Chapter 275: Ultimate Blood Ground

Chapter 275: Ultimate Blood Ground

Song Tingyu had prepared very well. The materials inside her spatial ring for making the Terminator Profound Bomb was more than what Armament Sect had given Qin Lie.

This was of great surprise to Qin Lie. He finally recognized that Profound Heaven Alliance was truly a Copper faction and that their foundation and accumulation was not something that Armament Sect could rival.

But he did not have much time. He would not be able to forge all of the materials into Terminator Profound Bombs.

There was also no need for doing so.

Within the white cold mist, the smelting furnace that was bright red from the heat gradually cooled. Inside the stone cavern, thirteen Terminator Profound Bombs appeared.

—These were what Qin Lie had hurried to make.

“There are still a lot of materials and I know that we are short on time. It is best for us to charge into the entrance of the Nether Battlefield before the Horned Demon warriors gather.” Song Tingyu looked at the Terminator Profound Bombs and their finished spirit diagrams, her eyes bright as she said, “I will not have any use for the rest of the materials. If you can follow my previous suggestion after we leave and forge them into Terminator Profound Bombs to sell to Profound Heaven Alliance, then you can put these materials away now.”

Qin Lie was slightly shocked. “You are not afraid that I will take them and refuse?”

“No.” Sing Tingyu smiled cunningly.

Qin Lie nodded and did not hesitate in putting away all the remaining spirit materials into his spatial ring. “If we can return to Scarlet Tide Continent alive, it is possible for me to sell a portion of the Terminator Profound Bombs to Profound Heaven Alliance. According to you, you are my fiancée. I still need to rely on this connection so that Mo He of Eight Extreme Temple will not make trouble for me.”

Song Tingyu’s eyes whirled with light. “Right, even if it is just to deceive Eight Extreme Temple, we should work closer.”

“Let’s go up the mountain and charge into the Nether Battlefield!” Qin Lie shouted.

With the thirteen Terminator Profound Bombs in hand, he felt more confident. Unless there were Horned Demon warriors with six horns guarding the entrance, he had the confidence to get inside with Song Tingyu’s moves and these thirteen Terminator Profound Bombs.

“If you can reform the blood demon or summon that thunder python, we could break through the protection of the entrance more easily,” Song Tingyu said probingly.

“Just like your forbidden arts, some things... cannot be used as much as we wish.” Qin Lie did not respond with silence this time and gave a general answer.

Song Tingyu nodded lightly as though she could understand the difficulty. “We should be careful.”

The two prepared and then walked out of the cavern at the base of the mountain. They used the bracelet on Song Tingyu’s hand to feel the soul fluctuations in the area as the two carefully walked towards the mountain peak.

The mountain peak that the Horned Demons called the “Sky Stairway” did not just reach deep into the clouds, but was also extremely steep and thick. It almost thrust straight up into the sky and there were no level paths for them to climb up.

In order to get up the mountain quickly and not waste energy on climbing, Song Tingyu had to use the Rainbow Wings. She held Qin Lie’s hand and then flew up into the shadow of the mountain.

Qin Lie held one of her hands and, in his other hand, he held a Terminator Profound Bomb, ready to deal with bad situations.

Miraculously, when they were climbing the mountain, Song Tingyu felt the aura of many Horned Demons but did not encounter them.

Their luck seemed pretty good.

The “Sky Stairway” peak was extremely high. Song Tingyu flew with Qin Lie for a long time using the Rainbow Wings.

The two of them had to stop multiple times on the mountain, recovering and replenishing spirit energy in order to maintain fighting condition to deal with any situation that might occur.

Just like this, the two of them flew along the “Sky Stairway.” It was unknown how long they had flown when they suddenly saw dark red land mass above their heads.

There were many bridges woven from vines running along the steep mountain peak. The bridges were paths that went towards the dark red, rocky land mass.

Qin Lie and Song Tingyu looked above them and discovered that the bridges were webs that spread outwards from the mountain peak. They reached towards the mass of earth that was dark red—this was for evil races to climb up and reach flat ground.

The dark red land mass situated in the dark mist seemed endless. It seemed to be an enormous island floating in the air.

This mountain peak called the “Sky Stairway” stabbed into the very center of the island as though it came out of a large well.

Qin Lie and Song Tingyu exchanged a look and felt shocked. They were surprised that there were no Horned Demon warriors guarding this place.

The two of them continued to go up and finally landed on a bridge that was heading towards the surrounding earth. Through the bridge, they went on to this dark red island and then, when they looked at the “Sky Stairway” in the middle of the mist, they had a different feeling.

They were sure that this dark red land mass was the deepest level of the Nether Battlefield.

When they looked now, they saw that this layer of the Nether Battlefield had an extremely deep abyss that was filled with mist. The “Sky Stairway” inside the abyss was an enormous mountain that thrust out of the center of the abyss.

