Chapter 271: Gazing From Afar

Chapter 271: Gazing From Afar

Gao Yu had been receiving his inheritance inside the body of the Evil God. When the evil god suddenly smashed the mountain peak and pulled the thunder python out of the air, Gao Yu woke up.

After that, the soul fragments of the Demon God’s shadow, its thoughts, its memories, and all kinds of mysterious and profound characters flooded out of the sacrificial altar into his body, his veins, his bones, and his mind to merge with his body even faster.

The speed of his assimilation increased.

When the Evil God flew out for the second time and grappled with the thunder python, a great amount of combat experience and insights became large amounts of memories that quickly flowed into his mind.

It was at that time that Gao Yu was sucked into the black heart of the evil god and came into complete, raw contact with the Evil God.

Gao Yu continuously absorbed memories from the Evil God, pieces of its soul, large amounts of combat experience, and ancient knowledge. Then he finally accepted the inheritance of the Evil God in its entirety.

In that moment, Gao Yu was the Evil God. He was able to use his thoughts, his power, and his limbs to control the body of the Evil God!

The enormous body of this Evil God could be accurately controlled and used to cast all kinds of lost, secret arts.

When he opened his eyes and went to follow the will of the Evil God, to tear the enormous blood colored demon and the thunder python into pieces, he saw Qin Lie in the brow of the blood demon.

Gao Yu suddenly froze.

A string of thoughts appeared in his mind. He looked closely, wanting to make sure that the person at the blood demon’s brow was Qin Lie.

He quickly confirmed it.

It was undoubtedly Qin Lie!

At this moment Gao Yu, whose blood, flesh, and soul had a strange connection with the Evil God, suddenly resisted the will of the evil god with his own will!


The Evil God flapped its black wings that resembled black clouds as its enormous body suddenly fell from the sky.

It landed on a few hills, causing them to crumble and the earth to shake.

“Hmm!” Xue Li’s voice resounded in Qin Lie’s mind again. “Strange... the person who has finished receiving that Evil God’s legacy seems to have turned on his master! The successor of this Evil God is resisting the will of the Evil God and has refused to chase us!”

Between the brows of the blood demon, Qin Lie stuck his head through a window in the blood and looked behind him.

He saw the incomparably frightening aura of the Evil God suddenly wither after its previous continuous surge.

Then it landed with a boom on the ground.

He felt a trace of anger and saw savagery in the eyes of the Evil God.

He also saw a blurry figure in those eyes that slowly became clear...

Gao Yu was using his soul consciousness to control the body of the Evil God. As his own influence spread, his shadow became clearer and more evident in the eyes of the Evil God.

“Gao Yu!” Qin Lie suddenly shook.

He finally understood why the Evil God would strangely fall from the sky and did not chase after him even after its power grew.

It was Gao Yu!

Gao Yu was hidden in the body of the Evil God. At that crucial time he used his soul consciousness to pull on the Evil God and disturb the Evil God’s soul, causing it to then fall from the sky due to a loss of control.

Gao Yu’s figure became clear in the pupils of the Evil God. From inside the Evil God’s pupils he also saw Qin Lie. He saw Qin Lie’s joy and also his urgency...

“You recognize him?” Xue Li’s voice resounded inside Qin Lie’s mind.

“He’s a friend of mine! A very good friend!” Qin Lie shouted.

“So that is the reason. I was wondering why the Evil God gave up on chasing us.” Xue Li’s voice was slightly surprised. “I had not expected the successor to this Evil God to be your friend. Very interesting. This friend of yours has a strong mind. He has just received the inheritance yet dares to betray his master... ha, if he falls into the deep abyss of evil, he could possibly become a great calamity.”

Qin Lie was silent. He only gazed at Gao Yu in the eyes of the Evil God, watching as his figure became blurry again.

He already guessed that the clarity of Gao Yu in the Evil God’s pupils meant that Gao Yu was in control. If he became blurry, then the Evil God was in control...

And, right now, Gao Yu was undoubtedly not in control. He didn’t know what Gao Yu, who received the inheritance and then immediately betrayed his master, would suffer for resisting the will of the Evil God.

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen to the boy. It is extremely difficult for an Evil God to choose a successor. The successor of the Evil God is responsible for bringing the Evil God back to life. No matter what that kid does, the Evil God will not abandon him,” Xue Li said.

