Chapter 282: Ruthless Move

Chapter 282: Ruthless Move

“Junior Sister Song. Brother Zhang. You must not have been able to rest well while you were trapped. Come, drink some liquor and eat some meat. Let’s have a nice chat.” Ren Nan and his three junior brothers walked out of the tent smiling while holding wineskins.

The two women from Blue Feather Association also let out a thin smile and accompanied them to Qin Lie and Song Tingyu’s side.

“Let’s drink some wine first.” Ren Nan came over and carelessly threw each of them a wineskin. He said warmly, “Sigh, after the evil nether passageway opened, the evil races have been attacking rather fiercely as of late. Who knows how much conflict will happen in the future. We must appreciate the days where we can live to our fullest and afford to treat ourselves, don’t you say?”

“Right. We have wine and we have meat. To indulge and enjoy is truly living!” a person laughed.

“Yeah, no one can say what will happen in the future. We should appreciate every day,” Dan Yue also said.

“Big Brother Ren’s words make sense.” Song Tingyu accepted the wineskin, nonchalantly echoing him, and began taking small gulps from it.

The gazes of the six were all concentrated on her swallowing motion. They appeared a little nervous.

Qin Lie hmphed coldly in his heart before picking up the wineskin himself and began drinking in a bold and reckless manner.

The hot, spicy liquor flowed down his neck like a tiny stream and reached his chest straight away.

He, who had taken a Profound Heaven Alliance antidote earlier, was not afraid of the poison in the wine at all. Therefore, he was not worried in the slightest, and in just the blink of an eye, he had already finished all of the wine inside the wineskin. After letting out a burp, he even exclaimed, “Now this is enjoyment!”

“Hah, brother Zhang sure is a spirited person. No wonder you were able to become so famous within Earth Fiend Valley that even we have heard about you,” Ren Nan praised.

“You’re being too kind.” Qin Lie carelessly threw the empty wineskin back at him. Narrowing his eyes and watching the joy in the eyes of Ren Nan, Dan Yue, and the others, he laughed coldly on the inside.

Ren Nan and Dan Yue did not answer immediately. Instead, they paid attention to Song Tingyu, and when they saw Song Tingyu take little gulps and also finish the entire wineskin, the joy in their eyes grew even stronger.

Previously, their gazes on Song Tingyu and Qin Lie’s spatial rings were subtle, seemingly wary on the inside.

Yet after Qin Lie and Song Tingyu had finished drinking all the liquor inside their wineskins, the greed in their eyes gradually became clear. It was so obvious that anyone could see.

“Junior Sister Song. Brother Zhang. The two of you must have significant backgrounds at Seven Fiends Valley, don’t you?” Gu Wanli from Purple Mist Sea smiled cheerfully and came closer, sitting beside Song Tingyu and staring at the ring on her finger. “Not everyone can wear a spatial ring…”

“Spatial ring?” Song Tingyu casted a glance at him before laughing softly and shaking her head. She extended a long finger and shook it, saying, “This is not a spatial ring. This is just a normal ring. I wore it simply because I thought that it looked nice.”

“A normal ring?” The smile on Gu Wanli’s face froze.

Qin Lie swept a glance over Song Tingyu and chuckled on the inside. He was going to watch how this woman toyed with Ren Nan’s group.

“Naturally, it is just a normal ring.” Song Tingyu took off the ring without reluctance and very generously offered it to Gu Wanli. Her eyes shone with cunning as she said, “If you don’t believe me, you can check it yourself, Big Brother Gu.”

Gu Wanli’s expression was odd as he accepted the ring and checked it thoroughly. He then used his mind consciousness in an attempt to enter it but then discovered that the ring was solid. There really wasn’t a small, independent space inside it.

After inspecting it for a moment, he wordlessly handed the ring to Ren Nan with an ugly look on his face.

Ren Nan’s smile had already disappeared. He frowned deeply and thoroughly inspected the ring several times . Afterwards, he then handed the ring to Dan Yue with an ugly expression.

Dan Yue accepted the ring and could not see anything special about it either. This must have been a normal ring and not at all the spatial ring they had imagined.

“Brother Zhang, the one on your hand?” Gu Wanli then looked at Qin Lie again.

“It is the same as hers, just a normal ring. She made it herself.” Qin Lie grinned and exchanged a glance with Song Tingyu before he began speaking his mind, “We… are engaged, so we made rings for each other. The ring you’re holding was forged by yours truly. Mine was carved from gems by her, and although it isn’t a spatial ring, it holds a special meaning for the both of us. That is why we wear them all the time.”

Song Tingyu rolled her eyes at him coyly, seemingly blaming him for taking advantage of her. However, she did not unveil the lie and instead echoed him with a small smile, “Mn, the rings we wear, we made for each other. They may not be spatial rings, but they are very important to us.”

The moment the two of them said this, Ren Nan and the others looked as if they had swallowed a fly.

“F*ck, to think that they are just some useless couple’s tokens of love. What a complete waste of my efforts!” Anger welled in Ren Nan’s stomach. “Those two pills were worth a lot of spirit stones. What a complete waste!”

“What terrible luck. And here I thought our luck had arrived. Who would’ve thought that they were just two poor tramps!” Gu Wanli was also swearing.

