Chapter 270: The Four Ferocious Beings!

Chapter 270: The Four Ferocious Beings!

Within the Demon God Mountain Range, a river of blood flowed at the feet of the Horned Demon clansmen.

Despite the tragic screams, roars, and attempts of the Horned Demon clansmen to stop the flow of fresh blood, it continued to flow out from between their fingers.

“Hehehe!” Xue Li’s strange laugh resonated out from Qin Lie’s mouth.

Qin Lie’s vision was clear as he watched the blood that flowed out from the Horned Demon clansmen gradually condense and consolidate.

Before long, a blood colored demon shadow slowly rose from within the pool of blood.

Qin Lie’s body turned into a streak of bloody light as he shot over from a distance. Accompanied by the strange diagram of what seemed to be blood vessels, he instantaneously merged into the blood colored demon shadow.

In that instant, Qin Lie’s body suddenly began to feel strange. It was as if his body’s arteries, veins, and blood had become closely linked with the giant blood colored demon shadow.

He immediately realized that his body, soul, and even his dantian’s spirit seal had already merged with the blood colored demon shadow to form one entity. It was as if he had become the core of the blood colored demon shadow’s heart, brain, and soul... as if he were in control of it.

Amidst the tragic howls of the Horned Demon clansmen, all of their blood had condensed and formed into this giant blood colored demon shadow. Its body was formed from their refined blood and was powered with the energy from their fresh blood. It basically stepped on the corpses of their fellow clansmen as it arose from within the pool of blood.

An extremely thick aura of evil and blood began to emanate from the blood colored demon shadow’s body, causing a bloody mist to permeate the nearby surroundings. It also incited the blood of the Horned Demon clansmen, making them feel as if their blood was boiling.


Within the blood colored demon shadow, Qin Lie suddenly howled. The giant blood demon began to slightly resemble Qin Lie as it suddenly rushed into the sky.

The hundred meter long python and the two Evil Gods still fought in the air above the Demon God Mountain Range, clashing amongst the roiling demonic clouds, black lightning, and black flames.

The giant python had been gradually losing strength. It had no flesh and was purely a soul after all. It also had less strength to begin with and fighting for a long time within the Nether Realm was not the wisest choice.

Amongst the roiling black flames and demonic clouds, the giant python’s body was like a streak of blazing lightning which was gradually shrinking and losing power...

Song Tingyu, who was still enveloped within its mouth, could clearly feel the thunder and lightning energy on its body. The python continuously bit and spit out lightning, filling the sky with a fading light and explosive rumbles of thunder as its body seemed to become smaller and smaller.

Just when Song Tingyu turned her dazed head around, as she began to worry for the giant python, she saw that a bloody shadow had suddenly emerged within the roiling demonic clouds.

A giant, blood colored demon. With sharp claws of blood, it forcefully tore apart the cover of demonic clouds and violently charged into the fray—it joined the fight between the giant python and the two Evil Gods!

This level of fighting caused even Song Tingyu’s heart to tremble as a feeling of powerlessness emerged within her.


The sound of extremely loud laughter resonated from within the giant blood colored demon. Amidst the deafening laughter, the demon suddenly rushed at the Evil God with black wings—the Evil God from which Gao Yu was currently receiving inheritance from!

River after river of blood descended like shooting stars., They wrapped around the Evil God’s body like ribbons of blood, fiercely binding its body and wings. They forced the conscious body to abruptly be pulled down.

Traces of extreme shock suddenly emerged within Song Tingyu’s beautiful eyes as she stared at the giant blood colored demon.

From the savage laughter which resonated out from within the giant blood colored demon, she realized that it was none other than Qin Lie!

This discovery caused her to become stricken with horror. She condensed her soul into a fine strand and then inspected further. She saw that this giant blood colored demon shared faint points of similarity with Qin Lie, as if it were Qin Lie after his figure had been blown up several times and then covered with a layer of blood...