Hearing him say this, Qin Lie felt slightly reassured.

In Icestone City, when everyone had been trying to kill him, it had been Gao Yu that killed the martial practitioners of the pavilion at a crucial time and helped him escape onto Commerce Street. Gao Yu helped a blood covered Qin Lie make it to Li’s Shop.

Today, in this Nether Realm, when the Evil God’s aura was growing, it fell at its strongest time.

—Once again, it was Gao Yu who saved him.

Qin Lie looked deeply at Gao Yu’s figure that gradually blurred in the eyes of the Evil God. He was deeply moved and resolved—regardless of whether or not Gao Yu fell into the abyss of evil, as long as he, Qin Lie, was alive, he would help Gao Yu recover himself!

“Hah, pretty good determination. Have you thought it through, though? There will be a day when this boy called Gao Yu will become the public enemy of the continent, more hated than even the evil races of the Nether Realm. If everyone wants to kill him, what will you do?” Xue Li said with a cold smile.

“If that day ever comes, I will pay any price to save him. No matter who wants to kill him, I will do my best to interfere!” Qin Lie shouted.

“If you do that, you will become enemies with the world!”

“That does not matter!”

“Hah! Good boy! You have quite the courage!”

As Qin Lie and Xue Li’s soul conversed, the blood demon was like a bloody red arch in the sky that flew towards the Nether Battlefield.

Drops of fresh blood occasionally dripped to the ground. The body of this blood demon was quickly shrinking.

“This blood golem is formed from fresh blood. When the power in the blood is used up, it will disappear.” Xue Lie’s soul fluctuations started to settle. “I’m also a bit tired, so I’ll return to your orb.”

The bloody mark inside Qin Lie’s soul lake seemed to be cleansed by water. It slowly grew faint and then disappeared.

Xue Li’s presence quickly sank into the Soul Suppressing Orb and Qin Lie recovered the ability to move.

Once he regained control, he discovered that the blood demon wrapped around him resembled a piece of ice left in the sun. It was quickly melting, dissolving in droplets of blood.

Qin Lie’s body rapidly fell through the sky.

“Prak prak!”

A long streak of lightning came from the body of the shrunken python and wrapped around him, pulling him back into the mouth of the python.

Qin Lie’s body was covered in blood as he appeared beside Song Tingyu. He was with her in the mouth of the python once again. He looked through the opening of the mouth into the distance.

“Qin Lie, was that your voice that came out of the blood demon just now? You were inside the blood demon, right?” Song Tingyu’s eyes shone as she stared at him unblinking. “Were you controlling the blood demon during the battle?”

Qin Lie did not make a sound, responding with silence.

He always used silence to respond to things he did not want to answer. He used his actions to tell Song Tingyu she asked something she should not have.

“You!” Song Tingyu glared at him. She snorted. “I’ll remember this!”

Qin Lie remained silent.

Song Tingyu seemed to be angry with him and did not make a sound nor look at him.

An hour later, the body of this thunder python shrunk by half once more.

When they reached a dense patch of forest, a soul fluctuation made from lightning came from the body of the python. In the next moment, the python spat Qin Lie and Song Tingyu towards the forest. Then its body rapidly shrank to the size of a thumb and burrowed back into Qin Lie’s neck to hide.

“I’m tired...”

Qin Lie rubbed his head. He could understand the last message from the python. He knew that much of the thunder and lightning energy the python had absorbed from the lightning pool had been expended in the fight.

He actually had a whole pile of questions about the Evil God, about the Demon God Mountain Range, about the enormous python itself...

Yet Xue Li and the enormous python, who could answer his questions, were resting at the same time and told him that he should not disturb them. Qin Lie wanted to cry.

Then he realized that he was also extremely exhausted.

Falling into the forest, he watched the branches of those vicious plants like incoming teeth. He wanted to attack but found that his eyes were blurry and his mind was dizzy. Even his body was swaying, and unable to stand properly.

He instantly understood the state of his body—he had lost too much blood.

The forbidden art of Blood Fiend Sect that Xue Li used to gather the blood of the Horned Demons and make a blood golem—he had cast it with the blood in his own body.

Since the loss of blood surpassed the tolerance of his body, he now felt dizzy and out of strength.

But they did manage to escape. Knowing this, he relaxed. When his mind relaxed, his consciousness blurred and he slowly fainted.

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