“I knew it. How could a Manifestation Realm martial practitioner possibly have spatial rings?” Dan Yue looked disappointed. “Never mind. In that case, let’s not complicate things any further.”

The moment she saw that they weren’t spatial rings, her determination from before was immediately shaken. They already thought that there was no need at all to kill Song Tingyu and Qin Lie without reason.

“What? What are you guys saying? What are you planning to do?” On the other hand, Song Tingyu looked utterly alarmed as fear abruptly showed in her eyes, giving Qin Lie no choice but to praise her acting skills on the inside. “Zhang Jiao, let’s leave, they bore ill towards us! Hmm…”

When she stood up, Song Tingyu’s attractive figure suddenly staggered like she was drunk.

The shock and fear in her eyes grew even thicker as she screamed, “Y-you’ve poisoned our liquor! How dare you treat us like this? You will all die!”

Qin Lie sat quietly to the side as he watched Song Tingyu’s superb acting, once again praising her quietly on the inside.

“Big Brother Ren?” Dan Yue looked to Ren Nan for his opinion.

Ren Nan’s expression was dark as he coldly stared at Qin Lie, then at Song Tingyu. Seeing Song Tingyu’s staggering but unbelievably sexy figure, he suddenly said, “In for a penny, in for a pound! If we allow them to live today, they will still hold a grudge against us and definitely will not let us rest easy in the future. We might as well kill them and be done with this forever!”

“Mn.” Gu Wanli also agreed.

“I will inspect this Song Yu thoroughly before killing her and see if she’s hiding anything good on her body!” Ren Nan abruptly stood up as his fiery gaze swam across Song Tingyu’s attractive figure. The raw lust shining in his eyes was completely obvious.

Under the gaze of the other five, he went forward, pulled Song Tingyu’s hand, and dragged her into the closest tent.

Dan Yue and the other woman from Blue Feather Association obviously knew exactly what Ren Nan meant by “thoroughly inspecting” Song Yu...

However, even though their expressions changed slightly as they looked intensely at the tent and heard Song Tingyu’s screams, they still chose to keep quiet in the end.

“Hehe, that woman may look pretty average, but her figure is unbelievably good. I’ve seen plenty of women, but I’ve never seen one whose figure alone is enough to cause one’s blood to rush through their veins and make them fail to suppress the lust in their bodies. No wonder Big Brother Ren couldn’t control himself.” Gu Wanli looked at the tent, listened to the cries coming from inside, and praised.

The other two men from Purple Mist Sea were also looking at the tent with a look of envy. They seemed to be waiting for their turn once Ren Nan finished his business.

Qin Lie sat to the side and did not move. He stared darkly at the tent, and as he listened to Song Tingyu’s exaggerated cries, murderous intent slowly gathered inside his body.

Although he knew that, with Song Tingyu’s skill, there was absolutely no chance that she would be taken advantage of... Although he knew that she was obviously just making a fool out of Ren Nan... Although he knew that Ren Nan would definitely be dead soon, Qin Lie still could not control the anger in his heart.

He didn’t know why, but when he thought Ren Nan might be touching Song Tingyu inside the tent, Qin Lie immediately felt angry and blood rushed to his head.

“How is it? You can’t handle it, can you?” Gu Wanli came forth and chuckled oddly beside Qin Lie. “The woman you’re engaged to is being violated and yet you can’t move because you were poisoned… Do you feel like it’s better to die? Do you feel so much pain that you’d rather not live?”

“So much pain I’d rather not live…” Qin Lie said softly.

Suddenly, he attacked like lightning and instantly grabbed Gu Wanli’s neck, lifting his entire body into the air.

While Gu Wanli kicked madly, doing everything he could to pull Qin Lie’s hand away, a thick stench of blood that almost felt solid abruptly gushed from Qin Lie!

Qin Lie’s eyes gradually shone with a luster that was as scarlet as blood. He stared at Gu Wanli like a vicious primal beast staring at his prey.

Gu Wanli was overwhelmed with terror as he let out strange muffled cries, doing his best to struggle.


The expressions of the two remaining Purple Mist Sea martial practitioners and the Blue Feather Association women abruptly changed as they stood up.


The crisp sound of bones breaking came from Gu Wanli’s neck. Gu Wanli’s head curved backwards unnaturally.

Qin Lie threw Gu Wanli’s body away carelessly, like he was some kind of rotten meat.

He looked at the remaining four people, then looked at Dan Yue. “Two spatial rings are enough to make you lose your humanity and discard everything?”

Dan Yue’s expression was ugly.

“Big Brother Ren! Big Brother Ren!” The two Purple Mist Sea martial practitioners lost control and screamed.

Then, they suddenly realized that Song Tingyu’s high and low cries had stopped.

When they subconsciously turned their heads to look, they saw that a perfectly tidy Song Tingyu came out from inside the tent, dragging Ren Nan by his hair like a dead dog.

Ren Nan’s eyes and expression were filled with extreme terror. He had been trying to speak all this time while gripping his throat.

However, he wasn’t able to let out a single sound in the end.

Blood flowed out mercilessly from the gaps of his fingers that pressed against his throat—his throat had been slit.

“Big—Big Brother Ren!” The quartet only looked at him once before they cried out in fear.

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