Chapter 269: Kid, Let Me Borrow Your Body!

Chapter 269: Kid, Let Me Borrow Your Body!


The giant python that was hundreds of meters long sparked with lightning, writhing at the foot of the snake-headed Evil God.

The enormous boulders that had piled up due to the explosion of the mountain peak were shattered to pieces. Fragments flew all over amidst the earth-shaking explosions.

Qin Lie and Song Tingyu were inside the mouth of the giant python. Having been thrown around as well, they were dizzy and could not determine which way was up.

The enormous python that was formed from thunder, lightning, and pure soul energy seemed to become tangible. It rolled around in the stones, crushing them.

The enormous python gave an angry howl that resounded from the depths of its soul. This giant python twisted and then charged back into the sky.

It once again hovered above the Demon God Mountain Range!

Seeing it appear in the horizon, the Horned Demon warriors and old Horned Demon priests howled in fury and channelled their power.

At this time, strange stones, spiked clubs, iron hammers, skulls, bone knives, and white bone arrows came like a storm towards the giant python.

Within the mouth of the enormous python, Qin Lie and Song Tingyu's complexions changed color. They felt a very powerful and frightening nether demonic energy coming from the weapons that filled the sky.

The two noticed that there were two Horned Demon elites with five horns each among the horned demons below them. They were some of the strongest individuals among the evil races—comparable to Fulfillment Realm practitioners!

These two had thrown out a skull and a bone knife.

The skull and the bone knife were extremely fast. They carried thick negative fluctuations that could not be weakened. Auras of malice, insanity, bloodlust, savagery, and destruction roiled like an ocean—as though it could drown everything.

Even the enormous python seemed to be slightly wary of the skull and the bone knife. Seeing the two, it moved its tail in order to avoid them.

It was obvious that the skull and the bone knife were not the same as the other weapons. After the first attack missed, waves of souls emerged from them. The souls were flickering and only had the simplest of objectives—to destroy. The souls directed the knife and the skull to shake in midair and then changed direction to attack the enormous python once more.

All of the other weapons fell from the sky when the enormous serpent became illusory.

Among them, only the skull and the bone knife did not fall, continuing to make a new round of attacks.

"What is going on?!" Xue Li's shocked voice resounded in Qin Lie's mind. “Kid, where are you? What are you doing? Why do I feel the aura of an evil god?!”

"I am in the Nether Realm, in the Demon God Mountain Range where the evil races perform their sacrifices. There is an Evil God that seems to be waking up..." Qin Lie sent a wisp of his consciousness into the Soul Suppression Orb to answer Xue Li, but his attention was still preoccupied as he watched the skull and the bone knife.

He felt a tidal wave of evil radiating from the skull and the bone knife. These two weapons seemed to have souls. They gave him a deep feeling of terror.

The skull and the bone knife spun, stirring up the nether demonic energy in the Demon God Mountain Range and drawing it to them. The energy seemed to increase the power of these two weapons and helped them in their objective to kill the giant python.

"Demon God Mountain Range—you’ve awakened a Demon God!" The half of Xue Li's soul shouted in shock from inside the Soul Suppression Orb. "You, boy, are really crazy. You have only just cultivated to the early stage of the Manifestation Realm and you dare to charge into the Demon God Mountain Range and even disturb a Demon God! You are insane, you don't want to live!”

Qin Lie couldn’t bother to respond. At this time, his attention was focused on the changes of the mountain range below. He was waiting for the enormous python's decision.

The giant python moved above the Demon God Mountain Range. It did not seem to be in a hurry to leave. It had fallen from the sky earlier as though something had gripped its tail and was now enraged. As it avoided the skull and the bone knife, it seemed to lock onto something...

"Zzzt zzzt zzzt!”

Suddenly, lightning sparked in the eyes of the snake-headed Demon God's cold and dull eyes.

At this moment, the enormous python that was circling through the air seemed to finally see an opportunity and actually charged at the Evil God from the sky.

It seemed like it wanted to get something from the Evil God at the moment that it woke up... Like it wanted to take something even more important from the Evil God.


An enormous howl that seemed to shatter the skies came from the mountain peak that Gao Yu was on. The Evil God at the center of the tumbling stones began to walk.

Before this, the Evil God had been covered in the stones when it pulled the giant python down. It had disappeared and did not attack again.

It seemed to be waiting for Gao Yu's succession to finish and for Gao Yu to merge with all of the Demon God’s consciousnesses.

Seeing that the enormous python was taking the chance to attack its fellow, incomplete Demon God, it was became furious and shot out of the stones.

A pair of great wings that seemed to cover the world suddenly flapped. As this enormous demon walked, it shot straight into the sky. With rolling demon energy that seemed to be able to destroy everything, it furiously shot at the giant python.

Waves of immeasurable soul consciousness spread from this enormous demon. It was like a black abyss that threatened to swallow the soul body of the enormous python.

The snake-headed Evil God seemed to realize something in this moment. It suddenly howled and streaks of lightning shot out of its serpentine mouth—black lightning!

