Chapter 279: End of the Sky Stairway

Chapter 279: End of the Sky Stairway

Xue Li hadn’t even finished speaking before both Qin Lie and Song Tingyu were shocked to the very core.

A world, a powerful race that was nearly exterminated because they angered a Gold rank force. Just how powerful was this gold rank force?

Qin Lie and Song Tingyu did not say anything for a long time.

“The outside world is extremely huge. Nothing is impossible. It is a very normal thing to cooperate and communicate with foreign races so, in my eyes, there is no problem at all if you share a relationship or work with the Horned Demon Race.”

Xue Li swept over Song Tingyu with another glance and said carelessly, “On our side, clansmen of foreign races would often come over to trade cultivation materials. There were even many specific places on our continents specifically loaned out for foreign races to live in. There is no clear division between races there at all. What we have, the small world does not. What they have, we may not have as well. Trading with each other benefits the both of us…”

“Trading with the foreign races?” Song Tingyu was secretly surprised. “Do you really do that in your world?”

“Is it that rare?” Xue Li’s expression was disdainful. He taunted, “The reason the two of you cannot understand is because your views and the world you live in are just too small. The Scarlet Tide Continent is just a small continent after all. It is only dominated and controlled by two Copper rank forces. Your location… is also somewhat secluded. Even the few continents around yours live in similar worlds. There are only Copper rank forces in communication with each other.”

“What kind of place did you live in, senior?” Song Tingyu’s eyes glittered.

“If you want to listen I can talk for several days and nights but, before you truly step into those lands and experience things for yourself, it will be very hard to understand.” Xue Li looked at Qin Lie and said in a bewitching tone, “Kid, cultivate properly. As long as your realm is sufficient and you are powerful enough, you will be able to walk out of this place and go to a bigger, wider world, experiencing even more extraordinary sceneries.”

Qin Lie’s heart thumped.

Song Tingyu was also fascinated by the depiction.

“Another wave of people have come.” Xue Li suddenly frowned and said.

He looked at Song Tingyu again. Song Tingyu pleaded innocent with a hurt expression, “It really isn’t me. I do not have any secret deals with them. I don’t know why they aren’t attacking us.”

“Forget about it. Let’s just leave this level first and return to the Scarlet Tide Continent as soon as possible.” Qin Lie exclaimed.

“Okay!” Song Tingyu wanted to do so a long time ago.

“Kid, I’m going back into your body. It is only in this ultimate blood ground that I can allow my soul into the open for such a long time. Once we leave this place I won’t have much energy, so I can only go back into the orb again.” Seeing that the two had made up their minds to leave, Xue Li did not dally any longer. He turned into wisps of blurred bloody light and slipped into Qin Lie’s forehead immediately.

Then Song Tingyu extended her rainbow wings and carried Qin Lie with her, flying at top speed towards the Sky Stairway.

After a long time, the duo arrived at the “Sky Stairway.” Watching the mountain that stabbed into the clouds, they had flown straight up into the sky just like before.

Along the way, even Song Tingyu could detect the aura of quite a number of Horned Demon clansmen. However, those foreign clansmen that caused them worry did not come after them in the end.

Their journey upwards was still as smooth as ever.

Some time later, they arrived at the upper level and discovered that it was still not the end of the Sky Stairway.

They could still use the Sky Stairway and head up another level. This time, they did not stay and continued up towards the peak.

Yet another period of time had passed and today they appeared on yet another upper level.

Looking at the bald mountain peak and gray sky, the duo knew that they had finally reached the peak of the “Sky Stairway.”

This mountain peak called the Sky Stairway by the evil race of the Nether Realm actually passed right through the Nether Realm and three levels of the Nether Battlefield. It actually reached right up to the third level of the Nether Battlefield!

“It is already impossible to measure exactly how high it is.” Song Tingyu sighed.

“Mn.” Qin Lie looked at the gray sky and brown land. “This is the third level of the Nether Battlefield? Will we be safe as long as we climb up one more level?”

“That’s right. One more level and we’ll reach the thick layers of defensive lines set by Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple. We are the ones who are in control on the fourth level. It is no longer a level that the evil race of the Nether Realm can control.” Song Tingyu had a feeling that they had finally seen the dawn of light. “Sigh, no wonder the Horned Demon warriors all headed to the evil nether passageway once it had been unsealed. We may not have been surrounded and attacked by Horned Demon elites along the way but it was still a very difficult and long journey. It really isn’t anywhere as convenient and easy as the evil nether passageway.”

“How do we go up from this level?” Qin Lie asked.

“Find a tornado that connects the land and the sky.” Song Tingyu pointed suddenly after looking at the gray sky. “That’s the spot!”

Qin Lie focused and saw that there was a gray, blurry tornado that looked like a mountain penetrating through both the land and the gray sky. It twisted madly, lurching forward as if to swallow everything on the ground.

“Tornadoes like these are the passages that connect to the level above in all of the Nether Battlefield.” Carrying him with her, Song Tingyu flew away from the peak of the Sky Stairway and charged towards the tornado. “Be careful. Prepare to fight against Horned Demon clansmen at any moment. I can feel a lot of life auras nearby…”

Qin Lie nodded lightly. “I know.”

After cultivating the Blood Spirit Art, his detection of blood auras had become incredibly acute. The moment they reached the mountain peak, he could clearly sense that there were quite a few powerful blood energies near their position.

