Chapter 272: Almost Broke It...

Chapter 272: Almost Broke It...

Qin Lie felt as though he had a very long dream.

In the dream, he could not make out the appearance of the person beside him and was unable to recognize them.

In the dream, he continued to learn, learning all kinds of strange languages, different types of speech, deceit and calculation, adjusting to all kinds of environments...

In the dream, there were people that taught him great amounts of knowledge. He needed to soak inside a large medicinal pool all day to have the medicinal fluid clean out the impurities in his body. Great care was taken with his three daily meals; what he could eat and drink was strictly monitored at all times...

In the dream, he was like a puppet with no choice but to accept all this.

In the dream, he seemed to be restrained and deprived of any freedom.

He had a feeling that he would be broken by that invisible pressure. He felt terror and helplessness as though his soul would crumble.

He covered his chest and breathed deeply, trying hard to wake up from the dream.

Qin Lie suddenly opened his eyes.

He was beside a lake that was filled with clear water, lying beside a wet stone. Glittering stones covered the bottom of the lake.

In front of him, Song Tingyu's body was covered in a haze of rainbow light. She was soaking in the lake and using the water to wash her body.

Those rainbow lights completely shrouded Song Tingyu's beautiful body so he could not see a thing.

Qin Lie looked forward and then moved his gaze away. He furrowed his brow and used his consciousness to probe his body.

He quickly found that, other than being slightly weak from excessive blood loss, there was nothing wrong.

His thoughts shifted and he took out some dried meat from his spatial ring. Beside the rock, he slowly swallowed. There were scenes of the four great beings fighting in his Soul Lake. He was immersed in it and could use his mind to feel it. He could feel the world-shaking battle and the exquisite manipulations of the power that the four great beings performed.

A long time later, he noticed that Song Tingyu had come next to him. He opened his eyes wider and, when he looked at Song Tingyu who had finished bathing, his eyes lit up.

Song Tingyu's curvy body was covered in a spirit armor that flowed with light. The spirit armor seemed to be made from a kind of transparent jade material, glowing and glittering. The spirit armor was also skin tight and exposed all of her seductive curves.

The spirit armor left her white arms, half of her legs, and her long, white neck exposed.

These exposed areas were covered in exquisite adornments like a star pendant, a five colored precious stone, or a beautiful piece of jade. It expressed her noble, elegant presence beautifully.

Her long hair was wet and hung off her shoulders. When she moved her head, droplets flew like diamonds.

"What, have you never seen a woman before?" Song Tingyu covered her mouth and smiled. Her beauty was like hundreds of flowers in bloom, bright and enchanting.

"How long have I been unconscious?" Qin Lie slowly focused.

"If we were to count according to our time, you were unconscious for two days and one night, so a relatively long time. It is rare for normal martial practitioners to be unconscious for so long." Song Tingyu wiped at her wet hair, a beautiful smile playing at the corner of her lips as she spoke. "You were very interesting when you were unconscious. You were talking in your sleep about escaping some place and what other people had arranged for you..."

Her eyes glittered brightly. She looked meaningfully into Qin Lie's eyes and observed the minute changes in Qin Lie's expression.

Qin Lie froze, clearly stunned.

A long while later, when he refocused again, he asked her, "Where are we now?"

Song Tingyu was very disappointed. She did not see anything unusual from Qin Lie's face. "We are almost at the Nether Battlefield. I took you and hurried to leave the Demon God Mountain Range at the fastest possible speed for the last two days. I was afraid that the Horned Demon warriors and the two Evil Gods would catch up so I did not dare to linger."

"Oh." Nodding, Qin Lie became silent again. A long while later, he asked, "Are you confident that we can pass through the Nether Battlefield?"

"The Nether Battlefield is between Nether Realm and Scarlet Tide Continent. It is vast and has seven levels in total. We usually set up a defense line on the fourth level and are active below it. The lower three levels are very close to the Nether Realm and the nether demonic energy is very strong. There are also many Nether Realm elites, demon insects, and nether beasts stationed there so we will not go..."

Song Tingyu's brow furrowed as her expression became serious. She carefully explained the state of the Nether Battlefield. "We need to pass through the Nether Battlefield from the bottom level and go upwards. We should be able to go back to the Scarlet Tide Continent if we can get to the fourth floor. But the lower three levels... not many humans would go there and would die if they did, so I am not very confident."

"There are seven levels in total. The bottom three are the closest to the Nether Realm and are full of strong individuals." Qin Lie murmured under his breath, his expression grave.

"Ding!" The crisp green bracelet on Song Tingyu's left hand suddenly gave a soft sound like glass breaking.

Her face suddenly changed as she shouted, "They haven’t given up!"

