Chapter 276: Xue Li’s Temptation

Chapter 276: Xue Li’s Temptation

“Ultimate blood ground?”

Qin Lie was puzzled. Looking at Xue Li’s excited expression, he could guess that this level of the Nether Battlefield was special and would be of great help to the cultivation of the Blood Spirit Art.

“Ah, if my body were here and I used this ultimate blood ground, I would only need half a year to recover to my peak strength!” Xue Li was full of regret as he shouted, “If I knew that you could find this wondrous ground, boy, I would have been willing to delay my trip and stay by your side longer. Pity, such a pity...”

Xue Li’s bloody soul shadow was slightly blurry. However, he was not the same as other beings that could only communicate through the soul. After he came out of Qin Lie’s Soul Suppressing Orb, Xue Li could shout and speak loudly. He did not seem like a soul form, but a real person.

Song Tingyu was secretly shocked when this half of Xue Li’s soul was released. Her eyes stuck on Xue Li as she carefully examined him.

“What is an ultimate blood ground?” Qin Lie asked.

“A wondrous ground that is mixed with fresh blood and the spirit energy of the world!” Xue Li looked at the dark red ground beneath him and then at the dark red sky above his head as he explained to Qin Lie.

“These places are usually the site of intense and spectacular fighting. Countless beings will have been killed, the blood will have flowed and dyed the ground red, and the blood energy that comes out of the blood will have merged into the clouds and turned the sky red. There is power within the blood of truly mighty individuals. The blood is mixed into the ground and the air, gradually merging with nature spirit energy. Since the geography is unique, the malevolence, killing intent, and all of such impurities will have been cleansed and turned into pure blood spirit energy...”

Xue Li explained the formation of the ultimate blood ground in detail.

Qin Lie and Song Tingyu focused on listening. They were curious about this ultimate blood ground and did not know its uses.

“The formation of an ultimate blood ground is very complex and needs the correct time, geography, and people. It needs a bloody battle and the of blood of countless strong individuals spilled. The battlefield should be dangerous to start with, have great amounts of the world’s spirit energy, and have a naturally formed purifying formation...”

Xue Li looked at him. “In conclusion, the formation of an ultimate blood ground is extremely difficult. My Blood Fiend Sect has searched for many years and never found an ultimate blood ground to serve as the site of our sect. I had not expected that half of my soul would find one in this ghastly place after being imprisoned for thousands of years. It really is unexpected.” He sighed.

“Qin Lie, it is not good for us... to stay here long.” When Xue Li was sighing, Song Tingyu came next to Qin Lie and quietly reminded. “The Horned Demon warriors might come at any time. It is not good for us to stay at this place for long if we want to get back to the Scarlet Tide Continent quickly.”

Qin Lie nodded lightly to show that he understood.

He was also puzzled as to why the journey was so smooth. He didn’t understand why there were no warriors standing guard at this level of the mountain in the Nether Realm.

This clearly did not make sense.

“Kid, are you interested in cultivating the Blood Spirit Art?” At this time, Xue Li’s half-soul glanced at him and said in a stern tone.

“Blood Spirit Art?” Qin Lie’s brow creased. He shook his head and said, “I’m not interested. I do not want to become an inhuman monster that needs to consume blood to survive the later stages.”

“Consume blood to survive?” Song Tingyu’s expression changed in shock.

“Kid, it seems that you have some misunderstandings about my Blood Fiend Sect’s Blood Spirit Art.” Xue Li made a sound and explained to him seriously, not caring that Song Tingyu was present. “The people that drink blood are willing to fall. They are being controlled by their own obsessions. Look at the people in Blood Spear. They also cultivate the Blood Spirit Art, aren’t they fine?”

“Fine? The founder of Blood Spear, You Hongzhi. Was he even a person by the end? And Blood Shadow and Liang Yangzu, what were they like by the end?” Qin Lie objected.

“Hah, that is because the version of the Blood Spirit Art I gave You Hongzhi was not the original version. I wanted to slowly take control of him so I let it occur. The Blood Spirit Art that I cultivate will not have problems like that. If one has a strong mind, they would not have to worry about backlash from the blood fiend.”

Xue Li said enticingly, “The Blood Spirit Art is a spirit art that cultivates blood, a rare method in all of Spirit Realm. Through continuously refining blood, increasing the power of one’s blood to strengthen one’s body, and accumulating power, the blood fiend power of the Blood Spirit Art comes from blood. It does not conflict with the spirit sea’s Natal Palaces and naturally does not conflict with the spirit arts you cultivate. You can use the Blood Spirit Art to refine your blood and get a completely new power on the side!

“The thunder spirit art you cultivate can use lightning and thunder to refine your body, bones, muscles, veins, and even organs, but it is difficult to refine blood. However, the Blood Spirit Art of my Blood Fiend Sect is specifically for refining blood. It can merge power into your blood and make up for your deficiencies in this area.

“Look at me. As a controller of blood, I can use my blood essence to force the blood of others to explode, to use the blood of others to form blood demons, and to cast the secret arts of the Blood Fiend Sect. Have you ever seen me actually drink blood in order to survive and lose my mind?