Song Tingyu’s eyes began to brighten as her mind grew increasingly confused. She continuously thought to herself, “Could that actually be Qin Lie?” However, she wasn’t able to come up with a clear answer.


After being dragged down, the Evil God with black wings roared at the sky as it suddenly threw away the giant thunder python, instead turning its attention towards the giant blood colored demon.

At this moment, the bloody shadow swept past. Streaks of blood shot out, slamming into the black demon energy and causing enormous explosions.

Four titans fought within the Demon God Mountain Range, shrouding the sky in darkness. Massive, raging fluctuations of energy oscillated outwards, striking terror into the hearts of the Horned Demon clansmen and filling their eyes with fear.

The emergence of the giant thunder python and giant demon had caused feeling of dread to emerge within them. They couldn’t fathom where the two terrible entities confronting their Evil Gods had come from.

Even the old Horned Demon priests had become completely silent—they had also been been dazed by this shocking battle.

Within this giant blood colored demon, Qin Lie was unable to control his body and circulate energy to use skills. He couldn’t even move his fingers.

He could, however, watch and think. Therefore, he was able to perceive this stunning battle with his Soul Lake.

Scene after scene emerged within his Soul Lake, the surface of which was as clear as a mirror. The giant thunder python fought the snake-headed Evil God and the giant blood colored demon fought the winged Evil God with curved horns.

As these four entities fought each other to the death, they used various types of energy and displayed all sorts of forbidden arts and secret techniques. As the seals and formulas changed ever so faintly, they all emerged within his Soul Lake.

Xue Li seemed to be deliberately taking care of him. Moreover, he was constantly changing angles so that Qin Lie could see everything that was happening around him even more clearly.

He was like a bystander who had come as close as possible to watch the most violent area of the great battle between four powerful entities.

“At the Manifestation Realm, one must observe the manifestations of life. One must glimpse the most wondrous and rare mysteries and use their heart to touch it and their soul to feel it. One must use their Soul Lake to reflect and continuously analyze...” As Qin Lie silently pondered as he watched, thinking about the profound cultivation methods of the Manifestation Realm. He observed with his eyes and soul, then recorded his perceptions onto his Soul Lake.

Subconsciously, he entered the state of Thoughtless Tranquility. His soul consciousness, Soul Lake, mind, and body had all become focused on perceiving the wondrous, subtle changes which were happening around him. His mind and body were one.

In a trance, mystical illusions continuously emerged atop his Soul Lake. For a while, he focused his senses on the giant thunder python. Then he focused on his own giant blood colored demon and then finally the two Evil Gods...

They presented him with different experiences, allowing him to feel as if he were the embodiment of these entities. These feelings were wondrous, yet hard to describe. He repeatedly feasted on new profound methods of fighting.

Qin Lie gradually immersed himself within his senses...

Amidst the Demon God Mountain Range, four great entities viciously fought amongst roiling demon clouds, bursts of thunder and lightning, and raging black flames. The terrifying currents of energy produced by the fight seemed to cause the entire Nether Realm to tremble.

The main city of the Horned Demon Race—Black Horn City. A powerful, Horned Demon warrior with six horns stood in a wide, borderless plaza. He shouted passionately, giving a rousing speech in the language of the Nether Realm.

In the plaza, the majority of the Horned Demon martial practitioners were mounted atop nether beasts and listening intently.

They were carrying out their final preparations before entering the evil nether passageway and attacking Scarlet Tide Continent.

At this time, a strange glimmer suddenly emerged within the eyes of the Horned Demon warrior with six horns. He abruptly turned and looked towards the Demon God Mountain Range.

He stopped trying to rouse his soldiers and let out a shrill cry. Using a pure black, borderless cloth, he wrapped up his body and charged straight towards the Demon God Mountain Range like a streak of black lightning.

Meanwhile, an elderly Horned Demon clansman sat in a cemetery within the Horned Demon Clan’s burial grounds. He was currently saying something to the souls of the corpses of his fellow clansmen.

