants to ask him about something. Have him bring his ass over now!” A voice Qin Lie was familiar with came from afar, and before long, Yi Yuan led five Purple Mist Sea martial practitioners to appear behind Qin Lie.

Yi Yuan wore a purple tight suit. He was still holding the same umbrella, but his face had lost its usual cheerfulness and was instead replaced with a fierce, blade-like gaze shooting out of his eyes. His entire presence was extremely felt.

The current Yi Yuan had finally broken through his limits and entered the Manifestation Realm!

When he walked over, a terrifying aura flowed out of his body. It was unbelievably intimidating.

It was not just the five people behind Yi Yuan that looked at him with respect. When he walked over, the two Purple Mist Sea martial practitioners who followed Ren Nan and the remaining Blue Feather Association woman all looked at him in awe.

However, there was also pleasant surprise mixed with this awe. They had found their hope of surviving.

At this moment, Qin Lie and Song Tingyu had their backs to Yi Yuan, so when he came over, he did not pay much attention and assumed that Qin Lie and Song Tingyu were Ren Nan and Dan Yue.

When he discovered Dan Yue, Gu Wanli, and Ren Nan’s glowing green bodies, only then did Yi Yuan’s expression change slightly as he coldly exclaimed, “What is this?”

“Yi Yuan, it’s like this. These two…” The woman from Blue Feather Association seemed to hold some admiration towards Yi Yuan and hurriedly embellished the situation.

She said nothing about their methods to acquire their spatial ring or that Ren Nan had dragged Song Tingyu into the tent in attempt to rape her. She only said that Qin Lie and Song Tingyu had gone insane, suddenly poisoning and killing Ren Nan, Gu Wanli, and Dan Yue. She turned the truth around completely and poured all the blame on Qin Lie and Song Tingyu.

The other two Purple Mist Sea martial practitioners also nodded their heads non-stop in cooperation. They both said that Qin Lie and Song Tingyu had attacked them in a frenzy with the intent to kill, not caring for the treaty between Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple at all.

Once the trio had finished explaining their twisted truth, they suddenly froze and looked at Yi Yuan in shocked surprise.

At this moment, Yi Yuan had long since stood beside Qin Lie. His gaze was as fierce as a blade and focused onto Qin Lie’s face intensely. He did not say anything for a long time.

The trio was frozen in place. The five Purple Mist Sea martial practitioners behind Yi Yuan also noticed that something was off and said nothing.

A faint smile tugged at the corner of Song Tingyu’s lips. She stared at Yi Yuan and Qin Lie staring each other down.

After a long time, Yi Yuan let out an expression that appeared to be one part tears and one part laughter. He shook his head and sighed softly, “Long time no see.”

Qin Lie snorted coldly, “We definitely haven’t seen each other in a long time!”

Yi Yuan smiled bitterly. He knew that Qin Lie still held a grudge against him and had yet to forgive him. After sighing on the inside, he nodded and said, “I was at fault for that matter, but it was all for Lian Rou. I didn’t have a choice either. Before I left the city, I told you before that I will be waiting for you to take revenge against me at any time you want…”

Qin Lie frowned and stared at Yi Yuan before him with a somewhat complicated expression.

“What is this?” Yi Yuan asked again.

“They saw our spatial rings and planned to rob and kill us. Unfortunately, their skills are lacking.” Qin Lie explained everything in just a few short words.

“Yi Yuan! It’s not like that!” the woman from Blue Feather Association cried out.

Yi Yuan turned around to look at her in disgust, “Who the hell are you? You think you’re qualified to interrupt me when I’m talking to a friend?”

Waving his hands, Yi Yuan spoke coldly and mercilessly, “I have butted heads with Ren Nan for a long time. It’s good that he’s dead. I no longer need to look at his face and feel annoyed. Hmm, take care of the remaining three. When we get back, just say that they were slaughtered by the evil races.”

The five people behind Yi Yuan looked only to him for orders. When they heard his words, their expressions turned cold as they quietly took out their spirit artifacts and moved closer to the trio, step by step.

The trio lost control and screamed in fear. They didn’t seem to think that Yi Yuan would dare to kill them. Instead, they swore at Yi Yuan, saying that he was helping the enemy at the expense of his allies.

“Let’s find a place to talk.” After leaving his five subordinates to take care of business behind him, he motioned Qin Lie towards a hill in front of them.

Qin Lie followed him with an overcast expression.

Song Tingyu smiled cheerfully, disregarded normal etiquette, and openly followed Qin Lie, arriving beside Yi Yuan.

“You are Profound Heaven Alliance’s Miss Song Tingyu, right?” When she came over, Yi Yuan only took a glance before exposing her identity instantly.

“You truly are the person in Purple Mist Sea with the greatest potential. Heh, if Eight Extreme Temple refuses to accept you in the future, you can come to Profound Heaven Alliance. The Song Family will accept you.” Song Tingyu smiled lightly.

“Miss Song, you do not need to worry about someone like me.” Yi Yuan had regained his usual cheerfulness. He smiled faintly and said, “I would like to talk about a few things with Qin Lie in private. Please give me a little face, Miss Song. I hereby thank you first.” He bowed in respect.

Qin Lie also looked at her.

“Oh well. Seeing as you’re so polite, I’ll walk around for a bit.” Only then did Song Tingyu walk away leisurely.


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