“There are many uses of the Blood Spirit Art. When cultivated to the extreme, as long as your blood is not completely refined and even if you lose your physical body, you can make another one from your blood.

“Also, other than the great power of the Blood Spirit Art, there is also a great increase in perception. You can even use blood essence to feel the movement of others and their position over tens of thousands of miles.


In order to persuade Qin Lie, Xue Li stated all the benefits of cultivating the Blood Spirit Art.

Qin Lie was not moved but, to the side, Song Tingyu’s eyes glittered. She seemed to be moved by Xue Li’s words as she said, “Senior, am I able to cultivate the Blood Spirit Art?”

Xue Li glanced at her and responded rudely, “You have no value to me.”

Song Tingyu was not offended by his humiliating words. She said with a smile, “We can discuss this. Whatever Qin Lie can give you, is it something that I and Profound Heaven Alliance can give you as well?”

She was trying to recruit Xue Li in front of Qin Lie.

Yet Xue Li clearly did not think highly of her. He said with a strange laugh, “Girl, what the boy can give me is something that you and the power behind you cannot. Don’t play your little tricks on me. I’m older than your Profound Heaven Alliance, are you sure that you want to make a transaction with me? Aren’t you afraid that I will eat you and not leave a bone behind?”

“Haha, senior really likes to joke. With senior’s present state... you do not seem to have the power.” Song Tingyu was not afraid and her words flowed. She said with a slight smile, “If senior wants to talk about a partnership, you can find me at any time for a discussion. I have the power to represent Profound Heaven Alliance. Maybe Qin Lie has some things that we do not but I believe we possess things that Qin Lie does not. Don’t you think so?”

Xue Li was slightly shocked and he examined Song Tingyu again. Then he nodded slowly and said with certainty, “Girl, you are a skilled talker.”

“Senior, many thanks for the praise,” Song Tingyu said with a light laugh.

“Kid, what do you think?” Xue Li did not continue speaking about working with Song Tingyu. He looked at Qin Lie again. “In this ultimate blood ground, as long as you cultivate the Blood Spirit Art, I have a way to help you improve quickly.”

Qin Lie had been thinking for a long while. At this time, he looked directly at Xue Li and shouted, “Why do you want me to cultivate the Blood Spirit Art so badly? Is it because you know that something will happen to your body? Are you afraid that your original body will not be able to come back so you want to nurture a suitable body that you can take over? Will I become your new body?”

“Haha! Hahaha!” Xue Li laughed at him and did not refuse the words. “I actually do have considerations about that. However, you are not the most suitable body. You cultivate too many spirit arts. You have lightning, frost, and magnetism mixed together in your body. Even if you cultivate the Blood Spirit Art now, it would not be as pure as my original body. If you are talking about backups, that person called Lang Xie from your Blood Spear is my top choice. I even gave him a copy of the Blood Spirit Art in hopes that he would cultivate it and become my best choice.”

Xue Li stated his intentions clearly, without concealing anything.

Qin Lie’s and Song Tingyu’s expressions changed. They were shocked by his viciousness and mercilessness.

“It is not so simple to merge a soul into a new body. Even if my cultivation and soul are stronger than yours, if you are strong enough and have the willpower, I might be killing myself and end up with my soul destroyed.”

Xue Li snorted coldly and then said, “In the same vein, if Lang Xie is powerful enough at the time and I am trying to forcibly control his body, it is possible that he can do the same. I would be completely controlled by him and turned into a blood slave. In this world, there is nothing that is certain and there is no absolute good or evil. I do have my own selfish desires in giving him a copy of the Blood Spirit Art, but he also benefited. He can completely avoid the wrong path that his master, You Hongzhi, took. He can improve his cultivation and strength to a deeper level. When I find him in the future, I might be the one to lose. There is a great possibility that he could kill me.”

Qin Lie and Song Tingyu both became silent.

They had a new understanding of this Xue Li. They felt that, while this old demon was vicious and cruel, he had a bottom line to his actions.

According to him, he had evil thoughts and selfish desires about Qin Lie and Lang Xie. However, he was also taking a risk and it was not as though he did not contribute at all. He wasn’t just demanding from others.

“Winner always takes all. If Lang Xie wins, he can take everything I have. He will receive the secret cultivation arts of Blood Fiend Sect. If he does not have the skill and I erase his soul, taking over his body, it will be because he was not strong enough. That means that he cannot truly succeed my Blood Fiend Sect, so he cannot blame his death on me,” Xue Li said coldly.

“You already have a candidate. Why do you still want me to cultivate the Blood Spirit Art?” Qin Lie was shocked.

“Not all eggs should be put into one basket.” Xue Li laughed strangely. “If Lang Xie dies along the way, you would become my alternative. Also, this is the ultimate blood ground. I can use a secret method to help you refine your blood. In the future, your body might not be lacking compared to Lang Xie’s...”

“Haha, Qin Lie. So you are the backup.” Song Tingyu laughed teasingly.

“Backup...” Qin Lie rubbed his nose and suddenly said, “Are there really no side effects of the Blood Spirit Art?”

“As long as your will is strong, there are no side effects!” Xue Li was certain.

“Oh. Then there is no harm in cultivating it.”

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