Chapter 278: Main World

Chapter 278: Main World

Through the tempering of the blood spirit energy and the blood crystal altar built from the freshly crystallized blood, the bloody light inside gradually dimmed.

The blood crystal altar also gradually faded to a translucent color. The blood energy inside had been completely absorbed by Qin Lie’s body.

Inside the now colorless altar, Qin Lie’s entire body was blood red like he had been sculpted from blood crystals. Bloody light glittered from his body.

Tremendous waves of turbulent blood energy emanated from his body. There was a strange, sweet smell within the thick blood energy which actually smelled nice.

Qin Lie slowly opened his eyes.

A captivating bloody light flashed deep within Qin Lie’s pupils. He focused his mind consciousness and suddenly let out a soft shout.


The altar shattered, exploding into many crystal fragments. With a blood red body, Qin Lie walked out from inside the altar.

Visible traces of blood were absorbed into his body like sponge absorbing bloodwater. Before long, no trace of blood could be seen on his body.

His skin had turned back to normal.

“Kid, how do you feel?” Xue Li’s laughter came over at the right time.

The faint shadow of his soul floated over like a bloody flame. He flew over from the shattered altar and hovered in the air beside Qin Lie.

Qin Lie narrowed his eyes slightly and used his Soul Lake to observe his entire body. Feeling the tremendous energy flowing inside his blood, he channeled the Blood Spirit Art slightly and immediately discovered that every drop of blood in his body was boiling. A turbulent, violent energy burst out of the boiling blood, emanating a thick blood fiend aura.

This is the power of a blood fiend!

A blood fiend’s power came from one’s blood. It instantly circulated throughout his entire body. It was just an instant, but Qin Lie’s eyes had already shone with a scarlet bloody light. A powerful and fearsome aura gushed out from inside his body.

A new and strange feeling that enabled him to control another person’s blood quietly appeared inside his heart. A confidence was born inside of him. He was certain that his blood could supply him with endless amount of energy like a river of blood.

“It’s a slightly strange feeling. It seems that this kind of blood fiend power allows me to maintain a powerful blood energy and all of my physical strength.” Qin Lie quietly sensed for a moment before looking at Xue Li. “There really aren’t any side effects?”

“Relax. As long as you cultivate according to my teachings, I can guarantee your safety.” Xue Li chuckled strangely before sighing. “It is unfortunate that you cannot stay at this place to cultivate or the speed of growth of your Blood Spirit Art would have been tremendous. As of now, I have only helped you cleanse and temper all the blood in your body with the blood crystal altar, Your blood has been refined and will enable you to truly succeed in the cultivation of your Blood Spirit Art…”

“It’s not like this ultimate blood ground will disappear. If necessary, we may be able to come back to seclude ourselves and cultivate.” Qin Lie frowned.

“If you can absorb more blood spirit energy and temper it with your own blood to form a few droplets of blood essence… now that is what you call an infinitely useful magic.” Xue Li shook his head. “But you have just tempered your blood and need a period of time to get used to it. Before you can become familiar with the Blood Spirit Art and attain an understanding of the wonders of blood, you will not be able to grasp the key to forming your blood essences even with my guidance. This step will have to wait.”

Qin Lie also felt a little regret.

According to Xue Li, blood essence was the most quintessential part of blood. Combined with various Blood Fiend spirit arts, it could unleash a lot of shocking abilities.

Back at Armament Sect, the reason Xue Li was able to form a blood slave with Blood Shadow’s blood and cause Liang Yangzu to suffer backlash from his own blood was because he had executed a technique with his blood essence.

“Qin Lie... it has been four months since we came down to the Nether Realm.” Not far away, Song Tingyu’s eyebrows betrayed a hint of urgency. “We have been here for too long. The people in the Scarlet Tide Continent have probably assumed that we’re dead. We do not know the current situation there as well. In my opinion, don’t you think we should return sooner?”

She was obviously feeling a little impatient.

“Girl, why don’t you tell us what kind of secret agreements you have with the evil races?” Xue Li chuckled and said casually. “Relax, I am different from the denizens of the Scarlet Tide Continent. I have no bias against the races of the Nether Realm.”

“No biases? What do you mean?” Song Tingyu was shocked.

Qin Lie’s expression changed slightly. He looked at Song Tingyu, then at Xue Li, before asking doubtfully, “What do you mean by that?”

“From the moment you entered the ultimate blood ground, there have been more than ten waves of Horned Demon clansmen who came over to spy on us. They obviously know of your location, yet they did not come over and merely observed from the dark. Tell me… why do you think they’re acting this way?” Xue Li laughed coldly. “Don’t you find it strange that you are able to come all the way here smoothly without being surrounded or pincered by your opponents?”

QIn Lie’s expression darkened at his reminder as he looked towards Song Tingyu abruptly. “Is it you?”

“Profound Heaven Alliance has been fighting against the Horned Demon Race for many years. The two of us have also worked together to kill many Horned Demonl clansmen. How can it possibly be me?” Song Tingyu’s face was bitter. “What? You don’t believe me even now?”

Qin Lie looked deeply at her and pondered for a long time before his expression returned to normal. He then asked Xue Li, “Senior, shouldn’t you tell me about the Demon God Mountain Range already? You said that the Evil Gods of Demon God Mountain Range are just avatars. In that case, you should have some level of understanding about the Demon God Mountain Range and the evil races of the Nether Realm, right?”

