Chapter 264: Thunder’s Divine Might!

Chapter 264: Thunder’s Divine Might!

The python tattoo raged in tandem with the rumbling thunder. It clearly emerged from his neck, and as the thunder grew louder and louder, the python’s head came out from the back of Qin Lie’s neck in a swaying motion.

First, the python’s head appeared. Then its body followed behind it before finally, ending with its tail...

This python that had hidden itself behind Qin Lie’s neck for so long had finally shown itself amidst the earthshaking thunder.

At first, the python was only as long as an arm. However, after it appeared in midair, it began to expand madly like a balloon!

In just a short amount of time, the python had expanded to become hundreds of meters long. Its body was covered in dark blue scales and thunder roared within its scaly armor. There was even a small horn on its head. Deep within its pupils, a domineering aura that dwarfed all living beings could be felt.

A serpent covered in scaly armor with a small protrusion on its head. This was the sign that a snake was about to turn into a dragon!

“Th-this is…”

Song Tingyu suddenly froze in midair while covered in rainbow light, watching the gigantic python that had appeared out of nowhere.

She did not notice that this python had flown out of Qin Lie’s neck. She thought that this python was also a terrifying nether beast that had been tamed by the Horned Demon Race.

Even Qin Lie himself couldn’t react for a time. He had not sensed the python’s appearance and sudden growth in size; he only felt a small itch on his neck.

He did not notice anything was amiss. The Soul Devouring Beast’s vile souls and the Horned Demon warrior with five horns who had rushed toward him, however, saw it clearly!

Their eyes were locked tightly on Qin Lie. Naturally they noticed the minuscule changes on Qin Lie’s body and, by extension, the python flying out of his neck.

“Prak prak prak! Prak prak prak!”

Bolts of wide, arcing lightning that resembled the chains of the god of thunder shot out of the giant python’s body. They were several hundreds of meters long and the width of a man’s waist, dancing endlessly through the air.


The giant python itself looked like a terrifying bolt of electricity that suddenly rushed towards the Soul Devouring Beast. Thick, long bolts of lightning followed alongside it, also descending upon the Soul Devouring Beast’s vile souls like a meteor shower.

Thunder and lightning immeasurably stronger than what Qin Lie was able to unleash were being controlled by the giant python. Like a god of thunder had descended, seeking to extinguish the world, thunder and lightning tore through the Soul Devouring Beast’s body.

This rank four Soul Devouring Beast had already been severely injured by the combined force of five Terminator Profound Bombs in the first place. Its physical body had lost its ability to fight long ago. All that was left was its very soul.

The heavenly thunder from the Ninth Heaven was the nemesis of all evil souls and vengeful spirits. It could eliminate all soul intents!

“Zzzt zzt zzzt!”

Bolts of thick and long lightning struck the Soul Devouring Beast’s vile soul like meteors. The explosive booming of thunder resounded continuously.

Qin Lie and Song Tingyu focused and realized that the Soul Devouring Beast’s vile soul began to shrink under the onslaught of thunder and lightning. It looked like it was being purified and eradicated by the entangling lightning and thunder little by little.

They could see the Soul Devouring Beast’s fear and feel its horrifying cries reach deep into their hearts and minds. Judging by the cries alone, Qin Lie already knew that this Soul Devouring Beast was done for.

“Thunder, lightning, a python…” Qin Lie shuddered as his eyes suddenly lit up with a strange light amidst the darkness. “I’ve seen this before... underneath the Arctic Mountain Range! There was a giant python that was frozen in ice. When my soul had left my body, I clearly felt its existence then!”

At this point, Qin Lie had also noticed that this giant python that had suddenly appeared was not flesh and blood.

Just like the Soul Devouring Beast’s vile soul, this giant python that was about to morph into a dragon was also in an pure soul state.

Qin Lie suddenly realized that something wasn’t right. He could feel a very familiar aura from the giant python’s body. That aura… was very similar to the time he cultivated Heavenly Thunder Eradication and attracted a whole rain of heavenly thunder to crash down on him.

He recalled the time he borrowed the thunder and lightning of the Thunderblitz Trees to cultivate. He had attracted a staggering amount of thunder and lightning that was shockingly violent, but when they rushed into his body he felt very little discomfort...

Moreover, his body and Natal Palaces had only absorbed an extremely small amount of the terrifying thunder and lightning of the Ninth Heaven after they had descended upon him.

A huge portion of that thunder and lightning had vanished mysteriously, as if it had escaped elsewhere...

The sudden appearance of the python… the powerful sensation of thunder and lightning it unleashed at this moment... the familiar heavenly thunder aura... they all brought a thoughtful expression to Qin Lie’s face.

A thought gradually formed in his mind.

While doubts filled his heart and he struggled to find the answer to his questions, the giant python’s soul form twisted its dragon-like body and arrived above the head of the Horned Demon warrior with five horns.

Having unleashed its thunder and lightning to destroy the rank four Soul Devouring Beast’s soul, its focus now turned to the lone Horned Demon warrior.

An ancient and unfathomable aura that seemed to represent the might of heavens engulfed the Horned Demon warrior like an ocean or the flames of hell itself. It caused the Horned Demon warrior with five horns to lose control of his mind and fall prey to countless illusions.

The Horned Demon warrior realized that he had been brought into an ancient world and, within this forgotten world, he watched countless ancient beasts that were the size of mountains commit atrocities throughout this land.

In that world, he was impossibly small. It was as if he could be killed at any moment. He did not feel the slightest trace of confidence...

His powerful will to fight was completely destroyed. Instead, he felt fear. He felt that it was impossible to win.