There were many Horned Demon warriors with three or four horns. There were also some blood energies that were unusually powerful. They were probably the five horned warriors of the Horned Demon Race.

Qin Lie had gripped the Terminator Profound Bombs in his hand a long time ago. The moment those powerful blood auras came close, he would throw them out without hesitation and blast a path into the Scarlet Tide Continent.

The duo carefully headed towards the tornado.

Amazingly, the many Horned Demon clansmen far away did not seem to notice them. They did not move towards their location.

Therefore, they were able to smoothly arrive at the tornado.

Once they drew close, Qin Lie watched the tornado as tall and wide as a mountain and felt the powerful strength of the raging wind inside it. He watched the tornado streaking across the world like a humongous gray dragon, devouring huge rocks, trees, and dust from below. He listened to its shrill howl. He felt secretly shocked on the inside and asked, “How do we go from here?”

“Hold on to me tightly. Once it swallows us up, let it bring us to the level above!” Song Tingyu yelled loudly amidst the howling winds.

Qin Lie immediately acted according to her words and gripped her hands tightly. They stood facing each other and waited for the tornado to flood over them.

The stones and dust around them began to fly. Large stones, odd trees with jagged leaves, and even unknown violent energies slowly rushed in from all directions.

Amidst the raging wind, Qin Lie felt incredibly small. He subconsciously gripped Song Tingyu’s hands tighter, fearful that they would be blown apart and thrown to some foreign land.

“Don’t worry, it won’t be dangerous.” Song Tingyu suddenly took out her Flowing Rainbow Shield and pulled Qin Lie inside it. With the protection of the Flowing Rainbow Shield, the shrill howls of the wind and the terrifying, earthshaking commotion suddenly disappeared as if they were isolated.

The Flowing Rainbow Shield began to spin madly inside the tornado. It was as if it was slowly lifted towards the sky by a gigantic whirlpool.

Due to the spinning of the Flowing Rainbow Shield, the duo gripping each other’s hands had to hug each other tightly and press against each other to avoid being thrown out of the Flowing Rainbow Shield.

The Flowing Rainbow Shield wrapping around them was like a big goose egg formed from prismatic light and rolled inside the tornado until their heads were spinning.

There were raging flows of gray wind beside them as they rolled along with many huge stones and ancient trees. However, those objects always maintained a certain distance away from them as if they would never collide with each other.

“Everything that was pulled in will stay the same distance from each other that they were prior to being dragged in. We are rolling around, but those huge trees and rocks are also rolling in the same direction and at the same speed. Therefore they normally would not run into each other, so there’s nothing you need to worry about.” Song Tingyu actually had the leisure to console him inside the Flowing Rainbow Shield. “Although I do not know why those Horned Demon clansmen have chosen to let us go, we are finally safe now and go home. It’s been almost half a year. I wonder what’s happened up there now…”


A huge rock the size of a millstone suddenly rolled over from the side as if it were specifically aimed at Song Tingyu’s back and rammed into it.

Before she could finish, the Flowing Rainbow Shield instantly shattered and the huge rock rammed her until her entire body shook. The corner of her mouth instantly flowed with two streams of startling blood.

“Aren’t we safe from collisions?!” Qin Lie lost control and cried out.

Yet another huge rock rolled from the side and, as if it were aimed, it ran into Song Tingyu’s back yet again.


Song Tingyu let out a dull sound and could not stop herself from spraying a mouthful of blood. The blood sprayed all over Qin Lie’s face.

Her beautiful face had suddenly turned pale. “Someone’s trying to kill us. The huge rock was pulled into our direction by someone. Those Horned Demon clansmen are truly despicable. The reason they hadn’t acted earlier was because they chose to kill us at this spot a long time ago!”

Many tree branches that were shaped like jagged saws were originally quite far away from them. However, they suddenly changed direction inside the raging and turbulent tornado, hurtling towards them just like those huge rocks.

“Dammit!” Song Tingyu exclaimed and released godly rainbow light from her entire body to form layers of thick defensive barriers to defend against the impact.

“Boom! Boom! Boom boom!”

The huge rocks, tree trunks, and unknown steel chunks had all turned into life threatening weapons. They hurtled from all directions towards the barrier formed from godly rainbow light.

The light in Song Tingyu’s eyes faded bit by bit. The blood energy inside her body was also swiftly depleting. “Six horns, it’s a Horned Demon warrior with six horns…”

Qin Lie’s expression abruptly paled. Inside the head spinning tornado, his eyesight blurred and he was unable to catch the shadow that flashed once before disappearing.

Seeing that Song Tingyu was already severely injured, Qin Lie could only wrap his arms tightly around her body. He would use his own body to cover her entire person and prevent her from being attacked again.

Amazingly, after he had covered Song Tingyu’s body with his own, those sharp weapons rushing over from every direction suddenly slowed like war horses who were restrained from charging.

Although the nearest huge rock was doing its best to withdraw its speed and momentum, it still hurtled over. The rock’s target was still Song Tingyu, specifically the back of her head that Qin Lie hadn’t managed to cover yet.

Qin Lie used every bit of his strength to instantly shift his body and endure this blow, which would kill Song Tingyu, with his back.


An unimaginable pain tore through his back. A terrifying energy that was like a dam bursting instantly gushed into every bone in his body.

Qin Lie spat a mouthful of fresh blood. His head, which was already spinning thanks to the tornado, went blurry.

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