He also had six demonic horns!

As he talked, he suddenly felt the giant fluctuations of energy within the Demon God Mountain Range. He immediately stopped his deep discussion with the souls and opened his eyes, revealing a pair of pitch black pupils. He flew out of the cemetery towards the Demon God Mountain Range.

“Oooooooo! Oooooooo! Oooooooo!”

The old Horned Demon priests brandished their white bone scepters and began to release wave after wave of soul fluctuations as if summoning something.

As they did, ghosts and ghouls began to emerge from within the small hills and peaks which dotted the outer boundaries of the Demon God Mountain Range and rush towards the two Evil Gods. Like water merging with a great sea, the ghosts and ghouls merged with the bodies of the two Evil Gods.

The nearly exhausted power of the Evil Gods, as well as their tired souls, were almost instantaneously replenished.

The two Evil Gods became lively once again. Their auras became vast like the ocean once more and their strength seemed to be inexhaustible.

“Zzzt zzzt zzzt!”

At this time, the originally hundred meter long giant thunder python had shrunk to one-third its original size, reducing its length to only thirty meters.

The size of the giant blood colored demon also decreased, having been halved in the middle of battle.

As for the two Evil Gods, upon receiving replenishment from the ghosts and ghouls, their figures that had originally shrunken suddenly began to magically grow again.

“It is indeed the Nether Realm after all. Since we are fighting them within the Demon God Mountain Range, it is nearly impossible to obtain victory.” Xue Li’s voice resounded within Qin Lie’s mind, “There are six horned Horned Demon elites coming! Before they arrive, we must flee from the Demon God Mountain Range. These six horned fellas are not much weaker than the avatars of these Evil Gods. Let’s leave!”

“Leave!” A soul fluctuation condensed from thunder and lightning also came over from the giant thunder python’s body.

The giant thunder python and the giant blood colored demon instantly reached a tacit understanding, both suddenly fleeing from the battle and rushing in the direction of the Nether Battlefield.


The two Evil Gods both let out mighty roars as they gave chase.

As for Qin Lie’s physical body, it gradually tore out of the giant blood colored demon from between the eyebrows and slightly emerged at this moment.

As the giant blood colored demon constantly looked behind them, Qin Lie was able to see that the two Evil Gods wildly pursued them, one moving quickly and the other moving slowly.

The speed of the Evil God with curved horns and wings was extremely fast since it could fly. It looked like a dense, indestructible demonic cloud as it closed the distance between them, its speed increasing the closer it got.

“After being replenished by the ghosts and ghouls, the strength of these Evil Gods have quickly increased. Moreover... eh?” Xue Li exclaimed as he suddenly sensed something. He suddenly shouted, “No! Something’s wrong! This Evil God, this Evil God’s remnant soul consciousness has finished merging with its inheritor! Within this Evil God’s avatar is its successor and it has already succeeded in merging its remnant soul and power! Not good!”

As Xue Li’s words descended, Qin Lie set his senses upon the Evil God behind him. An endless evil fluctuation rose from within the Evil God’s body.

While the giant blood colored demon was still looking backwards, Qin Lie discovered the blurry figure of a human within the depths of the Evil God’s eyes.

Within the body of this Evil God was Gao Yu. He was within the heart of the Evil God—a heart which was as black as ink!

Gao Yu’s naked body and limbs were all within the black heart!

Cluster after cluster of pitch black demon energy flowed through the black heart and Gao Yu’s body. At this moment, Gao Yu had basically assimilated with the Evil God!

His soul had fallen into a trance and was constantly merging with the remnant soul of the Evil God, comprehending the many skills and techniques of the Evil God.

The eyes of the Evil God had become his eyes as well. Through the eyes of the Evil God, he stared at the giant blood colored demon in front of him.

The giant blood colored demon suddenly turned its head back yet again. At this moment, Gao Yu abruptly saw a familiar figure in between the blood demon’s eyebrows—it was Qin Lie!

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