The giant python floated above the Horned Demon warrior’s head, suspended in the air. Its tail released a gray gas that slowly covered the entirety of his body.

The powerful Horned Demon warrior with his five horns showed fear and worry through his eyes. His willpower seemed to have crumbled and he actually knelt on the ground as if worshipping the python.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

The Soul Devouring Beast’s soul was continuously being struck by thunder and lightning. Its soul was torn to shreds by the lightning. Its memory, will, and imprint had turned into dust.

Suddenly, Qin Lie felt an itch at the center of his forehead and subconsciously looked in the direction of the Soul Devouring Beast.

An incredible soul sucking power gushed out from the center of his forehead. Its pull was clearly mighty.

The Soul Devouring Beast’s soul had been purified by the thunder and lightning; its refined soul fragments suddenly transformed into rays of soul light that shot into the center of Qin Lie’s forehead one after another.

Not only could the Soul Suppressing Orb intimidate a vile soul, it could even absorb soul power!

Qin Lie had confirmed this back at the natural stone forest. Now he had once again absorbed another soul of a Soul Devouring Beast through the Soul Suppressing Orb.

The soul that had been refined by thunder had no memory, will, or personal imprint. It only had the purest soul energy without any impurities whatsoever. It was the most suitable energy for the Soul Suppressing Orb to absorb.

Rays of soul light quickly disappeared into the center of his forehead.

Soon enough, the Soul Devouring Beast was nowhere to be seen as it had completely vanished.

The only thing that remained was the giant python that was suspended high in the sky like an ancient, vicious spirit on top of the head of the Horned Demon warrior with five horns.

“I-it’s capturing the memories in that guy’s mind. Just like when you analyzed the memories through the Memory Fragment Crystal, it’s searching for specific memories while the Horned Demon with five horns is still alive!” Song Tingyu exclaimed softly.

All of her attention had been on the giant python and Horned Demon warrior with five horns.

Qin Lie did not answer her. Instead, he focused on sensing the wonders inside the Soul Suppressing Orb. He realized that the wisps of pure soul energy belonging to the Soul Devouring Beast had been directly absorbed into the Soul Suppressing Orb, stored in an area he could not reach into.

“A strong soul energy. Extremely refined. It was obviously purified thoroughly beforehand.” Inside the orb, Xue Li’s halved soul noticed something out of the ordinary and communicated with Qin Lie. “Kid, what are you doing? You do not have the ability to purify such a powerful soul yet, do you?”

“I have a different method.” Qin Lie answered. After discovering that he could not accurately detect where the refined soul energy was headed, he withdrew his mind consciousness.

It was then that he looked at the giant python and the Horned Demon with five horns again. Then he realized that not much time had passed at all and the Horned Demon warrior appeared incredibly weak, having had his mind, body, and energy completely stripped from him.

He could clearly sense that the five horned warrior’s soul had been severely damaged. He might not be able to recover for the rest of his life.

“The forceful stripping of memories will permanently damage one’s soul. That guy is already crippled.” Song Tingyu said somewhat concerned.

She still did not know where the giant python come from. She could detect a terrifying soul aura from the giant python, one that felt like the extinct savage creatures of ancient times. It caused her to feel instinctively worried.

“It... it should not attack us. I-it seems to have came out from my body…” Qin Lie gave her some words of comfort.

Song Tingyu was shocked, “I-it came out of your body?”

“That should be the case.” Qin Lie nodded. “The thunder and lightning energy it unleashed was… exactly the same as when I was cultivating earlier.”

While he spoke, he realized that the giant python seemed to have found what it was looking for. It withdrew the gray air around its tail and unleashed bolts of lightning towards the Horned Demon warrior with five horns.

The thunder and lightning energy discharged from its body was truly shocking. When the domineering aura that could murder all living beings had sunk into the body of the Horned Demon with five horns, it expanded like a balloon and then exploded into bits of charred black flesh. He could not be any more dead than he was now.

Qin Lie and Song Tingyu looked at each other as their expressions changed slightly. Even Qin Lie… was gradually growing worried.

“It... it really came out of your body? It won’t harm us?” Song Tingyu’s bright eyes stared at him.

Qin Lie smiled bitterly, “I’m not so sure anymore.”

Song Tingyu withdrew her rainbow wings and moved beside Qin Lie. The duo stood shoulder-to-shoulder and looked at the giant python .

The giant python seemed to have found what it was looking for from the Horned Demon warrior. Its hundreds of meters long body suddenly shrank and gradually became minuscule...

More than ten seconds later, the giant python actually diminished into the size of a finger.

Its terrifying brutality and might from before had been completely retracted and hidden.

The pocket-sized little serpent suddenly swam through the air towards Qin Lie.

Shock appeared in Song Tingyu’s eyes as she subconsciously pulled away from Qin Lie, afraid that the little snake would accidentally harm her.

Qin Lie solemnly waited as he stared straight at this shrunken, yet somewhat exquisite and cute little snake. He even quietly summoned all of its power.

It was at this moment that the little snake’s eyes, each the size of a grain of rice, suddenly stared into his own.

From those tiny eyes, he could not feel even the slightest trace of ill will. After a temporary moment of surprise, Qin Lie relaxed.

This was also the same moment that the python dove back into his neck and disappeared.

Qin Lie only felt a little itch on his neck. Other than that, he could no longer feel anything out of the ordinary.

He gathered his mind consciousness and searched everywhere within his body to lock down the python’s location. He even used his Soul Lake… but he still could not confirm exactly which part of his body it had hidden itself in.

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