He did not delve deeper into the reason why the Horned Demon Race had not attacked them.

“Nether Realm, evil races, Demon God Mountain Range… Hehe.” Xue Li looked at him and Song Tingyu before saying indifferently, “My true body had left a long time ago but, before he walked out of the Scarlet Tide Continent, he paid a little attention. He discovered that the moment the evil nether passageway was opened, all of the martial practitioners in the entire continent panicked. Judging from this, you do not have a deep understanding of the Nether Realm. You’re not familiar with the various races of Nether Realm either…”

Qin Lie and Song Tingyu nodded.

“The bodies of the Evil Gods at the Demon God Mountain Range are but one of their many avatars. Moreover, every Demon God has many avatars. There are just too many of them at the Demon God Mountain Range in the Nether Realm.” Xue Li explained carelessly.

Both Qin Lie’s and Song Tingyu’s eyes glittered as they put on attentive looks. They were both very interested in the secrets of the Nether Realm and the evil races.

“Judging from your looks, you really don’t know anything?” Xue Li was surprised.

They nodded repeatedly.

“Then I’ll explain in detail.” Xue Li pondered for a moment, organizing his words before he began to explain the inner workings of the Nether Realm.

“There are many small worlds on the perimeter of the vast Spirit Realm, inside the gaps between space and beneath the Nine Hells, and the Nether Realm is one of them. Strictly speaking, the Nether Realm is also a part of Spirit Realm.”

“Our Spirit Realm is vast and boundless. Ours is the main world and those small worlds at the rim of Spirit Realm are reliant on its support to exist. They can be considered as sub worlds that were born from Spirit Realm. In these small worlds, there live many races who are different from us. These races do not share our appearance, our way of life, our culture, or our cultivation methods. They are vastly different from us.

“However, they are just as sentient as we are and they are high level beings just like us as well. They also have flesh, blood, souls, emotions, ideals, and desires.

“They are also living creatures. They are, essentially, no different from us.

“However, just as the people from the Scarlet Tide Continent have conflicts, clash with each other, and are split into many different forces and factions, the different races and living beings in this vast Spirit Realm face a similar problem as well—conflict is everywhere.

“The evil races of the Nether Realm and the other races from other smaller worlds have all warred against us before. It was said that, during a great war that was fought many years ago, the many Evil Gods of the Nether Realm’s evil races had been smashed to pieces—to the point that even their souls had been scattered across the world.

“At first, the Nether Realm’s evil races would commute back and forth from Spirit Realm and trade with our continents. There were even many evil race clansmen who lived in the continents. However, after the five Evil Gods perished, the Nether Realm suffered a massive defeat and all of their clansmen were exiled back to the Nether Realm. The many evil nether passageways that connected to Spirit Realm were also sealed. They were strictly forbidden from returning to Spirit Realm.

“However, it must be said that the Evil Gods of the Nether Realm are rather special. Even if they were smashed to bits, even if their souls perished, they could still reform themselves through their secret arts.

“The Demon God Mountain Range has avatars formed by the five Evil Gods. It is the place where their clansmen offer their souls, their beliefs, their sacrifices, and their worship. It is said that the five Evil Gods can acquire energy from countless evil race clansmen through the avatars at the Demon God Mountain Range. They can slowly gather their remnant souls through their worship, bit by bit, and eventually awaken through their avatars. When the souls of the Demon Gods are gathered again, then they would be able to truly awaken the five Evil Gods and have them resurrect.

“The Horned Demon clans and the Demon God Mountain Range you were at previously are but one of many instances. According to my knowledge, a single Horned Demon Race has tens of similar clans and every clan has a Demon God Mountain Range of their own. The Horned Demon Race is but one of the few great evil races in the Nether Realm. A rough calculation says that there should be more than a hundred Demon God Mountain Ranges in the entire Nether Realm, which also means that there are more than a hundred Demon God avatars.”

At this point, not only was Qin Lie completely frozen in shock, even Song Tingyu looked like she would faint hearing Xue Li’s words.

It would appear that even she did not know about these details at all.

“More than a hundred Demon God Mountain Ranges and every Demon God Mountain Range has five mountains that are the avatars of Evil Gods! The two Evil Gods that we met earlier were just their awakened avatars…” Song Tingyu’s eyes flashed with the color of fear.

“What are you scared of?” Xue Li swept a glance at her and sneered. “Even at their strongest, the five Evil Gods had been blasted to smithereens. The evil races in Spirit Realm were also exiled back to the Nether Realm. What is there to be afraid of?”

“Ah.” Song Tingyu exclaimed.

It was only then that she realized that even the powerful evil races of the Nether Realm were still exiled from Spirit Realm. That meant that there must be a terrific power in their world that could intimidate the entire Nether Realm.

“According to my knowledge, the reason the five Evil Gods of the Nether Realm suffered a terrible defeat and were eliminated, the reason all of their clansmen were chased out of Spirit Realm, was simply because they had angered a Gold rank force! A single Gold rank force would be able to sweep through the entire Nether Realm and slaughter every evil race in it! It appears that the Gold force that even I had only heard about from rumors could actually have eliminated all the races in the Nether Realm. They escaped that terrible fate because someone had pleaded for mercy on their behalf. The evil race of the Nether Realm were only exiled and forbidden from entering Spirit Realm ever again.” Xue Li snorted coldly.

The moment he said this, both Qin Lie and Song Tingyu were greatly shocked.

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