Qin Lie was shocked.

“There is an old Horned Demon that has been constantly chasing us. This geezer is very strong and the area covered by his soul is extremely vast. There were a few times where he almost detected us.” Song Tingyu’s brow furrowed and a seven colored sphere suddenly appeared in her hand. “This geezer moves at a very fast speed. It seems that he has guessed our general position. We can only hide.”

Circular waves of light came from the round ball. The rainbow light formed a bright eggshell of light that covered her body.

“Come in.” She waved her hand at Qin Lie. “That geezer’s not the same as the nether beasts that you encountered before. His perception is extremely terrifying. As long as there is vitality and even the tiniest of soul fluctuations, he can detect them. That geezer has six horns and cultivation akin to the Fragmentation Realm. He is very scary.”

“A six horned warrior!” Qin Lie was astounded. He did not hesitate and hurried into Song Tingyu’s barrier of light.

Like a drop of water merging into the sea, there was only a small ripple on the light barrier as it sucked his body in.

The light barrier was very narrow and just perfect for holding Song Tingyu while still having some extra space. After Qin Lie entered, however, this ball of light was clearly too small...

“This Flowing Rainbow Shield was specifically forged for me and perfect for holding me alone. Any more and it is a much tighter fit. You... stay close to me and do not expose your body to the outside. If you leave the protective range of the Flowing Rainbow Shield, that old Horned Demon will be able to sense you.” Song Tingyu bit her lips, her eyes bright and shining as she ordered Qin Lie.

At this time, Qin Lie was shoulder to shoulder with Song Tingyu, and already very close but even so, half of his arm was not able to come in.

“I, uh...” Qin Lie had an awkward expression.

“Idiot...” Song Tingyu rolled her eyes and pulled his arm roughly.

Qin Lie and Song Tingyu suddenly pressed together in a spooning position. Song Tingyu was in front and he was in back. They were tightly pressed together in this position.

In this position, he and Song Tingyu were both covered by the Flowing Rainbow Shield and his arm was not exposed.

“Hold my waist...” Song Tingyu said.

“This...” Qin Lie hesitated. “Miss Song, we...”

“Cut the nonsense. I’m going to take you and jump into the lake. The water can hide the Flowing Rainbow Shield! What are you thinking about?” Song Tingyu scolded in a low voice.

Qin Lie understood with a guilty expression. His arms wrapped around Song Tingyu’s slender waist.

His hands came around Song Tingyu’s flat stomach and he could feel the softness and warmth of Song Tingyu’s waist...

“Grab on tighter, I’m about to go down.” Song Tingyu said.

There was trace of red on her white neck. Qin Lie’s head was behind hers and he could see it clearly.

Qin Lie subconsciously tightened his hands.

His lower half naturally came into contact with Song Tingyu’s bountiful behind. He could clearly feel it. Under his pressure, it clearly changed shape and retreated flexibly...

Qin Lie’s mind shook. A fire of uncontrollable lust rose within him. His lower body quickly reacted and rose as well.

“You bastard!” Song Tingyu instantly felt the change between his legs and cursed in a low voice. Her neck was so red it almost seemed to be bleeding. Before Qin Lie could react, she suddenly flew up. The Flowing Rainbow Shield rose in an elegant curve and landed in the water next to them, sinking to the bottom of the lake.

Strangely, the bright rainbow barrier of light disappeared once it came into contact with the water.

From the outside, Song Tingyu and Qin Lie’s figures seemed to disappear from the world.

Any signs of life and soul aura fluctuations were completely concealed. It really was uncanny.

Yet inside the light barrier underwater, Qin Lie suddenly grunted in pain. His hands pressed at his lower half, his forehead covered in sweat, but he did not dare to make a sound.

Previously, his lower half had been upright and pressed against Song Tingyu’s beautiful bottom...

When Song Tingyu abruptly carried him into the sky and then dove into the water, Song Tingyu’s behind went with her. When she landed, her bottom suddenly came down as well.

Landing directly on Qin Lie’s elated lower half...

Qin Lie’s upright part was pressed between the space of her behind. When she pressed, she almost broke it.

That heart-piercing pain was even more painful than a thousand lightning bolts.

Qin Lie’s head went cold with sweat.

Yet he could only grunt, unable to voice his pain. He could only swallow the hardship—it was Qin Lie that could not control himself and his impulses. He had been the one to first touch the other and it was only fair for him to be unfortunate.

Song Tingyu, whose back was to him, bit her lips as he grit his teeth in pain.. Her shoulder shook and her eyes were filled with smugness. She suppressed the impulse to laugh, taking pleasure from his predicament. “Bastard, you dare to touch me? Hmph, now you know the consequences.”

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