In the deepest level of the Nether Battlefield, the ground was sanguine red as though it had been dyed with blood, giving off a heavy feeling.

The two looked into the distance and found that wherever they looked was this dark red, barren landscape. Above their heads was dark red sky which gave the feeling of blood.

Standing here, Qin Lie felt uncomfortable all over. Smelling the air on this level that seemed to be tinged with blood, the energies inside his body gradually became disorderly. Even his heartbeat seemed to beat heavily.

“Qin Lie! This is the deepest level of the Nether Battlefield. It is not safe here.” Song Tingyu also felt her energies change upon arrival. She felt as if she were suffocating. “It might be that the evil races and Eight Extreme Temple are fighting ferociously on the Nether Battlefield and all of the elites have been sent to the top two levels. Since no one is guarding this place, maybe the elites did not know that we would come...”

Song Tingyu knew that these explanations were not plausible but she really could not think of a reason why there weren’t any Horned Demon warriors standing guard here.

“No matter what the situation is, this place is not safe. Of course, the top two levels... might be more dangerous.” Song Tingyu took a deep breath to regulate her slightly rushed breathing. “We must head to the fourth level to meet up with the martial practitioners of the Scarlet Tide Continent. Only the fourth level is considered safe so we have to keep flying. You see, the Sky Stairway is not the peak. We need to keep flying along this mountain. If there are no accidents, we will reach the next level. Maybe there will be people on the next level.”

Hearing her speak, Qin Lie looked at the Sky Stairway in the deep abyss and found that Song Tingyu’s words were correct.

This enormous mountain that reached from the Nether Realm below did not end here and was still rising up, heading deeper into the clouds.

“Heavens, just how tall is this mountain?” Qin Lie was astounded.

“It is ridiculously tall. The tallest mountain in the Scarlet Tide Continent, Skypiercing Mountain, is not worth mentioning compared to the height of this Sky Stairway. I really did not think there would be such a tall mountain in the Nether Realm. It surprisingly seems to penetrate the two worlds.” Song Tingyu clicked her tongue in wonder.

After the two sighed in wonder, they prepared to head along the Sky Stairway to the next level at Song Tingyu’s suggestion.

At this time, Xue Li who had been silent for while suddenly contacted him of his own accord using half of his soul inside the Soul Suppressing Orb. “Kid, you... where are you now? Such thick blood spirit energy!”

“The deepest level of the Nether Battlefield.” Qin Lie’s brow furrowed as he responded with his soul.

“Nether Battlefield? What place is that?” Xue Li clearly did not know much about the forbidden places in the Scarlet Tide Continent.

Qin Lie gave a simple explanation.

“Let my soul out!” Xue Li requested.

Last time in the Demon God Mountain Range, when Qin Lie had been dazed, he had taken off the lightning restriction on Xue Li inside the Soul Suppressing Orb.

After that, Xue Li had come out and used his soul to take over Qin Lie’s body. He used Qin Lie’s blood to cast a forbidden art and used the blood of the Horned Demons to form a blood demon and help Qin Lie fight the Evil God.

Xue Li would have been able to escape then but, after the matter, Xue Li had returned to the Soul Suppressing Orb on his own. He also went into the lightning restriction willingly.

Qin Lie was puzzled by this, but at the same time, he believed that if he gave this half of Xue Li’s soul its freedom, the other wouldn't necessarily try to escape—Xue Li seemed to have a certain dependence on the Soul Suppressing Orb.

So, when Xue Li made this request, Qin Lie only hesitated slightly and then removed the restriction.

Song Tingyu had been examining Qin Lie when he went silent. When she found that Qin Lie was frowning and hesitating, she guessed that Qin Lie was probably communicating with a certain being inside his body...

So she stared hard at Qin Lie.

Then she saw a thread of bloody light fly out from the middle of Qin Lie’s brows.

The bloody light transformed between her and Qin Lie, turning into the bloody soul shadow of an old person. Since the soul was not complete, the shadow was not very clear. However, from the terrifyingly vicious aura that came from it, Song Tingyu instantly knew that the information from Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple was wrong—the old demon called Xue Li had not completely left Qin Lie!

“Is this Elder Xue Li?” Song Tingyu shouted, her expression shocked.

“Hahaha! Hahaha!” After Xue Li’s soul came out, he laughed strangely as he spun in the air. He flew around like a bloody streak as though he was trying to confirm something.

He did not pay attention to Song Tingyu.

After a while, Xue Li’s soul blood shadow started to laugh as he returned from a long ways off. “Ultimate blood ground! Haha, this is an ultimate blood ground!”

Xue Li seemed extremely excited. “My Blood Fiend Sect had searched for countless years in hopes of finding an ultimate blood ground to establish the sect. It was a pity that I was imprisoned and could not fulfill this wish. I had not expected this first level of the Nether Battlefield would be the cultivation treasure ground that my Blood Fiend Sect dreamt about!”

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