The black lightning had the savagery of heavenly thunder but the darkness and evil of nether demonic energy. It burned with black-colored flames and instantly swallowed the enormous lightning python.

The black lightning struck the giant python, giving off a blinding light and making it appear as though its soul body was being burned by pitch black flames.

The other Evil God also approached with its waves of black demonic energy, as though it was going to tear apart the giant python.

From their position in the python’s mouth, Qin Lie and Song Tingyu could not see a thing. They were surrounded by pitch black lightning and roiling flames. They were covered by swathes of demonic energy and could not see any light.

They only felt fierce tremors which were caused by the enormous python’s was furious writhing. It furiously howled from its very soul as it struggled against the ancient Evil Gods.

"Kid! Let me out! Quick, let me out of here!" Xue Li's howled from within the Soul Suppressing Orb. He seemed so excited that he was going crazy. “Let this half of my soul out! Quick! I can help you!”

Qin Lie was dizzy from being thrown around inside the mouth of the enormous python. He could not tell which way was up or see any light.

He started to become muddle-headed.

At this time, hearing the shouts of Xue Li, his usually reliable intelligence seemed to loosen.

In a daze, a wisp of his consciousness opened the lightning seal inside the Soul Suppression Orb and released half of Xue Li's soul.

"Muahahaha! Muahahahaha!" Xue Li's soul howled furiously. He then roared in Qin Lie's mind. "Kid, let me borrow your body!”

The next moment, Qin Lie saw a bloody shadow in his Soul Lake. That bloody shadow seemed to spread into the water.

It quickly spread in his Soul Lake.

His thoughts, consciousness, will, and soul suddenly seemed to lose control at the same time!

Xue Li had turned against him!

"Kid, you don’t have to worry. I have no interest in your body, but heavenly thunder is roaring and lightning is coming down outside. Even if it’s me, I would not dare to come out in a soul form, so I can only temporarily use your body. Your body does not have to fear being killed by lightning and thunder!" Xue Li's voice resounded inside his mind. Then Qin Lie noticed that he walked out of the python’s mouth. "Kid! It is hard to find a battle of this level in the world! You will benefit from participating in the battle with my help! Watch closely!”

Qin Lie's body suddenly flew out of the giant python’s body. Among the terrifying rumbling of thunder, he fell straight towards the Demon God Mountain Range.

"In order to have you get a closer look, I will also open my soul to you!" Xue Li shouted.

Qin Lie's mind suddenly shook. He discovered that he had returned to his body. He could feel any change that was occurring in his body. He could feel the blood in his body furiously flowing like a flood.

He could see his muscles and veins continuously expanding as the blood flowed. He could see drops of blood appearing on his fingertips.

He could feel every minuscule change inside his body. He could see everything in the surroundings. He could see the demonic clouds shifting in the air and the streaks of blinding lightning. He could see three enormous figures flash amongst the demonic clouds that drew in demonic energy.

Yet he could not control himself.

When Qin Lie sent out his thoughts, his body would not respond. He could see, he could think, but he was not able to control his body.

Right now, the primary control of his body rested with someone else—Xue Li.

Xue Li was using his body, using his blood to make something...

He could see that blood was flowing from all ten of his fingertips. The blood that came out condensed and did not fall through the air. The blood that came out from his body in drops twisted in the air as they were forming something.

It was a diagram—a strange diagram that was as complex as the blood vessels in a human's body.

The threads of blood were like the blood vessels of a person. Drawn with the flow of his blood, these threads formed a strange picture in the air.

This was a forbidden art of the Blood Fiend Sect!

Qin Lie was suddenly curious—what did this diagram of the human circulatory system do?

"You will know soon enough! Haha!" Xue Li knew what he was thinking and replied—in Qin Lie's voice.

It was as though Qin Lie was answering his own question.

"Thump thump! Thump thump! Thump thump!”

Qin Lie suddenly heard the strong sound of his heart beat. He saw that the Horned Demon warriors were all looking at the sky at this time.

Strong heartbeats came from those Horn Demon warriors. They seemed to be affected by the forbidden art; the blood inside their bodies was burning!

Yet they did not realize it.

But Qin Lie knew.

He could clearly feel that, as the hearts of those Horned Demons beat rapidly, their blood boiled due to the strange picture of the circulatory system—a picture that was drawn out with his blood.

Qin Lie saw blood seep out from one of the Horn Demon's orifices. The blood flowed out as though it could not be stopped, eventually forming a stream.

Then a second Horned Demon’s blood did the same. Then a third, and a fourth, and a fifth...

He noticed that, other than the Horned Demon Warriors with five horns, the ones with three horns, four horns, and two horns were bleeding from their orifices.

Initially, they did not seem to realize that their blood was leaving them. It was as though they did not feel it.

It was only when the first shout occurred. Then, all the Horned Demons started to shout. They jumped and scampered in terror. They tried to cover their mouths, ears, eyes, and noses.

They needed to stop the blood from gushing out.

Yet the blood still seeped out between their fingers in spurts and streams that fell to the ground.

It was an extremely bizarre and terrifying scene.

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